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Small Backyards With Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pool With Wraparound Wood Decking

44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

The most affordable small background pool option is the above-ground pool.

However, just because its an above-ground pool that doesnt mean it cant still be stylish and trendy, as this stylish above-ground pool shows.

As this above-ground pool offers spacious wraparound wood decking, which not only gives the pool a much more finished and professional look but also adds a lot of functionality to the pool.

As it provides plenty of room for relaxing and sunbathing.

Turn Up The Texture With Tile

Take cues from the pros at Living Garden Landscape Design and wrap the sides of your above-ground pool deck in a custom tile motif. This contemporary deck is inviting with a caramel wood platform and stair treads juxtaposed against the ivory zigzag tile. Put the same fresh technique to work in your backyard with accent tile in a contrasting color to your deck stain. And, yes, bonus points are up for grabs if you install a succulent border garden like this beauty around your deck.

Small Backyard Pool Conclusion

Small yards are the perfect space for small pools. They require less time to clean and their cost effective. If you have children, the pools are safer, but theyre not risk free. With a small swimming pool you can your pool designed by a professional or you can do it yourself.

Another reason why homeowners like the pool style is how it takes less tine to clean them. If you have a small yard, chances are you have enough room for a small pool. For many people, their dream home includes a pool where they can swim year round.

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What Is The Best Surface To Put An Above Ground Pool On

The beauty of above ground pools is that they can sit on most surfaces – however it’s best that the surface is flat. Because of this, while grass, decking and gravel and even dirt will all hold an above ground pool, the ideal surface is freshly poured concrete. This way, you ensure the ground is strong enough to hold the pool, has an even surface, and won’t require any maintenance in the medium to long term.

Aqua Blue Tile Pool With Wood Patio Decking

This small backyard pool is the perfect example of a pool that doesnt sacrifice style for size.

As it features beautiful aqua blue tile and wood patio decking that makes it look like a luxurious resort.

And while small, it still has plenty of room for an overhead pergola, wicker lounge chairs, and numerous potted plants.

Which adds a lot of visual interest and design to this small pool.

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Review Of The Intex 12 Feet X 30 Inch In Metal Frame Pool Set With Filter Pump

Intex is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to above ground pools, pool supplies, equipment, and accessories. The Intex Metal Frame Pool Set is one of the preferred pool choices worldwide due to its stylish look and affordability, as well as the legacy of the manufacturer. This family pool comes in a strong circular steel frame which protects it from almost any damages. Most importantly it fits even one of the smallest backyards due to its compact size.

The Intex Metal Frame pool is easy to maintain, and while it comes with a filter pump, it requires to take caution working with the pump. Salt water is also preferred to chemicals in the water system to prevent bacteria and algae.


  • Great for small and modest-sized yards


  • The pump that comes with the pool can fail to deliver the required amount of water. Its cartridge is easily damaged when mishandled.

Wrap The Water In Concrete

If stacking stones and putting bricks appears to be too difficult , skip the heavy lifting.For a similar, high-end look with a fraction of the body aches, build a custom concrete enclosure for your above ground pool. Use this modern above ground plunge pool as a model to design a sleek, step-style area around your pool where you can relax at the end of the day by putting your toes in the water.

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Is A Small Pool Worth It

For many people, the answer to this question is, yes.

As small pools can provide a lot of enjoyment and relaxation for a fraction of the cost of installing a larger pool.

Plus, small pools are perfect for those that dont have a lot of space in their backyard.

However, small pools do have their downsides as well.

Such as they often dont have enough room for swimming laps and can get dirty quickly if not properly maintained.

So, its important to weigh the pros and cons of small pools before making a final decision.

A Natural Soothing Backyard Retreat

Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas: Above Ground Freeform Fun | California Pools & Landscape

The absence of color in architectural design is used for an exemplary reason, particularly if shadows such as these are cast against such a rich, current background. Pools can come in all shapes and sizes and often can deliver the pop of color needed to finish the look of an outdoor living space.

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What Is The Cheapest Pool Shape

The cheapest pool shape is a uniform shape, such as a circle or rectangle.

This is because these types of pools require much less labor and are much easier to design and build.

As opposed to nonuniform shapes, which often require much more labor as well as design input, adding considerable cost to the pool installation.

