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Backyard Mother In Law Cottage

Construct A Detached Adu For Independence And Privacy

Seattle could see more backyard cottages, mother-in-law units

Offering the most privacy and personal space, a unit separate from the main house is ideal for short-term vacation rentals and long-term tenants. A detached ADU also offers more independence for family members living there.

Since new construction is required, this type of residence takes additional money and time to build and to obtain permits. According to home remodeler Lamont Bros. in Portland, Oregon, detached ADUs cost an average of $200,000 to $400,000 for a single story and $300,000 to $550,00 for two stories. Youll need to install a water heater and also an electric meter if the occupants will pay their own utilities. But this larger sized unit can bring in higher rental income to offset increased costs. A detached unit may raise your property value by 20% to 30%, according to Architects LA, an architectural firm in Los Angeles, though this again depends on the market.

No matter what type of ADU you choose, be sure to factor in expenditures for fixtures and appliances as well as furniture if you plan to use it as a short-term rental.

Granny Pods : What Are They & How Much Do They Cost

Its a topic most of us dont want to talk about: caring for our aging parents. No one wants to put their parents in a nursing home, but sometimes, we just dont have the capacity to care for them ourselves.

Granny Pods offer a compromise: Keep your loved ones close to home, but allow them to live independently.

Getting Tiny Houses Approved As Habitatable Dwelling Units On Your Property

Getting a Tiny House installed legally on a property is often possible, once you know how. The Tiny Home Industry Association works with states and communities to help them realize there is a new trend towards smaller homes, and to find creative ways to make sure having one on your property is legal. They are a great advocate for Tiny Home owners across the USA, and work hard to get the law changed where needed, and to give people access to this affordable type of home.

To avoid being labeled as trailers or park homes, Tiny Houses on wheels still need to use standards available nationally related to the RV industry, and additional state laws typically require that they look like similar to standard homes, and perform more like them as well, often including certain criteria like minimum insulation levels. Basically, they need to fall more under the umbrella of a ‘home’ rather than an RV to ensure they are more suitable for long-term living rather that short term, as is the case with recreational vehicles.

States that are in the process of making tiny houses on wheels legal include Maine, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina. We’ve written about many of these states passing new laws to legalize Tiny Homes.

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My Tiny House Is On Wheels How Does It Work With Parking And Land Use

Mobile tiny houses are built differently, and each situation would be investigated on a case-by-case basis, depending on construction type and location. Here are a couple of examples:

Some tiny homes are built on a chassis to comply with Canadian Standards Association requirements for recreational vehicles and are not certified for year-round accommodation. The City regulates this type of vehicle as it would any other RV including where the vehicle can be parked or stored.

Some tiny homes are built on a chassis and are intended to provide year-round accommodation. The City regulates this type of tiny house as a manufactured home. A tiny house constructed on a permanent undercarriage or chassis is considered a manufactured home . Manufactured homes must meet Canadian Standards Association certification requirements for mobile homes and may only be located with a development permit in land use districts which list this use. Manufactured homes are allowed only in the Residential-Manufactured Home District or Special Purpose Future Urban Development District.

Does An In Law Suite Add Value

14+ Famous Ideas Backyard Mother In Law Cottage

For many buyers, a mother in law suite usually ups the value of your home and is a desired feature for most. Buyers see the potential in the possibilities of a mother-in-law suite whether for a home office, for family members, and especially for renting opportunities.

The value of having a mother in law suite can vary widely depending on where you live. For instance, if you live in a popular tourist area or a college town, you may find more people would want to rent out the space. This can be appealing for buyers as theyll know theyll be able to find a steady stream of renters and extra income.

However, if you live in an area where the majority of homes dont have mother-in-law suites, you may find it difficult to have your home appraised to increase its value as there are no similar surrounding properties recently sold to compare it to.

The best way to increase the value of your home is to work with an experienced real estate agent. They will be able to help you decide whether the cost and time of adding a mother-in-law suite will help your home sell faster and for more, or if youre better off spending time and money elsewhere to market your home.

Our agents have been carefully vetted and often offer competitive, lower than average commission rates to UpNest customers. There is no obligation to sign up with one of our Realtors, but when you can potentially save thousands on commission why wouldnt you? If youre ready to get started, just enter your zipcode below!

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What Is A Mother

An ADU is a structure that possesses all the necessary amenities to accommodate overnight. ADUs are also commonly called tiny homes and are an affordable solution for housing aging or disabled in-laws temporarily or long-term.

A mother-in-law backyard suite has all the amenities that your loved one needs to live a happy lifestyle, including a kitchenette, bathroom, sleep accommodations, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mother

Why is it called a mother-in-law suite?

Mother-in-law suites are commonly used as homes for in-laws or other family members, temporarily or permanently.

Should I build a mother-in-law suite?

