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Low Maintenance Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Take Mowing The Lawn Off The To

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Taking care of real grass can require a lot of upkeep, consisting of mowing, watering, seeding, and fertilising, and if youve got green fingers, its a great eco-friendly option for your garden, providing an enriched soil for insects to live. However, if you dont have enough time on your hands to carry out regular maintenance, the grass can begin to look a little discoloured and form an uneven surface. Thats where artificial grass can be an attractive option. Artificial grass looks just like real grass and will stay green all year round meaning you can spend more time in the garden relaxing, instead of maintaining your space.

Stick To A Few Large Shrubs

Reduce the upkeep and max out the impact by filling your garden with a handful of the best low maintenance shrubs. Look for mature specimens for instant effect and position them to create an inviting display thats full of interest.

Evergreen varieties such as mahonia and choisya provide constant leafy structure. Team with other striking, more seasonal beauties such as stately tree ferns with their unfurling fronds or a multi stemmed Himalayan birch with its ghostly white bark.

‘Maples are a fantastic addition for color as well as providing texture and contrasting form,’ says Guy Watts, owner and MD of Architectural Plants . Acer palmatum Katsura has beautiful pale green leaves in spring that develop red edging during summer before turning a vivid scarlet in fall. Alternatively, the foliage of Acer palmatum Bloodgood emerges as pale red, intensifies to a deep purple over summer before gradually fading again before they fall.

If you’re learning how to grow acers, a great idea is to underplant them with bulbs and grasses for added impact.

Something Old Something New

Towering shade trees add value to your home while bringing with them a sense of history and gravitas. However, they can be difficult to incorporate into a low-key landscaping plan. Create separation between the trees and the rest of the yard by constructing a custom garden boundary to frame them off. The tasteful gray bricks here are an excellent complement to the clean lines of the raw cedar fence. Artificial turf is a no-fuss alternative to grass that will stay verdant all year long.

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Forget Flower Beds Go For Shrubs Instead

Although flower beds are considered a go-to choice to add pops of colour and interest to your garden, these can be rather high-maintenance to take care of, requiring frequent watering, feeding, and regular de-budding to enable new blooms to shine through. A great alternative is to plant shrubs and hedges, creating borders and adding textures to your garden with beautiful shades of yellow and green. Shrubs like lavender, ferns, and Juniper are also great ways to add height and aromas to your garden design, attracting bees to the nectar on the sprigs of purple lavender, and bringing wildlife to your garden.

Garden Edging For Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

36 Amazing Small Garden Design Ideas Low Maintenance

Garden Edging For Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Having a little or a limited space on your lawn does not have to make you feel like you cannot make your front yard look any better. For instance, you can create and use small zones in your front yard to plant more trees and plants.

You can implement garden edging. It will be one of the greatest low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas as it does not involve much work. Youll be good as long as you water the plants every day.

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Plant A Perennial Favorite

Hostas are very popular for use in landscaping because they are incredibly easy to grow and have tons of longevity. Also known as plantain lilies, these plants have a lot of charm thanks to the variegated colors in their textured leaves. Hostas love the shade, so be sure to plant these in an area where they wont be in full sun at all times.

Private Piece Of Paradise

Vertical gardens also known as green walls are popular in urban landscaping, because they make a striking visual statement without taking up a lot of space. Here, a green wall is used as a partition to create a secluded escape in the middle of a city. Vertical gardens are incredibly versatile as they can sustain several different types of plant life. Certain herbs like mint, thyme, and rosemary are particularly easy to maintain as part of a green wall. As a bonus you can harvest the herbs and use them in your cooking, making this outdoor feature as practical as it is pretty.

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Use Objects For Accent Pieces

Your landscaping doesnt have to be plantlife alone. You can also embrace outdoor living to make the most of your exterior space without devoting that time to gardening and weeding.

Consider adding objects, such as colored chairs or benches, to add that pop of color to your yard. These provide a great seating area for those warmer days, and unlike plants, they dont need any maintenance.

Like Things Neat And Tidy Pot Your Plants

10 Low maintenance Landscaping ideas Without Grass No Grass Landscaping

When designing your garden, its always good to consider how you will feel about the same space in a few years time. Your preference for plants and colours that you adore now might change over time and therefore, you might want to give your outside space a refresh. Using pots to hold your plants in place, not only keeps them growing in one designated area, but allows you to move them around your garden and recreate your garden spaces. With so many types of pots available, they can bring a real sense of charm to your garden, and the plants will thrive without requiring regular pruning.

When it comes to designing a low-maintenance garden, whether you live a busy life, or youd simply rather not have the hassle of regular maintenance, give these suggestions a try and spend more time enjoying your outside space.

For further inspiration, visit our garden design ideas which feature real-life gardens installed by our network of accredited Brett Approved Installers, and if youre in need of a contractor to carry out your new garden installation, let us help you find an installer.

