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House Plans With Wrap Around Porches

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Talk about a Wrap-Around Porch! Luxury Home with True Southern Comforts

A country house can be your permanent residence or a vacation home for those who love the country life. However you intend to use your country home or where you intend to build it, you need to start with the ideal set of plans.

Get started by browsing through our country house plans from Family Home Plans, and use the search features to narrow in on the perfect option for you. Theres no need to take on the overwhelming process of designing a home from scratch when there are thousands of options to choose from, already set to go. With so many choices, you can find the perfect fit for you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us, and well be happy to assist you in your search. Anyone can enjoy the warmth and charm of the country with a beautiful country home plan from Family Home Plans.

Do Farmhouses With A Wrap

Yes, they do. Since the porch wraps around the house, it offers space in the front and back of the home for entertaining guests. Depending on the size of the house, whether 2, 3, or 4 bedrooms, the additional space with the porch means you can host parties, sleepovers, and backyard barbecues with no worries. There is just something about farmhouses with this type of porch that I find fascinating.

I suppose its the thought of looking out the window in the family room and seeing the barn and fields beyond. The idea of falling asleep every night to the sounds of crickets is so relaxing. Of course, there are so many more reasons why farmhouses with wrap-around porches are such an enticing style.

Besides the extra space for entertaining, the house plans for these houses include access points from other areas in the home. Homes with an attached garage may have an access point leading to the front or back porch for those times when you need some fresh air or a little quiet time. A space for a porch swing is a must!

Theres nothing like enjoying a cool summer evening on your wrap around porch with a glass of sweet tea, watching fireflies twinkling in the distance. But to really set the mood, youll need a front porch swing.

Modern Farmhouse Floor Plan With Wraparound Porch

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The Benefits Of Wrap Around Porch House Plans

Theres nothing quite like a porch to help you connect with those who live around you. If you are relaxing on the porch, you naturally get into conversations with others around you, including your neighbors. Youll also have a cozy outdoor spot to enjoy talking with your own family members. Porches also serve as a great spot for tables and chairs. So you can have meals outside without having to be in the grass. Overall, house plans with porches bring people together and help you and your family to further connect.

What Types of Homes Can Have Porches?

You might be wondering what style of home will fit with wrap around porch house plans. While most will work, the two most popular are Southern-style homes and country houses. Its no wonder that so many people are looking to use southern house plans with wrap around porches because sitting on a porch is a very southern thing to do. Country house plans also go well with porches. These homes are designed to be in the country, so families can relax and enjoy nature without the city noise.

Consider wrap around porch houses which would add beauty, value, and connection to your everyday life.

Wrap Around Porches Add Value to the Home

Porches Increase Curb Appeal

What’s included in House Plan Set drawings?

Small House Plans With Wrap Around Porch

Craftsman House Plan with Wrap

The Elle family house is the obvious choice for the undemanding family. The simple mass of the house itself is complemented by the surrounding covered terrace. Thanks to its size, there is the possibility of using its area not only for relaxation, but also for meeting with many friends, growing flowers or working corners. The house is ingeniously shaded by the sunroom and the terrace so that the interior of the house does not overheat despite the large glass surfaces. The longitudinal shape of the layout allows it to be zoned. On the ground floor, most of the space is left to the living room, which flows freely into the dining area with a connection to the kitchen. The separate entrance area is adjacent to a separate toilet and bathroom, which also houses the technical facilities of the house. The staircase leads to the second floor, where there are two spacious bedrooms and storage rooms.

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A Balanced Blend In Every Direction

With an int of inspiration for an old farmhouse with wrap around porch, this plan brings in the porch access all around the house. Separate guest, common, and private areas are arranged in the interior. The floor is accessed through the front into a central space. This then splits off onto the light to a guest bedroom and on the left to other private rooms, while centering the common areas for everyone to access.

The Potter’s House Plan #1489

Truly Southern best describes this raised cottage. For entertaining, casual enjoyment and everyday living, from its porch step inside to find style and space in only 2,500 square feet. Organized, comfortable spaces and sensible planning are the hallmarks of this design.

2,504 square feet

3 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths

Designed by R. N. Black Associates, Inc.

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Clustered To The Middle

An example of a clustered up cozy cove is the arrangement that sees the porch area covering most of the perimeter. It becomes a rustic farmhouse with wrap around porch that extended into a car garage on the exterior. The entrance of the house is first met by a dining space that extends into the kitchen and breakfast area to combine into a great room. From this central space for gatherings, the flow of the plan breaks into private spaces of bedrooms, laundry, and bathrooms on either side.

