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Paver Patio Ideas With Fire Pit

A Huge Timeless Backyard With Limestone Flagstone Paver Patio And A Fire Pit

Crazy Paver Patio and Fire Pit Installation!

This large backyard with timeless design is completed with a stone patio that looks small here. But, for your information, it is a 2000 sqft patio.

Quite big, isnt it? Unlike the other modern and stylish patios you have seen above, this one doesnt have too many seats or benches. It is because the main aim of this design was to create a natural camping campfire. So formal and expensive furniture wasnt really a concern.

The fire pit is built on compacted gravel. The stone and the pit are et on top of the firm surface.

Later, the compacted gravel is also set with a pitch to let the water drain. The flagstone , decorative gravel, and the fire ring are able to let the water flow through. So there is no pooled effect here.

It may seem difficult to install, but this patio is installed like other stone patios. It takes base compacted in 6-8 inches and flagstone upon it. The decorative stone between the bigger flagstones is meant to help lock everything together.

If you live in a colder area, it is important to use mortar fortified with fiberglass fibers as well as some acrylic admixture. It is useful to minimize cracking. It is also recommended to set the flagstone in a concrete slab 4 to avoid major cracks too.

However, you should also know that setting the flagstone upon a compacted-based and adding decomposed granite can only last for a few years due to maintenance issues.

Consider Your Houses Design

Kirk Fisher/Shutterstock

Most people usually build round or square fire pits with a central design in mind that allows everyone to feel like theyre part of the group. However, this mindset is challenged when theres a view involved.

If your backyard offers a beautiful view, you might want to think about a different design for your fire pit. You can build a semi-circle fire pit with chairs around it that overlook the view below or ahead.

This way, your guests get to enjoy the warmth of the fire while watching the incredible sunset. You can also place it near trees or any form of shade so that your guests have some shade while lounging and passing away the time.

Running Bond Pattern Paver Patio Ideas

This is the most common pattern made use of among home owners today. Why?

Due to the fact that it is the simple pattern to lay, simple to install, and also utilizes the least amount of waste compared with the other patterns.

Running bond is laid alongside creating impressions with its solid direct lines. These illusions could make your patio appearance longer and even bigger depending upon the direction its laid.

This is the most ordinary paver pattern, yet needs marginal cutting which decreases the amount of work and also the cost of installment.

Running Bond is perfect for small areas-making them appear larger, and for areas near to the house to accentuate your houses style.

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A Circular Fire Pit With A Corresponding Bench

A simple circular fire pit made from stone pavers can look great. The circular design is ideal for social situations in which people are going to be sitting around the fire put on long evenings, in either winter or summer.

It can be even better when you have a corresponding bench area thats connected to the structure of the fire pit in some way. It could track the curve of the pot or it could be made using the same materials with some extra cushions for padding and comfort. It makes the space feel much more cohesively put together.

Creating a fire pit in your outdoor space is certainly a good idea and an option you should consider if you havent done so already. It could be precisely the change that your outdoor space needs to make it more sociable, and fun to spend time in. To assess the options above and decide which type of fire pit might be the right one for you.

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A Large Classic Brick Paver Patio With Dining Area And Fire Pit

Top 60 Best Paver Patio Ideas

What nice landscaping! This is a traditional backyard with several sitting areas in one place.

First, there is a dining area. It is separated from other spaces by three large containers of plants on the right and a fire pit area on the left. This dining area is completed with an umbrella to make sure the members of the family wont be bothered by the UV rays during the day.

Next to the dining area, there is an outdoor living room with a metal sofa and an armchair. The sitting set is also completed with a metal table. This is a nice place to chill and enjoy the view of the sunset. A small grill with a counter is placed conveniently near it.

The third space is the fire pit area. The rectangular fire pit is surrounded by a stone bench. The fire pit area and the dining area are separated by a lovely low-profile planting bed.

The pavers for all spaces in this backyard are a cast brick paver from Unilock called Thornburry in Bavarian Blend color. The trim brick is Unilock too, called Old Towne in Burnt Clay color. The wall cap is also a Unilock product called Ledgestone in Buff color. You can check this entire product line at

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Make A Circular Fire Pit

Outdoor fires are so hot right now. Seriously. Mankind has called the hearth home for the centuries, its true, but these days people are going ultra-retro and getting their heat from stone-walled pits set into the earth. And, why not? On cool summer nights, you can melt marshmallows and nibble smores while you lounge in an Adirondack chair, feet propped up on the rock ledge. So if you really want to light up right, do it in style. Use our step-by-step guide and take a few days to build your very own ring of fire.

