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Putting Green In Backyard Cost

Synthetic Close To The Real Thing

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Synthetic turf can mimic the challenges of putting on the green during a round by building the break into the design. Some companies use a concrete base for putting greens while others use a limestone and sand base.

When considering a backyard putting green, paying attention to drainage becomes even more important. See how to better manage your lawns drainage to avoid big puddles.

How Much Does A Putting Green Cost

Installing a putting green will cost $490-$850. However, the cost will vary depending on how much putting green you install, and manufacturers often charge by the square footage you purchase. If you dont want to determine how much putting green you should buy, you can simply buy a putting green practice mat or another similar product.

You can find great quality Putting Green Mats Here on Amazon.

The cost of installing a putting green mentioned above does not include labor costs, which will increase the overall cost.

Many contractors charge $11-$25 per square foot to install a putting green. You could always install it yourself, but unless you know how to do so and have experience installing putting green, I wouldnt recommend it.

If you would like to know exactly how much it will cost to install a putting green in your backyard or front yard, find a putting green that you like and get a quote from a contractor or the manufacturer of the putting green.

Most residential putting greens are made of artificial turf that can be installed quickly and easily by the homeowner or local landscaper.

You can find good quality Artificial Grass Here on Amazon to install yourself, or Hire Local Pros from HomeAdvisor to do it for you.

Do Putting Greens Increase Home Value

On average, a homeowner can expect a return of 85% on their investment in a backyard putting green. In states where golf is a year-round activity, this can be even higherwhile in places with cold winters you may only recoup 60% of your investment.

Adding value to the exterior of your home is also an important step in selling itand if youre trying to sell, then just remember that adding details like landscape lighting or fencing can be very expensive.

A backyard putting green takes up no additional room and doesnt require any special equipment for the upkeepwhich makes it a wise investment by comparison.

Obviously, if you live in a state where golf is a major source of entertainmentFlorida, Texas, and especially Arizonathen you can expect 85% or more return on investment plus, having a yard feature like a putting green, may put you at a real estate advantage when it comes time to sell.

Of course, the opposite of this is a state where golf is a seasonal activity and potential home buyers may not want to deal with the upkeep of a putting green or like the fact that its taking up space in their yard. In these cases, putting greens becomes much more of a niche home feature.

But that shouldnt deter you from installing one if you love golf and plan to stay in your home for several years. Even in states where golf isnt a huge past-time you can still expect to get 60% of your investment.

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What Are The Benefits Of An Artificial Turf Putting Green

Saves Time

No more driving across town to practice your golf game when you have a custom backyard putting green a few feet from your backdoor.

Saves Money

Instead of spending money on putting green fees, golf carts, memberships, and gas put your money to better use by installing your own backyard putting green.

Easy to Maintain

The high-quality artificial grass we use to construct your backyard putting green will save you countless hours in maintenance.

Improved Skills

Work on your golf game year-round at anytime of the day or night! Youll be crushing your friends out on the links in no time!

Environmentally Friendly

An artificial turf backyard putting green doesnt require water, chemicals, or lawn care equipment which reduces your carbon footprint.

Increased Home Value

Instantly increase your homes value with a custom backyard putting green designed and installed by Ideal Turf.

A Lower Handicap Starts With A Neave Sports Installed Tour Greens Putting Surface

Backyard Putting Green Cost : 1

Questions about space? Need help deciding which green type and features are right for your game and your yard? Or maybe youd like to continue this discussion on cost and what it will take to get a short-game green bump-and-running in your backyard.

Choosing to work with Neave Sports when constructing your golf green means that youre getting the best possible service. Neave Sports can install your dream putting green, complete with chipping areas, bunkers or water features so you can practice the game you love without leaving your backyard.

We custom design each golfing green to perfectly accent your space.

And because were integrated with our sister divisions, like Neave Landscaping, we can offer full renovation packages. Consider a small club or pool house, beautiful stone walkways, or maybe a shaded pergola to relax under after youve perfected your bump-and-runs. Take a look at some of our green-side work and give us a call.

We can even install seating and entertainment areas, swimming pool and/or hot tub, patios, and plantings to transform your backyard putting green area into a complete backyard retreat!

Get the ball rolling: Fill out our handy contact form to the right or call 463-0592 to talk with a designer. Its a gimme.

