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Cast Iron Fire Pit Grill

What Are The Weaknesses Of Different Fire Pits With A Grill

Solo Stove Cast Iron Wood Fire Grill | Fire Pit Cooking System

With all the options for a combination firepit grille or fire pit dining table out there, how do you choose the right one? Since most of them will all really get the job done cook your food over fire and then have a bonfire experience it comes down to the other details. Its good to be familiar with the weaknesses of each kind of fire pit grill combo, as that may be what makes it or breaks it for your needs.

Titan Extra Large Cast Iron Fire Pit

This fire pit isnt called Titan for nothingit has a 42-inch diameter, making it the largest on the list.

Its also the most expensive and the heaviest. Its made of raw cast iron that gives it a rustic look, so even though the design is simple, its interesting to look at.

Also, check out the other TITAN Great Outdoors Fire Pits as they have many good models for sale.


  • A simple fire pit bowl keeps a large fire burning for hours
  • Raw cast iron gives it a stylish, rustic look
  • Includes a hole to drain water that accumulates


  • Most expensive fire pit on the list
  • Weighs more than 100 pounds so its not too portable

An Outdoor Cooking Revolution

These days, fire pit grills are a total entertainment package. Its not just toasting marshmallows over the fire anymore. Today more than ever, fire pits with a grill are designed to be the center of attention at your get-togethers. And none are more revolutionary than Gather Grills. With their one-of-a-kind, all-in-one smoker, griddle, grill, fire pit, and dining table design, Gather Grills is redefining what it means to entertain outdoors.

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What Wood Is The Best For Firepits With A Grill

There are many firepit grill combo products on the market that use propane tanks as their fuel. This is a clean burning fuel, but it lacks the aroma, crackle, and flavor that comes from a wood fueled fire. Propane fuel tanks can also be large and become an unsightly obstacle. For the best experience, use top quality firewood.

Bali Outdoors Cast Iron Chiminea

Cast Iron Fire Pit Grill

This outdoor fireplace will be a statement piece in your yard, and its a bit different from the others. Thats because its actually a Chiminea fireplace!

It has mesh sides so you can watch the fire and be sure it gets enough air. Theres an ashtray that makes it simple for you to clean it out after each fire.

Because sturdy legs lift the pit off of the ground, you have space at the bottom to store logs. Bali Outdoors also includes a fire poker with this fireplace.


  • Mesh sides protect from sparks and provide air to the fire
  • Has a bottom shelf to store extra logs


  • Install it on a fireproof base before use
  • Rusts with even minor moisture exposure

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Are All Fire Pit Grills The Same

No, all fire pit grills are not the same because each one comes with a different set of features and qualities. Fire pit grills vary in their construction materials, sizes, styles, functionality, prices, and design. Some fire pit grills may have many attractive features, while others may be more economical. It all comes down to choosing something based on your needs and requirements.

Steel Fire Pit And Grill Combo

Quality steel fire pit grills are durable, weather-resistant, and less weighty than similar sized grills made from stone. They are also able to be moved, although with larger versions you wont want to move them often. There are limited disadvantages for a steel fire pit grill combo, although permanence may be desired in certain situations. They may not blend as well into a hardscaped outdoor living area as a stone design might, which is a matter of personal preference.

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Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit

Before we finish up, Ill mention that you can also get an iron fire pit like this one pictured above.

Iron is different from cast iron in that it is a pure metal rather than an alloy .

Iron can be stronger and hold coatings better than cast iron, but its more labor-intensive to work with and can be dinged and dented.

Cast iron is certainly a more popular product to use for fire pits and these types of applications as it will last longer and stay truer to form. If you are still unsure of what type of fire pit you want to get, let me confuse the matter further by mentioning copper fire pits.

Copper is another wonderful material you can choose for your outdoor fire!

For those who are totally fresh to fire pits, check out our article on the best way to light a fire pit.

If you have any further questions, please leave them down below in the comment section and well get back to you asap.

Table Top Fire Pit Safety

Hotdogs & S’mores Recipe on a Goldens’ Cast Iron Fire Pit!

Any time youre playing with fire, youll want to make sure youre following safety protocols. When youre having fun, its easy to let the rules get a bit lax. But dont worry you can keep it safe and still let the good times roll. Here are some basic safety tips to keep in mind while entertaining with your grill fire pit dining table.

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What Types Of Firepit Grill Combo Products Are Available

A quick internet search for firepits with a grill can leave you overwhelmed. When youre looking to purchase a fire pit grill combo, youll find stone, steel, ceramic, copper, gas-burning, wood-burning, with and without tables, and every combination in between. Here is a summary of what types of fire pit grills are available, and the pros and cons of each.