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Plant An Unexpected Urban Garden

This narrow backyard is transformed into a remarkable retreat tucked into an industrial area. The black fence feels modern and minimalist, and its height offers plenty of privacy. This sense of seclusion is amplified by lush trees and ferns that circle the perimeter. Narrow vertical stone pavers and understated outdoor furniture feel streamlined, yet serene.

Monkey Grass To The Rescue

Try planting monkey grass as a part of low maintenance garden border ideas. You can add some flowers to your borders and walkways to create a beautiful garden edging.

This robust Asian native can repel dogs, deer, bugs, and weeds. This is because its ingestion in large quantities irritates the digestive system of the animals.

Monkey grass thrives in a wide range of soils and climates, so it is another easy front garden edging landscaping option. This grass can grow up to 15 inches long, so you can leave it to add layers or trim it to be prim and proper for the perfect curb appeal.

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Have Fun With Foliage

If youre looking for a low-impact way to freshen up a dated home, try varying your vegetation. Mixing and matching multiple types of plants and garden filler is a low-impact way to give your front yard a makeover. The simple shrubs and basic brown mulch at the rear of the garden complement the homes brick facade. A row of white landscaping stones filled with jagged giant dracaena sharply contrasts against the more traditional landscaping behind it, while the front gets a burst of color from a row of marigolds.

Create Beautiful Pathways With Pavers And Ground Covers

11+ Top Ideas For Garden Plants With Low Maintenance

If your grassy areas start showing bald or brown spots, you can cover these dry patches with a pathway of pavers that take away the need for mowing. Creeping plants are great for ground coverage between the pavers and reduce the need for lawn mowing.

There are different alternatives to traditional grasses, including drought resistant ornamental grasses and succulents. These cut down on mowing and watering expenses. A line of eco-lawn seed that is a mixture of clover and drought-tolerant seed grass is another alternative for expansive grassy areas.

Evergreen plants are prized for low maintenance landscaping care and lush looks in a landscaping area. Low-lying ground covers, like spruce and juniper, are perfect for landscaping. English ivy is another popular ground cover.

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Consider Mulching For Low Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Consider Mulching For Low Maintenance Modern Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Mulching is an ideal way to landscape your front yard. It is one of the most cost-effective low maintenance modern front yard landscaping ideas. You can achieve a revamped look for your front yard by including some mulch.

This idea would be perfect for those front yards that are more prone to developing weed. This idea will do away with the trouble of regularly weeding out your garden, as mulch would prevent them from getting enough sunlight. So, weeds wouldnt grow much in your front yard.

Plant More Perennials Fewer Annuals


Annual flowers are planted for their masses of flowers that continue all season long, but they must be replanted each year. Perennial plants come back year after year but generally bloom during a shorter season than annuals. For beautiful, ever-changing views all year long, plant a wide variety of perennials throughout the landscape and use annuals for strategic pockets of color in higher traffic areas.

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Achieve A Lush Lawn With Artificial Grass

Are you looking to create a lush green oasis without getting into trouble with the water police? Landscaping with artificial grass is a great way to go. Synthetic turf is made from fibers designed to look and feel like natural grass. Its highly durable and low maintenance, making it ideal for yards in arid climates. So if youre looking for a yard that will stay green all year long, consider installing some artificial grass.

Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping

Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

When it comes to easy landscaping, a low-maintenance front yard has become a popular trend in recent years. A beautiful front yard that requires minimal maintenance can be an excellent idea, ensuring your home has great curb appeal while keeping the amount of time and money invested low.

One of the most important things to consider when designing a low-maintenance front yard is the climate. In a tropical zone like Florida, you can keep a healthy green lawn. In arid environments like Arizona, you might want to think about xeriscaped front yards.

Xeriscaping is a style of landscaping which requires little to no irrigation. This water-conserving type of gardening requires finding native plants that naturally flourish in your local environment. Native landscaping is also better for the environment because it will require fewer resources to maintain and will support local flora and fauna.

If your plants require additional watering beyond natural rainfall, an automated watering system is an excellent investment. Plants tend to do best when they are watered in the morning or evening. Setting an irrigation timer allows your yard to be watered at its peak time without a second thought.

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Backyard Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas

Pin on low maintenance backyard landscaping. 1001+ ideas for modern small front yard ideas. Site verification backyard low maintenance landscaping ideas

Hertfordshire Garden Landscapes – Low Maintenance Designs | Low. 11 Pictures about Hertfordshire Garden Landscapes – Low Maintenance Designs | Low : Genius Low Maintenance Rock Garden Design Ideas for Frontyard and, Site verification | Artificial plants outdoor, Backyard landscaping and also 30+ Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For South Florida.

