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Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table

Is A Fire Pit Table Safe

DIY Patio Gas Fire Pit Table
Napoleon Kensington Square Patioflame fire pit table

One of the first questions that come to mind is the issue of safety. Like all fire features, there are some risks, but there are several safety features and accessories that provide an extra layer of protection. Fire tables are often considered safer than wood-burning fire pits. However, there are some guidelines you should follow to minimize any risk of burns.

Most models require a gas shut-off valve during installation. Accessories like an emergency stop valve allow you to instantly shut off multiple gas fire appliances with the push of a button. Gas supply timers automatically shut down the fire feature at preset intervals. Many models also offer glass wind guards that help keep the flames from blowing too much in the wind and overheating the table surface.

In addition to the safety features, here are some important safety tips to follow when using the fire table:

How To Choose The Right Fire Pit

The market is full of different types of fire pits – all with various features, functions, and designs that try to set them apart from the rest. So youre sure to want to do some research on which kinds of fire pits are available, and which one is right for your home.

  • Types of Fire Pits

First, lets look at the types of pits out there. The kind that youre most likely to think of is a fire pit bowl. Fire pit bowls can be moved and relocated as needed, allowing you to place them where they work the best for your get-together.

Another popular option of fire pits is the fire pit table. This item is just as it sounds – a table with a fire pit integrated into it. Fire pit tables may offer some surface space to hold drinks or food.

Other fire pit types can be found as well, like tabletop fire pits, fire urns, or permanent fire pits that are installed directly into the ground.

  • Fire Pit Fuel Types

Another consideration when buying a fire pit is knowing exactly what material you wish to use to fuel your fires. Of course, most fire pits will operate strictly by using good old-fashioned wood, the most timeless and traditional of all fire fuels.

  • Fire Pit Material

The material your fire pit is made of plays a huge role in how long your pit will last and how much care is needed between uses. Popular materials to use include steel, aluminium, concrete, copper, and more.

  • Shape of the Fire Pit

Other Fire Pit Factors To Consider

Safety is always priority number one when working with fire, so always ensure youre using the fire pit in a safe manner that abides by the directions and instructions provided by the manufacturer.

If you plan on using a fire pit on a wood deck or on the grass in your yard, consider purchasing a protective fire mat or a deck protector. These additional safety layers will catch stray embers, keeping you surfaces from being damaged while the fire pit is in use.

Lastly, help protect your investment by purchasing and using a fire pit cover. When your pit has cooled down completely, and you need to store it safely until its next use, a fire pit cover will ensure the pit stays in top condition. Covers typically offer a waterproof construction that repels rain and other precipitation from rusting your fire pit.

Shop Kohls for all your outdoor entertainment needs, including brand new fire pits that keep the fun going outside all year round! With plenty of accessories to add to your pit, we have everything you need to create a cozy space outside your home!

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Best Imitation Wood Gas Fire Pit

Though weve already looked at one fire pit with a rustic wood look, we really like the style of the Casainc WFEHFP-05-A Fire Pit Table.

Rather than try to mimic natural wood, Casaincs designers opted for a more stylized approach. This round pit is 28 inches in diameter, with its stainless steel burners wrapped inside sleek black composite material sculpted to look like a hollowed-out tree stump.

The battery-powered electric ignition sparks the 30,000 Btu fire to life, and the whole fire pit weighs in at 44 pounds. Note that it runs off an external tank, so you may want to consider a tank cabinet. It comes with lava rocks and a PVC cover.

Hampton Bay Gas Fire Pit

9 Fire Pit Tables For The Outdoor Area

Coming in with a toasty 50,000 BTU is the Hampton Bay Crossridge propane gas pit.

At 30 inches in width, the bronze finish is a cozy decor that can match most aesthetics. The tabletop is made of natural slate, which helps to keep it from getting too hot as the fire roars.

This pit is an excellent focal point for your outdoor setup, especially in the wintertime. Dont think that you need only to use it when the weather is cold out, though.

You can place a metal plate over the fire to turn the pit into a usable propane fire table for your outdoor areas as well, making it useful all year round.

Some stylish fire pit chairs will really finish off the look.


  • Stone tops may require more cleaning

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Fire Tables: Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy

An outdoor fire pit table is an excellent choice for those looking to add a natural gathering point to their backyard, patio or other outdoor space. Also known as fire tables or tabletop fire pits, these handsome fire features offer an exceptionally easy way to bring the joy and warmth of real flame to your home. Their growing popularity has led to a flood of big-box retailers adding these gas fire pit tables to their stores, which can make the shopping experience challenging if you’re looking for a high-quality unit that’s built to last. Fortunately, the team here at Firepits Direct has combed the gas fire table industry to select the top brands for your consideration. When you shop with us, you know you’re only looking at fire features designed to stand the test of time and provide an exceptional experience. On top of that, we offer technical expertise and customer service that goes the extra mile, so you’re sure to get an outdoor fire table that you’ll love.

