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Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Bali Outdoors Gas Fire Table

Gas Outdoor Fire Pit Table Review


If youre sprucing up your backyard on a budget, you wont find a better buy than Balis Outdoors Gas Fire Table.

The 28-inch fire table outputs heat at up to 50,000 BTU, which matches the power of tables that are significantly larger. If youre hosting a bunch of people, you wont have to huddle close to this fire table to feel the heat. Bali Outdoors doesnt go into specifics about the materials it used for this fire pit beyond saying the burner is stainless steel, which is our only significant complaint.

Another thing to consider is that Bali Outdoors doesnt bundle any accessories including a cover with its this fire table. Thats easier to forgive when you consider this fire tables sub $200 price point. If you want those accessories, Amazon is offering a discount on both a cover and wind shield if you get them at the same time as this fire table.

If you want a basic, powerful fire table for your backyard, you cant go wrong with this one from Bali Outdoors.

How To Choose The Best Propane Fire Pit Table

If you want the best propane fire pit table, you must be aware of what you need to look out for. With a little bit of research, it becomes easier to find the right unit. Here are some essential features for your propane fire pit table.


You must ensure that your unit does a great job at its primary function thats to provide heat. Its essential that it comes with respectable heat output. Heat is measured in terms of British Thermal Units per Hour , and 40,000 BTuh is the most common and good output. Especially if youre living in a colder climate, you might want to opt for a hotter unit.

Flame Control

Another important feature is flame control. If your unit has an adjustable flame control, youll be able to adjust the heat output according to your requirements. You can turn it down low when its not so cold outside, and during the winters, you can light the flames on the highest settings.


Safety is another critical feature. Make sure your unit is certified safe to use. You must also ensure that your propane fire pit table comes with essential safety features like an emergency shut-off valve. If your unit comes with an external propane tank, ensure that the hose length is long enough so that you can store the stove in a safe area.

Comes With Guards

However, remember that just because they come with rust-proof features doesnt mean theyll work. Read online reviews to know how it fared for other users.


What Are The Pros

1. No messy ashes to clean up

Just like cooking in the kitchen, we are more likely to do it if there is less clean up involved, right? Compared to the wood-burning version, propane fire tables take a lot of the work and maintenance out of enjoying a cracking fire on the back deck.

2. Use with or without the fire

Fire pits are great but if the weather is too hot, you may not want to have a fire. In those cases, what good is a fire pit?

Thats whats so great about the table versions. They are useful anytime even if you dont want to have a fire. In my opinion, you get more value for your money because they can be enjoyed more often.

3. They can be moved around

Although you may not plan on move your fire pit, for some people this may be a big benefit. Whether the circumstance is a special event, the changing of the seasons or you simply want to re-arrange your backyard, a portable fire pit does offer more flexibility.

4. You can sell it

Why would I say this? You are thinking about buying a fire pit not selling one. Well, the reason is that over the years I have realized that propane fire pit tables hold their value well. Therefore, if you ever want to or need to sell your backyard dining friend, know that people typically pay good money for even the used models.

5. Some units cost significantly less money

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Orren Belle Stone Propane Gas Fire Pit Table

  • Highlighted Features:

All Stone Build Using a stone frame covered with magnesium oxide coating, the Orrene Belle Fire Pit is perhaps one of the best propane fire pit tables in terms of durability.

Flame Emission and Control Attached to the pit is a 50,000 BTU stainless steel burner which is designed for liquid propane. It also uses lava rocks as filler and comes with flame adjustment settings.

  • Point of Concern:

Weight Due to its stone components, the Orren Belle is one of the heaviest fire pit tables that is currently available. You need to set it at a patio floor with strong base support or on solid earth.

Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table Slfptl

Circular 50K BTU Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table with Tank Holder, Light ...


Available: In stock

Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table – 50,000 BTU Auto-Ignition Gas Firepit with Glass Wind Guard, Black Tempered Glass Tabletop & Clear Glass RockFeatures: Sliding…

  • FIRE PIT AND TABLE IN 1: This fire table not only provides heat to keep you warm during winter it also doubles as a table in summer when you put the metal cover lid in place. Creates an elegant atmosphere in the garden, terrace, balcony, or backyard
  • ENVIRONMENT SAFE: This CSA approved and safe patio fire pit propane bonfire table set can generate up to 50,000 BTU by using liquid propane fuel for stable and clean combustion so there is no ash or smoke to protect your health and the environment
  • CONCEALED PROPANE TANK: The base of this rectangular firepit propane fire table cleverly hides away a 20lbs propane tank and it is equipped with a sliding door & steel base to easily to put the propane tank in and out
  • MADE TO LAST: This sturdy, rust and heat resistant outdoor propane gas fire pit table features a black tempered glass tabletop, metal frame, and reliable all-weather-resistant PE rattan & comes w/ a PVC cover to protect it from UV rays, rain, & dust
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easy to assemble with two persons & takes only 20-30 minutes to put together. Has a stainless steel control panel & burner w/ pre-attached 2.6ft hose & regulator & comes w/ tempered glass wind guard & 15lbs arctic ice glass rock set

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Montego Crystal Wicker Fire Pit

  • Highlighted Features:

Design The Montego fire pit is comprised of a black tempered glass table surface and a frame covered with resin wicker patterns. It also has mounting points for wind guards to protect the flame during certain weathers.

