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Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Ideas

Invest In An Outdoor Fireplace

How to Make a Fire Pit Seating Area: Backyard Makeover – Thrift Diving

Photo via @bigrockinc

For those looking for the ultimate fire pit for their outdoor living room, a wood-burning, gas-powered, or electric fireplace is a great option for staying warm during cool nights. Just like fire pits, you can design a backyard fireplace from a variety of materials, but be sure to pick a fireplace material that is long-lasting and weather-resistant, like brick or concrete.

Repurposed Washing Machine Drum Firepit

If you have an old washing machine at home or a washing machine drum that isnt being used, you can easily turn that into a nifty little fire pit. You may need to do a few tweaks before you can use this as your fire pit, which is incredibly easy to do and dont take up that much time.

The Pirate Ship Fire Pit

This is another post that doesnt go into great detail on how to Build this fire pit Dare I say, this would be something that would take some serious know-how mixed with a lot of artistic ability.

But who knows? Someone reading this might be totally inspired and find a way to successfully build this. Again, you build and utilize at your own risk. But if you are able to recreate this successfully, wed love to see!

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Opt For A Classic Fire Bowl

The Plain Jane fire pit from FirepitsUK is a timeless choice

This fire pit is a truly timeless piece and would make a welcome addition to any paved space. There are plenty of subtle details which make it a step above many others the chic metal rings for easy movement, the curved legs, and the decorative border, for instance. You can even add a customizable plaque should you wish a perfect idea for a gift. It’s made of steel, too, so will last.

And, if you love a bit of alfresco cooking, then keep an eye out for fire pit ideas that can double up as a nifty grill. This one, for instance, comes with a detachable BBQ swing perfect for impromptu meals outdoors.

Who Should Consider Another Fire Pit

31 Inspiring Backyard Fire Pit Ideas
  • People who have small backyard spaces: The Yukon is not a small fire pit, Ill just be completely honest. If you have a small backyard or your fire pit space is tight, youll want to look toward something more company like the Bonfire or Ranger.
  • People who want to take it on the go: Are you someone who wants a fire pit to use in their backyard and on road trips? Then the Yukon is not the fire pit for you. Instead, check out the Solo Stove Ranger. That fire pit is perfect for backyard and camping settings.

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Make It The Centerpiece

A perfect spot to entertain, set up by Dobbies

‘Feeling comfortable and warm outdoors is one of the main hurdles to get over when creating your dream space,’ says the team at VonHaus . And they found that, in the UK, 47% of people would spend more time outdoors if they had a fire pit.

‘There is no better way to spend an evening than sitting around the fire pit with your loved ones,’ the team continue. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows or enjoying a glass of wine however you spend your time a fire pit is a must-have garden accessory, they add.

So, use your fire pit patio ideas for the main hub of your plot it’s bound to get plenty of use. Surround it with comfy outdoor chairs and garden privacy ideas for elevate it further, and don’t forget to keep on top of maintenance to keep the scene looking its best. Our guide on how to clean a patio has all the expert tips you’ll need.

The Instructables Fire Pit

This fire pit is another variation of a circular fire pit. But what I love about this one is that the instructions are so detailed.

They include pictures to accompany every step. Plus, the design is simple too. So if you are someone that is a beginner at building anything yourself, this tutorial might be extremely helpful to you.

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Darlee Nassau 5 Piece Cast Aluminum Patio Fire Pit Conversation Seating Set With 2 Swivel Rockers

If youre looking for something that wont break the bank, this is the perfect patio set to get you started. The set comes with a fire pit BBQ table, two club chairs, two swivel rockers, and cushions. Its a four-person seating set thats made with cast aluminium and also powder coated with an Antique Bronze finish to protect it from all sorts of weather conditions.

All seats also come with a curved basket weave, and the cushions are made with weather-resistant polyester material. The unique table also comes with an ice bucket insert to keep your drinks nice and cold. The fire pit also comes with a BBQ insert which you can use to cook meals on.


Stone Firepit With Half Wall

DIY Patio And Fire Pit Seating Area

Stone fire pits look incredibly neat and go with almost any kind of home decor. They are incredibly easy to make and are the perfect way to utilize your backyard space. All you need to make this fire pit is stone bricks, some heavy duty glue or cement. Simply outline the area that you want to cover and work along that.

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Modern Fire Pit Ideas

Going for a modern firepit idea is a good way to incorporate propane or electric fire pit in an outdoor deck or patio.

If space is a problem, you can always transform that elongated, compact space in your backyard into an L-shaped, modern fire pit nook.

It features an edgy, propane fire pit which gives it a lot of sleek, edgy look.