Ecosmart Fire Table Manhattan 50

William Sonoma

Heres another great pick from EcoSmart: the Manhattan 50 fire table. Just like the Ark 40 above, the Manhattan 50 works with either propane, natural gas, or bioethanol for indoor use. It also has an equally powerful output of 65,000 BTU and 20,000 BTU with bioethanol.

One of our favorite features with the Manhattan 50 is its half fire, half coffee table design. This clever build means it can replace your current outdoor coffee table, as youll still have room for snacks, drinks, and books on one side.

Another benefit of the split design is that the Manhattan 50 looks gorgeous especially in slatted teak, pictured above. The wood is also durable thanks to a water-repellent oil finish, which slows down wear and tear, and the whole piece is well-sized at 50 inches long and 30 inches deep.

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Grand Patio Outdoor Propane Fire Table


Grand Patios Outdoor Propane Fire Table is our top choice because of its performance, aesthetics, and price.

The 43-inch table is made out of a water-resistant wicker that Grand Patio says wont get washed out after being exposed to sunshine. The fire tables frame is made out of rust-resistant steel, and the tiles on top are made out of a ceramic material.

This fire table produces up to 45,000 BTU of heat from a single burner, which can be hidden by tiles when its not in use. That level of power means this fire table will be able to comfortably heat five or six guests whore sitting around it.

We like that this fire table doubles as a coffee or card table when it isnt on, and only have one real complaint: it doesnt come with lava stones, beads, or a wind shield. You can get these accessories separately, but wed prefer to see them as a bundle.

If that doesnt bother you, Grand Patios Outdoor Fire Table is an excellent choice.

Accompany With The Fire & Stars With Our Outdoor Fire Pits:

How To Light an Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table

In winter, your patio wont be complete without a fire pit. You have a vast selection of COSIEST outdoor fire pits to outdoor fire tables, from low-profile fire pits to tall standing ones. There are also some classic shapes for the shapes: rectangle, square, and round. They are perfect for matching with U shape and L shape sectional sofas. Our round propane fire pit is ideal for meeting with friends and relatives for warmth and good discussion. In materials, you have multi choices too. MgO Composite is one of the popular materials. Like cement, it has several attractive characteristics: fire resistance, termite resistance, moisture resistance, mold and mildew resistance, and strength. Another advantage is its lighter than concrete. Some bases are made of wickers. Its lightweight and all-weather proof, making the patio looks modern and attractive. The iron outdoor fire table features durability. With hidden tank storage design, they are popular among our customers.

Our outdoor fire table has a decorative base entailing a propane fire pit and control panel. It will provide an attractive look to your outdoor space. So, enjoy the ambience of a fire without giving off sparks and heavy smokes. Shop Cosiest outdoor fire pit now.

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Propane Fire Pit Buying Tips

When searching for a fire pit, consider the following:

  • Your available space
  • How much time do you spend outside
  • Whether you will cover the fire pit

If you like colossal gas fire pits to serve as the center of your backyard and want a high BTU, the Kenwood 81-inch table is absolutely the choice for you.

Conversely, if you intend to frequently travel with your fire pit or camp, the Outland Living Firebowl is undoubtedly your best option.

You may also want to search for gas fire pits on sale to find a great deal on a fire pit you might not usually choose.

Customer Ratings By Feature

  • This item: Outdoor Propane Fire Pit Table – CSA Approved Safe 40,000 BTU Pulse Ignition Propane Gas Fire Table – Steel Tabletop, Rattan-Look Steel Panel, 6.6 Lbs Decorative Lave Rock Set – SereneLife SLFPS3$379.99Sold by Deal Goods and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it by Thursday, Jul 28
  • Sold by INNTECH and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it by Friday, Aug 5
  • Sold by Kinyu and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.Get it by Monday, Aug 8

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Blue Rhino Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

If you want to add a splash of color to your yard, the Blue Rhino outdoor gas fire pit is an excellent choice.

The green fire glass provides a gorgeous centerpiece to your fire pit, making the dancing flames even more attractive. If green isnt your color, you can switch to white glass for your fire pit instead.

The Blue Rhino is easy to use as well, lighting with a single button push. The tabletop fire pit is made of tempered glass to stay a bit cooler and sturdy as well.

Its an excellent fire pit to wrap yourself up next to and enjoy the evening.


Fire Pit Surplus has a great range of higher-priced premium propane fire pits.

Not only do they have fantastic fire pit tables such as the Elementi Granville Fire Pit Table which we included in the table above, but they also have these round propane gas fire bowls.

This style is harder to find on Amazon and the big-box retailers like Home Depot and Walmart so its cool we can get them here.

The gas fire bowl pictured is 34 wide and 15 high, so its reasonably compact. However, it weighs about 88 lbs so will require a couple of people to shift it into position.

It comes with all the required valves and connectors, batteries for the electronic ignition switch, a 10 ft long gas hose, lava rocks, and a strong canvas cover.

