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Brick Patio With Fire Pit

How Hot Does A Fire Pit Get

My 4-Day Fire Pit Patio Build [Full DIY Project]

The heat a fire pit emanates is measured in BTUs . The higher the BTU, the more heat it gives off.

Propane fire pits give off 30,000 to 50,000 BTUs.

Wood-burning fire pits burn at 1,000 Fahrenheit and can give off up to 100,000 BTUs depending on the size of the pit or bowl and how much wood you burn.


How To Build A Brick Fire Pit: The Complete Guide

A fire pit is an excellent addition to your outdoor living space.

Fire pits contain dangerous flames while creating a cheerful, attractive area for socializing with friends and family.

Theyre made from fire-resistant building materials such as stone, brick, cement, and metal each of which fulfills different design preferences and maintenance requirements.

This article will focus on brick, a durable and reliable fire pit building material. Well show you how to build a brick fire pit and discuss why its one of the best options for your DIY fire pit project.

Keep reading to find out:

  • The tools and materials youll need
  • Estimated project costs
  • Step-by-step instructions for how to build a brick fire pit
  • Alternative fire pit ideas
  • Fire pit safety tips

Pavers And Fire Pit Ideas

When talking about fire pits, most people think of the round variation ones right away, but that is not the only option. There are many very elegant designs using a squared structure.

And that approach can be very helpful when building a fire pit from scratch to avoid design problems and having to cut any pavers.

  • A more luxury design with light elements and elegant sitting arrangements.
  • A comfy and rustic approach, with few elements and a lower fire pit.
  • A more modern and minimalistic approach, taking advantage of the natural colors of the stone pavers.

But, of course, we know that many people still prefer the circular variation. It is not impossible to build one using regular pavers, as long as you take your time to plan it.

  • This different and simple design establishes the fire pit at a lower level, planned from the beginning of the installation.
  • A close and personal elegant variation. Perfect for a small gathering.
  • The isolated island approach is also very popular, with the fire pit separated from the main building for a peaceful time.
  • One of the most basic implementations, centered around a sitting place made out of retaining wall.
  • A luxury design, with fewer elements around the fire pit, which makes it more versatile.

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Simple In Ground Brick Fire Pit

  • Materials: Red brick, standard sand, polymeric sand, plastic edging, plastic spikes, brick adhesive, brick paint, and grass seed
  • Tools: Shovel, rubber mallet, hammer, level, string
  • Complexity: Intermediate

Some people prefer a completely above-ground fire pit, while other people prefer a fire pit that is dug into the ground. This simple in-ground fire pit plan utilizes a solid hole to contain your fire material. The result is a beautiful fire pit that has two layers, a safe pit and a classic look that blends perfectly with the surrounding yard.

While the appearance of this fire pit is simple, the construction process is a little more involved than a typical above-ground pit. The hole has to be dug, and then the bricks have to be layered in the ground to create a solid hole that wont fill in. Then the bricks are glued together, painted for uniformity, and seeded with grass to hide any imperfections that might crop up during construction. In the end, the hard work will be worth it. This plan will leave you with a well-built fire pit that will last a lifetime.

The Cheapest Circular Brick Firepit Plan

Paver And Wall Design Ideas

Idea Picture 3:

This is the simplest and the cheapest of our six brick fire pit plans to make. In the photo above, there are two layers above ground and two in-ground but you will notice in the plan pictures, we have put down one layer in-ground with three above. This can certainly be changed based on your preference. You can even have only two layers above the ground, to save money on bricks.

DIY Plan 3:

  • Overall Diameter: 37
  • How many bricks are needed: 48
  • Estimated cost: $.88 x 48 = $42.24 in bricks, plus the cost of a bag of gravel.

This plan is so simple, it doesnt even need a layer of bricks on the floor of the fire pit. Each layer is built from 12 bricks.

Building Steps for Plan 3:

  • Dig a hole one- or two-brick layer thick and 37 in diameter.
  • Lay down your layer of bricks to outline your circular hole as shown in step 2.
  • Then lay down 2 or 3 more layers on top, with each next layer overlapping the gaps in the previous layer, as shown in step 3.
  • Fill the bottom floor with some gravel. That was easy, wasnt it?
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    Decorative Cinder Block Fire Pit

    • Materials: 24 cinder block caps, 1 bag of mortar, 2 bags of lava rock
    • Tools: Trowel, level, mixing bucket
    • Complexity: Intermediate

    If you like the idea of an affordable cinder block fire pit but are put off by the basic look of most square pits, this fire pit plan provides you a little extra pizazz. Instead of basic cinder blocks, this plan uses cinder block caps which give you a little bit of flexibility in the design. The caps are able to be placed flat or upright, allowing for a wider range of designs. The result is something that looks less DIY and more architectural.

