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Backyard Pool And Patio Ideas

Patio Designs & More Atlanta Ga

Backyard Transformation Update! (Pool & Patio Makeover)

Adding a swimming pool isnt the only way to give your backyard a style boost. The right patio design will improve curb appeal and create apersonalized outdoor living space for all of your familys needs. Gerhart Pools specializes in both pool and patio design, including pool landscaping,natural swimming pools, and eco-friendly patios.

Getting The Skinny On Backyard Pools A Bit Of A Before & After Story

Thinking Backyard Pool? Youve weighed the pros and cons and now, its all about the design, build process. At Paradise Restored, we think Pools are tops in water-feature-heaven. Many combine spas into the pool design to add the soak-factor-ability. Some have fun slides, shooting water spouts, kiddie wading pools or shallow lounge pools. Follow our info-tour into 3 backyard pool During & After tales.

Idea #: Choose Complementary Paver + Pool Color Combos

While modern patio pavers are available in a variety of colors, the same can be said for modern fiberglass pool colors. If your backyard has a neutral aesthetic with natural stone pavers and a gray border around the pool, you might opt for a shale gray fiberglass pool to carry on this feel. Alternatively, if youve chosen a tan-colored paver style, you might opt for a coastal bronze pool color or a dark blue hue to complement the natural look and feel of the outdoor space.

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Patio With A Cowboy Cauldron

The Cowboy Cauldron co. which has a few of the greatest and finest fire ditches and cast iron jobs that are attainable on the bazaar. The Cowboy Cauldron co. provides three models of fire ditches that are made from steel. If you desire to host big events in your courtyard on the common foundation, you will make it, otherwise, you can drop these ideas because it is costly.

Swap Grass For Gravel

Fire Bowls For Pools 86 Best Of Cozy Pool Pit Imagination Modern ...

If you love the contrast and dimension of grass-framed pavers but are looking for a low-maintenance alternative, this is it. The landscape architects at DabneyCollins achieve similar stunning results for this poolside patio with natural bluestone pavers set in light, sandy-colored gravel. The stone pavers provide a smooth walkway for guests the pebbles offer excellent drainage and keep weeds at bay.

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Inspiration And Ideas To Help Your Outdoor Space To Reach Its Highest Potential

A patio pool is a stellar way to transform your backyard into a top-notch space for entertaining. With a patio, youll have room to sit and hang out next to your pool, whether thats with your family or guests.

Every outdoor space, no matter the shape or size, has incredible potential. Why let that go to waste? You can take initiative to make your backyard a little slice of paradise, right at home.

Plus, the backyard youve always wanted doesnt necessarily come with an unreachable price tag. There are lots of ways to get the most for your money. Whether its for the pool or the patio itself, affordable options are out there for you.

Simplicity saves money. This Performance pool has been installed fully aboveground with a classic wood finish. With the reduced water, chemical, and energy use you get from every Endless Pools Original Series model, it’s a price-smart way to enjoy swimming, fitness, and fun.

If you want to be sure that you stick to the budget youve set for yourself, Endless Pools has a lot of affordable models that would work well in a pool patio, while providing the smoothest, most enjoyable swim.

Why Get a Pool Patio

Getting a pool patio for your backyard is a wonderful way to make the whole space look inviting.

The patio can connect to the inside of your house. You get all the sunshine of the outdoorsthough you could always choose to have your patio covered in the interest of shade and no dirt!

How to Save on Prices

Patios and Our Pools

How Much Does A Patio Around A Pool Cost

The cost of a patio around a pool will depend on the materials you choose for the patio, its dimensions and any challenges created by the site.

For an in-ground pool, expect to pay from around $5 per square foot for pavers plus labor if youre calling in a contractor to take on the job for you. Porcelain tile starts at a similar price, while natural stone might cost from around $15 per square foot.

Again, labor is an additional cost. Poured concrete might cost around $15 per square foot or more for the material itself as well as labor.

If you pick wood decking, expect to pay from around $5 per square foot, or from around $10 per square foot for composite.

A pool patio is a must-have for an in-ground pool, and should be considered when you’re budgeting for the cost to build a pool.

In the UK, a concrete patio might cost around £50 per square metre including labor, one in porcelain around £55 per square metre, and in natural stone around £50 per square metre.

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How To Decorate The Inground Pool

There are many ways to make the area a special place. The decorative elements should never turn into a focal point, as your pool is the actual star and they should complement it.

The deck flooring, the entrance and exit of the pool, tiles, water features all these will transform a blank spot into a spectacular area.

Do not forget the green plants, colorful flowers and low-growing trees which can be added as a great landscape accent around the pool, along with a distinctive garden design and charming outdoor furniture.

Classic Pool Idea Fountain On Wall And Travertine Floor

Budget-Friendly Poolside DIYs & Upgrades | DIY Outdoor Decor

This rectangular-shaped swimming pool is a classic style that is functional and beautiful. The raised rear pool wall includes a horizontal stone accent. The pool wall has two beautiful steeply descending fountains that add a relaxing sound and great ambiance. Travertine floor surrounds the pool while creating a listening area for minimalist white lounge chairs. This beautiful backyard outdoor beam patio cover blends with the style of the house and the pool, making it a great place for fun, family, and friends to get together.