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Type Of Backyard Putting Green

When it comes to projections about the cost of your backyard putting green, theres more to consider than just how you want your project to look. Thats because while these visual elements dictate what is visible, other parts of the process will have an effect on its total estimated cost. Plus, the hilly terrain and rainy weather common to much of Puget Sound add some unique factors that influence how much artificial grass installation costs in the Seattle area.

The type of turf you choose will dictate the cost too. There are three main types to consider: artificial putting greens, sand-filled layouts, and natural grass. If youre more interested in a softer surface or something unique that others dont have, then an artificial putting green might be right for your needs! But if you want versatility from your backyard course or a golfing experience close to what pros play on, then a sand-filled backyard putting green might be the best choice.

What Is The Putting Green

The putting green is the area of the course immediately around the hole. This is usually the shortest and lightest in color grass of the entire course. Sometimes the putting green is its own separate area designated for putting.

This area is where golfers spend the most time. This is why putting greens are usually the part of a course that is installed, even in limited spaces.

This allows serious golfers to practice their skills as well as amateur golfers to enjoy part of the sport from home. So, what are the size options or other options? Lets start with the biggest!

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Buy Custom Backyard Putting Green

A backyard putting green can form an appealing centerpiece as it does in the corner of this waterfront property. No matter how unique the layout, installing a green will add something special to your living space.

You may want a green very near house or perhaps you would like your practice area installed behind some trees where it is not even visible from your back porch. There are several options to choose from. Any design you select will be thoughtfully built for maximum visual appeal and practicality according to your personal preference.

The golfing area is designed to enhance the beauty of your lawn. Proper installation will help prevent erosion thereby preserving the integrity of the yard you are already maintaining.

Imagine the extra hours of practice without the hassle of traveling to the golf course. With a backyard putting green, you are able to enjoy a reduction in membership cost and parking fees because you will be spending less time and money in transportation.

Plus you can practice more comfortably knowing you are within a few steps of your backdoor. Think of how your focus will be increased without the distractions of the sights and sounds of the golf course.

If you want to install a flat practice area for beginner golfers, a practice area for golf can visually enhance the corner of a lot. Furthermore, a putting green will add more visual balance to a small area than if the space were to remain unused.

Cleaning Debris Off Of Sand Traps

Backyard Putting Green Design And Install!

If youre putting green has sand trapsor if its an indoor/outdoor carpeted green, then the leaves and other debris could also be inside your trap or O! ring .

If this is the case, then youll either need to hire a service or DIY. For an indoor green with sand traps, you can use a shop vacjust be sure not to damage your carpet by running it over the trap opening .

For outdoor greens and surface areas where leaves have fallen into sand traps, then a leaf blower will be your best option.

Doing this preventative maintenance can help your putting green last for a long timebut just how long can they last? I go into details about how long a backyard putting green can last over here in this article.

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How Much Does A Backyard Putting Green Cost

Putting greens are an attractive backyard feature that many homeowners desire. They provide a place to practice your golf game and can be used for other backyard activities like bocce ball or croquet. However, the costs of backyard putting greens can vary greatly depending on what type of turf you want to install, the unique design features you incorporate and what company you purchase it from.

Whether youre looking for artificial turf for your backyard or are looking to build your own training oasis, this article has all the information you need about what to expect from a backyard putting green cost!

Square Feet And Under

Backyard putting greens are usually artificial. This makes the ball much faster. However, if you get too used to the ball speed on turf you will have a hard time relearning it on regular grass.

However, Synthetic grass costs much less to upkeep! Cost to install your own putting green in your backyard cost from $15 to $40 per square foot depending on how much ground you want to be covered, the design you want, and the company you go through.

You can find good quality Artificial Grass Here on Amazon to install yourself, or Hire Local Pros from HomeAdvisor to do it for you.

Maintenance for turf putting greens also costs much less money and takes less time. It does not grow so it does not need to be mowed or watered. The only needed cleaning is not to use a hose or leaf blower to clear debris or dirt from your putting green.

This will keep your putting smooth and easy. Inspections every 1 to 2 years are often recommended by the company you have to install your green so you can keep up on possible damage caused to the turf by weather or clubs.

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The Cost Of Playing At A Golf Course

The cost of a round of golf in the U.S. varies depending on the tee time, the day of the week and season, the golf course , where the golf course is located, etc. However, in general, the cost at daily-fee courses ranges from $25 per round to hundreds of dollars at a resort. This means the average golfer typically spends several thousand dollars to play golf each year, not counting the cost to rent a golf cart, buy golf equipment, and so on. Multiply that amount by several years and the costs can really add up!

