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Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

Add A Little Lushness

44 Small Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas

DIY-friendly and easy on the eyes, it’s no wonder lush garden landscaping is the most popular way to pretty up an above-ground pool. To pull off this look like a pro, edge out your flower bed first, install easy-to-maintain plants like shrubs or tall grasses, then cover with mulch for a clean look and to boost plant life.

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When Installing Your Pool Deck Be Careful

  • DONT install the deck in frequently wet areas. Use terra firma dry land.
  • DONT build the deck right on top of your top rail if you use a winter cover.
  • DO take your time with the instructions, and you will build it to last.
  • DONT rest any part of the deck against the pool, as it will weaken the pools integrity.
  • DONT make the deck much taller than the pool. Its hard to find very tall ladders.
  • DO install the deck area on the side closest to the house.
  • DONT block the full view of the pool.

If you get a wooden pool deck, you have different options of entering the pool. Deck to pool ladders use deck flanges to secure the ladder to the deck. A much better option are resin walk-in steps. These offer a gentler way to enter into the pool, especially for children and the elderly. Our resin pool deck kits include steps on both sides of the water, for easy, safe access. A ladder is a must for pool safety.

Whichever type of pool deck you choose, check with your local building department to see if there are code requirements involved where you live. Building a wooden deck usually needs a permit and inspection. You can usually find the information by searching your countys or citys .gov website for terms like above ground swimming pool decks.

Blend With The Nature

Nothing can beat natural landscape when it comes to release stress and enjoy your time. It will be great to spend a hot sunny day by the pool while slurping a glass of orange juice. How refreshing! And nature will be a spectacular backdrop.

To get this elegant pool, you need to incorporate it with your raised deck and cover the side with some wood planks. It will make it look like a deck skirting. To accentuate the pool, you can grow some ornamental plants around it. And do not forget to add some chairs on the deck to sit back and relax.

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Add Brickwork For An Instant Face Lift

Adding brickwork to the exterior of your above-ground pool might seem like a lot of work at first glance but its actually quite simple and economically feasible with the right tools.

Consider building up your own facade using mismatched bricks or opt for brick adhesives to make the task even more straightforward.

Above Ground Pool Ideas That Are Unbelievably Outstanding

75+ Fabulous Above Ground Pool Ideas

Above Ground Pool Ideas Lounging over the pool would be relaxing especially when the weather is quite hot. However, installing an in-ground pool will burn a hole in your pocket. Why dont you try installing its counterpart an above ground pool? Check out these 15 above ground pool ideas that are unbelievably outstanding.

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Create A Minimalist Mediterranean Pool Landscape Design

Vast, open spaces allow for limitless creativity. This project brings a Grecian vibe to the backyard with a Mediterranean-influenced pool landscape design thats both expansive and minimal.

Stone poolside pillars and an elevated, mixed vegetation landscape add character to this otherwise bare concept. We included a colorful combination of exotic evergreen trees, low-lying shrubs and ornamental grasses, and dense green ground covers.

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The Aboveground Pool Is Chic Now

Swimming pools seem like a great idea when a summer heat wave hits, but with the excavation and expense involved in the construction of a traditional in-ground pool, they dont provide a last-minute solution. Thats why a once-maligned marvel of early-20th-century designthe aboveground poolis finally enjoying its moment.

The first such pool was built for the Philadelphia Racquet Club in 1907, but the format didnt become widely popular until after World War II, when it proliferated across the suburban landscape. If youre imagining a lattice-clad eyesore and vivid turquoise, its time to update your mental map of backyard pool possibilities. Installing aboveground pools isnt quite as simple as deploying a lemonade standtheir aesthetic wont work for every backyard space, and they do require commitment. But in the right hands, they can be surprisingly stylish and, best of all, require no plumbing.

A stock tank pool by Cowboy Pools

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A daytime shot of Friedmans cool pool in Marfa, Texas

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Be Flexible Around Your Above Ground Pool Plant In Containers Pots Or Planters

Similar to the raised garden bed idea above, however you can make things more mobile by using containers, pots or planters.

As with the raised beds, this is an ideal approach in many ways, as you can maintain a gravel base and place your planters on top. Just be sure to not overwater the plants in the containers, or that the ground beneath them is graded to allow water to flow away from the pool.

I like this idea conceptually because it allows you to quickly add height to cover the pool wall without requiring footings like you would for a raised garden bed. Like the raised beds, it keeps plant roots within the container, preventing any encroachment from roots under the pool lining.

Finally you can move them around if needed store them somewhere protected during winter, or perhaps alternate how you want the pool to look. Perhaps you choose different styles or looks and move your pots around to suit your mood or season. Or to suit the particular plants growing conditions.