Problems Associated With Above Ground Pools

Some of the major cons that come with above ground pools include:

  • They are less durable as compared to the standard pools. They last approximately ten years less.
  • They are usually shallow and less deep
  • They do not look as great as the standard pools.
  • The pool materials and side walls could get easily damaged.

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Build Up Instead Of Down

Many homeowners focus on a pool footprint more than anything else. But pools are about a lot more than just a basin with water. There are numerous vertical features that you can incorporate to improve your pool aesthetically and to add practical capabilities.

For instance, rock waterfalls are a great way to improve your pools appearance and presence while taking up hardly any yard space. And there are countless other small pool ideas you can choose from to spruce up your pool, such as fountains, deck jets, and statuaries.

At the same time, you can save space by keeping your pool shallow. If you choose a single low depth for the pool, theres no need to include a space-hungry descent into the deeper end of the pool. If you try to incorporate a sheer descent, it can make the pool feel awkward for users.

Moreover, a shallower pool needs less water. Less water needs fewer chemicals and generally lends itself to cheaper maintenance more readily than a deep pool.

Small Backyard Pool Ideas On A Budget

28 Creative Ideas for Landscaping around Above Ground Pool
  • Time to read: 7 min.

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With a small backyard, you may feel that the refreshing sensation of cooling off in your very own swimming pool is beyond your reach.

But were here to rip up the rulebook with 12 beautiful pools that are perfect for a small backyard.

Browse these 12 incredible images to get ideas of how you can create a pool in a small space.

Weve included loads of smart, practical, and affordable designs to get your creative juices flowing.


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Modern Narrow Lap Pool

This small modern backyard pool is the perfect solution for those who want to swim laps but dont have a lot of space.

As its long and narrow design makes it the perfect size for swimming laps.

And while small, it still features plenty of patio space for sitting and hanging out around the pool.

Making it both functional as well as beautiful.

+ Small Backyard Above Ground Pools Ideas

Little do they realize however that the benefits of the Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle on ground pools mean that they are not hindered by the many problems that can plague ordinary cheap above ground pools and in ground swimming pool owners. See more ideas about small pools pool designs backyard pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool 19 Small Backyard Pools Pool Houses Backyard Pool

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How Long Do The Above Ground Pools Last

You do have to know the durability of what you are investing in, to know if it is worth the price. Well, lets see how long you can use your above ground pool.

Usually, an above ground pool can last for about 10 to 25 years before the structures will start getting damaged. But as for the above ground pool liners, by the time they clock 8 to 15 years, they might get damaged and need replacement.

In summary, if you can maintain the above ground pool very well, you may likely have to use it longer than the estimated years. Asides, in-ground pools last for about 20 years and above, depending on the type. Therefore, the longevity of the above ground pool is fair.

Get More Out Of A Smaller Above Ground Pool

Top 5 Best Above Ground Pools

Of course, the obvious answer to the small yard conundrum is to simply get a smaller pool. The nice thing about small pools is that theyre generally cheaper to buy and install, leaving more room in your budget for other things. This could include upgraded decking and landscaping, pool games and exercise equipment, or improvements in other parts of your yard that make it a more pleasant place to spend time. Or you could always take advantage of the discount on small pools to get a high end model that you might not be able to afford otherwise.

Trying to figure out where to put an above ground pool can be a challenge if you dont have much real estate to work with. But you can make up for a lack of space with a little ingenuity and the patience to find the right solution. If you happen to have a little extra money for upgrades, that helps too!

Latest Reviews

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Small Above Ground Lounge Pool

If you want an above-ground pool thats both stylish and functional, then this small lounge pool is a great option.

As this pools, extensive tile work and wood decking gives it a very high-end look and feel.

And the small ledge around the pool also offers a perfect place to sit poolside with your feet in the water or a great place to sit drinks and snacks.

Create Your Dream Backyard With An Above Ground Pool

There are so many reasons to own a swimming pool: you can enjoy all the health and fitness benefits of swimming, take advantage of the social opportunities your pool brings, and add value to your home by creating a beautiful backyard design around this important feature. As you can see from our pool photos, this is achievable even if you have a small backyard, with an above ground pool.

We have put together this gallery to demonstrate just how effectively an above ground pool can transform your backyard, and give you some essential landscaping ideas to create a highly attractive and functional space.