If youre willing to spend the time and money for new construction, a mother-in-law suite can be a good investment. You can use the space to house guests or family members, rent it out to tenants, or as a work space. Just know youll pay more in property taxes.

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Which Adu Best Meets Your Needs And Budget

Over one-third of agents surveyed by HomeLight say the most common type of ADU in their market is a detached structure. While detached units are preferred throughout much of the country, interior conversions are more typical in the Northeast and the Midwest regions.

When selecting the type of ADU, take into account the trends in your area, how the unit will be used, and your budget.

Does It Need Separate Utilities

Backyard In-Law Cabin 16×32 – EPISODE 7

Consider separating your mother-in-law suite utilities from the main house if you will be renting the space out. That way, you can turn off the utilities for that space in case its ever unoccupied. While this allows you to divide bills more easily, adding separate utility meters could add thousands of dollars to your project costs. However, if youre using the space to house relatives, you may want to have the same utilities, just with different lines.

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Converting A Finished Room

You can turn an existing, finished room in your home into an in-law suite for about $10,300 to $11,250. This includes the cost to add a bathroom or thecost to build a kitchen, both needed to convert an existing room into a fully functional in-law suite. Each of these additions costs about $5,000 minimum. Installing new walls costs $1,800 per wall on average.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Backyard Cottage

Costs can vary greatly depending on site conditions and decisions regarding the complexity of building design & level of interior finishes. For a modest Backyard Cottage, homeowners could consider a price range from $100,000 to $300,000. This price presumes a homeowner already owns a primary residence on a lot that can accomodate a Backyard Cottage and does not include the price of land, city permits & fees, utility meters or hookups – merely the basic costs to build the structure on a homeowner’s site.

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Design Elements And Amenities That Add Value

The small size of an ADU makes certain details stand out while enhancing liveability and potential rental income. When planning your mother-in-law suite, include features that will increase resale value or how much rent you can charge.

According to HomeLight data, the top three design elements adding greatest value are durable flooring such as waterproof laminate natural light provided by French doors, skylights, and clerestory windows and use of high-end materials like granite and name-brand appliances.

A private entrance is the most important amenity in an ADU that will boost resale value or rental income followed by air conditioning and an in-unit washer and dryer.

Proximity near the city center is the location factor ranked highest for increasing an ADUs value, according to 60% of agents surveyed by HomeLight. Being near a college campus or body of water will also make an accessory unit more valuable.

If its not permitted and considered legal square footage, youve got a gap between what its worth versus what it will appraise for.

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  • Single Family Homes988

Financing Options For Your Adu

Backyard Mother In Law Cottage Amazing Design

Unless youve got a pile of cash hidden under your mattress, youll need to explore ways to finance your mother-in-law suite.

  • A home equity line of credit uses your home as collateral so you can borrow up to 80% or 90% of your propertys value and pay interest only on the amount withdrawn.
  • With a cash-out refinance of your existing mortgage, you can borrow more than you owe and use the cash difference to pay for your in-law suite.
  • A renovation loan bases the appraisal on the propertys value after its renovated, but has higher closing costs and interest rates than typical refinancing.
  • Take out a loan against your retirement account.
  • Obtain a personal line of credit if you dont have enough equity for a loan secured by your home.
  • Refinance after building the ADU to consolidate debt and possibly take advantage of lower interest rates.

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Why Are Backyard Cottages An Important Housing Choice

Backyard Cottages provide another type of housing that complements a communitys range of single-family housing options. A Backyard Cottage provides a smaller-scale housing choice for a familys young adult or elderly family members, for flexible home-office or guest space, and may also be used as a rental, providing homeowners additional income. Backyard Cottages are a more affordable housing choice, help to reduce sprawl, and help climate change.

What Does An In Law Suite Look Like

There is no one way a mother in law suite should look like. While at minimum, a mother-in-law suite needs a full bathroom and a bedroom, many in-law suites come with considerable amenities including a full kitchen, a living room, and additional bedrooms or living spaces. Depending on your needs, mother-in-law suites can be as basic or as extensive as youd like.

Some mother-in-law suites are completely detached from the main home, for instance, a small cottage or converted garage. In the Southwest, mother-in-law homes are called casitas, which are fully independent and functional small dwellings.

You can also convert an attic or basement into a mother-in-law suite as well. Keep in mind, attic and basement mother-in-law suites may not always be ideal for some buyers, as aging parents may have more difficulty navigating stairs.

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About Additional Dwelling Units

Additional Dwelling Units are commonly known as ADUs, backyard homes, tiny houses or laneway suites.

In most cases, they’re built in the backyard of a property that already has a main house. They’re not trailers or mobile homes because ADUs are permanent. While ADUs are smaller than the main house, they are still required to be built to a high standard. In many ways, they are like any other new house built in Kitchener, except smaller.

