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Pool For Small Backyard Design

Integrate Your Pool With Your Deck

Small Backyard Pool Ideas – Pool landscaping Ideas and Designs

If you already have a deck, think about how you might be able to add a small pool to your existing setup. Extending a deck around an above-ground pool may be a more cost-effective solution than building a new in-ground pool. So if there’s enough room available , it might be the perfect spot to think about adding a pool.

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Can Small Pools Still Have The Same Features That Big Pools Have

The short answer here is “yes.”

You can add any swimming pool accessories or features you’d like to a small pool design. Features such as pool heaters, pool lights, and automatic covers are not limited by the size of a pool.

And if you’re thinking about adding a tanning ledge or baja shelf, you can integrate it right into the design! You can create “premium” pools in small spaces as well — plunge pools and cocktail pools are ideal small-yard pools that still retain an upscale vibe. If you want to splurge, a smaller infinity pool can also be a standout feature in any yard, big or small.

Small Pool Ideas: Shape And Design

Elongated rectangles can give a pool a modern edge or a mediterranean vibe, while circular pools offer a more boho or even a rustic feel. Design elements like tiling and even concrete stamping can add to the aesthetic youre aiming for, many of which youll see here. Once youve nailed down your pools design, be sure to incorporate things like potted plants, pool floats, and patio furniture that add to the vibe.

So if youre considering upping the cool factor of your outdoor space, get inspired by these small pool ideas that make a big splash.

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Details Of Small Backyard Pools

Small backyard pools are typically 600 square feet or less in size. Most small pools will be no more than six feet deep, but provide enough space to play, swim, and relax in the shallows. A small pool can be circular, square, rectangular, or another shape that fits the space you have available.

Most small pools arent diving accessible, but can still be used for cooling off in the summer and giving kids and adults a space to play. Smaller pools are easier to heat, which extends the amount of time you are able to comfortable swim in the pool. These kinds of pools are easy to clean and dont require as many chemicals as larger pools, which adds to their appeal.

Small pools can also include fountains, waterfalls, or attached hot tubs to create a serene space. In addition to the pool being a place to be in the water, it can also be a soothing feature to look at and listen to.

What Are The Small Pool Trends We Are Seeing Today

32 Awesome Small Pools Design Ideas For Beautiful Backyard Landscape ...

Take a look at vacation places like Nags Head, NC Myrtle Beach, SC and others. Fiberglass pools have become very prominent in these areas, where the backyards are typically very, very small.

In Florida, fiberglass has grown quite a bit in recent years, but concrete pools still make up the very large majority of small pool installations in that state.

As for Texas…well, they don’t do anything small in Texas!

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Mini Traditional Backyard Swimming Pool

This small pool is a great example of how you can still have a traditional-style pool even in a small backyard.

As it features all the classic elements of a traditional pool, such as a wraparound concrete patio, dual walk-in entrances, and even a pool screen enclosure.

But thanks to its small pool size, it doesnt overwhelm the small backyard.

And still leaves plenty of room for other backyard activities and landscaping.

Freeform Above Ground Pool

This freeform above ground pool sits just off of the patio and is the focal point from inside the home. The pool has a 78ft perimeter, which puts it on the smaller side of pool size. Even with that classification it still offers plenty of room for swimming as it is 16-6 from edge to edge. Once you step into the pool you are greeted by a large baja shelf that sits 18 under the waterline. The 46sqft of elevated surface offers a great area to cool off in the water while still catching some Arizona sunshine.

The Arctic Sea Glass Pebble with double abalone interior sparkles and omits a vibrant blue that pairs naturally with the Mojave Aqua waterline tile. There are two benches tucked into the soft curves of the pool that also sit 18 under the water line. These pool benches offer a great area for relaxation and double as additional steps out of the pool.

The Tuscan Noche Travertine pavers extend from the pool deck and wrap around the raised exterior edge of the pool. The pools coping matches as well, offering a sit and spin option into the pool. This design element makes it look like this backyard oasis literally raised up from the decking!

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Why Should I Consider A Fiberglass Pool

Inground fiberglass swimming pools have many advantages over alternatives. Fiberglass pool installation can be accomplished quickly you can luxuriate in your brand-new pool within two to three days after delivery. While concrete pools crack and have a much rougher surface, a fiberglass pools slick feel offers a more enjoyable swimming experience and helps minimize algae growth. Other pool alternatives can tear, whereas a fiberglass pool will maintain its flawless facade over time. Fiberglass is also much easier to clean think of the effort needed to scrub tile grout versus the smooth veneer of a bathtub.