It does not even need to be large and over the top. Sometimes, a repurposed metal barrel transformed into a modern style, open firepit like this one can offer a lot of tranquil look.

Simple, minimalist fixtures are the hallmarks of modern design and this firepit idea gets it a lot.

The Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit

This fire pit is unique and inexpensive. According to the post, it should cost around $50 to complete it. But instead of building this fire pit out of plain old concrete, they used concrete tree rings.

It looks different in comparison to a lot of other fire pits weve seen. Plus, it looks very simple to put together too. So if you need something easy and inexpensive then you should glance at this design.

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Bright Wood & Cool Grays

Like the sun amongst the clouds, blonde wood details shine against a backdrop of cool gray materials. The fire pit, aligned with the pergola and dining table, casts an inviting glow that beckons visitors to enjoy after-dinner stargazing.

Modern hardscaped area with propane bbq, dining table, and fire pit

Solo Stove Yukon Benefits

50 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas for 2021
  • Produces a lot of heat: Theres not another outdoor fire pit that provides as much heat as the Yukon. While fueled completely by firewood, it will give off a lot of heat throughout your entire burn. Its double walls help create a burst of hot air.
  • Smokeless design: Ive been camping for over 20 years, and I havent yet met someone who enjoys smoke in their face from a bonfire. The Yukon is made to completely eliminate smoke from your bonfire experience. The vent holes near the top and bottom of the fire pit help create seemingly perfect airflow that reduces any chance of smoke .
  • Burns wood to fine ash: By design, the Solo Stove Yukon burns firewood so efficiently that youll only be left with fine ash at the end of your night. This makes for a swift and easy cleaning process by simply dumping the ash out once the fire pit has cooled off.
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    Warm Up The Mood With A Tabletop Design

    Spin by Höfats makes a wonderful feature for the table

    Even if you only have small patio ideas to play with, you can still introduce the warmth and atmosphere of a real fire.

    Try tabletop designs, like this one, for a striking feature that’ll provide oodles of atmosphere. This particular design spins for an impressive whirling effect, and uses renewable Bioethanol fuel, too.

    Backyard Fire Pit And Seating Area

    Here is a classic version of a backyard fire pit, creating an entertaining area for friends and family. The brick fire pit, like the one shared above, will last for a long, long time. The pit itself adds a coziness, but what makes this whole setup incredibly relaxing is the use of patio furniture surrounding it.

    You can easily give the ambiance a more relaxing feel or a modern setup by adding some interesting patio furniture and decoration. A pit like this makes the scene open for versatility.

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    Consider A Brick Fire Pit

    Photo via @texasdreamhome

    With so many different fire pit materials to pick from, its easy to overlook brick fire pits. The biggest advantage of brick fire pits is their durability! This type of outdoor fire pit has a long lifespan requiring little maintenance, and easily contains stray embers from escaping. While laying brick can be tricky, you can still DIY a brick fire pit!

    Who Has The Best Deals On Patio Furniture

    77 Fire Pit Ideas (includes Outdoor Decor)

    When it comes to patio furniture, where can you turn to find the best deals? Weve shopped around for you and found that two names stand out for providing the best furniture at the best cost.

    • : It should come as no surprise that Amazon has some of the best patio furniture deals available. With many quality furniture sets ranging from $200-$700, Amazon offers a great selection of styles, materials, and brands that you can enjoy regardless of your budget.
    • Wayfair: The furniture lovers dream come true, Wayfair boasts a rich collection of outdoor furniture sets that are sure to catch your eye. With many sets currently ranging from $140-$2000, you can find a set that checks all your boxes without breaking the bank.

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    & 17 Propane Fire Pit Table

    At 30L x 30W x 24.15H in. Both fire pit tables have stylish porcelain-tile table top and cover to shield the pit when not in use. The base panels hide the gas tank. Here is the light grey table, and dark grey table.

    Tip:a tempered glass wind guard will help with flickering flames when windy, like this one- American Fireglass Wind Guard

    The Patio And Fire Pit

    So you want a fire pit, but youd like to have it in a nice patio area? Well, I can understand that. That is why we are sharing this awesome post.

    It not only tells you how to build a great fire pit right in the middle of a patio, but it also shares how to build a great circular patio. This post has the complete package.

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    + Diy Fire Pit Ideas On A Budget

    Nothing beats the coziness and warmth brought by fire pits wherever they are placed in the home. From the living room, bedroom, the backyard, , patio, or even the basement, there is no shortage to where they could be installed.

    Having a firepit is one of the best home improvement installations that is always worth the shot and in this post, we narrow down some of the best fire pit ideas that you can consider for your home.