Tips To Plan The Perfect Wrap Around Porch House

wrap around porch house plans

Planning the layout of a farmhouse with wrap around porch could be an easy task if you can keep in mind a few techniques to keep up the efficiency.

  • Know your surroundings well so that you can determine how much of the porch needs to be built and where.
  • Depending on the number of spaces and the type, you need to fix a spatial flow that will work for your family.
  • More might not always be better so, keep it simple if there is no use for extra spaces on the layout.
  • The house plans with wrap around porch can be increased in its potential by providing outdoor access on the upper levels as well.
  • A variety of examples can be helpful when developing a layout before deciding on a fixed plan.
  • Keeping in mind the visual of how you want the spaces to be will be of great use when it comes to deciding on a layout. So keep up with the process of trial and error to best know the better one to create a plan that will work for the context as well as the people.

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    A Balance Of Outdoors And Indoors

    This layout follows a balance of space dedicated to outdoors and indoors, with both harmoniously matching the flow of activities in the house. The front porch covers the face proving a grand entrance to the great room that is seated in the middle of the plot. This space breaks out on both sides into gathering spaces like dining, kitchen, and lounge area.

    The private spaces like the master suite and other bedrooms occupy the periphery of the plan thus, giving a spatial flow that splits into private spaces from the center going out. Further moving forward, you head into a porch on the rear end attached to a patio for a more secluded outdoor seating space.

    Functionally Spread For A Side Outdoor Space

    This is a wrap around porch house that features spaces that are functionally laid out to give the necessary facilities for all the spaces. Starting with the entrance the plan goes into the central space that hosts the common spaces splitting into the private areas on either side. The master suite on one side is given access to the front porch while the other bedrooms on the opposite side are reserved for the rear end the make space for the car garage.

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    Why Buy Our Plans

    At your plans come straight from the designers who created them giving us the ability to quickly customize an existing plan to meet your specific needs. So if you have questions about a stock plan or would like to make changes to one of our house plans, our home designers are here to help you.

    Since we are the original designers of the plans on we can match or beat any price of the same exact plan found elsewhere. And we have access to our extensive CAD library of plans not on any web site. So call us to discuss any modifications on a plan and we will check to see if it already exists.

    When you buy direct from the source you get access to the knowledge of our designers who know our plans inside and out and are ready to customize plans to your exact specifications. For questions or to order your house plans call 800-379-3828.

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    Wrap Around Porch House Plans & Designs For Builders


    If you’re looking for bold, yet warm and welcoming curb appeal, and amazing outdoor living space, a wraparound porch house plan could be the best design for you.

    In front or back, wrapping porches adorn these lovely designs. Porches that wrap around at least one side add lots of usable outdoor space. If you have kids, a wraparound porch can become that perfect not-too-faraway outdoor play space. If you frequently entertain guests, a wraparound porch can be the ideal open, airy place on which to serve drinks and play games. If you’re an empty nester who just wants some peace and quiet, a wraparound porch can offer the breezy, sunlit tranquility you deserve.

    House plans with wraparound porches also allow for scenic vistas from two or more directions, making these designs especially suitable for view lots. Related collections include: house plans with porches, floor plans with patios, and home plans with courtyard.

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    Carolina Island House Plan #481

    Broad, deep, and square porches are the hallmark of this design. Beautifully detailed, this porch stretches 65-feet across the front with three 14-by-14 square foot porches set at each end totaling 1,695 square feet of outdoor living, dining, and entertaining space.

    2,738 square feet

    4 bedrooms and 4 baths

    Designed by Historical Concepts

    Classic curb appeal…Newberry Park is created with the spirit and style of an old Carolina manor. The exterior offers distinct proportions, relaxed porches, and graceful columns for true Southern flavor. The graceful expanse of each porch offers an environment perfect for outdoor entertaining or relaxation.

    3,625 square feet

    4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 Half baths

    Designed by Allison Ramsey Architects, Inc.

    Wrap Around Porch House Plans

    Wrap around porch house plans boast rich curb appeal and spacious outdoor living.