ID# 101401 | Credit |

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Contemporary Zero Sided Pool Idea With Travertine Floor

This stunning zero-sided saltwater pool is very inviting. Surrounded by black mosaics, the pool area is complemented by green lawns on the travertine floor and integrated with the interior. A large open-air lounge area, white lounge chairs, and furniture, an elegant indoor-outdoor feel seamlessly integrated, transforming the backyard. A large backyard is complete with a zero-sided saltwater pool and spa and is surrounded by high fences for privacy and seclusion.

ID# 101430 | Credit |

Attractive Stylish Amazing Backyard Pool Ideas In Contemporary Simple Geometry

When it comes to pool design and choosing a shape, sometimes simple is the best solution. A rectangular, or geometric-shaped pool will be easier to build, will provide you with maximum space for swimming especially laps and will complement the architectural style of most homes. For inspiration, browse our backyard pool ideas and see which designs you like the most.

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Luxurious Pool Ideas For Backyards 6 Things To Consider

Our expert team at Pool Tech has been installing custom pools for over 40 years, so if youre looking for unique, fun pool ideas for your backyard, youve come to the right place!

Designing your dream backyard is something were passionate about, and discovering your ideal pool can elevate your backyard in unexpected ways.

Custom pool designs provide a unique way to express your personality or create a special aesthetic for your backyard space that will leave people in awe.

Whether you enjoy entertaining or simply want a backyard oasis, theres a pool for everyone and backyard additions to make it even more alluring!

In this article, well cover pool ideas for backyards of any size and specific things to consider to help you design a backyard that meets your every need! If youve been dreaming of a new, updated backyard, keep reading!

Poured Painted + Pretty

35 Trending Small Pool Designs for Your Backyard

This pretty-in-pink patio proves poured concrete is anything but boring. A concrete pool patio offers superior smoothness and resists heat during the sweltering summer months for comfort underfoot. Our favorite part? You can customize your concrete patio with stains or paint to create a one-of-a-kind look for your outdoor space. Take cues from this Palm Beach beauty and give your concrete a subtle, rosy touch, or go rogue with the help of our DIY patio stencil tutorial linked below.

Get the How-To: How to Stain & Stencil a Concrete Patio

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Next Up: Fun Pool Patio Additions

Once youve settled on your pool patio size and paver design, how about some fun and functional additions?Seating wall? Fire pit? Hot tub?Yes, your paver pool patio can support a hot tub. We treat hot tub pavers like a driveway and add an extra thick six to seven-inch base underneath, which is twice as thick as most paver companies in Orlando use. Some customers decide to pour a concrete slab under the pavers where the hot tub will go. Either way, your hot tub and pavers will be fine.Dont forget the plants, from palms to tropicals to containers of colorful annuals.

Minimalist Pool With Wood And Custom Gray Pool Tile Harmony

This minimalist pool acts as a focal point in the garden, especially when viewed from home. The small rectangular pool has zero entrances and integrates with the custom gray pool tile wood surrounding the pool, providing uninterrupted flow. The blue mosaic-tiled pool adds exercise, refreshment, relaxation, an attractive water feature in this small backyard. With green plants and warm gray stucco and wood on its dynamic facade, this pool creates a relaxing space.

ID# 101418 | Credit |

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Things To Consider When Designing Your Dream Backyard

Updating your backyard is a big decision, and there are a few essential steps you can take to ensure youll be thrilled with your new space!

Your backyard can be designed in various ways and can be a powerful way to express yourself or elevate your lifestyle.

As you go through the process of planning your backyard with your dream pool, there are six things you should consider to ensure its everything youve ever wanted.

Unique Appearance With Glass Mosaic Wall In Curved Infinity Pool

25 Stunning Backyard Pool Design Ideas | Part 3

This vanishing edge pool is the hallmark of a stunning backyard that is perfect for fun and relaxation. The curved horizon pool is surrounded by a glass mosaic wall, reminiscent of sparkling clear sea waters, while the open-air living space offers a feeling of unobstructed openness along with panoramic riverside views with the concrete floor. Fun geometric shapes speak of easy habitability that denies the bold and eye-catching design. This specially shaped infinity pool completes its unique look with the fire pit, white furniture.

ID# 101416 | Credit |

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Backyard Lap Pool Idea With Hardwood Pool Floor

This backyard uses a stylish medium-sized rectangular lap pool, hardwood pool floor, wood-veneer facade, and a simple color palette of greens. The hardwood pool floor combines indoor and outdoor living with its wooden coating and provides a holistic view while taking it to an easily accessible pool. The blue mosaic rectangular pool creates a relaxing environment, while the stylish pavers and stairs that float in the lap pool add functionality.

