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How To Hang String Lights On Patio Ceiling

Do I Need A Permit To Hang String Lights

How to hang patio string lights

You should be fine hanging your string lights without a permit. Since they arent a structure and you plug them in, they typically wont qualify as a project that requires a permit. Before you hang your lights, consider how they might affect your neighbors. You may find that the additional light shines directly into your neighbors home, possibly upsetting them. Maintain a good relationship and keep your lighting relegated to your backyard only.

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How To Hang String Lights From A Wall Fence Or Building

If you want to hang your cafe lights from your house or another wall or fence, simply drill a pilot hole and screw either an eye hook, a cup hook, or a coaxial staple into the wall.

We used this method on the house side of our patio.

I hung string lights on the wall behind my new boho porch swings! You can see the whole porch makeover here.

Jenna from Jenna Kate At Home hung string lights along her house next to her patio to create this ultra-casual look.

How To Drape Lights Across The Ceiling

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If you want to add sparkle, ambience and a little extra light to a room, hang lights from the ceiling. There is a plethora of styles from which to choose, and decorating with string lights indoors goes a long way to set a mood. Whether you use single-color or twinkling lights, you can create a festive and fun atmosphere to enjoy year-round.

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Tip : Plan Your Layout In Advance

Sketch it out. Then bounce your idea off of someone else. I had a plan in mind, explained it to Mike, and he quickly squashed it. Always defensive when he dislikes my ideas, I demanded a better idea. And he delivered.

Hanging the lights is a process and involves getting up on a ladder and drilling holes, so dont make yourself do it twice! If you map out your plan, you can also decide how much length you need on your lights. Keep in might the slack youll want to have to drape them.

I ordered a few strands not knowing exactly how much wed need, and then I had to go through the hassle of returning one of the packages. It wasnt that bad through Amazon, but it could have been avoided had we planned better before ordering.

Diy String Light Poles: The In

How to Plan and Hang Patio Lights

Our patio dining space is right next to the house, with no convenient trees nearby. So while we could hang them from hooks on the house side, we really needed some poles on the other side of the patio.

We came up with this ultra-simple and inexpensive method for installing string light poles. The PVC stays in the ground year-round, but the poles themselves can be pulled out at the end of the season and stored in the garage. You can watch our quick video tutorial here:

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How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

First, lets take a look at hanging string lights outdoors. Whether youre preparing a temporary reception or creating the look of your dreams, youll need to know how to hang them. However, not every backyard is the same. So, its important to consider how to hang string lights in a variety of places and conditions.

Before getting into it, its important to note that youll want to buy commercial grade string lights instead of standard grade string lights. This will make sure that the lights you install are going to last through the challenges of outdoor installation. The last thing you want is to install string lights in your backyard only to seem them wear out after the first storm.

Here are the tools and supplies needed:

  • Commercial grade outdoor string lights
  • Outdoor rated extension cord
  • Pencil or painters tape
  • Tape Measure
  • String light poles

Can You Hang Lights On Stucco Without Nails

Even though you might have to use a little extra elbow grease, hanging outdoor lights on stucco should not be an issue.

I would caution you from using self-adhesive hooks on a stucco surface because the adhesive can seep through and damage the surface. When trying to avoid damaging your stucco exterior, the best kind of hooks to use are gutter hooks.

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Connect & Tighten Cable

With the screw hooks in place, youre ready to start hanging the cable. Connect the snap hook* on the cable guide wire to the screw hook at one end of the span .

Run the unfinished end of the cable to the other screw hook, loop it through and then loop the cable guide wire back through another cable clip . The cable clip allows you to adjust the length and tautness of the wire. After reaching the right length/tautness, you can cut off any excess wire extending from the cable clip.

Alternatively, you could also use a turnbuckle to more easily get the tautness you want in the guide wire .

If you are making a zigzag or other pattern and need to change direction at a sharper angle then the guide wire naturally bends, you can opt to stop and start your guide wire by cutting the guide wire and using additional cable clips to make the intersection .

*Note that our 30-, 60- and 110-foot cable guide wires have a snap hook on one end and the other end is unfinished with an included cable clip to customize the length. Our 350-foot bulk reel guide wire is unfinished on both ends for more flexibility and you can buy the number of cable clips you need.

Hang Lights Using A Tape Measure


Tape measures are stationeries that rarely misses in our homes, yet few know it can be used to tape in light on the outside space.

There are several styles which can be used to arrange the lights, but it all depends on your choice. You can decide to keep a wavy style, make them straight, or even tape them on the wall.

Whatever style you settle on, tape the string lights estimated intervals, but the ideal spacing will be between two lights of the string. Double tape the string for a stronger hold.

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What Type Of String Lights Should I Use

The most popular type is globe string lights. They provide plenty of light and are easy to hang. For a unique look, try ornamental string lights, They can help you create a theme. For the most durability, purchase commercial grade string lights. These lights are waterproof, weatherproof, and durable enough to leave up all year long.

Do You Need Planning Permission For Outside Lights

Installing external lights

Although you do not need planning permission to install external lights on to your property, reasonable provisions should be made to ensure the installation is safe and fit for purpose. Lighting installed should automatically switch off in daylight and when it is not required at night.

