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What Are Pergolas Used For

Pergolas Offer Affordable Beauty

Is This the Best Pergola Upgrade? | Installing a Double-Wall Polycarbonate Roof on a Pergola

Many questions fill your mind as you consider the possibility of owning a pergola, and understandably, you may wonder if these Italian beauties are affordable? Pergolas are a more affordable choice, especially compared to their friendly competitors gazebos and pavilions. While gazebos and pavilions easily cost over $4000, the average cost of a custom pergola is around $3,500 with labor and materials included. If you build it yourself the price drops to about $3,000. Available as a cheaper option, there are do-it-yourself pergola kits that usually cost around $1,500 to $2,000 depending on the square footage. Alternatively, if you are desiring to invest in a high-end pergola, the price comes closer to $7,000. For more detailed guidance in understanding the cost of pergolas follow this link to How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pergola. Take your time to research and become comfortable with the cost of a pergola that fits right into your budget. Pergolas were designed to be an affordable investment in cultivating your love for the outdoors and in your desire to have others enjoy your outdoor space with you.

What Is A Pergola: Wrap Up

A pergola offers many things, so before you commit to one, make sure you know what youll use it for. You might decide on something small and closed, and if thats the case then a hexagonal gazebo may work better.

If you dont require shade in your backyard space, a deck or patio would be your best bet.

What Is A Pergola

A pergola is a structure that stands in a garden or outside space and which consists of vertical posts that support a roofing grid of cross-beams. The slats of the roof are usually left open but other coverage options are available.

A pergola can be free-standing or attached. A free-standing pergola is built into the ground and supported by itself, whereas an attached pergola is built attached to the side of a property.

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Its Used As A Sitting Area

Typically, people like to utilize pergolas as little sitting areas. In the past, it was common for pergolas to be placed in the middle of gardens.

These would provide people with a place to sit and admire the garden. People still use pergolas like this today, but its more common to have a pergola in place of a deck or a patio.

No matter what, its easy to see that pergolas give you a nice area where you can sit and entertain company. You can invite people over for lunch and enjoy eating out in the garden on a nice day.

It makes it easier to take in the beauty of your yard, and you can enjoy the weather when its nice outside. Your pergola will likely be a spot where youll spend plenty of time in the spring and summer months.

People commonly buy nice garden or patio furniture and place it underneath the pergola. You can create a very satisfying sitting area if you choose to install a pergola on your property.

Add A Pergola To Your Backyard Today

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Now that you have a clear answer to the question, What is a pergola? do you think that adding one to your backyard is right your you?

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Turn A Pergola Into An Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens and BBQ pergola options are the most popular uses for pergolas. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the home. It is where everyone comes together and where the health and well-being of all occupants are connected. You could say the same of an outdoor kitchen. If anything, the right pergola furniture and accessories mean you can get more out of an outdoor kitchen than you ever could an indoor one.

Outdoor kitchens encourage everyone to spend more time in the shade while they eat. Food is never far away from entertainment sources either, making for an excellent way to throw an outdoor party. Because most custom outdoor kitchen furniture and appliances are for cooking lighter food, its easier to make healthy food outdoors on your grill island or in your pizza oven. Just being outside will encourage you to create refreshing food for yourself, your loved ones, and party guests.

A custom outdoor kitchen adds a splash of magic to the food you make. Spend time outdoors with friends and family while serving delicious meals in your outdoor kitchen!

Create Shade With Your Pergola

Pergolas arent made to keep the sun out completely. Instead, they are designed to offer some shade and protection against direct sunlight while letting air flow freely. While the outdoor kitchen roof of your pergola might be made with a beam structure and only provide partial shade, you could still create a fully shaded area. Why not put up some plants on top of the structure or get a bamboo cover to fill in the gaps? You can also use curtains and fence panels to create a more enclosed space.

Some people use their pergola as an awning of sorts. Pergolas attach to the side of a property and make for a great way to prevent sunlight glaring through the windows of your house.

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Why Are Pergolas So Popular

So youve got the deck youve always dreamed of, or the patio youve been pursuing for years. Your yard looks great and you just need one last piece to finish it off and tie it together. However, youre not sure what that should be because you want a bit of privacy, a bit of shade, or even a place to hang lighting and a few plants. Is there anything that will fill all these needs? There is, and its this multi-purpose quality that makes pergolas worth it to invest in.

The Purpose Of A Pergola

How to Build a Pergola | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

A pergola can serve a wide variety of purposes, depending on the homeowners preferences. While the traditional pergola design consists of a lattice roof and an absence of walls, modifications can be made to fulfill your unique needs.