    The trick is to layer the cinder block caps in offset patterns that result in a skinny middle and a flared top and bottom. The finished product looks fresh and is sure to stand out beyond the basic square fire pits that most other cinder block designs end up as.

    Professional Help With Pavers And Fire Pit

    As you could see, building your own fire pit is not easy. It also requtires using the right bricks and contacting your local authorities about the safety measures and recommendations.

    You might feel more comfortable hiring professional hardscape help to make sure the job goes out as smoothly as possible.

    At JS Brick, we have helped countless homeowners with their hardscape projects over our more than 20 years of activity, so we know the importance of a job well done.

    An in case you are around our area of activity, the Sarasota and Manatee Counties, in FL, why not give us a call to help you?

    Call us anytime at for a free estimate on our services. We will be happy to hear from you, either to give you some patio ideas with pavers and fire pit or help you with any other project you might have.

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    Stonehenge Brick Fire Pit

    We cant think of any other way to describe this particular fire pit than to call it a Stonehenge pit the way that the bricks are arranged vertically just reminds us of the famous English attraction. Aside from its appearance, this fire pit is very easy to make and does a good job of keeping smoke fumes away from your eyes.

    Backyard And Patio Fire Pit Ideas

    How To Build A Custom Paver Patio and Fire-Pit!

    Posted on

    Growing up we had a fire pit in the backyard. I loved it. We didnt use it every night, but we used it enough that I have many fond memories of roasting hot dogs and marshmallows in our backyard.

    Fire pits, whether somewhere in the backyard or on the patio are super popular these days. Keep in mind that fire pits are just one type of fire feature you can put in your backyard.

    Theyre relatively easy and inexpensive to make. At a minimum you need rocks and a shovel.

    However, because everyone wants a fire pit in their yard, there are many options you can buy. You can buy both wood-burning and gas-fueled fire pits. We recently purchased a propane-powered fire pit. Im not too fond of chopping wood I prefer flipping the on switch.

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    Where To Put Your Fire Pit

    Before rushing out to buy the materials that you will need to build your own DIY brick fire pit, you should map out the spot you are going to put it. A fire pit cannot be put anywhere on your property. A fire pit should be 10 feet from any home or structure at a minimum. Some counties have local laws that regulate the distance that a fire pit can be from any structures.

    The other things you want to look out for are nearby trees and underbrush. A fire pit should be at least 10 feet from any trees, and that includes overhanging material. You do not want to have any tree branches overtop your fire pit to avoid the risk of fire. A ring should also be kept clear around your fire pit of at least 6 feet that is free from any plants or debris.

    All of these restrictions can limit where the best place to put your fire pit is, but it is necessary for safety reasons. The last thing you want is for a nice evening outside to turn into a fire emergency.

    Patio Fire Pit Safety

    Youre dealing with fire here, so some safety precautions are important:

    • Install your fire pit at least 15 feet away from your house, other structures, and combustible materials like leaves, wood, or chemicals.
    • Avoid lighting the fire pit during extremely windy weather, so embers dont go flying.
    • Make sure you have a bucket of water, a hose with a sprayer, or a fire extinguisher nearby before lighting the fire. Sand works, too, by smothering flames, and wont create hot steam the way water will.
    • Keep the flame small: The larger it is, the bigger chance you have for it to get out of hand.
    • A fire screen is a good idea to contain flying sparks and embers.
    • Don’t leave fires unattended, and don’t leave small children unattended near the fire.

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    Tools And Materials Youll Need

    One benefit of building a DIY fire pit is that you can alternate materials depending on your design preferences and outdoor decor needs.

    For example, use cement blocks in place of bricks if youd like a variety of shapes and sizes to make up your pits structure.

    This tutorial will focus on building a brick fire pit atop your backyard turf or patio. While you read, consider what steps you could tweak to match your aesthetic and skill set.

    Materials and tools youll need to build a brick fire pit:

    • Seasoned firewood

    Laying The First Pavers

    Outdoor Kitchen / Fire Pit / Pergola / Paver Patio

    Once everything is settled, and you are sure things are the way you want, it is time to place your first row of pavers for real, already considering their permanent position.

    Once you finish placing the first row, check to see if everything is properly leveled.

    If youre working on the ground, this first row of pavers should be supported by the metal edge restrainers. If youre working on top pavers, youll lift each paver and then glue them in place using a construction adhesive.