The only downside of this style is that you cant hide your gas tank inside the fire pit, but the 10-foot hose that comes included should be long enough to get it out of sight.


What To Consider When Buying A Fire Table

Circular 50K BTU Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Table with Tank Holder, Light ...

The fire pit tabletop market is broad, even when you’re looking only at our curated collection, so finding the perfect model for your home requires some research and consideration. We offer top-notch assistance through our product specialist team, but if you’re shopping on your own or just looking at what we offer ahead of time, it’s good to keep these factors in mind:

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Endless Summer Gas Burning Fire Pit

Sixth on our list is a bit smaller than the previous entry, making it great for snug and cozy backyard settings.

The Endless Summer 30-inch firepit is a square-shaped pit with a modest table. Controls for this heater are also hidden to help keep the aesthetic as clean as possible.

A black ceramic tile top helps ward off the heat to make sure you dont burn yourself. Adjustable flames and a protective cover will keep everything safe and clean as well. Though its on the lower end power-wise with 30,000 BTUs, its an excellent addition to any outdoor space.


If youve been looking for a gorgeous round fire pit, the AZ Patio heater might be the one for you.

You can pick from a selection of fire glass in different colors. Smooth fire glasses, reflective, and recycled options are available in as many as twelve colors to choose from.

Elegant patterns along the firepits side help with a rustic look in combination with the bronze construction of the fire pit. Cast aluminum construction helps to ward off the harsher elements as well.

A stainless steel burner pan helps ensure that everything on this fire pit is as sturdy as it could be to keep your time outdoors going as long as possible.


  • Wide variety of fire glass colors


  • Difficult to use as a table
  • It fits a specific aesthetic

Enhance Your Backyard Space With Your Own Fire Pit Or Outdoor Fireplace

Living in the city but craving the simple cottage life? That’s no problem with a fire pit or portable fire bowl. Have a fire pit up north that needs an update? Find a decorative fire ring to do the job. No matter where you spend your time, there’s a style of fire pit that will suit your needs. An outdoor fireplace offers a cozy way to enjoy the colder evenings, while a fire pit table adds some creativity to your outdoor decor. These are sure to give you style points at your next backyard party.

Perfect for both restaurant patios and decks at home, a patio heater lets you enjoy the great outdoors no matter the season. Smaller tabletop burners that use gel or oil are also good options for hanging out on the patio. Find the perfect fabric cover for when the fire pit, fireplace or patio heater cools down for added protection when not in use.

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Akoya Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table


Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is a statement piece of furniture that will likely become the focal point of your entire backyard.

It measures just over 50 inches long and is made out of fiber concrete and steel that Akoya says has been painted with a durable finish. It has a heat output of 50,000 BTU and can run on either a propane tank or natural gas .

We like this fire tables modern aesthetic, which will go with any of your existing backyard furniture. It doesnt look like its part of a specific theme , which is a definite plus. Its also great that the table comes bundled with colored crystals, a protective cover, and a concrete lid instead of requiring you to get them separately.

This is a deluxe choice, but in line with other statement pieces of furniture. The materials are certainly more substantial than wicker. If youre redoing your entire backyard, or plan on hosting a lot of parties this summer, Akoyas Outdoor Essentials Concrete Fire Table is our recommendation.

Best Choice Products Fire Table

Fire Table Pit DIY (How to build an Outdoor Gas Fire Table)


Unlike our other picks, this fire table from Best Choice Products separates the propane tank from the table. The propane tank sits adjacent to the table, discreetly hidden under a matching cover that works as a side table for drinks or snacks.

The fire itself is on the small side , making it a good choice for compact patios and decks. Still, despite its size, the fire puts out a solid 40,000 BTU of heat or enough for a few people to be happily warmed.

We also think the Best Choice table looks great: its streamlined, modern, and comes in a few colors to match your patio furniture. Plus, an included cover should keep it looking good for a while.

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How To Operate A Fire Pit Table

Fire table operation varies depending on the ignition system and the controls. If your unit has automatic ignition, do not try to light the unit by hand. The manual will have specific instructions for your model, but here is a general overview.

Control Knob Models

Open the manual shut off valve supplying gas to the fire table. Next, turn the control knob to the “HI LIGHT” position while pressing the ignitor button. The burner should light promptly. If it doesn’t light after 5 seconds, turn off the gas knob. You can try relighting the burner after 1 minute of waiting for the gas to clear.

If it does not light the second time, turn off the gas and do not keep attempting to light. At this point, you should call a professional or the manufacturer for assistance in troubleshooting.

Some control knob models do not have a built-in ignition system and must be lit with a match. If this is the case, follow the basic steps listed for the key valve model below. The only difference is that the gas will be turned “off” and “on” with the push button instead of the key.

Key Valve Models

Start with the gas valve turned to the “off” position. Light a match and place it so that the lit end is over the burner. You can also use a long-stemmed butane lighter. Use the key to turn the gas valve to the “on” position. The flame should light.

All-Weather Remote Models


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