Is Your Backyard Big Enough

Backyard Pool Build // DIY Backyard Upgrade [Part 2 of 2] // Backyard Makeover

Make sure you have enough room in your backyard to accommodate a swimming pool.

The size of your backyard is one of the first places to start when deciding between an above-ground or in-ground pool. Do you have enough space to accommodate the heavy machinery an in-ground pool requires for installation? If not, you may want to consider an above-ground pool, which are available in a variety of sizes, including smaller options that you typically dont find with in-ground pools.

Traditional in-ground swimming pools are better suited for large backyards that have more space to accommodate the barrage of new pipes and the heavy machinery needed during the installation process. Take into account any trees, shrubbery, rocks, and other things that may need to come out before your pool can go in.

Another factor to consider is the amount of space between your home, neighboring property lines, and where you plan to install the above-ground pool. The general rule of thumb is that any type of swimming pool should be installed at least 10 feet from your home and surrounding property lines. This is to help prevent damage to your property in the event something goes wrong. However, code may vary depending on where you live, so be sure to review your local zoning laws or contact your permitting department before you get started.

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Consider Using Sand Or Rocks Around Your Pool

Since wood and cement are so expensive, you can cut costs by using as little of them as possible. “Adding a gorgeous space for lounge chairs around your pool doesn’t need to be cement,” says Shaw.

Save the wood or cement for the entrance of the pool, and go for something like smooth river rock or sand for a more tropical touch so you can save money and still have your backyard look like a relaxing oasis.

Lights Equipped Above Ground Pool

In this world where everyone is living a hectic life, people usually have time at night to relax. This small above ground pool at the side of your house is all that you will need at night to relax and come out of the state of rush.

Platform boundary will be a great spot to put your glass on. You can also put your hands on it while lying inside the pool and other poses as well. Besides relaxing, you will also get a perfect spot for taking pictures for Instagram, and now you may be started liking it more.

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Waterfall In Your Yard

Can you dream of having a waterfall in the yard? Why not? You can build an elegant pool with a durable tiles deck while the pool is constructed out of stones. This idea can replace the retaining wall task in taming the uneven ground level.

This pool, which is waterfall-alike, looks so inviting through the main pool, along with the handmade waterfall addition. Three pools on different ground levels provide the falling water from one pool to another.So never miss your dream of having your waterfall in your backyard. Though some installation costs may take more, you wont feel disappointed by the elegant pool in the end.

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Modern Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

How To Open An Above Ground Pool For The First Time?

Simple square above ground pools fit well with modern, minimalist décor. The deck surrounding such a pool should be equally uncluttered. Simple concrete or masonry decking mimics the smooth, cool stone so common in modern deck design.

Clear glass panels are a better choice than vertical wooden deck railing. You can also surround your decking with modern, horizontal wood plank panels. If you choose wood for a modern above ground pool deck, keep it sleek and stain it a rich, dark color.

You can enhance your above ground pools modern style by choosing a special pool liner. A dark pool liner provides the illusion of depth and enhances the reflection of foliage and clouds. It can also absorb more heat from the sun, resulting in warmer pool water.

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+ Small Backyard Above Ground Pools Ideas

Little do they realize however that the benefits of the Deck-Pool and Olympic-Eagle on ground pools mean that they are not hindered by the many problems that can plague ordinary cheap above ground pools and in ground swimming pool owners. See more ideas about small pools pool designs backyard pool.

Above Ground Swimming Pool 19 Small Backyard Pools Pool Houses Backyard Pool

Build A Bench For Cozy Poolside Conversations

Maximize your outdoor entertainment space with a poolside deck bench and fire pit. Use this bright-white built-in design by Living Gardens Landscape Design as your blueprint enclose your above-ground pool with tile and connect the enclosure to an armless concrete or wooden storage bench. Fill the seat with a pile of all-weather pillows and splurge on a portable fire fixture to tie the pool space together.

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Stick To A Streamlined Silhouette

Designer Bri Moysa proves that sometimes less is more with this minimalist above-ground pool deck. The smoky-black stock pool settles into a custom wooden staircase that leads to an L-shaped deck. The semi-circle silhouette is space-savvy, making it easy to incorporate in even modest outdoor spaces. Bring Moysas design to your backyard by surrounding your above-ground pool with a DIY deck and framing the area with potted plants aplenty. Finish off your outdoor design with a set of string lights twinkling overhead.

Enjoy Scenes With Barely

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

Traditional wooden deck balusters are lovely, but a large railing might detract from otherwise great pool views. Replace the heavy wood features on your above ground pool deck with contemporary alternatives to experience the beauty beyond the balusters. This summer, black or charcoal balusters will appear to merge into the landscape, letting you take in the panoramic views ahead while splashing around.