Below, weve illustrated the various benefits of a pergola and the four main ways these outdoor structures are used.

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Purposes Of A Pergola

Pergolas are outdoor structures available in a variety of designs. They can be attached to your home or freestanding. You can leave it uncovered or incorporate a partially-covered or completely shaded roof. Like arbors, pergolas allow climbing plants to thrive in the outdoor season. But what exactly is a pergola used for?

1. Tie the Space Together

A handcrafted pergola brings all of the outdoor components together. From a fire pit and comfy furniture to a spa and outdoor kitchen, a wood pergola creates a defined outdoor room. The pergola also brings family and friends together. It immediately catches guests eyes and invites them to your deck or patio to admire your full backyard landscape. A pergola kit can be placed in multiple locations and is easy to assemble for your DIY backyard design.

2. Extend the Living Space

Extend the living space outside by creating an outdoor living room. The pergola brings style, innovation, and ambiance outdoors to your patio. Our wood pergolas make a statement with the signature arched look and stylishly-colored finishes. Our pergola kits are made in the USA for trendsetting designs and durable craftsmanship you can trust in your backyard. With a variety of sizes and options, youre sure to find the right pergola for your backyard project.

3. Sunlight Break

4. Wind Protection

5. Increase Privacy

Ready to create an outdoor statement in your backyard? Visit a retailer to get a pergola kit near you.

A Beautiful Garden Feature

Firstly, a pergola can be a show-stopping addition to your garden. There are many options available for purchase in various styles and materials, but you will have the most control over the finished product if you construct a custom-made pergola.

A brand-new pergola can be designed to match your homes style and refresh your patios appearance.

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Building Your Dream Shelter

If you want to add a new element to your yard or outdoor seating area but arent sure what path to take, let Best Vinyl walk you through your options. We can discuss the differences between both pergolas and arbors to help you figure out what works best in your outdoor space. We can also help guide you in the right direction when it comes to matching the style and environment you wish to create.

With Best Vinyl, you can rest assured knowing youll get both helpful and educated answers to all of your questions. Well strive to meet your needs and help you achieve the outdoor area you have always imagined. Whatever path you choose, well craft a structure that will endure all the elements, leaving you with peace of mind. today to learn more about our services and how we can help!

Creating An Outdoor Extension Of Your Home

Cedar Solid Wood Pergola

Its common for homeowners to use pergolas as a simple but appealing way to create an outdoor extension of their living space. If this is your goal, choose a design and material that will complement the exterior of your home, and have the pergola attached to your home for a seamless transition from inside the home to a lovely outdoor patio.

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Create A Greener Space

You can use your pergola wherever you want to create a partition in your garden. Use wires to guide plant growth and get your garden growing just right, and youll soon have a green and luscious divider that creates privacy and encourages wildlife like birds to come to visit.

Pergolas can add a fresh touch to your garden. When handled properly, they can even become the focal point of a beautiful outdoor world. Create a winding outdoors pathway lined with stepping stones and some of your favorite plants to create a welcoming outdoor sanctuary for relaxing after work.

As mentioned before, you can grow plants on top of the pergola to create a natural and beautiful roof. If you feel inspired, then dont hesitate to search for pergola installers near me and find an expert to help. For top level tiki hut and pergola designs and installations in Fort Lauderdale, contact U.S. Brick & Block Systems today.

Centerpiece For A Seating Area

This is one of the most popular pergola uses because it fulfills a universal need and fits almost any space. Adding a pergola with chairs or a small table turns loose furniture into a formal seating area that youll love to use. Whether you use this on your deck or patio or in your yard, a pergola effectively ties the space together. In addition, the vertical profile of a pergola can bring extra visual dimensions to the flat space.

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Create Shade With A Pergola

A pergola is not designed to completely block the sun, but to provide relief from direct sunlight while allowing air to circulate freely. While the beam roof structure will only provide partial shade, you could grow plants across the top, or add a bamboo cover to create a shaded area in the heat of the day. Additionally, you can add sheer curtains, trellis or fence panels to the sides to make it more enclosed.

Pergolas are sometimes used as a type of awning attached to the side of a building, stopping the sun from glaring through windows and heating up the house in the summer.

Pergolas Add Lasting Value To Your Home

How To Build A DIY Pergola | Build Or Buy – Is It Worth It?