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Time To Prep The Ground

Our chosen spot had been home to our kids playground set with mulch below. It was already a hand-me-down set so we had no problem moving it off to the side and welcoming our new toy. In order to prepare the ground for the above-ground pool, we needed to clear out the spot of all the mulch and landscape mesh that was below it. We literally broke ground on the last day of school.

The kids loved the new dirt pile in their backyard as well as the barrel rides. Lets say dads back took a bit of a beating. I then took over the job of removing as many as small rocks and debris that I could find. We wanted the land as smooth as possible to prevent any puncturing from below. Great way to work out some of the quarantine anxiety and restlessness!

Work Your Above Ground Pool Into A Tropical Scheme

17 Ways to Pretty

Out of The Shadows garden, at Chelsea Flower Show 2022, designed by Kate Gould

You can still apply stunning pool landscaping ideas around an above ground pool. Take this beautiful design, for instance, created by Kate Gould .

The above ground swim spa a type of pool that includes a water current setting for swimming against is a fabulous feature for any smaller plot. And, cladded in metallic discs and surrounded by decking, it doesn’t dominate the space. Nearby Corten steel planters and coppery seating and a fire pit reinforce the warm-toned color scheme and ensure the space ties together well. And overhead, the pergola offers a spot of respite from the midday sun.

‘There should always be a harmonious balance between hard and soft landscaping in a garden,’ says Kate. Here, this tip is demonstrated with the plethora of tropical-style plants, which offset the scheme beautifully.

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Small Pool Ideas: Shape And Design

Elongated rectangles can give a pool a modern edge or a mediterranean vibe, while circular pools offer a more boho or even a rustic feel. Design elements like tiling and even concrete stamping can add to the aesthetic youre aiming for, many of which youll see here. Once youve nailed down your pools design, be sure to incorporate things like potted plants, pool floats, and patio furniture that add to the vibe.

So if youre considering upping the cool factor of your outdoor space, get inspired by these small pool ideas that make a big splash.

Above Ground Pool With Concrete

Many house owners do not want a lawn or garden in their yard but still want a swimming pool concrete or tiles are excellent options. In the corner swimming pool area, you have to install construction with concrete for less maintenance no doubt a lawn requires more maintenance.

The swimming pools with concrete yards provide an excellent opportunity to enjoy your backyard and relax during hot summer days.

Above-ground pools can be found in rectangular and round sizes both are ideal for small spaces. If you have a simple design round shape swimming pool that you want to cover with a wooden-based frame, a black or white frame gives you retractable looks, and you can hide your swimming pool in it.

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Small Backyard Swimming Pool Ideas: Specific Design Tips With Photos

15 tips to overcome space limitations for building an inground pool

What are some ideas for building a concrete swimming pool in my small or narrow backyard? Is it even possible?

Its a common question among homeowners with small property lots who want a private aquatic retreat. The good news is that in many cases, the answer is yes, and a variety of solutions are available.

Stay Cool This Summer With The Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set

Best Above Ground Pool 2022 – Top 10 Above Ground Pools for Small Yard

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As you get ready for summer fun, adding an above-ground pooleasier to keep clean and less expensive than their in-ground counterpartscan be a great way to maximize your time outside during the hot months. We researched dozens of options, evaluating them for ease of assembly, durability, and value.

Our top pick, the Intex Ultra Frame Pool Set, is available in multiple sizes, is easy to set up, and comes with an effective filter.

Here are the best above-ground pools to get your yard ready for celebrating all summer.

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Choose A Plunge Pool For Smaller Spaces

Scroll through any internet search for above ground pools and youll see an overwhelming amount of clunky designs. In the past, above ground pools had a knack for taking over the backyard. But if youre limited on surface area and hesitant to hand over your entire backyard to a large body of water, consider something smaller: a plunge pool. Not much bigger than a hot tub, really, they’re made for simly cooling off in after a hot day.

Like dipping a toe in the water, a plunge pool offers all the perks of a larger above-ground pool on a smaller scale, one that adds to your landscape without dominating it. Ideal for small backyard pool ideas.

Installing a plunge pool partially above the ground creates a destination and a focal point that a flush install rarely offers, explains Karen Larson, the co-founder of Soake Pools , a maker of high-quality plunge pools that can also be installed fully above-ground. Additionally, the above-ground edges provide seating. It is also a great opportunity to add additional personality and decorative elements, as the exposed vertical surfaces can be adorned with materials that fit within the landscape.


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