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Wrought Iron Porch Railing Kits

Aluminum Railing That Looks Like Wrought Iron

How to Repair a Rusted Wrought Iron Railing | This Old House

The Advantages of Aluminum Railing

The first advantage is that aluminum is much lighter than wrought iron. Aluminum is a material with a lower density than steel, and this translates to less weight per piece. When youre talking about the cumulative weight of an entire assembled railing section, the aluminum version is much lighter.

There are also some thermal properties of aluminum that make it appealing for a home with children. Aluminum is an outstanding thermal conductor. It absorbs heat swiftly, but also dissipates it just as quickly, while metals like iron and steel retain heat. You can tell if a railing is steel because, if the sun is shining on it, a steel railing will be hot to the touch. Because aluminum radiates heat quickly it will be comfortable, or possibly even cool to the touch. Aluminum has other advantages, including:

For all these reasons, I suggest aluminum railings. The low weight of aluminum is a benefit for those installing it, and its strength is a definite plus in a home with children. You always want to choose a child-safe balcony or porch railing, ideally one thats long-lasting so that you dont need to check it constantly for maintenance issues.

An alternative to aluminum is steel wrought iron-look railings, which are common nowadays. These are another good option, and they have some advantages which make them worth considering.

Comparing Steel and Aluminum Railings That Look Like Wrought Iron

Yahpetes Handrail 388×205 Wrought Iron Handrail Black Handrail Railing 1

  • EASY TO INSTALL & CLEAN—The handrail comes with accessories including four bolts and an installation tool. We use a 10mm drill bit to make 4 holes in the ground. Then use expansion screws to fix the handrail.All hardware is included for easy installation.
  • WIDE APPLICATION—Perfect to use in stairs, gardens,porches,commercial office buildings, hotels or anywhere to grab.
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY—The handrail is strongly connected and welded.Decorative cast iron base shoe and middle collar.The post are fused together with decorative cast iron parts at the transition points.Its existence makes people feel safe and makes the stair no longer lonely.Help to create a safe environment for your family.
  • 1 or 2 STEPS RAILING FOR STAIRS—Made of high quality iron with powder coated finis.Adopt real wrought Iron ,welding tech and spray primer,the thickness of the paint reaches 80m.Color:matte black.
  • HANDRAIL SIZE—Length X Height:20.5 inch X 38.8 inch.In order to make the handrail have a better carrying capacity, we used the thick Q235 iron plate .4.4″X 6.3″ base plate can be Installs on Concrete, Wood, or Brick.Manual curved flower, the size will be a little error.

American Series Railing: A Beautiful Choice With Little Maintenance

If your deck or porch is in dire need of new railing, look no further than the American Series Railing Systems from Elite Outdoor Expressions! With a flat-top rail made from high-quality and lightweight aluminum, the American Series is a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Youll no longer have to worry about broken or missing wooden pickets that your pets or children could fall through! Instead, enjoy peaceful, relaxing days and nights in your outdoor living spaces with sturdy and safe aluminum railing.

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What Different Metals Can I Choose For My Deck Railing

We offer a range of aluminum and steel railing systems. Both are strong, durable metals, but each has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Aluminum is lighter-weight, for easier transport and installation. Powder-coated aluminum is also more resistant to corrosion, and in cold weather, aluminum actually gets stronger. Steel is heavier, but also sturdier – youll feel how solid it is when you lean against or touch a steel railing.. Steel is a rugged, strong option, with an enduring, classic look.

Finding the best deck railing material will depend on your needs and climate. Give us a call at and our team can learn more about your project to help recommend the best options for you.

What Color Metal Railing Should I Choose

Trex Transcend Rail Kit with Round Black Balusters

When picking out a railing color for your deck, you should consider the colors of your house and decking, but also what you want your railing to do for your deck view.

You can try to match colors already present in your deck area: for example, white railing is a great visual accent to your deck if your house has white siding or a lot of white trim. But you can also look for different accenting colors: a trendy gray deck area will go great with sleek black railings.

If you have a view of nature, bronze railings have an amazing feature: the organic bronze color tone virtually disappears into the background, opening up your deck view.

These are just a few examples of how different railing colors can add different features to your deck. To pick a railing perfectly tailored to your space and priorities, give our team a call at 1-888-824-5316 to walk through all the options.

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Whats The Easiest Metal Deck Railing To Install

Metal deck railing systems with pre-welded panels and pre-bracketed posts will be the easiest to install: that includes the Fortress Al13 Home, Fortress FE26 and Century Aluminum railing lines.

You can always give our team a call at for free recommendations on the best railing options that youll be able to install based on your experience level with home and deck projects. We love to help connect customers with the perfect project for them.