If you want to add an attached unit to a home , visit our duplexes and basement apartments page.

When you’re planning your new ADU, you’ll need to consider:

House Plans With Mother In Law Suite

Mother-In-Law Apartments
House plans with mother in law suite give you a ton of flexibility.

Looking for house plans with in law suite ? If so, you’ve come to the right spot! All of the house plans in this collection contain bedrooms with private baths in which you can house an in-law, elderly parent, caregiver, older child, short-term renters, or special guests. For added privacy, many of these extra bedrooms are separate from other bedrooms in the floor plan in the basement, across a breezeway, above an attached garage, or as part of a third floor loft. Some mother in law suites even feature separate kitchenettes and living rooms to give the feel of a separate apartment, lending a greater sense of independence. You’ll find a variety of other amenities as well, including private entrances and walk-in closets, in our collection of house plans with mother in law suite.

Note: if you want a totally detached unit , check out our collection of garages with apartments or tiny house plans.

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Gorgeous Granny Pods To Keep Aging Family Members Close

So chic, your mother-in-law won’t even mind living in your backyard!

With an aging baby-boom generation and their grown children contemplating alternatives to retirement homes, a new option is popping up in peoples backyards. Granny pods, also known as granny flats,mother-in-law cottages or the decidedly more scientific term, auxiliary dwelling units, are small, standalone living spaces built close to a main house.

These tiny homes allow aging parents to stay close to their children and grandchildren for care and companionship during retirement, often at a lower overall cost than other options. While it allows family members to stay close at a pivotal time, this solution maintains privacy and independence for all family members, giving everyone their space.

Some granny pods are outfitted specifically for accessibility, making them a great alternative to nursing homes. However, dont think that means you need to sacrifice on style. The gorgeous designs of these backyard dwellings are definitely wow-worthy!

So What Is A Granny Pod

Granny pods are tiny houses, often located in thebackyards of adult children or other family who want to be able to keep an eye on their senior parent or loved one. They can be custom built so that they are designed specifically for a seniors physical abilities or pre-fabricated units.

it is a self-contained building that can be installed in the average back yard, which functions as an advanced elder care facility.


For various reasons, it may not be practical to have an elderly parent live in the same home with their adult child, but what if they arent ready for assisted living or a nursing home?

In these cases, granny pods or mother in law pods can be a perfect backyard solution for seniors and their families.

Building a granny flat is an exciting adventure! Youll discover so many benefits as you experience life with a second dwelling – from an increased property value of up to 30%, to another potential income stream through tenancy, to having extra space for family, guests and storage.

For our readers living in Australia – check out the Granny Flat Solutions company for information about building these backyard homes in your area.

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Caregivers Turn To Adus For Multigenerational Households

As senior citizens increasingly dominate the U.S. population, many families are opting to build backyard in-law cottages as homes for elderly parents.

Many baby boomers now find themselves caring for their parents or other older relatives. In fact, in the last year 34.2 million Americans acted as a caregiver to someone over 50.

As the elderlys needs change, so do the demands on the time and resources of the caregiver.

Expensive assisted living apartments or nursing homes may be financially impossible for many families or simply considered only as a last resort. Building a cozy backyard home for an aging family member creates the best of both worlds: providing nearby assistance when necessary while still allowing privacy and a degree of independence for seniors.

What Does Building An In Law Suite Cost

Mother in law cottage

Depending on your needs and desired amenities, costs to build a mother in law suite run the gamut. On average, however, the cost to build a new, detached mother-in-suite will cost you around $180,833. Adding an attached mother-in-law suite will save you a bit, as the average cost to build will run you around $154,400.

If you decide to convert your basement into a mother-in-law suite, your costs could be even higher with an average of $185,833. While if you decide to convert your garage, on average your costs will be around $142,000.

Of course, many factors are in play when calculating your costs. Take into account size, state of disrepair, and amenities. But generally, repurposing an existing space like an attic or garage will be more affordable than constructing an entirely new abode.

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Types Of House Plans With An In

At Family Home Plans, we have many house plans with in-law suite options. Different types to consider include:

  • Attached to the main home: For easy access to the in-law suite, you may want to have it attached to the main level of your home. This is a good option if you are caring for a parent who needs assistance regularly or who has mobility issues.
  • If your parent is more independent, you could consider a plan where there is some separation from the rest of the house. This could be a suite that is above a garage, on a different level or even just separated by a hallway or breezeway.
  • Floor plans with in-law suite: An in-law suite can be more than just an additional master bedroom. Depending on the person’s level of independence, you can choose floor plans that create more of an apartment-like feel. You can incorporate features such as a kitchenette, living room and private entrance.

With our variety of home plans, you’ll be able to find the perfect in-law suite option.


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