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Above Ground Infinity Pool Deck Ideas

An infinity edge, or vanishing edge, swimming pool looks as though its edge blends into the horizon. Many people discover that there are infinity pool options for above ground swimming pools. Like other infinity edge pools, water that spills over the edge flows into a catch basin before pumping back into the pool.

The infinity side of the pool will not have a deck, but a stylish pool deck will enhance the remainder. Some above ground pools may have two infinity edges, in which case the other two are ideal zones for a ground pool deck.

Because an infinity-edge pool is more expensive than a regular above ground pool, you may want to cut costs by limiting the size of your deck. Infinity swimming pools blend into the surroundings and are a lovely choice for an Asian-inspired garden. A deck in this setting must be simple enough to not distract from the Zen-like atmosphere.

Try A Stock Tank Pool

The hottest trend for above-ground pools happens to be one of the smallest: stock tank pools are certainly some of the cheapest, quickest, and most customizable options on the market. While theyre popular as DIY projects, a bevy of small-scale companies has cropped up to help expedite the installation.

A stock tank is a water trough manufactured for livestock to use for drinking purposes, but we have converted them into a chic pool by adding a filtration system just like your typical aboveground pool, says Jovana Johnson, who recently founded Stock Tanks of SoCal with her sister, Janice Luna. They provide a more chic and trendy look to style a backyard rather than those traditional big blue aboveground pools.

These are fun-size tanks â whether round or rectangular, they can be as small as two feet in diameter. Ideal for anyone who doesnât want to be too preoccupied with how to clean a pool. However, they can easily be scaled up. Our customers love our 10ft tanks, adds Luna. However, those with smaller backyards love that we provide many sizes varying from 6ft 9ft .

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A Patio And An Above Ground Pool Idea

Who says an above-ground pool is not cool? Nothing could be further from the truth!

Sitting right in front of the patio, this above-ground pool offers you a relentless relaxing ambiance. The landscape of the backyard is just perfect for you to sit back and relax. And this is what you have been longing for.

Installing an above-ground pool which is incorporated with a patio or raised deck in the backyard has always been a great idea. The patio can be functioned as a pathway to the pool so that you and your kids do not have to step on mud.

Can You Bury An Above Ground Pool

9 Types Of Above Ground Pools For The Ultimate Backyard Feature

With most above ground pools, simply burying them, as you would an inground pool, tends to be a no-go.

This is because the walls are not designed to hold back the pressure of the surrounding earth, meaning you risk it collapsing inwards. A better option is to build a raised deck around your pool, which will instantly help it blend into your garden scheme.

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Above Ground Pool Faqs

An above-ground swimming pool can be just as classy as an inground one, especially if you finish everything off with a nice deck.

Dont let other pool owners discourage you from investing in a pool that meets your needs. The stereotype of above-ground pools looking cheap or trashy needs to go!

It depends. Most above-ground pools are considered temporary structures.

While these pools can last for 10 years or more, they dont actually change the surrounding property. This is in contrast to inground pools, which require excavation and other major changes to the land.

Semi-inground pools and above-ground pools built into a foundation are typically considered permanent structures.

Hot Tub And Above Ground Pool

One last fun idea to consider in the design of the pool area is a hot tub. This is something you are able to add, if it is planned right, on or nearby your above-ground pool deck. Most people enjoy a nice soak in a hot tub after a fun swim.

The best thing to remember when choosing the right landscaping around your big or small pool is, what do you want? Ask yourself what you want to feel when you are out there. The possibilities really can be endless.

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Trees For Shade And Privacy

Last, but not least, on our list of above ground pool landscaping ideas comes adding trees for shade and privacy. We all love enjoying the pool on hot summer days, but some of us burn a little more easily! Backyard trees make fantastic shade additions and are ideal landscape privacy ideas. Some of the best trees to plant in Upstate NY grow quickly and densely to provide a private, secluded feel. This way, you can enjoy your pool without worrying about the sun or your neighbors!

Tip: Dont forget about landscaping around trees! Instead of leaving the base of your trees empty, use the opportunity to create beautiful designs and a polished look to your above ground landscaping ideas.

We hope this guide to above ground pool landscaping ideas has given you the inspiration you need to plan the ultimate backyard for your home this year. From retaining walls for steep backyards to patio installations to blend your pool in seamlessly, above ground pool landscaping ideas can truly transform the look of your space. Get started using the NVS Project Planner! Save your plans or submit them to us and one of our Capital Region landscaping professionals will be in touch to bring your ideas to life.

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