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Decorating Ideas For Small Front Porches

Spring Front Porch Decor Ideas For A Fresh Seasonal Fix

DIY Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas on a Budget!

Social media searches for front yard and front porch have reached a five-year high, according to gardening professionals.

The experts at gardening and outdoor specialists GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk say that more and more people are exploring how to decorate a front porch in order to bring a splash of color and make it an enticing entrance to visitors.

A spokesman for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk says: ‘Historically, front yards and porch areas may have been overlooked while people concentrate on their back gardens. But there has been an increase in social media traffic for these areas of our homes as people look for creative and innovative ways to make the most of these spaces.’

Richard Petrie, home expert at Thomas Sanderson , comments:

‘Your porch is the gateway to your home, and the way you choose to decorate it is a great way to reflect your style and personality. As the first visual point for new guests entering your home, its essential you style your porch to your own taste!’

‘Even if you have just a few spare feet next to your door, its important you maximize the space as much as possible… Choose lightweight, low profile plant pots on either side of your door filled with plants that can easily be moved if needed.’

‘Remember that symmetry is key to making your porch appear larger, so even-numbered products on your porch is a great idea to create that mirrored design and spacious appearance.’

Add Texture With Layered Doormats

The layered doormat look is still a big trend.You can add a bit of style and your own personality with a fun doormat. For an even richer look, add a layered doormat look. Find a patterned larger rug for the base layer and then add a cute and fun smaller doormat for the top layer.

We have had this black and white rug for a few years and I still LOVE it. This is a similar black and white rug option. The rug has held up so well and even after a few years does not need to be replaced. However, doormats dont hold up as well and usually need replacing every yearespecially after a long winter!

Lemon Doormat //Black and White Rug

I was so excited to put out my new lemon doormatthat I have been talking about since I purchased it a few months ago! The doormat was the inspiration for the rest of the porch as I added little pops of yellow! Once I get the rest of our summer flowers, I will be sure to incorporate more yellow.


Create A Colorful Plant Paradise

Bring your porch to life – quite literally, with a dazzling display of potted plants and flowering species. Create a striking container garden with an abundance of plant textures, colors, and sizes, staggered at various heights.

Giovanni Scippo, director at 3D Lines , says: For a no-fuzz spring porch, bring out lush greeneries and fresh florals . Arrange them in pots of varying sizes in DIY plant stands. Spruce up your door by updating its color to something fresher and brighter fitting of springtime. Put out a new welcome rug that is just as fun. If you are lucky enough to have a bigger porch, set up some tables and chairs, throw in pillows in pastel or another happy color that matches your chosen florals. If you’re feeling a little extra, you can even add candles and lamps in pretty holders and glass stands!

Cassi Hallam, System Pavers , says:Planting colorful flowers is a great way to bring a touch of sunshine to your porch. There are endless options to choose from, so pick a flower that will complement your style. Daffodils are a spring favorite around the country and Black-Eyed Susans are extremely easy to grow. Homeowners can also energize their porch furniture with fresh throw pillows that add bold pops of color.

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Dealing With A Super Small Porch Go With Hanging Plants Instead

On extra-small porches, sometimes potted plants can just add chaos and make it difficult to even enter your front door. Again, utilize your small porchs vertical space with hanging plants instead. Ferns are an easy-to-grow and classic hanging plant choice. For a pop of color, go with a trailing plant that blooms, like a petunia.

My Front Porch Decorating Musings

31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

I have learned a lot by having a small porch. When we first moved here I thought there wasnt a lot of fabulous small porch decorating ideas I could call on to make my tiny porch look amazing. But I was wrong.

I have learned that there are as many great ideas for decorating a small porch as a large one. You just need to keep a couple things in mind.

First, you can love all the porch decorating ideas but you cant use them all at the same time! Sorta self-explanatory! But if you are like me, you love stuff! And keeping in mind the mantra LESS IS BEST is so important.

And second, scale and proportion are very important especially when it comes to decorating a small front porch!

Not bragging, but you can find my post with great explanations for SCALE AND PROPORTION and how to use them when you decorate. It takes one of the basic elements of design that can be quite confusing and simplifies it!

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Add A Shout Out To The Season

Adding a nod to the season is an easy and so pretty way to decorate a porch!