The Advantage Of Gather Grills: A True Grill Fire Pit Dining Table

The unique design of a firepit grill combo from Gather Grills does away with many of these problems. Due to the strength and durability of steel, we decided to make Gather Grills from 304 stainless steel from the fire bowl all the way to the coasters. By burning charcoal and wood, our smoking, griddling, grill, firepit, dining table eliminates the risk of a gas leak found in propane-fueled fire pits with grill. You also get the fine aroma and soothing crackling sound of a real fire.

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Esschert Large Metal Fire Pit

The bowl of this cast iron fire pit is large, with a 30.5-inch diameter. This Esschert model is what youd call a cast iron cauldron fire pit, and the way its designed is optimal for large gatherings.

Because the sides are low and its situated close to the ground, the heat disperses more broadly. This means your guests can pull up chairs around the cauldron fire pit and be comfortable without having to get too close to the fire.


  • Open design disperses heat for a large gathering
  • 30.5-inch diameter allows for plenty of wood to burn at once
  • Sits low to the ground so it wont accidentally turn over


  • One of the most expensive fire pits on the list
  • Youll have to buy a separate spark screen

A Leap Forward For Fire Pits With A Grill

Hoole Cast Iron Fire Pit with Grill &  Metal Poker

The early grills were flimsy and didnt cook very well, often resulting in food burned on the outside and raw on the inside. Then in the 1950s a metalworker from Chicago named George Stephen created the first real grill as we have come to know them today. His version was inspired by harbor buoys and included vents and a lid for heat control. After that, the world of cooking outdoors was never the same.

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How To Convert A Gather Grill From Grill To Fire Pit

Converting a Gather Grill from grill to fire pit is as easy as removing the fire pit grill top. Theres no large-scale dismantling required just give the fire pit grill grate a good scrub with your grill brush and put it aside in a safe place. You can clean out the charcoal or simply pile up your preferred dry wood and get the bonfire rolling.

A Versatile Fire Pit With Grill Fit For A Party Of Any Size

While fire pit grills are often thought of as being used for smaller get togethers, the size of your event is up to you with Gather Grills. You can keep it to a few close friends or open it up to the whole neighborhood. How might you entertain with your new fire pit grill combo? Read below to find your Gather Grills personality.

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Create Nostalgia Like No Other With A Fire Pit

Nothing quite measures up to the feeling of camaraderie and kinship when youre huddled around a fire pit with all those you love. Whether relaxing and letting yourself be mesmerised by the flickering flames, adding warmth and ambience to your garden, or cooking up a feast fit for kings and queens with your fire pit, the nostalgia is like no other. So, get browsing and get those smores toasting!

Another benefit of a fire pit isn’t only the nostalgia but the sure-fire statement piece it creates in your outdoor space. The industrial grey and black colouring of a fire pit from our collection only matures with time, naturally ageing, creating a gorgeous rustic finish that will be the talking point of your garden while time and seasons pass.

Check out our blog How To Use a Fire Pit with Your Family for some ideas and helpful tips to make the msot of your fire pit with your loved ones!

Wood And Charcoal Firepit Grill Combo

Building a Fire Pit / Grill from Scrap materials

Wood is the classic firepit fuel. If youre looking for the best possible flavor and a more traditional experience, youll want to use a firepit grill combo that burns wood or charcoal. Many grill enthusiasts will use charcoal as a heat source and add wood for flavor, but you can use all wood or all charcoal on a Gather Grills multi-function firepit grill. Once the meal is over, you can throw on some firewood and enjoy the firepit experience.

According to evidence recovered by archeologists, the settlers at Stonehenge loved to barbecue. You might not create a mysterious stone monument that survives the ages, but you can party like its 2400 BC and create megalithic memories with a fire pit grill table combo from Gather Grills.

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Kadai Bowls Fire Pits & Barbeques

This enchanting collection of Kadai Fire Bowls, Log Burners and Barbeques have been created in the highest quality material and are wonderfully robust. A range of our designs can be used as both a log store and burner, and in some cases as a delightfully unique brazier. Perfect for use when entertaining, a selection of our products can also be used for outdoor cooking by using the grill top, or simply enjoy the warmth of a roaring fire no matter what the season. Charmingly decorative, any one of our log burners make for a stunning outdoor feature that will be admired for many years to come. An ash pan can be purchased separately for some of our log burners to collect debris when in use and to help protect your patio or surface.

The Firepit Grill: An American Tradition

Through the early years of America and even into today, political candidates have used fire pits with a grill and barbecues to rally the voters. Several distinct styles of barbecue developed across the United States, with certain cities such as Kansas City and Memphis becoming especially famous for their barbecue. Americans love the combination of food, fire, smoke, and time.

