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How To Layout Patio Furniture

Avoid Bulky Furniture Sets

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If you’re trying to fit in a large sofa or dining set into a truly tiny outdoor space and it isn’t working, that’s because it just won’t. The ‘go big’ rule applies only to the vertical space of your small garden you should try to keep the floor space as uncluttered as possible.

As Chartered Horticulturist and presenter David Domoney writes on his blog: ‘Furniture in a small garden can be used to great effect, but too much or the wrong type can clutter and could take up valuable space that you can ill-afford to lose. Instead of large benches or bulky seating, go for compact options like a bistro table set and chairs.’

With a slimline bistro set, you also won’t need to worry about where to position it in your small space: you can just easily move it around until you’ve found the perfect spot. It doesn’t have to be in the centre of your plot as the best bistro sets will look equally elegant in a corner.

Small Layout: Casual Hangout

Looking to facilitate a space for conversation? Arrange seating in a circle so anyone can hop into the group or pop out for a drink refill at any time. Adirondack chairs infuse any deck with a casual comfort that encourages laughs, good times, and catch-up sessions that last into the night.

When arranging your deck, draw a sketch and mark off the areas of the deck meant for pathways. Place the conversation table in the middle of the remaining space and arrange chairs accordingly. 5-piece and 6-piece Adirondack conversation groups are a great place to start for inspiration.

Dining Set With Firepit

This is a setup that will give guests an especially fun time by way of simply sitting down for dinner. This is because instead of a dining table, theyre eating around a firepit! A firepit design built with ledges around the center for table settings makes a dining experience thats warm, in more ways than one. If you have a small patio or outdoor pavement area, this setup will also give you two for the money a dining area and, when youre not dining, a firepit lounge. The firepit/table pictured here comes as a set with matching seats designed for the size, but you can also mix and match seats !

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Arranging Patio Furniture Around Pools & Firepits

Pools and firepits are popular gathering places. Here, the feature piece acts as the center of your furniture arrangement. Around a pool, place several reclining lounge chairs on the far side with end tables in between. The rest of the area can be used for the placement of conversation seating and umbrella-shaded tables and chairs. Around firepits, the seating arrangement should mimic the shape of the pit. Circular sofas are perfect for round firepits or you can evenly space chairs around the area, leaving enough space for people to easily get in and out. If the firepit is square, place a chair at each corner instead. For rectangular fireplaces, keep it cozy by placing a love seat or sofa on each long side and a chair or two on the shorter sides. A sectional can also be used on one side to accommodate more people.

Eclectic Courtyard With Garden

How To Arrange The Perfect Patio Furniture Layout?

I love the use of square brick pavers as flooring and the contrast to the mosaic style walls and pillars that creates an intimate courtyard in the middle of your home. This sophisticated look uses an eclectic collection of patterns and textures to create a unique space that you may find somewhere in Greece! A simple set of patio furniture, in a tasteful rot iron with scrollwork, adds to this space thats already full of character. The central feature of this patio is the garden in the middle a literal oasis in the middle of your space, full of beautiful flowers and palm trees for shade. Add a fountain for a real European feel!

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Tying It All Together

The furniture pieces don’t have to match, but something should tie them togethermaterials, color, height, scale, era, etc. Too much of anything crammed into one space is probably not the look you’re after, nor is it functional or liveable. Select items from your collection that look good , are comfortable and will hold up outdoors.

If you’re starting from scratch, either buy new or used items in good shape that go togetheragain, through materials and design .

These Outdoor Furniture Layout Rules Will Bring Out The Best In Your Small Garden

These outdoor furniture layout rules work for even the tiniest gardens follow them and you’ll always get your layout right

ByAnna Cottrellpublished 5 March 21

These simple outdoor furniture layout rules for small spaces will make designing your small garden so much easiser. When it comes to small garden layout ideas, the positioning of garden furniture can make or break the design it won’t work if it isn’t placed correctly or worse, just won’t fit the size or shape of your garden.

You might wonder whether there’s a whole science behind incorporating furniture pieces into small-scale layouts, but let these three easy tips from garden design experts convince you otherwise. Follow them, and you’ll never have trouble furnishing even the tiniest patio or courtyard.