Pumpkins in the fall. Evergreens at Christmas. Planters of blooming bulbs in the spring. And lots of pretty, colorful annuals in the summer!

For summer I added three planters of vibrant, colorful annuals. The tall architectural planter on the right side of the porch balances the bench on the left side and is filled with shade-loving plants. The planter does not get any direct sun.

These fast growing annuals will fill this planter and spill over it in no time!

The large round self-watering planter gets sun until about 3:30 every day so it is filled with sun loving summer annuals! Im thinking of this planter as my front porch cutting garden!

I added a big round architectural piece to this container. Ive had this and another one like it for years. The rustier they get the more I like them! As the flowers get larger the ribs will help support the taller blooms.

The last nod to the summer season is a basket of annuals on the bench. This area, like the tall pot on the porch, does not get sun at all! So Ill rotate a few pots of red and pink geraniums to sit on the front porch bench.

Small Porch Fall Decorating Ideas

Next, lets talk about creating something beautiful and welcoming for guests.

An empty front porch is sometimes necessary to allow for full functionality. If your front porch is especially tiny, then you might not have room to add anything but a beautiful door wreath that doesnt take up space.

However, I often feel that the most welcoming entrances are those that have a touch of personality. It makes the house feel like a home when you see someones personal touches on display.

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Connect With Other Outdoor Spaces

If your porch leads to a front garden area, think about how to keep the look cohesive. Use similar plants, choose paint colors that echo nature or speak to your designer about emulating the architectural features seen in your pathway or stonework.

In this California property, designed by Taylor Lombardo Architects , not only does the stonework provide a cohesive look, but so do the plants surrounding the porch.

Add Elements That Serve Multiple Purposes


We always tell our clients to think of the front porch as an additional room, and this rule still applies to small porches. So think about what type of accessories you use to add life to a bare room, and add those. However, with limited real estate, each porch element needs to earn its place by serving more than one purpose. For example, you can opt for a small outdoor rug rather than a welcome mat. It gives a cozy look to your porch, but you can still use it to wipe off your shoes before entering. Add a small bench to the mix, and you now have a place to remove your muddy shoes before entering and a spot to display plants.

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Keep The Surrounding Area Clean And Free From Clutter

First impressions are everything, so make sure your small front porch and front door is a good one. Whatever your space or budget, there are many ideas to make a difference to your own humble porch.

Give the surrounding area a good clean and clear out any items that might be in the way. Even polishing a letterbox or door knocker will do a world of good.

Unexpected Finds Small Porch Decor Ideas

Theres no rule against showing off your favorite thrift hauls or affinity for antiques from the safety of your front porch, as long as it is well covered.

Use an old buffet as an outdoor serving station or as a handy place to stash package deliveries. Flank your door with a set of antique urns. A vintage sign or mirror make great conversation pieces. My friend, Roxanne, is flawless with her vintage porch decorating like using an old milk jug as a side table.

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Be At One With Your Surroundings

Its important to coordinate the front door with the rest of the house, suggests Rebecca Thompson, Color Designer at Dulux, a UK paint brand. Look closely at the underlying hues within your walls and natural surroundings to ensure they dont clash. Get inspiration from your neighbors, too, and try for a unified look. A street with complementary tones looks more appealing than a mishmash of clashing colors.’

Small Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Small Front Porch Decor Tips For Decorating Like A Pro

If you have a tiny porch, it might be time to update your decor a bit. Throw on some pillows and a patterned rug for a cozy, inviting feel. Add some potted plants and outdoor pillows, and switch out the signs for the seasons. You can also put up a new wreath for spring. We like this idea by Erika it features a pink and coral wreath, a coral-colored chair, a vintage plant stand, and a DIY solar lantern.

A little lighting can make a big difference. Wall lights draw attention to feature elements, thereby opening up the porch. Alternatively, a small chandelier can provide a romantic glow. If youre trying to create a refined, classic look, avoid using too many colours and opt for simpler tones instead. A rug can also be a great way to organize furniture. If youre using colour as an accent, try avoiding mixing too many shades of the same hue.

A small front porch doesnt need to be boring! It can still be just as charming as a larger porch, if youre creative. Consider using the steps as decorative accents, too. A hammock chair or a porch swing can be a great addition to a small porch. Then, add a few decorative touches to your front door. Using a metal lantern along the front steps can also add pizzazz.