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A Grill Fire Pit Dining Table

The rotating fire pit grill top and built-in table make cooking and serving a breeze. The foldable, removable shelves offer functionality and added safety. Need to get closer to the fire? Fold your table wing down. Need more space to hold tools or food? Flip a wing back up. The table top fire pit means that your guests can dine at the table while your dessert is cooking, then eat their sweet treat right at the same table as the fire pit keeps everyone warm. With a Gather Grill, you can seat up to eight guests right up at the fire pit dining table with you.

The Evolution Of The Fire Pit Grill Combo

Cast Iron Fire Pit Grill

The first firepit grill combo took place some 500,000 years ago, long before our more sophisticated fire pit grill table combo products were ever imagined. It probably looked something like a campfire with meat on a stick being held over the flames. While it may have begun as something purely functional, the iconic image of Neolithic people gathered around a fire is a scene that we have continued to reenact throughout history.

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Charcoal And Wood Burning Fire Pits

We sell only premium charcoal and wood burning fire pits. The quality and impact of our wood burning fire pits really needs to be seen in person, at night with a crackling fire to appreciate how exceptional they really are.

In fact, our customers all say that the images on our website do not do our products justice as in real life the fire pits create a greater wow factor due to the sheer size, colour and unique designs, particularly the Khan the bowl of which is almost one and a half metres in diametre and weighs 100kg!

Total Grill Fire Pit Cooking Flexibility

Gather Grills offer the flexibility of grilling, smoking, or using a griddle over your fire. The interchangeable fire pit grill grate set means you can have all grill, all griddle, or both, depending on what youre having for dinner. When the meal is over, you and your guests can enjoy the relaxing, bond-strengthening experience of chilling out by the table top fire pit.

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Sunnydaze Round Cast Iron Fire Pit Bowl

This option is a step up from the other cast iron fire bowls because it has a built-in log rack. The extra cast iron for the rack makes it heavier and also makes it more expensive compared to other Sunnydaze models, but its worth it.

Store extra wood right below the fire pit so you can keep the fire going all night. The log rack lets wood dry out before use.


  • Convenient storage keeps logs right below the pit
  • Weighs only 40 pounds, so its not too cumbersome to move
  • Comes with a one-year warranty


  • One of the more expensive fire pits on the list
  • Doesnt come with a spark screen cover

Stone Fire Pit Grill Grate Challenges

Get Cooking Over America’s Favorite Fire Pits | Solo Stove Fire Pit Cooking System

The frame will need to be strong enough to hold the grate and whatever you put on it without bending, swaying, or tipping. It may also be a challenge to design the holder in a way that it and the fire pit grill grate can both be removed to enjoy the firepit experience without staring at the fire pit grill top the entire time. Since the whole structure will need to be made of metal and possibly still hot from cooking, moving it safely may become an issue.

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Fire Pit And Grill: Early Inspirations

In America, barbecue as we know it was likely inspired by the Caribbean people known as the Arawaks. They roasted meat on a wooden structure over fire. The Spaniards who witnessed this style of cooking called it a word you probably know well: barbacoa. This ultimately became our word for barbecue. Early explorers to the Americas also saw other native tribes preparing meat barbecue style, and the tradition has become deeply ingrained in American culture ever since.

Stone Fire Pit Grills

A fire pit grill combo that is homemade or part of a commissioned hardscape design built from stone look great, but they actually have a lot of limits. Youll need to find an aftermarket fire pit grill top that is big enough to fit your firepit. Once you find a fire pit grill grate that fits, youll need to rig a system to hold it over the fire.

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Popular Products From Our Fire Pit Collection

Our best-selling fire pit is our Cast Iron Garden Fire Pit from Harbour Housewares. With two opposite side handles and three sturdy legs, your fire pit will be safe on even uneven terrain, and you can move it around easily when needed. This fire pit fits perfectly with our grill and spark guard set so you can grill away all night long. Available in a selection of sizes including 55.5cm, 75.5cm, 85.5cm, 100cm, you’ve got quite the pick.

If you’re looking for a portable fire pit for beach days or BBQs at friend’s our BobbyQ Flat Pack Fire Pit is the one for you. The sturdy cast iron construction is immensely durable, lasting you year after year, and not to worry, it’s easy to assemble, so youll be up and running without any hassle and minimal effort!

Theres always the hassle of where to keep your logs or coal because they dont always look great just filling up the garden. Pair your fire pit with our Steel Brazier Log Basket from Harbour Housewares, you can keep your burning materials tidy and your garden looking stylish with the option of having it elevated or sitting on the ground. Available in two sizes: 40cm and 53cm.


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