Wrought Iron Style Tubular Railing Systems Kits

Wrought Iron Railing SELF ASSEMBLY DIY KITS – Powder Coated Tubular Steel Railing. Deck Railing: Panels with top rail in many heights. These can also be cut to fit various openings.2 Rail slopes upto 24″ for stairs. Rail brackets can be mounted on any surface such as wood and concrete or masonry with appropriate screws. Screws included are for steel posts.

SELF ASSEMBLY REQUIRED. POSTS, BRACKETS & ACCESSORIES ARE PURCHASED SEPARATELY , SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL LIST 1 Post per panel required, and 1 post extra for end of last panel Rails: 1-3/8″ 18 Ga thickness. PICKETS: 5/8″ x 19 Ga. thickness. 3-13/16″ spacing between picket balusters. COMPLETELY MAINTENANCE FREE, NO WELDING, NO PAINTING!Specification:Tubular steel is cold rolled produced to ASTM A-525 with G-60 Zinc Coating, processed through the pre-treatment phase prior to application of high grade semi gloss polyester powder coating conforming to high standards.

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My Adult Son And Daughter

My adult son and daughter-in-law purchased an older home that needed the front steps redone. We had to cut off the old wrought iron handrails and cover the old concrete with blue stone. I found DIY on line, called him for advice, and he nailed it! He shipped exactly what worked and it was easyread moreMy adult son and daughter-in-law

A Well Designed Well Made

How a Custom Wrought Iron Railing Is Fabricated

A well designed, well made railing that was a breeze to install. Joe was very helpful in providing a drawing to show how the rail would look on the steps to our patio. Ive already had one person ask for photos & contact info to do a rail project at their home. Easy ordering processread moreA well designed, well made

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Your Product Was The Perfect

Your product was the perfect solution to reduce the risk for myself and guests entering my backyard from the study. I had just installed pavers and covered the steps. Your handrail was easy to install and you provided excellent support for choosing the right anchors! Sturdy and attractive, the handrail fits perfectly!

Con: Wrought Iron Will Show Weather Damage Over Time

While a bit of easy maintenance here and there can help prevent wrought iron from corroding to some extent, the reality is that there is no foolproof way to completely guard your wrought iron railings from weather damage. If a wrought iron fence is exposed to the elements for long enough, it will begin to corrode.

Unfortunately, wrought iron is especially susceptible to corrosion because of the slag in the metal. Slag is the byproduct produced when an ore is smelted from stone. While this slag gives wrought iron a beautiful look and feel, it causes tiny pits that collect water, which can cause corrosion and rust. This can be mitigated with regular paintings, but some weather damage is ultimately unavoidable.

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Why Should I Choose Metal Railing For My Deck

Metal deck railing is exceptionally stable. Because it doesnt absorb water like wood or composite, metal doesnt expand or contract the same way other materials do. That expansion and contraction can cause warping, and can slowly work fasteners loose over time. Metal railing, on the other hand, stays dimensionally stable for years in all types of weather. Theres a great feeling of security in choosing a metal railing for your deck – metal railing feels sturdy and strong to the touch.

Metal deck railing systems have also become extremely easy to install. Many come with pre-welded panels that anyone can easily attach to their deck in a single afternoon. Metal is also a strong stylistic choice with multiple color options and sleek, finished looks.

Turning 72 Very Soon Have

Veranda Traditional 6 ft. x 36 in. White PolyComposite Rail Kit with ...

Turning 72 very soon. Have health issues cannot do steps very and had falls. I have lots of friends who kept saying you need rails. So finally gave in. I ordered them got here very quickly. My husband and a good friend put them up. Boy what a difference rails make. Best thing weread moreTurning 72 very soon. Have

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I Purchased Picket #2 For

I purchased Picket #2 for my new set of steps and this was a perfect fit and well built! Very happy to have found a true American made product by a company that takes pride in their work: you can see it in the workmanship. The instructions on how to choose the correct kit onread moreI purchased Picket #2 for

What’s The Easiest Metal Deck Railing For Diy Installation

If you’re planning a DIY deck railing installation, we’d highly recommend either Fortress AL13 or Century Aluminum railing. Here are two big reasons why:

Pre-welded panels: both of those systems are panelized – that means you buy one solid railing panel that already has the top rail, bottom rail, and balusters welded together. That saves a lot of time over a larger railing project compared to other railing systems where you have to fit each baluster into the top and bottom rails individually.

Pre-bracketed posts: another way these systems save time is by selling posts with pre-attached brackets. That saves significant time in measuring and attaching brackets, and leaves you to just attach the railing panel to the posts for each section.