Control Erosion With Smart Plant Choices

DigiPub / Getty Images

By being proactive and taking measures before erosion occurs, you can save yourself a lot of maintenance later. Runoff coming down a hill can have devastating effects not only on your landscaping but even on your home. So it’s important to practice erosion control with your plants. Select plants that can grow on slopes, holding back soil and sucking up water. Creeping junipers are commonly used for this purpose.

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Add Texture With Landscaping Rocks

If you want to add some pizzazz to your backyard, then why not consider using rocks as part of your landscaping? Rocks are a great way to add texture and interest, and they can also help reduce the amount of water that your plants need. Plus, rocks are relatively easy to care for and can last for many years with proper maintenance. Many different varieties are available, from small pebbles to river rocks, lava rocks, and even large boulders.

Be Inspired By Mediterranean Gardens

Genius Low Maintenance Rock Garden Design Ideas for Frontyard and ...

Mediterranean gardens are enjoying a huge revival, and the Mediterranean landscaping style can do wonders for smaller front yards.

This stunning Californian front yard by AMS Landscape Design takes its cues from traditional Italian garden designs that use oversized terracotta pots for growing citrus trees. If your space is even smaller than this one, use just two pots on either side of your front door and pair them with terracotta tile for an authentic Mediterranean/Spanifornian landscaped look.

This is very low-maintenance scheme the tile will last many years and doesn’t require any specialist cleaning or resealing, and citrus trees are easy to grow, so long as you have a mild to warm climate and give them big pots.

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Opt For Native Plants


Plant selection directly impacts the time and effort it takes to keep a great looking yard. Some of the most resilient, easy to grow, beautiful plants are those that originated locally. Native plants require little, if any, extra watering rarely succumb to harsh weather patterns, and have natural defenses against local pests. Plus, they are easily recognized by birds and pollinators as habitat, adding another dimension of interest to the landscape.

Choose The Right Plants

Perennial plants return year after year. Native plants, adapted to Minnesotas climate, are easy to take care of. Suggested plants include coneflowers, milkweed, black-eyed susans, aster, or sedum.

Formal garden and patio with chunky mulch.

Mulch keeps down weeds and helps retain moisture in the soil. It will keep the soil temperatures down in hot weather and protect plants during freezing weather. Plus, its easy. All you have to do is add more in the spring. Bonus, if you use hardwood much you only need to add more every other year as it starts to decompose. Mulch should be approximately three inches deep.

Stone pillars turned into a fountain make a big impression.

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Say Yes Please To Trees

Trees are a great way to make the front of your home feel more private while still honoring nature. Mature trees can be expensive and difficult to plant. Luckily, there are many fast-growing trees available you can incorporate into your landscaping. Hybrid poplars, quaking aspen, and pin oaks are just a few examples. The shade they cast as they grow may even lower your energy costs.

How Do I Start A Low

Backyard Landscaping Ideas On A Budget || Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas || Garden Bed Planting

The simplest way to start a low-maintenance garden is to only include elements that will be easy to care for and use little water. Start by thinking about your lawn: Will you opt for gravel or mulch in place of a carpet-like turf? Should you add hardscape elements, like these retaining wall ideas, that dont require extra cutting or pruning?

Once youve made a game plan, research low-maintenance and native plants that grow well in your area. As you narrow down the list to hassle-free contenders, dig deeper by researching if specific plants are particularly well-suited for your region and your existing landscaping. This step will make the growing season practically maintenance-free.

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Maximize Your Yard With Ivy And Small Trees

Plant small trees instead of large ones and decorate your fences with flowering vines instead of lining them with large shrubs. Not only are vines from ivy and miniature trees easy to care for, but they can add an extra touch of sophistication to your yard. You might also be able to save money and time on trimming and pruning.

Use Stone And Concrete


Both natural stone and concrete offer timeless appeal for use in vertical and horizontal hardscaping applications. They may be costly upfront, but they last a lifetime. Patios and walkways paved with flagstone or pavers look great and reduce runoff compared to poured concrete. Stacked stone and block walls outlast the best timber walls by a wide margin.

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Switch To Tall Grass That Never Needs Mowing

Not all grass is created equal. Tall grasses, like switchgrass, bluestem, muhly, and fountaingrass, all grow fast and require very little TLC. Nor do they ever get mowed.

“Native grasses are a great solution to a lot of landscaping problems,” Landis says. They soak up lots of water and provide an organic privacy screen while trimming your mowing time.

How to use tall grasses in your landscaping:

  • Group along a fence line.
  • Group into geometric patterns in your yard for a clean look.
  • Go more random for a more natural look.

The most maintenance you’ll do with these is cut them back in late fall. They dry up in the fall, which sends some of those glorious long leaves flying across your yard. But they can be used as mulch or ignored. They’ll do no harm.


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