Follow along with TOH landscaper Roger Cook as he builds a circular fire pit and surrounding patio.

Quatrefoil Charm Paver Patio Ideas

Pavers in a quatrefoil design, duplicated from this residences Tudor-style design, are a centerpiece of this motor court.

Redeemed road pavers are used for the front drive, as well as the backyard landscaping ideas patio of the home in Glencoe, Ill.

The range of the electric motor court was defined and softened with boxwood hedging as well as huge lindens spaded in.

The job, by Greenhaven Landscapes, was an Association of Expert Landscape Designers 2015 Landscape Design Honor champion.

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Patio Fire Pit Boosts Resale Values

Besides just having fun with your Texas custom patios in Dallas, the metroplex’s market has proven that adding a custom patio can significantly increase the value of your home. So, if you are considering putting your home on the market, this is the prime time to add in a few upgrades.

This will not just increase the value, but it will give potential homebuyers another reason to fall head over heels in love with your home. It’s all about making your space stand out above and beyond all the others that are for sale.

Adding a patio fire pit is a wonderful place to start. It will draw their eyes into your backyard, and they will naturally want to stay a while too. Making your space feel inviting is essential as adding value to your home because the potential buyers will be able to naturally see themselves living there this way.

Advantages Of Patios With Gazebos

600 sq ft Paver patio installation with fire pit – time lapse

Combine an outdoor patio with a gazebo for a great new look to your backyard. The addition of a gazebo to your patio will bring class and style to any occasion you may have or host.

You may even light up your gazebo for a tremendous view at night. Relax with friends and family inside the gazebo to make some great memories.

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Whats Your Favorite Fire Pit Idea

So there you have it our favorite fire pit ideas. A little creativity goes a long way in ensuring you get the fire pit of your dreams. If youre going for a more permanent type of fire pit, calling in a local builder will give you the kind of customization ability and permanence you seek.

However, most homeowners, usually renters, prefer to go with a flexible option or something more portable. Regardless, always remember to define your space and add d├ęcor to elevate it. If you have a strict budget, try using what you have, and youll be surprised by what you can do.

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Basket Weave Pattern Paver Patio Ideas

Originating from the old English landscape design age this is a well-known pattern that will certainly bring a classic want to your location.

The pavers in this pattern alternate between vertical and straight sets. The combined pavers develop rows and columns that have an eye catching effect.

You dont have to stick to one shade you could obtain innovative with this pattern by including different or corresponding colors too.

This pattern is optimal for home owners seeking a historical or classic look, nonetheless it is ending up being less common compared with the other patterns.

The basket weave is additionally very long lasting and also is perfect for virtually every area of your outside space.

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Patio Ideas With A Pool Or Hot Tub

Pavers go well with many other backyard living features. Adding a patio area around your pool to replace or extend your pool deck is a common solution. But you can get more imaginative than that as well. For example, a patio can flow off the side of the pool deck into the yard instead of being attached to the house.

Hot tubs are frequently asked about as well. Stand alone hot tubs weigh an enormous amount, approximately 3 tons when filled with water. So this is no light undertaking. We install pavers as driveway surfaces and hot tubs weigh about the same as a larger Ford F-250 pickup truck. So you can build a patio area that a hot tub can sit on out of pavers and have the patio flow around it.

Another option is to create a patio around a concrete slab that the hot tub fits on. Pavers can come up to the edge of the slab and incorporate the hot tub area.

If you have an in ground hot tub that is part of a pool system, then adding a patio area around it is similar to adding pavers around a pool as a pool deck.

One of the most important parts in incorporating a hot tub into a patio design is to make sure you locate it in a good place. You want the hot tub to be relaxing and private, so adding some shrubs, privacy screen, etc into your design is important.

Paver Ideas For Fire Pits

Top 60 Best Paver Patio Ideas

Whatever materials you want to pave with, I hope this has given you a bit of inspiration.

Brick, stone, concrete, or tile pavers all look good when picked correctly for the right setting.

Whatever type of backyard design youre doing, there is the perfect paver design out there for you!

We have another round-up of fire pit ideas that focuses on the different types of fire pits that are out there.

While I prefer wood-burning personally, propane and natural gas fire pits definitely have their place.

Not everyone wants to be buying and storing firewood!

Also, with propane, you get the benefit of basically just flipping a switch and youre away, you dont have to worry about lighting the fire pit.

Let me know your paver fire pit ideas in the comment section below or offer your thoughts on the ideas shared here.

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Driveway Paver Patio Art

Paverart custom pavers could be made use of on locations that need vehicular access, and could be utilized on driveways or on car park.