    Aside from notable firepit ideas, we also score firepit information that are essential for you to know before building one. Hence, without much fuss, read on and find the best firepit idea appropriate to your home aesthetics and household preference.

    So, let us go straight to some of the most notable firepit ideas that you can consider for your home. These ideas are stretched across different design categories to diversify your firepit choices.

    Round Stone Fire Pits

    31 Inspiring Backyard Fire Pit Ideas

    These next stone fire pits can add rustic charm or can be the centerpiece of your traditional outdoor living area depending on how you accessorize them.

    If you like the idea of a round stone fire feature check out some stunning ideas below and get inspired to incorporate the look into your outdoor space.

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    Solid Concrete Fire Pit

    If you are handy with tools and cement, you can build a beautiful solid concrete fire pit in your yard by using a rectangular wooden frame.

    Then fill the frame with your mixed concrete and smooth it with a trowel. Let it dry overnight and then remove the frame and smooth mortar all over the outside for a smooth finish.

    After that, line the top with a pre-cut slate for a polished, professional appearance. Fill the rectangular pit with gravel stone almost to the top. Place a fire bowl into the gravel and then fill the remainder of the pit with gravel stone around the bowl until flush with the rim.

    My Finds For Fire Pit Decor

    If youre inspired to create the perfect hang out spot around your fire pit then check out some of my favorite finds to do that below. I didnt know there was something you could put on the fire to create colorful flames, did you? This would really wow your guests! Its number six below.


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    Make A Statement With A Fire Table

    Photo via @bramblecrest

    Dont want the same traditional fire pit as everyone else? Add a sense of luxury to your space with a fire table! Fire tables have three components: a base, tabletop, and a slit in the middle of the table that holds the fire. While fire tables offer a great spot to converse over roasting marshmallows, this fire pit design will need to be maintained on a regular basis and have paper items kept away from the flame.

    What Are The Best Rocks To Use For A Rock Fire Pit

    Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas | The Home Depot

    Not all rocks are good to use for a rock fire pit so if you are embarking on a rock fire pit project, you should consider the following to build on:

    • Dense rocks: marble, slate and granite
    • Less dense rocks: lava glass or lava rocks, fire grade brick, poured concrete

    Limestone, shale, and sandstone are also used for rock fire pits but they are very porous so they are not really recommended.

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    Cozy Country Pattern Fire Ring

    The scene on this metal fire pit looks like a scene straight out of the woods. Not only will this add a picturesque scene to your yard throughout the day, but it will come to life when you light your fire, illuminating the view for all to see. Its a beautiful fire pit, perfect for use at any time, day or not.

    The open design not only allows for a full view of the fire contained within, but it also allows everyone around the fire to enjoy the heat, making it a great choice for those that enjoy a toasty winter fire.

    In Ground Fire Pit Ideas

    These two beautiful variations of in ground fire pits remind me of campfire surrounded with Adirondack chairs. One is made with large boulders, the other is made of stacked stone, which also functions as a low retaining wall, giving the outdoor fire pit an attractive look almost like an outdoor fireplace.

    TIP: Before digging into the ground, always call 811, or the Call Before You Dig Number. to come to site and mark any underground utility lines.

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    Retaining Wall Brick Pit

    Retaining wall bricks are typically larger than landscaping bricks, so they make a fast, easy fire pit using fewer bricks and less work.

    If you have retaining walls in your yard, use the same type of bricks for a fire pit to pull the whole look together. Just build a circular bottom layer and then a staggered second layer. Fill the bottom with lava rocks or gravel, and then pull up a few chairs to enjoy a cozy time.

    The $40 Cinderblock Fire Pit

    34+ Simple and Cheap Fire Pit and Backyard Landscaping Ideas

    I love this fire pit. My reasoning is that it is easy to build, cheap to buy the materials, and very functional. This is literally something you could throw together quickly and get busy enjoying it.

    So if you need a great place to hang out during the brisk fall temperatures then consider this fire pit. If you are skilled at putting things together, then you could put it up and have friends over for smores that evening.

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    Who Should Consider The Solo Stove Yukon

    • People looking to up-level their backyard gatherings: Its the biggest outdoor fire pit Solo Stove offers, meaning its not compact. This fire pit is something youd leave out in your backyard and cover when you are finished this is not a portable fire pit. At the end of the day, I recommend the Yukon for backyard enthusiasts.
    • People who are tired of smoke in their eyes: One of the best features of Solo Stoves fire pits is that theyre smokeless. Yes, you heard it here first. If youre tired of smoke in your eyes , I dont blame you. Solve your problems with this fire pit.


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