Fire Emission and Control The hidden 100,500 BTU stainless steel burner was designed for liquid propane although it can be converted for natural gases. It is connected to a one-button control panel for easy ignition and flame adjustment.

Filler Accommodation This fire pit was designed for use with lava rocks, glass fire beads, and artificial logs. This means that the fire it produces is warm but does not create smoke and ash.

Christopher Knight Home Super Patio Fire Pit Table For Small Spaces

This small propane fire pit table from GDF Studio will allow you to enjoy the rustic appeal of a natural stone centerpiece at the fraction of the cost. Sturdy and long-lasting magnesium oxide mimics the look and feels of the real stone. The fire table is rather compact and will not take over too much space. In spite of that, the fire pit produces a decent amount of heat.

The fire table comes as a single piece and does not require assembly, unlike other similar products. Hooking up a propane tank is all it takes to start enjoying cozy evenings by the bonfire.

A pack of lava stones and a nylon cover come along with the fire table. Besides, the seller also provides a paint pen that can disguise minor cracks and chipped spots if needed. However, the fire pit doesnt have a lid. There is only a narrow rim around the flame output, so having meals at this fire table might be inconvenient.

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How To Operate A Fire Pit Table

Fire table operation varies depending on the ignition system and the controls. If your unit has automatic ignition, do not try to light the unit by hand. The manual will have specific instructions for your model, but here is a general overview.

Control Knob Models

Open the manual shut off valve supplying gas to the fire table. Next, turn the control knob to the “HI LIGHT” position while pressing the ignitor button. The burner should light promptly. If it doesn’t light after 5 seconds, turn off the gas knob. You can try relighting the burner after 1 minute of waiting for the gas to clear.

If it does not light the second time, turn off the gas and do not keep attempting to light. At this point, you should call a professional or the manufacturer for assistance in troubleshooting.

Some control knob models do not have a built-in ignition system and must be lit with a match. If this is the case, follow the basic steps listed for the key valve model below. The only difference is that the gas will be turned “off” and “on” with the push button instead of the key.

Key Valve Models

Start with the gas valve turned to the “off” position. Light a match and place it so that the lit end is over the burner. You can also use a long-stemmed butane lighter. Use the key to turn the gas valve to the “on” position. The flame should light.

All-Weather Remote Models

What Are The Best Fire Tables

DIY Patio Gas Fire Pit Table

There are many factors to think about when choosing the right fire table for you below are the most important ones, which we considered while we were researching this list.

Size: Fire tables are square or rectangular-shaped, and the ones we chose for this guide are between 28 and 56 inches long. We also made sure to include square and rectangular options. Fire tables are larger than fire pits, but you dont have to take up backyard space storing wood, which can become unusable for a while after it rains. Instead, you can fire the table up in a couple of minutes, and be ready to hang out with guests.

Durability: Fire tables are large and pretty heavy, which means youll likely keep them outside for one or more seasons. We made sure the fire tables we picked were designed with materials that should withstand some rain, or come with a cover.

Heat output: In the United States, heat from flames is measured in BTU . The fire tables weve chosen range from 38,000 BTU to 65,000 BTU, which is enough to keep you warm when youre close to the fire.

Tank storage: All of the fire tables in this guide have a space to hold the feul tank under them, and come equipped with a tube to easily attach them. Keep in mind youll have to get the feul tank separately.

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Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table


Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is a statement piece of furniture that will likely become the focal point of your entire backyard.

It measures just over 50 inches long and is made out of fiber concrete and steel that Akoya says has been painted with a durable finish. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU and can run on either a propane tank or natural gas .

We like this fire tables modern aesthetic, which will go with any of your existing backyard furniture. It doesnt look like its part of a specific theme , which is a definite plus. Its also great that the table comes bundled with colored crystals, a protective cover, and a concrete lid instead of requiring you to get them separately.

This is a deluxe choice, but in line with other statement pieces of furniture. The materials are certainly more substantial than wicker. If youre redoing your entire backyard, or plan on hosting a lot of parties this summer, Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is our recommendation.

Best Choice Products Fire Table


Unlike our other picks, this fire table from Best Choice Products separates the propane tank from the table. The propane tank sits adjacent to the table, discreetly hidden under a matching cover that works as a side table for drinks or snacks.

The fire itself is on the small side , making it a good choice for compact patios and decks. Still, despite its size, the fire puts out a solid 40,000 BTU of heat or enough for a few people to be happily warmed.