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Is There A Certain Type Of Patio Furniture One Should Use

There isnt necessarily a specific type of patio furniture one should use, but its a good idea to make sure the furniture used on it is specifically for outdoor purposes. See here for information on which brands of patio furniture are best.

Some people like to incorporate indoor furniture pieces outdoors. While these pieces might look nice, the vast majority of these items arent designed to withstand the weather and elements. Unless your space is incredibly well protected from the elements , you should not try to use your indoor furniture outside.

Of course, its fine to bring pieces outside for an afternoon that you know will not be rainy or whatever, but it is almost always unwise to leave your indoor furniture outside for any length of time.

The Swimming Pool Area

Free patio chair instructions â simple Step by step DIY woodworking plans


This is yet another popular place people gather for fun on hot summer days. The location of the pool will determine how you arrange the space.

Nevertheless, you need to keep some distance while arranging your pool furniture. Place wheeled lounge chairs a few meters away from the pool. Wheeled lounge chairs ease your movements, especially when you want to change the position.

Get pretty tables that can be placed in between the lounge chairs for your refreshments.

Sometimes you will need to sit beside the pool watching your family having fun, so setting a conversation seat under a beautiful umbrella can work well.

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Ideas For A Circular Patio

Circle patio design is only limited by the imagination small circular patios extending from the balcony of your bedroom can look and function in a radically different way from a standalone covered patio in the middle of your garden. If you imagine a deck as dining and relaxation central, allow your inner designer to burst forth with your circular patio.

Patio zones can be personalized to your tastes. For circular patios, stick to one large zone in the center of the patio or two small pieces of furniture on either end. Patios should provide plenty of open space to break down perceived barriers between the yard and patio furniture.

Best Zones

Whats your favorite activity to do outside? If youre a suntan junkie or have a poolside patio, opt for a space-saving sunbathing zone. A straightforward chaise set will create an easy square zone that can be rotated around the center of your patio throughout the day to balance your tan.

Are you eager to host friends for afternoon cocktails or evening bottles of champagne? Furnish your patio with a bar zone complete with a bar cart and a tall bar set to give you an unobstructed view as you relish your latest martini recipe. The La Casa Café 5-Piece Farmhouse Bar Set will fit all of your closest friends while taking up less than 100 square feet of space.

Designing a circular patio is an inherent challenge. For further ideas read our blog on patio designs for irregular spaces.

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Retaining Wall Mosaic With Pool

This layout has two main features. The addition of the small, inground pool is relaxing and reflective, while perfect for a quick dip after laying out in the sun! The main intricate feature here, though, is the retaining wall. Created using a mosaic of cement pillars with colored tiles on top and around, functions as a perfect method of privacy, while also creating an interesting and soothing accent to your backyard. Keep foliage simple, and to add a little shade over the pool on the scorching days. Accent with a table and umbrella combination and your favorite beach lounger!

A Classic Way To Arrange Outdoor Furniture A Sofa & Two Chairs

MAY DAYS: A Small Patio Makeover

Our go-to way to arrange outdoor furniture is the classic combination of a comfortable porch sofa and two chairs. Just like your living room, this is a foolproof layout that works in a den, on a patio, and yes, on your porch too. In the porch above, we love the way louvered shutters and a chandelier really give this outdoor space the polish of an indoor space.

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Design Like A Traffic Conductor

When deciding on the layout of your patio deck, make sure you direct the flow of traffic in a way that eases congestion. Think about the way that guests will enter and travel through your outdoor space. Is there a clear and unobstructed path to the entrance and exit? Are there areas that will likely become crowded? For best practice, I recommend allowing 30-48 of space for high traffic areas. You can cut this measurement down to 24 for areas that receive less foot traffic.

PRO TIP: Arrange your patio furniture in a way that directs guests around the primary seating area rather than through it. Nothing is more irritating than excuse me, pardon me while youre getting to the butt of your joke. No pun intended!