You might make a driveway look a whole lot much more eye-catching with a patriotic paver art design. Or, appreciate a gorgeous garden design client paver art setup.

We additionally manufacture customized paver art designs, so you could happily present your household crest at the entrance to your residence.

Stacked Stone Fire Pit

To achieve this, all you need to do is dig a hole and place a few big stones around it. This idea best fits grounds that are muddy and sandy because you won’t need some concrete to set up your fire pit. Additionally, this is guaranteed cost-efficient and you can absolutely keep this for a long time.

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Creating Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas Tailored To Your Yard

Yardzens award-winning online exterior and landscape design service is tailored to homeowners with both large and small yards in all fifty states in the U.S. Our design process begins with understanding your outdoor space, style, and a discussion of your budget and vision to minimize surprises when it comes time to build.

Our top-notch designers then develop a personalized vision for your yard, shared through 3D renderings, 2D plan drawings, and plant and material lists. Your design will capture the look, feel, and function you are hoping for, all while keeping costs within range.

Once your design is complete, well help you connect with a local contractor from our Pro Network of vetted professional contractors to install your new design.

Ready to enjoy some smores around the fire pit in the outdoor living space of your dreams? Create your design profile or explore our professional backyard landscaping and exterior design packages today!

Make The Most Of Color Paver Patio Ideas

MODERN BACKYARD TIME LAPSE!! Covered Deck, Paver Patio, and Fire Pit Backyard Makeover Ideas

Allow the wide variety of hues be the driving pressure when establishing your pavers design. Usage shields that mirror the bordering landscape or take a hint from the shades inside your residence.

Accent shades could be duplicated in the pavers design to assist your patio room make a strong statement.

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Customize Paver Patio Ideas

You could custom-design your room with the addition of personalized art work. Using unique crafting ideas can develop greater than simply a new space for your patio area on front yard landscaping ideas.

Develop art exactly on your patio with the addition of various other textures as well as elements. Let each relative craft individual concrete pavers to work into the design.

You can shift photos onto pavers then secure the pavers to preserve the design.

The only real limit to developing your patio living space is your own creativity. Speak with a professional to help you take your ideas for a new outdoor space as well as turn them right into a remarkable truth.

Patio And Pathway Inspiration

Update your patio, build a new walkway, or install a fire pit for yard thats perfect for summer shindigs.

A long-lasting patio is a lot like a smooth paint jobits all about the prep work. Rush to put pavers down on a faulty base, and it might take only a few seasons for the stones to shift and become a tripping hazard.

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Seattle Zen Paver Patio Ideas

Seattle-based landscape design/build company Avalon Northwest dug deep into 6 inches, then set up and compacted a gravel subbase.

From there, they added a sand setting bed, right into which they laid the pavers as well as finished with concrete bordering.

The pavers that develop the circle pattern are Old Preeminence and the course is Roman Preeminence from Mutual Materials. Blue star creeper edges the course and round patio.

Install A Gorgeous Waterfront Patio

Outdoor Kitchen / Fire Pit / Pergola / Paver Patio

The best outdoor spaces are a seamless blend between the man-made and the existing landscape. That’s why This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook chose native Goshen stone for this patio, nestled along the craggy Massachusetts coast in Manchester-by-the-Sea. For this project, Roger designed and built a 15-by-25-foot waterfront patio, plus a flight of stone steps leading up to an existing brick landing. Close enough to dip a toe in at high tide, the seaside perch offers panoramic views of the inlet and boulder-strewn cliffs.

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Patio Ideas Without Grass

While most people want a yard with grass in their outdoor space, there are some that prefer to avoid the maintenance that grass brings with it. Building a patio and not having a green space around it is an interesting challenge.

One idea is to make the yard mostly out of hardscape, including walkways, stairs, patio area, etc. While we have built a very large yard in this manner, it is more common in smaller yards.

Another option is to include planting beds and some artificial grass that doesnt need the maintenance a growing lawn requires.

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Flagstone And Stone Block Patio

You cant beat stone as a building material for a backyard terrace. It blends well with any backyard and garden, its always in style and it will last almost maintenance free for generations. We built the walls in this project from blue ledge stone and the flagstone patio from cut and squared bluestone.

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Rustic Flagstone In Herringbone

Just take a look at this patio. Looks warm, isnt it? You may wonder how you can make a patio looks and feels warm.

Thats easy. Just install rustic flagstone pavers like these.

This patio also includes other natural stones and unfinished wooden furniture as well, all of which complete the rustic look.


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