With a Fiberglass pool you wont have to factor in future upkeep expenses like resurfacing when estimating the total cost. A fiberglass pool also requires 30% less chlorine to keep your pool clean. Thanks to our top-quality craftsmanship and high-grade materials, you can enjoy your backyards elevated appeal without the tedious and expensive maintenance that often accompanies other pools.

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MODERN & MINIMALIST! 30 Swimming Pool Design For Small Backyard With Furniture & Decoration

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Have a small backyard but can’t get visions of a swimming pool out of your head? The good news is that you can certainly enjoy a pool even if your lot is short on square footage, you just have to get a bit creative when it comes to size and shape. Small pools go by different names: spools, plunge pools, cocktail pools, and wading pools. Some are even placed aboveground, while others feature eye-catching features like fountains, built-in ledges, and other special details.

The following 25 small pools are all ones we’d love to spend time inkeep reading to gather plenty of inspiration as you plan the next steps for your backyard.

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Think Outside The Rectangle

Although most pools are rectangular, they dont need to be. Square pools require less space and they can look even more chic and modern than the ubiquitous rectangle. If all you need is a pool thats large enough for a quick dip to cool off, a smaller, plunge pool might be the perfect solution.

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Opt For A Tiny Indoor Pool

An indoor pool is another possibility if you happen to have unused space on the first floor of your home. Because the planning of an indoor pool requires a bit more time and effort, this tends to be a less budget-friendly option, but it makes swimming a year-round activity.

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Modern Swimming Pool In Clean Line With Travertine Large Slab Block

Seeking hints of whites and grays, this pool looks very modern. The travertine large slab block pool surrounding the pool creates a clean line while creating a modern look. With a water feature wall, spa, and tanning shelf with lounge chairs, this ground pool creates a great environment to relax and have fun. It has a modern feel with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces. This backyard pool completes its classic and clean line with landscaping, cement pots, accent pieces.

ID# 101405 | Credit |

Awesome Narrow Pools For The Tightest Spaces

30+ Amazing Swimming Pools Design Ideas For Small Backyards

The outdoor season is on and though its not that hot to swim, we are all dreaming of relaxing pools and plunging there after a long working day. It often happens that a backyard or a garden or any other outdoor space is small and it seems that you wont be able to accommodate a pool there. Dont be upset, you can go for a narrow pool!

Narrow pools in your garden, along your house side are a perfect idea for hot summer days when a lap is all we need. It may be small and narrow just to plunge for one or two people, or really long and narrow for one person to swim. Lets have a look at the most inspiring ideas and ways to arrange everything around this pool.

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Awesome Small Backyard Pools

If you are a homeowner with a small backyard, it might seem impossible to have your own pool and patio. With the property boundaries tight on either side it can be hard to imagine a luxurious water splashing against elegant stonework. After all, backyard swimming pools tend to demand a lot of space.

Fortunately, you can have some expert pool designers working on your behalf! When you get a custom swimming pool, the pool contractor will be able to assess your yard and design accordingly. With a full plan in place, they can make use of every available inch so that you get the most out of your investment.

So before you accept the fate of a dry and dull backyard, take a look at these small backyard pools built by Pool Craft that prove that you dont need lots of room to have an incredible swimming pool.

Plunge Pool With Plant Vegetation Privacy Wall

This small backyard plunge pool is the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy a backyard pool but dont want their neighbors looking in.

As its surrounded by a privacy wall made up of plants and vegetation, which provides both privacy and beauty.

And while it may be narrow, its still long enough to do laps or enjoy a game of pool volleyball, thanks to its rectangular pool shape.

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Modern Narrow Lap Pool

This small modern backyard pool is the perfect solution for those who want to swim laps but dont have a lot of space.

As its long and narrow design makes it the perfect size for swimming laps.

And while small, it still features plenty of patio space for sitting and hanging out around the pool.

Making it both functional as well as beautiful.

Minimalist Backyard Pool Idea Slate Pool Floor Pattern

Small Backyard Pool Design Ideas: Above Ground Freeform Fun | California Pools & Landscape

This lovely house and backyard is a nice setting for all of their friends and families to enjoy. The striking slate pool floor pattern gives a natural touch that surrounds the pool and spa. The extended pool deck suitable for sunbathing, comfortable pool furniture, stylish lounge chairs create a beautiful environment for fun and relaxation, while lilacs, bunch and mop-headed hydrangeas, perennial herbs, herbs, and boxwood create a minimalist backyard full of romance.

