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Over The Porch Rail Planters

Our Planter Boxes For Railings Can Handle The Outdoors

Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters on QVC

Countryside Railing Planters are made with a high-grade plastic blend thats fade resistant and sturdy. So theyll never lose their color or become brittle from sun exposure.

Metal rail planters typically rust. Plus, they can leak toxic substances that harm your plants. Wood deck railing planters look great but often deteriorate, especially with poorer-grade woods.

But these plastic planters for railing withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. Theyre UV-protected and frost resistant. Plastic rail planters also dont absorb heat, so your plants will stay cooler and require less watering.

Best of all, our rail planters are made in the USA.


Does the Countryside Railing Planter fit any railing?

The Countryside Railing Planter fits most 2x 4 or 2x 6 railings without needing tools. However, please note that it does not fit some curved/domed railings, at least not without some extra effort and tools.

How should I pot my plant?

Add a small amount of perlite medium on the bottom of the planters. Finish filling with a light to medium weight potting mix and stones. Routinely adding plant food, according to plants directions, will dramatically increase the health, beauty and longevity of the plants in your Countryside Railing Planters.

What is the Countryside Railing Planter made of?

The Countryside Railing Planter is constructed from high-grade, durable plastic.

Is the Countryside Railing Planter self-watering?

No, only our contain a self-watering feature.


How To Build A Deck Rail Planter

Here are the basic steps needed for how to build a deck rail planter for your home!

Step one: Make cuts and sand

You can find all the exact cuts and dimensions in your free woodworking plans after you download them, but the cuts include two long sides, two short sides and one base for each planter you want to make.

Cut each piece down to the appropriate dimensions and then sand them smooth.

Step two: Build outside box

When everything is cut, start by creating the main box.

Assemble the box upside down so that the top is flush and the bottoms of the short sides are raised up so it can sit around your railing.

Apply a bead of glue to each side of the short sides and then nail them to the inside of the long sides.

If you dont have a brad nailer, this is where you instead just used screws to attach the sides together.

Step three: Attach base

Next, slide in the base piece between all the sides.

The base will be flush with the bottom of the short sides, leaving an inch of space to the bottom of the longer sides. This way, the long sides will hold the planter on the railing.

The base can be attached with wood glue and nails through the sides.

Step four: Add decorative hardware

We had leftover decorative L-brackets from the mini-Christmas tree planter that we added to each corner of our planters.

The brackets do technically hold the pieces together, but they are mostly just for show.

We also used these brackets when we made our kids art display!

Step five: Hang and plant

Balcony Railing Planters & Deck Brackets

Transform your house, condominium or apartment into a garden oasis with railing planters made for the porch, deck, fence or balcony. Almost any area bordered by a railing can be taken from bland to dramatic with rail planters handmade from wrought iron, aluminum, copper, fiberglass and coir-lined hayrack troughs.

Window Box Planter + Deck Rail Brackets = Railing Planter Box

Any of our window boxes can be used as railing flower boxes or over-the-rail planters simply add brackets. We also offer no-drill brackets. Made to fit nearly any size or shaped rail, planters are available in cedar and PVC composite. Add hanging fence accents or balcony decor to dress up dreary spaces and increase curb appeal.

Hooks and Lattice offers extremely high-quality and long-lasting decorative investments. Be sure to check out helpful garden accessories like self-watering reservoirs and colorful liners for the best yard on the block!

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How To Build Diy Deck Rail Planters

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If you have a deck or porch that is begging for some flowers or herbs, youre going to want to check out this post on how to build simple DIY deck rail planters!

Today weve got a really great DIY project for you to use on your deck rails or porch railings!

Ever wanted to have flowers all around you or have herbs nearby for cooking? Well look no further than these DIY wooden railing planter boxes that fit perfectly over a railing!

One thing that isnt our favorite about having a raised house is that it makes it hard to get to the garden for our veggies while were cooking. Well, even more frequently, we want quick access to herbs, so we designed these DIY deck rail planters to fit on the railings at the top of the landing from our screened porch!

These deck rail planters are specifically made to fit ON TOP of the railing and sit there with lips hanging down. At our old house, we used fence posts to make DIY hanging planters that were hung on the side of the fence with L-brackets. Check that option out if thats what you are looking for!

This was a simple and inexpensive DIY project, even at todays lumber prices. We were able to make two railing planters with three fence pickets that we had leftover after we built our DIY mini-Christmas tree planters this past winter. Even those are only a few dollars apiece!

Choosing The Right Railing Planter For Your Space

Black Iron Scrollwork Deck Rail Planter

Creating dreamy decks and patios is effortless with our vast selections of garden materials, tools and accessories. Depending on the architectural style of your home, you may prefer one design to another. Our best advice is to choose a railing planter style that speaks to you. Rail Planters in any design will aesthetically improve exteriors and complement existing decor. Curb appeal also increases home values and helps you sell your home faster – especially when paired with other accents like shutters, faux balconies and iron accents.

  • Metal, Vinyl and Wood Options
  • Multiple color options available in Vinyl
  • Custom sizing and color options available

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Do Deck Rail Planters Need Drainage Holes

Any planter needs drainage holes, but these should be fine if you dont glue the long edges of the base. The water should drain out easily through there.

If you need to drill drainage holes to any planter, just use a 1/4 drill bit and drill a few holes in the bottom of your planter to allow for the water to seep out.

Railing Planter Boxes In Many Materials

Hooks and Lattice is known worldwide as the premier choice for container gardening and easy curb appeal. Since every flower box we make can also be mounted to fences and rails, your options are limitless with us. We handcraft standard and custom rail planters in the following materials:

  • Vinyl and Plastic

In addition to offering many material choices, you can confidently shop the largest selection of attractive container garden styles from the comfort of your home. You are sure to find something that adds curb appeal and allure.