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    How To Put A Fire Pit On A Paver Patio

    The first thing youre going to need, beside the pavers themselves, is either a steel ring or a set of fire bricks, to serve as isolation for your fire pit.

    The only other things youre going to need is a good construction adhesive, a level, metal edge restrainers and fire rocks to place at the bottom of your fire pit.

    So lets give you a step by step guide on how to build your own fire pit.

    Select Location And Fire Pit Shape

    Whether you are building a fire pit out of stone or concrete pavers or using a fire pit kit, you must select a location that is a safe distance from any structures and low hanging trees.

    • Consult local building code and homeowner association for any restrictions.
    • Disclosing your backyard fire pit could be a requirement of your homeowner’s insurance policy. Check with your agent to learn if having a fire pit may affect your coverage.

    The style and shape of your fire pit will determine the type of blocks youll need to purchase. Fire pits typically measure 3 to 4 feet across.

    • For a fire pit ring, you need trapezoidal blocks, which are narrower on one side. This allows the edges to fit snugly together for a circle without creating any gaps.
    • A square fire pit uses rectangular blocks and can be constructed in a variety of patterns with blocks of different shapes and sizes.

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    Need Even More Backyard Ideas

    Once youve completed your new paver patio, we’re sure you’re going to start spending more time in your backyard. As you do, there’s a good chance you’ll want to make even more upgrades. Shelter Logic has all the accessories you need to add beauty and functionality to your outdoor space. Take a look through some of our fun and functional outdoor products today!

    What To Consider When Adding A Fire Pit To Your Existing Patio

    600 sq ft Paver patio installation with fire pit – time lapse

    If youve decided to add a fire pit to your patio and all you can think about now is smores, we dont blame you.In fact, save us a couple, will you? Meanwhile, there are a few things to keep in mind, besides watching for a sale on graham crackers.Function is really important when it comes to building a fire pit on a patio.Heres what we mean:

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    Safe Fire Pit Fillers

    There are restrictions on what you can fill your fire pit with. The safest choice for a fire pit filler is sand or dirt. Many plans and designs call for gravel and lava rock to be used. However, you should not put natural rocks you find on your property, pebbles, or river rock in the bottom of your fire pit. Many rocks will crack and could possibly explode if heated to a high enough temperature, which can be dangerous for people sitting near the fire.

    When in doubt, use sand or dirt. Those materials cannot explode if overheated. They might not look the best, but they are the safest options by far.

    Install The Fire Pit Bowl

    For added safety and style, a fire pit bowl is a structure you place in the middle of your pit. Fire pit bowls are usually made from steel and have a high heat finish that will last many years.

    A fire pit ring looks similar to a bowl but doesnt need a base. Ring inserts can be used with backyard fire pits that have a gravel base. After building walls, you will need to add gravel to the pits bottom, which will help drain out moisture and provide a foundation for kindling materials.

    Whatever option you choose, make sure that the bowl or ring is appropriate for your fire pit. The correct sizing will simplify the fitting process and prevent you from having to resize brick borders.

    Place the bowl in the middle of your fire pit to test it. Make sure the brick border is visible at the bottom. After fitting the bowl, remove it from the fire pit and place it in a container. You can now move on to the next step in your DIY project.

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    Patio Ideas With Pavers And Fire Pit

    Paver patios are one of the most elegant elements you can incorporate in your hardscape project. When in combination with a fire pit, it makes for a killer design. Our goal today is to give you some inspiration to develop patio ideas with pavers and fire pit.

    In case you didnt know, in most cases, the same pavers you use on the patio itself can be used to build a fire pit. We say in most cases because some types of pavers, especially the natural stone ones, might not have a good resistance against the fire, so keep that in mind.

    You can even buy a set of pavers that is already specifically designed for building a fire pit. They are very easy to install, almost like building with legos, only much heavier.

    Either buying a specific set or designing your own with regular pavers, a fire pit is a wonderful addition to your paver patio.

    So lets show you some patio ideas with pavers and fire pit and then present you a guide on how to build your own.

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  • Professional Help With Pavers and Fire Pit
  • Brick Patio Design And Installation With Built

    Backyard fire pit built with spare square bricks

    Pavers are a popular choice for patio installations because they offer a variety of benefits. Pavers are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper care. They are also versatile, allowing for a variety of design options.

    If youre looking for a beautiful and long-lasting patio installation, consider pavers. Pavers can be installed in any shape or size, and come in a variety of colors and textures. They are also easy to care for and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

    If youre interested in installing a paver patio in your home, contact the experts at Eastern Iowa Landscape Services today. We would be happy to help you choose the perfect pavers for your home and provide installation services that will exceed your expectations.

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