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Outdoor Light For Gazebo

Gold Light Moravian Star Pendant Chandelier With Seeded Glass

DIY Yardistry 12×14 gazebo Coscto LED String Light unboxing and installation – PBD DIY Adventures

If youre interested in a golden glow for your gazebo, look no further than this Moravian star pendant chandelier. Crafted with fine seeded glass and finished exquisitely in a rust-proof gold finish, this is one of the best lighting ideas to watch out for.

Its the perfect piece to give a boho-chic appearance to your living space as well. Add to that the ease of replacing the bulb with the hinged access door and youve got quite the recipe to beautify your gazebo.

Industrial Bronze Mini Bell Glass Kitchen Island Pendant Light

As the name itself suggests this is a lighting fixture for the outdoors. With its matte black finish and the clear tempered glass panel, it ensures maximum light transmittance.

What makes it even better is the ease with which you can replace the bulb as the bottom of the rectangular shade is open. You can easily adjust the height of these hanging lights in the gazebo as well, making it one of the best lighting ideas for you.

Pergola Pendant Lighting Idea

If you want the outdoor lighting to be the focal point of your pergola, consider two large statement pendants, like this stunning example from @l5group. The woven pendants are made from a weather-friendly resin that mimics the look of rattan. You get that beautiful coastal vibe without having to worry about damage from the outdoor elements.

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Is It Ok To Leave Indoor Solar Lights On All Night

Yes, its completely fine to leave them on all night but its not recommended.

The reason for that is by leaving your indoor solar light on all the time, youll deplete the battery charge, and the next day, the solar panels might not be able to provide them with enough charge for the entire night again.

So its best to turn them on only when needed, in order to have a longer battery life and more efficient use of your lights.

White Wood Farmhouse Orb Dining Room Chandelier

20 The Best Outdoor Hanging Gazebo Lights

Do you prefer a rustic laid-back vibe for your gazebo? This lighting fixture is one of the best ideas for you then.

Crafted from fine distressed wood and metal, this outdoor chandelier features an open cage shade thats made with quatrefoil wood frames.

The bulb holders are suspended by a metallic rod and finished in a rusty dark brown shade to give a vintage look. You can easily adjust the hanging height of this chandelier as well.

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Fairy Lights Pergola Lighting Idea

To add a touch of whimsy to your pergola, skip the large-bulb outdoor string lights and opt for daintier fairy lights. Check out this example from @eclectichunkydoryhome. The lower level of light output is less distracting, allowing you to enjoy the night sky and surrounding landscape. This highly reviewed fairy light set comes with a remote and a timer.

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Grab A Steady Step Ladder And The Lights And Get To Work

Get your hanging lights and ensure that they are enough length as per your measurements.

Keep your ladder on a flat ground or have someone to support the ladder at the bottom in case the ladder is unstable.

Avoid using a metal ladder since you will be working with electricity and metal can conduct electricity.

What Lights Are Good For A Gazebo

Before You Buy Gazebo Lights, Watch this Video!

If you are searching for lighting ideas to add a statement to your gazebo or make it a little cozy, you are certainly spoilt for choice.

Keep reading our tips and discover which lights are great for your gazebo, whether you want to illuminate the area with creative hanging lights or an impressive centerpiece.

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Tiki Torches And Candles

Adding some light will make it more inviting and enjoyable no matter what kind of gazebo you have. Tiki torches and candles are a great way to add ambiance and create a relaxing atmosphere. Tiki torches are easy to use and can be found at most home improvement stores, while candles add a touch of elegance and can be used for both indoor and outdoor lighting settings. However, safety is of top priority with these lights, so follow the manufacturers instructions for each type of light. If you use tiki torches, fill them with citronella oil to keep mosquitoes away. For candles, consider using hurricane lanterns or a different kind of holder to keep them safe from the elements. If you are using battery-operated candles that are safer for the outdoors, be sure to have plenty of extra batteries on hand. And finally, always make sure to extinguish all lights before leaving the area.

What Are The Alternatives To Torches And Open Flames In The Gazebo

If you do not want tiki torches or fire pits in your gazebo, then you can use hanging lights instead.

LED lights are perfect for outdoor use and are power efficient, which means that you can use them for long hours without worrying about power consumption.

Besides, LED lights are environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.

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Use Pretty String Lights For A Magical Vibe

If you’re hosting a garden party the best place to start with lights is up high. Span strings of sparkling outdoor string lighting ideas above your entertaining space for maximum impact. Choose string lights if you’re covering bigger areas as they’re lightweight, come in connectable designs and are easy to work with as well as being affordable.

‘String lights are such a great way to light up your gazebo,’ says Lights4Fun ‘s creative manager Lucy Kirk. ‘To create the ultimate display, use multiple sets of warm white connectable fairy lights so you can swag the fairy lights back and forth underneath the roof of your gazebo for the perfect fairy light canopy. This will create a cozy ambience throughout your space.’