ID# 101420

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Contemporary Rectangular Lap Pool With Stylish Concrete Floor Idea

The large, stylish, rectangular lap pool is the taste of living and having fun in the backyard. The concrete floor creates a harmonious modern look by integrating the pool and the facade of the house with its illuminated steps while creating a nice relaxation area along the long side of the pool with its wide narrow column veranda. This stylish modern pool features the hot tub surrounded by black mosaic tile at the same height as the pool as its focal point. The backyard is completed with palm trees.

ID# 101404

These Designs For Inground Pools Can Help You Make The Most Of Any Spaceno Matter The Size

If you live in the city, chances are you may not have a very large backyard. With summer right around the corner, you might be dreaming about an inground pool installation. A small backyard space may be holding you back from making your dream come true. Not to worry! If youd like to create your own private getaway in your backyard and you dont have a lot of space to work with, inground pools can be custom designed to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Custom inground pools can meet your desired dimensions exactly, so you can have a pool to cool off in during the summer while still having enough space in your backyard to entertain and enjoy outdoor living.

Here are a few starting points for custom pool designs that work well in small backyard spaces to get you started:

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Plan Your Small Backyard Pool On A Budget With A Partially In

Halfway measures can sometimes give you the best of both worlds. For instance, many people think of pools as being fully in-ground or fully above-ground. But you can gain distinct advantages, and even save money, with a partially in-ground pool.

In this narrow backyard in Austin, the homeowners enjoy all the benefits of a big pool. Our High Performance Poollets Nelia do her triathlon swim training, cross-train, and relax. Among their small backyard pool ideas on budget, they installed partially in-ground with tiered decking for easier access they also used simple sailcloth for affordable protection from the Texas sun.

Small Pools on a Budget

With a partially in-ground pool, you need a fraction of the excavation that a fully in-ground pool requires. The deeper you dig, the more time it takes and the more risks you run.

While a fully aboveground pool would be even more affordable, partially in-ground pools have distinct advantages that can make them worth the effort.

You couldnât fit a full-size pool in this Bay Area backyard. Thanks to our Original pool, Debbie gets to stay fit on our Underwater Treadmill and relax after a long day in the poolâs temperature controlled water. The small pool still leaves her room for cafe dining.

The Perks of Going Partial

Partially in-ground pools are the easiest to get in and out of. The poolâs coping serves as seating to aid your entry and exit.

Assessing Your Small Pool Value

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A Contemporary Masterpiece Pool With Travertine Pool Tile

30 Gorgeous Swimming Pools Design Ideas for Backyard in 2020

The pool, which overlooks this contemporary, rectangular-shaped landscape, is quite inviting. Surrounded by a travertine pool tile, the pool blends with the horizon and benefits from a view. Recessed pool seating adds a unique and unusual feature that accentuates the luxurious feel of this swimming pool. While the pool stretches out on both sides, it contains a trendy rectangular hot tub on the right. Stylish lounge chairs and similar-looking side tables contribute to the modern look of the pool.

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Swimming Pool Designs For Small Backyards

Aug 25, 2022 | Featured Projects, Pool Design Ideas

Let us not kid ourselves! In many US cities, more and more residential neighborhoods are popping up. Many backyards today do not have much space. A small backyard however does not mean you cannot have a swimming pool. In fact, a small backyard with a small pool design can go a long way, it has a lot to offer, and customizing your oasis is the best part. With freeform and linear designs, you can maximize the water area and add even add your favorite pool features, just as you would with larger sizes.

What is the Best Pool Shape for Small Backyards?

It is important to say, it depends. Every backyard is different, and you must work with your available resources. One important point, however, is that curved pools, such as the kidney shape, sacrifice some water area because they are freeform, but they also provide more decking space.

Remember, if you want to put out at least one lounge chair, you will need at least 7 feet of decking in that area. And if you want a table with chairs, youll need even more.

For this reason, freeform pools are prevalent in small backyards.

What are the Design Trends Today with Small Pools for Backyards?

Is it Possible to Include Pool Features with my Small Pool?

Of course! You can outfit a small pool with all the pool features you want that will fit in the space. The pool size does not limit aesthetic features like water features, fire features, lighting, automatic covers, etc.

Remarkable Backyard Pool Idea With Floating Pavers And Trees

This pool with trees that continues along the backyard is quite remarkable. Travertine pool tile continues throughout the pool, adding a simple elegance while continuing the materials and lines of the surrounding patio. Floating pavers provide the passage over the pool and the trees in the middle draw attention. The pool gives the appearance of multiple layers of depth, adding to the sense of dynamism with the ladder. The simple furnishings complement the backyard, while the vibrant lighting makes the pool the focal point.

ID# 101421

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