You may wonder if pergolas are worth the investment. Are pergolas really worth it? Yes, pergolas shade, beauty, and accommodating, hospitable nature is designed to add market value to your home. The experts say that the landscape of your home has the potential to raise the value of your property by 15%. Right now, outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular, which puts pergolas and other comfortable outdoor additions high on the list for adding value to your home. Pergolas add special character to your landscape design while being useful and enjoyable. They were designed to be either that final missing piece that completes your backyard landscape or the one piece that inspires you to further creativity of your outdoor landscape design.

So pergolas are worth it, but do they last? The good news is that whether you choose wood or vinyl, with proper maintenance, they have a lifetime of use. Vinyl tends to have less maintenance overall, whereas with wood you would need to repaint or stain every two years depending on how much sunlight exposure your vinyl pergola soaks up. The decision between wood and vinyl takes consideration of many personal factors. To find out more information to empower you in your decision making follow this link to Wood vs. Vinyl Pergolas.

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The Function Of A Pergola

Now, it is interesting that a pergola should be based on the idea of an eave, because as a structure on it’s own, it doesn’t really have any eaves to speak of.

When we look at a typical pergola, it has a minimum of four support beams , which can be made from materials like wood or stone, and then cross beams overtop to form a lattice, but no solid roof.

Here’s a pergola made from bamboo, to give a little bit of a south Pacific feel.

The idea, generally speaking, is that we sit under a pergola where we can relax and / or socialize, and it provides us with a designated area to do so, and yet, it need not have anything shading us from the sun or rain in terms of a solid roof.

Benefits Of A Pergola

Dont feel limited to just our options for what to do with a pergola. Perhaps you can think of some unique ideas of your own. People have used pergolas for centuries, and they now represent one of the best ways to create outdoor spaces on your patio.

No matter what you decide to use your pergola for, there are plenty of ways to be creative about it and put together the ultimate outdoor living space. Get in touch today to learn more about pergolas and arrange for a consultation to start work on creating one.

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Contact Green Impressions For Your Pergola Needs

As a landscape provider, Green Impressions is in the business of helping Northeast Ohio homeowners turn their vision for a backyard oasis into a reality. That includes designing and installing all types of pergolas that can be used for outdoor entertainment, to hang plants and more.

For help creating an outdoor space that you can use throughout every season, contact the professionals at Green Impressions today for a free consultation.

Most Common Places For A Pergola

Creative Ways to Transform and Use an Old Pergola

A pergola can be used in a variety of locations both indoors and outdoors. Outside, they are often most commonly seen on patios or around pools. A pergola can be especially useful as it provides shade for those sitting in the garden and helps to block sunlight from the pool when swimming outside. Not only does this provide comfort, but shade can also help prevent algae growth, which is important for maintaining clear water throughout the summer months.

When designing their backyards, many individuals choose to use pergolas over decks as well as it creates another place to sit and relax while enjoying time outdoors. Pergolas over decks create just enough coverage so that you’re still able to enjoy all of your deck furniture without worrying about being in the sun or having too much outdoor exposure.

A pergola can also be used indoors as well, especially to create shaded areas or breezeways between two rooms inside the house. The best way to use a pergola indoors is to attach it to existing structures such as doors, windows, or walkways to give the appearance of one opening instead of multiple openings.

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Types Of Pergola Designs

While there are several different types of pergola designs, each one adheres to a primary form and function that separate the pergola from an arbor, a gazebo, and other backyard structures.

One of the most common mix-ups in backyard architecture is the pergola vs. arbor. A pergola is designed to serve a wide range of different purposes, whereas an arbor is primarily used to accentuate an entrance or pathway, and is quite small in comparison.

Generally, a pergola is a wide-open structure with four support beams, no walls, and a decorative roof design, such as a lattice. For shade or even a touch of shelter from the elements, screens can be added to the roof or walls, although the primary purpose of a pergola is not to shelter its users.

Below, weve provided you with a quick list of different types of pergola designs that you can choose from as you plan your backyard addition.

Why Are Pergolas Not Covered

You may be wondering, what is the point of a pergola without a cover?

Most pergolas dont have a cover or top to them, allowing plants to grow up the posts and spread across the roof. It can take a while for plants to span this distance, even on a small pergola, but the effect can provide a dramatic element and shelter occupants from harsh sun, wind, and even some rain.

If you choose not to have plants covering the top part of your pergola, you can install a curtain or shade that pulls across and blocks out light. How much sun or other elements gets blocked depends purely on the type of curtain or shade you use.

Some pergolas have sides that span between the posts, and this offers excellent protection from the sun and wind. However, if you live in a somewhat windy or sunny area, putting upsides on your pergola might be more effective than a cover over the top, depending on what time of day you use the space and the placement of the pergola.

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