Under Accessorizing Or No Decor

Picture this: you go to a store to purchase one of those comfortable deep-seating outdoor sets with two connecting sofas and matching ottomans. Maybe you buy a table or two with a frame that matches the set. This type of set is usually all tan, beige, taupe, fawn, off-white, or greige.

After coming home, you set it up in your outdoor room, take a few steps back, and wonder what’s missing.

Accessories. And by that, we mean outdoor accessories, not something you move from your living room to the outdoor room. Outdoor accessories should be waterproof and able to withstand the elements, although you will wisely bring them inside or under cover during the offseason or weather events, like tornadoes, hurricanes, storms, etc.

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Pergola Outdoor Living Room

Your patio can be an extension of your home! This layout features large marble pavers with varying patterns but cohesive through the same color scheme. The couch and love seat create a comfortable outdoor living room space for you to relax with friends, or sprawl out to get some work done. The pergola is a great touch, giving you both a bit of sunshine and shade throughout the day, keeping you comfortable. Add some interesting topiaries and flowering bushes along the outside to create privacy and bring a bit of nature into your living room!

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Patio Furniture Layout Tip: Incorporate Lighting

Unless you live in an area with zero cloudy skies and where the stars and moon shine so brightly that you can read by their light alone, a patio furniture layout at night is useless without lamps. When planning a layout, think about the layouts purpose and incorporate type and size of lighting from there. For a patio serving as a lounging space only, a few lanterns and the occasional string light is enough and creates ambiance for one serving as a nighttime dining space, an outdoor umbrella with lights casts a larger area of illumination !

Arrange Outdoor Furniture By Creating A Corner With Two Sofas

Your first instinct might be to place two sofas facing each other, and while thats a great layout that always works, we also like to create a corner with two outdoor sofas. The result is an intimate corner where you can chat tête-à-tête. It also opens up the other side of the seating space for easier flow.

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Ideas For A Circular Deck

Most American homeowners use elevated decks to either cook in the refuge of nature or to create an outdoor living room where they can relax, doze off, and pass the time. Before you delve into design choices like contemporary versus rustic, or nautical sets versus farmhouse sets, ask yourself what do you envision as the one or two primary functions of your deck?If youre stuck and cant decide exactly how to approach your circular deck read our guide covering potential uses for outdoor spaces to boost your brainstorming session.

Best Zones

Do you have a modest grill or a sprawling outdoor kitchen complete with counters that need to fit on your circular deck? To save space, limit your deck to a square dining zone featuring a sizable dining set and your grill and other cooking appliances opposite the dining space. Position the longest end of the dining set to face your yard or the sunset to provide a natural vista for evening meals.

Not planning on cooking your feasts outside? Combine a modestly-sized dining set with a larger conversation zone. A conversation area can include deep seating furniture or simple Adirondack sets and can be rearranged based on the unique curves of your deck. Circular decks allow you to position a coffee table or fire pit table in the middle of your conversation area and ensure each person can see everyone else.

How To Choose Outdoor Furniture

8 Keys to the Perfect Patio Furniture Arrangement

As the weather warms, its time to uncover the patio furniture, take the cushions out from storage, and ready the grill for burgers. Sometimes, though, once last seasons furniture makes its debut, it no longer looks to be in guest-ready shape and requires would-be entertainers to explore new outdoor seating options. They quickly discover, there are a lot of choices! So, too, do first time outdoor furniture shoppers, who often get overwhelmed by the materials, styles, and selections available. If you are in the market for new seating and eating options for your outdoor living space, read on for tips to help navigate through the sea of considerations.

Great outdoor furniture brings comfort and function to your deck or patio it allows your indoor rooms to move outdoors. A weather-proof table and chairs, for instance, brings your dining room outside and relaxing rockers or Adirondack chairs create a living room that has a cover of blue sky for its ceiling. The first step in identifying the right furniture is to think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Do you want to eat meals on your deck, or relax by a fire on your patio? Will you entertain large groups of people or host smaller, more intimate gatherings? Answers to these questions will point you in the right direction for what to buy.

Material Selection

When youre shopping for furniture, choose easy-care materials and pieces that compliment that look of feel of your landscape and home. There are many options.

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