Cover A Seating Area For Year

This sheltered structure makes an inviting entertaining space

Having a covered space nearby whether that’s a fully-fledged pool house, a gazebo, a pergola, or a smart garden building like this one is super practical. Not only can it be used for changing, or taking a shaded break from the sun, but it can also be used for hosting guests once the night draws in.

And speaking of nightfall, don’t forget to add some outdoor lighting ideas to your pool’s surroundings, too.

‘Sitting around a pool as the sun goes down, or taking a moonlight dip has got to be one of life’s pleasures, I reckon,’ says Tina Mahony at Go Modern . ‘So, you need some mood lighting to accompany this treat .’

Recessed lighting can be perfect for a sleek and subtle effect, and is particularly good for illuminating steps, as seen here. However, unless installed by a qualified professional, electric, wired-in lighting and water can be a dangerous mix.

Tina suggests going for battery-powered lamps as an alternative. ‘Look for designs that use rechargeable batteries and check how long they’ll last a good design will last at least five hours. Other design pluses are lights that are dimmable and operated by remote controls or user-friendly apps, including timers and battery life indicators,’ she adds.

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Bold And Minimal Backyard Pool Idea With Concrete Slab

A bold yet minimal backyard contrasts with the organic softness of the desert floor. The light blue pool, framed by low concrete block walls to provide constant visibility into the desert context, creates a peaceful environment. While concrete slab creates a harmonious modern look by integrating with the facade of the house, it complements the backyard with pebbles and grass. As the finishing touch, the white minimal lounge chairs add elegance to the minimal pool.

ID# 101426

Modern Swimming Pool In Clean Line With Travertine Large Slab Block

Pool Craft

Seeking hints of whites and grays, this pool looks very modern. The travertine large slab block pool surrounding the pool creates a clean line while creating a modern look. With a water feature wall, spa, and tanning shelf with lounge chairs, this ground pool creates a great environment to relax and have fun. It has a modern feel with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces. This backyard pool completes its classic and clean line with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces.

ID# 101405 | Credit |

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Get Creative With Pavers

Pavers are a versatile landscaping material that can be used in a variety of ways. They can be used to create paths, patios, and even driveways. You can also use them to accent other features in your landscape design.

You can find landscaping pavers in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. This allows you to be creative with your design. You can create patterns and designs that are both unique and stylish for your backyard pool area.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen Or Bar

An outdoor kitchen or bar is a great way to make your backyard swimming pool area more functional and inviting. Its the perfect place to entertain guests or enjoy a meal with your family.

When planning your outdoor kitchen or bar, be sure to include plenty of storage for all of your necessary supplies. You should also choose durable and weather-resistant materials that will withstand the elements. You may also want to consider adding an outdoor barbeque, sink, and fridge to make your space even more functional.

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Add A Splash Of Saltillo

Pro tip: Use your homes architectural style as your guiding light when selecting the perfect pool patio material. Each architecture style and era have unique materials worth considering during your planning process. This Mediterranean home features a fountain-clad swimming pool surrounded by travertine slabs and lined with warm Saltillo pavers along the border. The pavers apricot undertones are seamless with the tiled roof, the stone exterior and terra-cotta planters scattered throughout.

Saltillo tiles are handmade and widely used to lay the groundwork for Spanish-style homes and exteriors. These tiles are tricky to install and have drawbacks like uneven surfaces and chipping. Our advice? Use Saltillo as an accent feature for your pool patio and stick to durable stones like travertine or flagstone for the main space.

Integrating Patio Design With Your Yard

100 Backyard swimming pool ideas – Home garden pool designs 2021

While its true that your patio is an extension of your indoor living space, it should also meld well with your outdoor living areas. Using your in-ground pool or landscaping as inspiration is an excellent way to ensure your patio design is in tune with the rest of your yard.

  • Basing your patio design on the aesthetics of your swimming pool can connect these two significant outdoor features through style. A modern, geometric pool shape is well complemented by a sleek patio design, while a more organic, freeform pool may look best nestled beside a patio that finds inspiration in elements of nature.
  • Although a patio is considered hardscaping, there is no reason your patio design shouldnt include a little softscaping, as well. Adding planters, garden boxes, and other landscaping features in or around your patio will help it blend more easily with the surrounding landscape of your yard.
  • If you are concerned with privacy, adding a partial privacy fence or line of hedges and trees can create a more enclosed feeling for your patio without making it feel cramped or dark.
  • You can tie your patio in with your garden or other landscaped areas of your yard by adding pavers or walkways that create a feeling of flow from one outdoor space to the next.

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String Lighting Around The Pool

While string lighting looks great indoor, theyll look even better when used around your pool and its surroundings. Adding string lights to your patio and pool surroundings is a safety measure that allows you to see the area at night and avoid accidents. It will keep the light from being distracting and create enough sparkle that will allow you to use your pool and enjoy your outdoor space at night.

String lights are available in different shapes and pretty colors they are easier to set up, lighter, and more energy efficient than large bulbs and can be draped down a table or wrapped around a tree for a twinkling centerpiece. What a beautiful way to illuminate your patio and pool surroundings with an ambient glow without necessarily increasing your energy bill.


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