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We Did A Garage Makeover

We did a garage makeover with Garage Living in Cleveland last week and needed a 2-step handrail to complete the first phase of the project. Joe at Fortin Ironworks provided the great advice and fantastic customer service! Greg from Garage Living and his crew helped me install the handrail. Looking forward to workingread moreWe did a garage makeover

My Husband Has Been Struggling

How to Paint a Rusted Wrought Iron Railing

My husband has been struggling with hip and knee pain. He has both artificial hips from the past 15 years due to long term steroid use. And will soon begin the process of knee replacements. A friend was able to install efficiently and my husband begin using immediately. We are very satisfied with the moreMy husband has been struggling

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I Am Extremely Satisfied With

I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the experience! Pre-purchase communication with Joe was extremely helpful. My two, #4 Pickets arrived in 2 days as advertised and in excellent condition. All hardware was furnished including the anchors, drill bit and socket that fit the anchors. (I changed to 5/16×3 Tapconread moreI am extremely satisfied with

The Railing Was There For Him To Grab

In the years we have resided in our current home, there was never a thought that we might need a handrail to our front porch entrance. However prior to the onset of Winter, we decided to add a short DIY handrail, mainly for appearance purposes. On Thanksgiving day, a friend arrived and began to climbread moreThe railing was there for him to grab

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Questions Weve Got Answers

Bestseller: Modern Wrought Iron Guardrail / handrail for stairs, Staircase hand rail, Stair Step metal Railing, Custom Made, American Made
Free Shipping: Forged Wrought Iron Railing, Single Post Handrail, Wrought Iron Outdoor railing, Handrail for 1 2 3 steps, Made in the USA
On Sale: Railing for steps, with 2 step and a 2 ft to 4 ft. landing custom made

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  • After Much Searching I Finally

    Wrought Iron Porch Railings Home Depot

    After much searching I finally found the perfect handrails for my porch. I purchased the Picket #2. They were easy to install with complete instructions and are durable and beautiful. Just what I wanted for both front and back steps! I would not hesitate to order again. Fast, friendly service right here from OHIO!!

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    What Parts Make Up Metal Deck Railing

    Deck railing is made up of rails, posts, and infill, as shown below:

    Posts are the thick, vertical pieces that give your railing strength. Rails are the long, horizontal bars – most railing systems will have a top rail and a bottom rail. Posts and rails create a rectangle infill sits inside that rectangle. Infill can be balusters – smaller, vertical bars parallel to your posts. But railing can also use glass balusters, glass panels, or metal cables as infill. Metal railing can also use mesh panels or horizontal rods as infill instead of traditional vertical balusters.

    Vevor Outdoor Stair Railing Fits For 1

    Number of Steps:

    • · Fit for 0 to 5 Steps: Max. Height for Steps: 26.7”/ 67.8 cm. Due to the 0-50 degrees adjustable frame, this outdoor stair railing is suitable for 0 to 5 steps handrails and is also suitable for horizontal surfaces and various stairs. It is perfect for helping people keep balance on a rainy or snowy day and avoid skidding.
    • · Sturdy Wrought Iron: Thanks to the solid metal material and the welding structure, the wrought iron handrail is stable enough to withstand any weather, ensuring a security walk for you and your family. It can bear max.661lbs weight, giving a cost-saving long-time use. Moreover, the ergonomic design is adopted to create a comfortable grip.
    • · Effortless Installation: We provide you with complete installation accessories to finish the setup of the exterior stair railing, including 10 M8x60mm screws, 10 expansion screws, and 1 M12 drill. Only one person can complete the installation in a few minutes.
    • · Stylish & Delicate Design: Our handrails for the concrete step are treated with a smooth powder-coated painting. Thus, it does not only keep your hands from hurt but also has a fashionable black surface. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and clean with a mop.
    • · Extensive Application: Compatible for home and commercial uses, this outdoor handrail can be installed on concrete, brick, and wood steps of porches, balconies, gardens, residential buildings, hotels, garages, etc.

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    I Need A Railing From

    I need a railing from my mothers front porch. I googled it and found DIY handrails, what a blessing. They made this process so easy, I couldnt believe it. I found the one I wanted, placed my order, it showed up in 4 Days and is exactly what she wanted. Fantastic quality, installation was moreI need a railing from

    Will Metal Railings Get Hot In The Sun

    How To Repair Rusted Wrought Iron Railing (DIY)

    Like all deck railing materials, metal can absorb heat in direct sunlight and get hot to the touch. The biggest factor determining how hot your railings will get is color: dark-colored railings absorb more heat than light-colored ones. For that reason, if your railing is in direct sunlight or in an especially hot climate, wed recommend looking into our metal railings with white or light-colored options. That includes Fortress AL13, Westbury Tuscany, Westbury Riviera, AFCO Pro, Century Aluminum, , and Trex Signature Rod Rail.

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