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Dont Waste Your Front Doors Real Estate Draw Attention To It

The bench and other porch decor at Stone Gable is very pretty, but what really draws my eye is the colorful basket of faux flowers hanging on the front door.

Note the cute idea to add brightly colored flowers to the bench too.

Pay special attention to how you arrange the accessories on your porch.

The front door at This Is Our Bliss has a pretty wreath on it, but what really draws my eye is the way that the planters and lanterns are arranged in a pathway that leads your eye right to the door.

Incorporate Globe Swing Lights

Garden by Rini Ramli

The lights will incorporate your hipster haven and transform your space. You can protect the bulbs with bubble-wrap sleeves. You can then run the cords on the door as you add the bulbs. You can use it to create a Fairland effect as it is not too bright and makes dark front porches magical.

You can also add rocking chairs and a dining table as you enjoy the holiday season sharing ideas with guests. Your guests will delight in a morning coffee as you share your inspiration on affiliate marketing programs and home design.

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Add Something Spectacular To Your Front Door

Nothing makes an instant impact like something spectacular on your front door especially if you have a small front porch!

Our eyes will go right to the front door if there is a wreath or basket or some other focal point on it!

For late spring into the summer, our front door has a big French-inspired basket filled with red and pink geraniums hanging on it. You just cant miss it! I adore red and pink together!

No matter the size of your porch and the time of the year, make your front door the focal point!

Did you notice the little hello to the door! Its a cheery welcome for sure!

You can see this super easy diy and some cute things to add to your door by going to

Use Color To Trick The Eye


On a small porch, your color combos can create a sense of visual expansiveness that disguises a space’s limited dimensions. Pastel colors are a natural fit to foster a light, open feel. A balance of light and dark hues, such as white siding with black trim and accents, can also create coziness that doesn’t feel suffocating.

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How To Decorate A Small Front Porch

*Some affiliate links used.Happy Friday! I hope you had a wonderful week! This weeks Friday Favorites is a little different as I am participating in a front porch decor blog hop with a few other fun blogger friends! Spring weather is starting here and I cant wait to spend our days outdoors. It was nice to get our front porch ready for the season, so we can take advantage of the space all spring and summer. Our front entryway is very small and it can be a challenge to style, but with a few little updates, we were able to create a space we love. After you read through my small front porch decor ideas, be sure to check out the other bloggers porches as well!

Small Front Porch Chairs

Even on a small front porch, you can add a mini conversation area. It might only be one small chair or stool but it make the spot very cozy!

This year, we found a small front porch chair. Last year, we were able to fit a rocking chair. You can see our porch from last summerHERE. While I absolutely LOVED having the rocking chair on the front porch, it was a little big for the small space. It was a very functional decor piece but it just didnt look quite right there. We really used the chair all the time, most often me, but I did catch the kids sometimes sitting out there reading a book.

Actually, I was ready to put the rocking chair back on the porch but I when I realized it was need to be repainted, I started to reconsider. Then, my six-year-old and I were at Target in the outdoor patio section and we found so many fun outdoor chair options! I brought this small front porch chair home and then asked the kids what they liked better. Does anyone else ask their family to take a vote on decor decisions? We all opted for the smaller chair because it made the porch feel bigger and more open.

Yellow Planter // Small Patio Chair // Black and White Striped Pillow // Outdoor Metal Table

The fabric on the chair is really cool! It can get wet and dries up really nice. It is actually a really comfy chairespecially with a pillow!

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Make Waves With Sea’spiration

Daydreaming of feeling free at the sea? Bring a revitalizing, salty air vibe to your doorstep with a beach house interior style, that instantly transports you to blue therapy shores…

Cohen, says: Who says you have to live near the beach to create the calm feel of an oceanside space? By integrating organic textures, colorful accents, and beachy hues into your spaces, you can feel a bit closer to that beach bungalow of your dreams.

Create A Glowing Ambience With Candles

31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

Take the weight off in a porch swing 2022, and absorb ombre sunsets and the gentle buzz of nature amongst a captivating set-up glowing candlelight, and atmospheric garden lighting ideas… Dreamy…

Drewe says: Why should your spring porch only be seen in the daytime? By incorporating some bold candles in glass holders on either side of your door, you can keep your porch lit throughout the night too.

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