    Imagine relaxing evenings enjoying the summer breeze, or catching the morning sun on the other side of your house, with a porch that wraps all the way around. Wrap around porch house plans help make the most of outdoor scenery by offering multiple vantage points. Often covered, wrap around porches provide opportunities to entertain outside, rain or shine, and the additional shade helps cut down on summer cooling costs.

    The wrap around porch is a classic design, often accompanying Country, Farmhouse, Southern, and Victorian styles. As you explore our house plans with wrap around porch, consider which style is right for you. Modern farmhouse plans, for instance, are extremely popular across the country, as they tend to combine super chic exteriors with smart, open floor plans and up-to-date amenities, all of which cater to a modern lifestyle.

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    Vintage Lowcountry Plan #1828

    This irresistible design recalls the charm and character of the Lowcountry vernacular style. Taking cues from the past, the front porch features wood-clad walls, ceilings, and floors. The pained and hand-crimped standing-seam metal roof further defines a sense of historic charm.

    2,768 square feet

    4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

    Designed by Rick Clanton, Group 3 Design

    Five Benefits Of Wrap Around Porches

    Misty Falls CL-19-005 House Plan | Wrap Around Front Covered Porch

    Because wrap around porches are such a popular feature on country house plans, considering a country house plan for your building project typically means considering house plans with wrap around porches. You may already be dreaming of a classic farmhouse with a wrap around porch, but if your current home doesnt have one, you may wonder whether there are any benefits of including this feature on your new country home.

    Wrap around porches come with some valuable benefits. Here are five reasons you may want to choose a house plan with a wrap around porch.

    1. They Have Curb Appeal

    Wrap around porches and large, covered front porches have unmistakable curb appeal. They add more dimension to the facade of the house, and they also provide an area for homeowners to put their creative touch on their homes exterior. A covered porch provides a place for outdoor furniture, such as benches and rocking chairs, potted plants and other types of decor. Increased curb appeal also means an increased home value.

    2. They Provide the Perfect Spot to Enjoy Nature

    One reason many country homes have historically included wrap around porches is because these homes were built on scenic properties where it only makes sense to have outdoor spaces designed for enjoying nature. If your home will be built in a scenic area, a wraparound porch is the perfect place to take in the views on at least two sides of the house and, in some cases, on all sides.

    3. They Offer Outdoor Protection

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    Bayou Bend Plan #1745

    This quaint coastal cottage with double galleries is rooted in the architectural traditions of the Deep South, but its open floor plan and vibrant interiors are fit for the modern family.

    3,589 square feet

    4 bedrooms and 3 ½ baths

    Designed by Piazza Architecture and Planning

    Tour the 2010 Idea House

    Forest Glen Plan #238

    Inspired by architectural styling of the Old South, Forest Glen will charm you instantly. Deep front porches, wrought-iron railings, arched dormers, shutters and multiple French doors add a Southern accent to the elegant exterior.

    4,081 square feet

    4 bedrooms, 3 ½ baths

    Designed by Gary/Ragsdale Inc.

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    Country House Plans Faq

    If youre considering building a country style home, you may have some questions about this type of home. Hopefully, weve already answered some basic questions, like what is a country home? or what types of country homes are there? You likely have some other unanswered questions, though, about these house plans, so lets take a moment to answer some frequently asked questions regarding country homes.

    How Do I Find the Right Country House Plan for Me?

    Start by browsing through options and note which features you want to prioritize. Once you start to determine what youre looking for, you can narrow your search based on certain features. For example, you may look specifically for a country house with a detached garage or wrap around porch house plans. As you continue to learn which features youre interested in, you can further narrow your search until you find the perfect option for you.

    Whats Included in a Country House Plan?

    Country house plans from Family Home Plans come with all the information your builder will need to bring your vision to life. That includes detailed drawings, cross-section drawing and elevations. Your country house plans will detail everything from the exterior finishes to the interior floor plan, foundation plan, roofline and more. It will even specify details like staircases, fireplaces, cabinets and any other features in your home.

    Can I Modify My Country House Plan?

    What Materials Are Used to Build a Country Home?

    House Plans Wrap Around Porch

    Grand Wrap

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    Farmhouse House Plans With A Wrap

    Who doesnt love a house with a wrap-around porch? Its such an iconic feature and its a signature feature on farmstyle house. Check out our farmstyle house plans with a wrap-around porch below. 22 Farmhouse House Plans with a Wrap-Around Porch See all house plans here, all house plans with wrap-around porches here and all


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