We also think the Best Choice table looks great: its streamlined, modern, and comes in a few colors to match your patio furniture. Plus, an included cover should keep it looking good for a while.

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Legacy Heating Aluminum Fire Pit Table

  • Highlighted Features:

All-Aluminum Build As the name implies, this fire pit is made out of 100% Aluminum. From the tabletop to the covering of the burner, every part of the burner uses aluminum which is resistant to rust.

Design The pit incorporates a grated design from top to bottom. This makes the pit light enough for constant relocation while also allowing for even heat distribution. The pit area also comes with a detachable cover for a seamless appearance when not in use.

Fire Emission and Control The pit is designed to accommodate several heating materials including logs, lava rocks, and glass fire beads. The bottom area can house burners as heavy as 20 pounds and comes with an integrated fire control system. With this, it is easy to control how bright the flames burn in the pit.

Outland Living Fire Table

Cosco Outdoor Serene Ridge Aluminum Propane Gas Fire Pit Table with Lid ...


If youre looking for a fire table that offers a more elevated experience, Outland Living has the right one.

Its 44 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 23 inches tall, which puts it in the mid-range size class compared to other fire tables in this guide. Its made out of weather-resistant resin wicker and a 0.3-inch slab of black tempered glass. The fire tables single burner is made out of stainless steel that produces flames up to 50,000 BTU hot, and its handles and dial are made out of chrome.

These deluxe materials were designed to weather some storms, which is good because Outdoor Living doesnt include a cover. It also doesnt include a wind guard or glass lid, though all three are available separately. The company does include a 15.5 pound arctic ice decorative glass rock set, which matches the tables upscale look.

Like the other fire tables in this guide, this one runs on a propane tank that weighs up to 20 pounds. It sits in a storage compartment accessible by taking most of the left side off. Unlike those other tables, Outdoor Living left the place hollow enough to have extra storage space it looks large enough to hold a second propane tank.

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Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit

  • Highlighted Features:

Unique Flame Concept Unlike your conventional fire pit which uses wood, the Blue Rhino Pit uses fire glass and liquid propane to produce flames.

Design The Blue Rhino features a sleek design which can complement almost every outdoor patio. It√Ęs underside is composed of several panels that hide the source of the heat, giving off a seamless appearance.

Ease of Use This outdoor fire pit can be activated with just a push of a button.

Ecosmart Fire Table Manhattan 50

William Sonoma

Heres another great pick from EcoSmart: the Manhattan 50 fire table. Just like the Ark 40 above, the Manhattan 50 works with either propane, natural gas, or bioethanol for indoor use. It also has an equally powerful output of 65,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU with bioethanol.

One of our favorite features with the Manhattan 50 is its half fire, half coffee table design. This clever build means it can replace your current outdoor coffee table, as youll still have room for snacks, drinks, and books on one side.

Another benefit of the split design is that the Manhattan 50 looks gorgeous especially in slatted teak, pictured above. The wood is also durable thanks to a water-repellent oil finish, which slows down wear and tear, and the whole piece is well-sized at 50 inches long and 30 inches deep.

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Ecosmart Fire Table Ark 40

William Sonoma

Want to take that cozy fire inside? Pick up this Ark 40 fire table from EcoSmart. It works with natural gas or propane for outdoor setups, or bioethanol for lower-output, indoor-friendly use. If you choose to use it outside, definitely opt for propane, which the little fire will turn into 65,000 BTU of heat.

Besides power and fuel versatility, we think the Ark 40 does very well in the looks department. Measuring 40 inches in diameter, the smooth, round design is chic in just about any setting, and three color options let you customize the look to fit your taste. The fire table can also be equipped with a glass firescreen, which is sold separately.

How To Install A Fire Table

DIY Gas Fire Pit Table

If your model requires gas lines or electrical supply, these must be installed by a qualified professional. Read and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper clearances and assembly. Depending on the type of fire table, you may need professional assembly and inspection to make sure the unit is working properly.

Before installation, plan out the area where you intend to put the fire table. You should never install it underneath a roof or overhang that is less than 6 feet above the top of the table. Choose a low traffic area where you and your guests can enjoy it without having it constantly in the way.

Contact your local code office or read up on your local codes to make sure your appliance meets the restrictions. If using electricity, you will also need to comply with the National Electrical Code. Note that you must use all properly grounded electrical components and a weather-proof covered receptacle.

Fuel conversion kits are available if you wish to convert your unit from natural gas to propane or vice versa. The conversion must be done by a licensed plumber or professional installer.

Lighting a match-lit gas fire pit

Fire tables are heavy and can be cumbersome to assemble. If doing the assembly yourself, enlist at least one other person to help you lift the components. We also recommend wearing gloves to help protect from the sharp edges. Turn off the gas supply prior to installation and follow the detailed instructions outlined in the manual.

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