Perk Up The Grass Blades Using A Broom

Backyard Chipping Green

Youâll notice that with heavy foot traffic on your synthetic putting green, the artificial grass blades start to lie flat and lose their vibrant look. To bring it back to life, you can either use a stiff-bristled or power broom. All you need to do is scrape your way through your grass and youâll immediately see the results.

Practicing and improving chipping skills is challenging and frustrating at times, but you need to do it to get better at the sport. Luckily, you donât need to be on the golf course to do that, you can exercise it straight in your backyard. Here is everything you need to know about setting up a golf chipping practice area in your backyard.

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Hiring A Professional Vs Diy Cost

If youâre looking into a budget-friendly and not-so-serious golf practice in your backyard, then you could understandably choose to install your putting green yourself right at your residence. But, itâs important to remember that this is not an easy project to complete.

Before you can install your artificial grass, youâll need to do extensive land grading, excavation, and more. These tasks require knowledge and skills to make sure that your backyard golf will function and look at it should.

If youâre not sure about whether or not you can do it, it is best to hire a professional to do the land grading and install the putting green. Any avid golfer knows that their training depends on the little details on a golf course. If there are improper slopes and bumps, for instance, thereâs a good chance that it can hurt your game.

Helps Develop And Practice Golf Skills

The next important benefit of getting backyard green putting is the option of practice. When you have a backyard putting green it helps the person develop their golfing skills without having to spend much money. Further, the convenience of having a place to enjoy and practice golf skills leaves you with no excuses to practice and make new shots.

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Backyard Putting Green Costs By Square Foot

Expect to pay between $18 and $25 per square foot to have a backyard putting green installed. This pricing could change based on size. The larger your golf green, the less youll pay per square foot some contractors lower their rates for bigger projects.

For example, a large green of 2,000 or more square feet might cost $15 per square foot, whereas a smaller green might cost $30 per square foot. Smaller projects take less time so contractors rates will often rise to make it worth the time and materials.

Installing Flagsticks And Creating Holes

DIY Backyard Putting Green For Under $100

For your putting green to be complete, youâll need to create holes and install flagsticks in your backyard. The average cost to complete these tasks is around $300 depending on how many holes youâre trying to create and the brand on your flagsticks. You can also DIY your flagsticks to minimize your expenses.

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Cost Of A Green Backyard Putting

There are various factors to consider when deciding on the cost of green backyard putting. In this part of the article, we will discuss significant factors that affect the price of a backyard putting.

  • The primary factor that decides the cost of backyard putting green is the location. Further, where you want to install the putting and the location of the home decide the cost of backyard putting. In addition to the location, the price of installing the putting will also affect the cost. At times if your place is located in a remote location, the cost of transport and labor will affect the cost of backyard putting.
    • The next factor that affects the green backyard putting cost is the type of the putting. There are various types of backyard putting available in the market. These putting are different in terms of material, quality, and look. Based on your preference of putting the cost of it varies. In addition to this, the cost is also affected by the base material and soil required to fill. Hence, you must consider the types and soil fill needs to estimate the cost of backyard putting.
    • The next factor that affects the price of backyard putting is features like design and other attractions. In case you would like to include a separate shipping area, sand traps, waterfalls, walkways, or dry river beds the cost of the overall installment of backyard putting increases.

    How Much Does It Cost To Install An Artificial Golf Green

    Troy Scott

    Adding a backyard golf green can be a great way to practice your golf swing and the intricacies of your putting stroke, whether youre a serious golfer or still learning the game. But just how much will it cost? That depends on a number of factors. Overall, recreational projects cost somewhat more than installing artificial grass lawns because the projects are more complex.

    The size and style of your putting green will determine the cost of your project. Backyard golf greens can be compact and simple or large and complex enough to let you practice more varied and longer shots. Besides the green itself, there are numerous features you can add to enhance realism and practical value. These will also affect your total cost, but will also increase your enjoyment.

    For example, you may want to incorporate different elevations or breaks, hole placements, bunkers, fringe, even a tee box. With all these options, our friendly, golf-loving Heavenly Greens experts can help you custom-design a putting green that beautifully fits your space and needs.

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