Faux candles in lanterns are directional and superb for creating ambience when dotted around or grouped together in a gazebo for maximum effect. ‘By using various lighting options, you create a designer look with romantic overtones while avoiding harsh lighting,’ says interior designer Sanel Konyar of Interior Collection .

Cozy And Romantic Pergola Lighting Idea

Pin by Lauren Heiser on Dream Deck/Patio

The smart choice of lighting used in this dreamy pergola from @fancyfixdecor helps make it the perfect spot for an intimate gathering. Using a combination of industrial-look string lights, a hanging chandelier and candles a soft glow lights up the whole area. Using a varied mix of light sources, instead of simply overhead lighting, creates a more welcoming ambiance.

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Bronze Industrial Mason Jar Semi

Nothing comes quite close to mason jars when it comes to lighting ideas. These bespoke jars give your gazebo a much-needed farmhouse look and make a rustic statement as well.

Each jar contains a single light bulb and elegantly hangs from the ceiling, giving you powerful ambient lighting.

What makes it one of the best lighting ideas, though, is the fact that you can adjust the height of the cords. However, try not to mount it on a sloped ceiling in your gazebo.

Illuminate A Gazebo With Hanging Lights

Outdoor hanging lights including garden lanterns and pendant lights come in a huge range of styles, finishes and colors so can be used in gazebos to create just about any vibe you like. They are great clustered together to form a statement look.

Some styles plug into an electricity supply, but if youre unable to connect your outdoor lamps to a power source, it doesnt mean you have to miss out. Instead, why not pick one of the many battery-powered pendant lamps? Another option is solar garden lighting ideas that automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn as no power source is required.First and foremost, the gazebo structure you are suspending the lighting from needs to be able to take the weight of the light fitting itself, especially if you’re planning a look like this one where you hang multiple lights together. Then all you need to do is determine the best design to accentuate your gazebo’s charms.

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Paper Lanterns Pergola Lighting Idea

The paper lanterns hanging in this pergola from @mamofboys make an impact in both day and night settings. When its light, the white balls look stunning against the surrounding greenery. At night, light them up with these tiny battery-operated LED lights that can be attached to the inside of the lantern.

Go Traditional With Festoon Lights

DIY upgrades to outdoor gazebo to include power, TV, fan, lights and curtain hideaway

Festoon lights are a great way to light up a gazebo in a traditional way. They are available in many colors and sizes so that you can find the perfect fit for your gazebo. You can string them up around the roof’s perimeter or hang them from the ceiling. Festoon lights are a great way to add ambiance to any setting. However, consider LED festoon lights if you want a more modern look without stepping away from the traditional too much. These lights are energy-efficient and will last much longer than conventional incandescent bulbs. They are also available in various colors, so you can find the perfect match for your gazebo.

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Hemp Rope Farmhouse Metal Drum Semi

One of the best lighting ideas for your gazebo has to be this rustic-looking semi-flush mount lighting fixture.

With four uplighting bulbs, this fixture is suspended by two curved arms and the drum shade comes with hemp rope wrapping that gives it a farmhouse look.

The metallic elements also bring in the industrial look that blends in seamlessly with the farmhouse look to give you a classy fixture for your gazebo.

Add A Statement Floor Lamp

Treat the outdoors like the indoors by using a combination of decorative lanterns and free-standing floor lamps to create a blended area thats perfect for a relaxed atmosphere. Overhanging floor lamps add a real design element. Choose one that’s height adjustable and preferably with dual effects so you can choose direct down-light or diffused up-light.

‘Whether you have a permanent or pop-up gazebo, lighting your garden structure will allow you to make the most of your outdoor space at night,’ says Reilly Gray of SUNS Lifestyle . ‘Just like in your interiors, you will want to create a layered lighting scheme in your outdoor structure as well. This will help create ambience while ensuring there’s enough lighting for socializing or relaxing. Freestanding lamps and lanterns that are solar-powered and rechargeable are great as they can be moved around easily, offering a lot more flexibility and the option of directional lighting.’

Lighting styles like this are ideal for a luxe fixed gazebo style for your terrace. Choose a style with flexible shutters in the roof and side screens. That way you can use it year round at night to make the most of your gazebo.

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Farmhouse 6 Lights Black Wagon Wheel Pendant Light

This farmhouse chandelier is one of the best lighting ideas for your gazebo and is bound to become the centerpiece of attraction when installed.

The six uplighting bulbs with glass shades add to the drama and the circular arrangement of these lights makes the light an absolute stunner.

Whats more?

The mix of the wooden and metallic elements, especially the three metallic arms, makes this a striking lighting fixture that is ideal for a gazebo.

Industrial Wood Grain Metal Drum Shade Semi

Outdoor IP65 Waterproof Gazebo LED lights 14.4m

This drum shade semi-flush mount ceiling light is one of the best lighting ideas for your gazebo if you want to give it a regal feel. The finely finished wood and black metallic frame combine to create a stunning piece that will serve as the center of your gazebo.