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Free Diy Deck Rail Planter Woodworking Plans

Want to build a DIY deck rail planter for yourself? Make sure you grab our simple woodworking plans!

The best part is that you can get our deck rail planter plans free! These include our full material list, cut list and step-by-step instructions with computer model imagery to help you along the way.


Straddle Style Rail Planter Boxes Make It Easy

Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters on QVC

If youre not a fan of tools, youll love these rail planters. No drilling. No hammering. No screw driving. No tools are required!

The straddle style fits securely over standard railings 2 x 4 or 2 x 6. All you have to do is fill the railing planter with your favorite potting mix, plant whatever you like, and youre ready to sit back and enjoy the results. The railing planters stay securely in place on the railing.

Just remember to remove the two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the over rail planters for drainage.

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Growing Vegetables In Deck Rail Planters And Window Boxes

Here are a few examples:

Its easy to look just at the style and color and pick a planter, but its important to think about these other factors, as well. For instance, a black plastic planter will keep the soil warmer, which could be beneficial or not, depending on where you are. A wicker basket could offer plenty of drainage, which might be perfect for something like the aforementioned rosemary. The point is to match your plant with your planter. Which brings us to the original question: What vegetables can you grow in deck rail planters?

As it turns out, there are a lot of vegetables to choose from.

  • Leafy salad greens grow quickly and theyre easy to care for.
  • Radishes are perfect for deck rail planters. They grow quickly, dont need a ton of space, and you can eat the greens as well as the root.
  • Strawberries can thrive in containers as long as they have a good sunny spot.
  • Hot peppers are easy to grow in containers and theyre such pretty vegetables that they can add some nice color and texture to your environment.
  • Sweet peppers, too, can grow well in containers. Just make sure to leave enough space for them to spread out a bit.
  • Spinach, like salad greens, can grow well in a planter, just be sure it doesnt get overheated.
  • Green onions dont need a lot of depth to grow, so as long as you dont overplant them, these work very well in deck rail planters.
  • Swiss chard is colorful, nutritious, and easy to grow even in deck rail planters.
  • Wrought Iron & Aluminum Railing Planters

    • Both materials are weather treated with powder-coat finishes
    • Many decorative liners to choose from also suited for small flowerpots
    • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
    • Adds European charm – See: Federal, Georgian, Mediterranean and Victorian styles
    • Self-watering reservoir inserts available
    • Looks and feels like wood
    • Classic forms – See: Cape Cod, Craftsman and Colonial homes
    • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
    • Self-watering reservoir inserts available
    • Vinyl railing planters are lightweight
    • Mainly contemporary styles – See Art Deco, Shingle and Greek Revivals
    • Some with sub-irrigation systems

    For Wrought Iron Railings

    If you have a wrought iron fence with a squared flat rail we have railing planter brackets to fit from 3/4 all the way to 5.5 in width.

    For Rounded or Beveled Rails

    If your balcony rail is rounded, or beveled, we have designed a bracket that will work with diameters up to 2.5. Please note that the European Planter Cage is made 1 longer to accommodate standard size liners. Scrolls add an additional 6 to the length and 3 to the width.

    Railing Planter Experts Available to Help

    We are proud to offer stellar customer service to all of our clients, regardless of project size. Whether you’re shopping for your very first container garden, dressing up your balcony or fully renovating your home or business, our skilled team is here to help you find just what you need.

    Custom Railing Planters and Brackets Available

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    What To Consider

    Shopping for railing planters is somewhat similar to searching for the perfect window box. The first thing to take into account for railing planters is the width of your deck or balcony’s railing. Several are made to set into wood that measures 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 inches, while others are adjustable, which is handy. If neither option works for you, your best bet is to choose one with hooks. Some are designed to be permanently mounted .

    Next up, you’ll need to decide on material. Railing planters are typically made of high-grade polyethylene, wood, or various metals such as steel , or copper, which takes on a weathered patina over time. The vast majority have drainage holes or slats at the bottom, and there are also self-watering planters with reservoirs at the bottom.

    How We Selected

    47 Gorgeous Deck Railing Ideas That Will Inspire You

    Our selection includes railing planters with a minimum average rating of 4 stars or more, and the majority of those featured below receive average customer ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. We cover planters in a range of materials, as mentioned above, and in a range of styles, with assorted finishes. We also offer options across multiple price points, from budget-friendly, under-$20 planters to high-end picks that hover around $200 at the time of this writing.

    For more great additions to your garden, check out our coverage of the best raised garden beds and the best barrel planters!

    • Dimensions: 9.5 x 24 x 10.5 inches
    • Material: Plastic

    If youre looking for an attractive, affordable, and durable railing planter, this one is tough to beat. Made of weather-resistant resin, it can withstand practically anything that’s thrown its way. It has a rounded top and ribs on the bottom that help with draining water. Theres also a cutout to attach the planter securely to your balcony or deck.

    Customers give it high marks, with an average rating of 4.2 stars from over 3,600 reviewers.

    • Dimensions: 9 x 10 x 36 inches
    • Material: Plastic

    The 25-inch-wide planter comes with adjustable mounting hooks, hardware, and leveling brackets to fit to railings of varying widths. It also has drainage holes and is sold singly and in a larger 36-inch-wide size.

    • Dimensions: 7.5 x 24 x 7.5 inches
    • Material: Plastic
    • Dimensions: 36 x 8 x 8 inches
    • Material: Metal

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