The three light bulbs are arranged horizontally and face three directions at 120-degrees each. This, in turn, helps you diffuse lighting throughout the gazebo well and thats why its one of the best lighting ideas for it.

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Farmhouse Walnut Wood Industrial Pendant Light

One of the best lighting ideas for your gazebo, this light walnut wood frame pendant light has two rotatable circlesone wooden and the other metallic. This gives you the industrial-meets-farmhouse feel.

The single downlighting bulb is also perfect for delivering powerful light to your table in the gazebo. Add to that the adjustable chain height and youve got a great combo for your gazebo. This chain can be used to really focus the lighting on your table or diffuse it throughout the gazebo.

Pick A Subtle And Sophisticated Look

If you’re looking to decorate your outdoor dining space for a special al fresco meal often a few strands of string lights is all that’s needed to give things a lift. Perhaps a discreet touch of sparkle rather than full-on spotlights is more your thing anyway.

String lights are one of the best lighting ideas for a gazebo if you want to generate a romantic, ethereal atmosphere. These tiny LED lights are best added to the gazebo by wrapping them around the overhead beams.

‘Using string lights is one of the best ways to add a romantic and atmospheric feel to your night-time entertaining,’ says interior designer Sanel Konyar. ‘Choosing a solar light design makes them practical and economical, especially where electricity sources are limited.’

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How Do You Use Lanterns To Light A Gazebo

If you want to find out how to use lanterns to light a gazebo remember this simple fact: you can never have enough! Add them to your dining table, side tables and the floor to layer up a look and create a welcoming mood.

‘Lanterns are a great addition to outdoor spaces and in particular for gazebos as they help to define the edges of the space, much as a wall light would do indoors,’ says Juliette Thomas of . ‘Just because youre not inside, it doesnt mean you dont need to accessorize your space.

‘Cozy it up with lots of lanterns and decorative pieces to create a zoned space that feels both intimate and welcoming. Scatter lanterns around to light up areas such as the entrance to the gazebo, which need to be seen, or group them together to create a focal point.’

Square Cage Rustic Flush Mount Ceiling Fixture 2 Light

How to Hang Gazebo Lights

Fancy something a little more on the rustic side? This wood beaded chandelier with its boho look is the right choice for you.

One of the best lighting ideas for your gazebo, this flush mount fixture features elegantly draped beads that diffuse the light and reflect it with their bright color as well.

Its the one piece you need to uplift the look of your gazebo in seconds.

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The Outdoor String Light Buying Guide

  • You might require a little bit of hardware or some simple hand tools to install your string lights. If you need to use a ladder to reach the mounting locations, it is a good idea to have someone help you as they can help keep the ladder stable.
  • A dimmer switch is a great addition to most outdoor string lights. Giving you the option to brighten or dim the lights as needed.
  • Some outdoor string light packages come with additional bulbs in case you do end up breaking any. This can add a good value to the purchase as you will already be prepared in case you need the replacement.
  • Dont overdo it with your new string lights. You want just enough to light your outdoor areas without making your guests duck and weave around a barrage of hanging string lights.

Try A Gazebo With Integrated Glow

If you’re looking for a stylish freestanding gazebo for your backyard hosting choose one with remote-controlled LED mood lighting strips around the perimeter of the roof. It’s an automatic, hassle-free option that adds instant glow. The LED strips come in multi-colored or white options, and are easily adjusted with a remote control.

You can also set the lights to automatically change color periodically or keep them one color. The lights are dimmable according to your desired brightness requirements and can be changed to set the mood for the occasion. Gazebo lighting like this requires an electricity socket for the lights to be activated.

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How To Hang Your Lights

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to hang outdoor lights without nails. So, lets take a look at what we recommend.

Use a glue gun Using a glue gun to hang your outdoor lights is a simple and effective method that works with most materials. You might even already have a glue gun lying around somewhere, which means you can get to work on hanging those lights right away. Its important to remember that this method is pretty permanent, so make sure youre happy with how the lights look there before you commit.

To make positioning and gluing the lights easier, we suggest taping them into place before using your glue gun to secure them. Its worth investing in a high-quality glue gun so you only have to do the job once.

Staples Again, any firm DIY fan is likely to have a staple gun lying around, and staples can usually be easily removed where you have tacked them into porous materials such as wood. To hang your outdoor lights quickly and easily, you can pick up a staple gun set for as little as $20.

Adhesive-backed hooks Want to hang your lights with minimal evidence? These adhesive-backed hooks are a game changer. Easy to use and equally easy to remove, these hooks are perfect if you want to be able to remove your lighting at a later date, or have the freedom to move things around without causing damage. Just make sure that you choose the outdoor hooks that are suitable for your climate.


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