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A Note From The Home Depot

Caitlin Ketchams recent backyard makeover for The Home Depot Blogs Patio Style Challenge series featured several DIY projects. Caitlins the designer and blogger behind Desert Domicile. She wanted to enjoy the romantic glow of string lights on her newly decorated back porch. Here she shows us how she decorated her porch with string lights in a sturdy and very attractive way.

Screw The Screw Eye Hooks Into Place

How to Hang Patio String Lights

Hanging string lights without the use of nails is my preference. Screw hooks are more durable!

We opted to put up screw hooks to fasten the lights into place every 4 to 5 bulbs. Our home sits up fairly high and gets A LOT of strong wind gusts. So, I was concerned the bulbs could potentially break if they were not secured well.

There have been several storms since we’ve put our lights up and this appears to work well for our location.

PRO TIP: Use a drill to start the hole prior to screwing in the screw hooks. Makes the process a lot easier!

I highly recommend getting the heavy duty lights. They are made to withstand the elements! With most commercial grade string lights, the bulbs are spaced every 24 inches. At the top of every bulb there is a molded loop to making hanging easier.

This leads me to the next step.

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Transform Your Garden Wall

A timber wall or perimeter fence can offer protection and privacy. It can also provide a blank canvas for illumination. All you need is a string of Edison lights, with each bulb suspended on a vertical cord, like these by Banord . The effect will make your yard seem bigger, brighter, and more festive.

Wrap The String Lights Around Trees

You can use any trees in your yard as impromptu light stands.

While its perfectly fine to do this, youll want to make sure to shift the lights regularly. You want to avoid having the string lights grow into the tree .

You can choose to drill directly into the tree, but be careful not to permanently damage it.

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How Do You Hang Edison Lights Under Covered Patio Deck

To hang Edison lights under a covered patio, you’ll need to have hooks or screw eyes that are drilled underneath the ceiling of the covered patio or deck. Next, use silicon to do preventative shielding for water damage. Hang the string lights without the bulbs. Once the string lights are hung up, add the bulbs on along with an extension cord and automatic timer.

Measure The Space To Determine How Many Lights You Will Need

How to hang string lights for your patio

There are so many options for the configurations of the string lights. Do what works for you and your space. We changed our minds several times, but in the end, we just went with what made the most sense for our deck.

If you have a challenging layout, you might find criss crossing your lights helps to pull the look together. In my opinion, draping the string lights always adds a pretty touch.

Since my sister gifted the lights to us, I knew we had a total of 48 feet of cord to work with . In some ways, being “limited” made it easier as we knew exactly the length we were working with.

Ensure a plugin/electrical outlet is conveniently located to the starting point of your string lights when you are determining your configuration.

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Attach Lights To Outdoor Wireless Remote Control Weatherproof Outlet

This may be one of my favorite things about the outdoor lights!

If you are going through the trouble to hang outdoor string lights you will definitely want to add an outdoor remote control outlet so you have the convenience of turning your lights on from inside your home.

We hang our remote controls by our deck door. It makes it super easy to turn on the lights when we are looking for a little ambiance. If something is convenient, you are sure to use it more!

Whats The Best Type Of String Lights

Bottom line, these are the best and most durable string lights around. Theyre LED, heavy-duty, and will last for many years. If you want to keep your lights up year-round, intend to use them for several years in a row, or are using them for some kind of commercial application, these are your best bet.

Ive had these high-quality lights over my patio for the past four years, and never had any problems with them. I will note that I take them down for the winter months, since we get freezing temperatures and some serious wind storms here in Seattle.

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Easily Hang Outdoor Patio Lights Without Nails

Patio lights can make a world of difference to your outdoor space. They immediately signal to all of your guests that you care about the ambiance of your patio.

However, its not always obvious how to hang them up . You may be tempted to reach for a box of nails, but hold on!

Before you do something you might regret, read on. Ill tell you how to hang outdoor patio lights without nails!

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30 Outdoor Patio LED &  Bistro String Lights Ideas ...

Trees are natural supports for decorative outdoor string lights, especially if you have them on both sides of a grassy area. Learn how to string lights across the backyard correctly, and your lights will look like theyre floating in the air after dark.

  • First, measure the distance from tree to tree where you want to hang the lights. Consider how tight you want the lights pulled as you measure. Taut lights give more structure, while looser ones feel more casual.
  • Drill guide holes on the trees where you want to hang the lights. With a helper, string the lights from one tree to the next, holding them carefully to make sure the holes are the right distance apart. Mark the spots on the trees and drill guide holes.
  • Install a hook into each tree at the marked spot. Install the bulbs in your string lights.
  • Thread the string lights onto the hooks. Make sure theyre securely in place.
  • Connect your string lights using an extension cord if needed. Check to be sure your string lights work properly. If necessary, use an additional hook to secure the string lights firmly against the trees.

If you’re wondering how to hang string lights in a backyard without trees, put them on your deck railings instead.

Tip: Use exterior tape in place of staples if you are concerned about damaging your railing.

A combination of hooks and staples may be the most stable option. This is often true if your string lights are hanging overhead, such as on a covered patio or deck.

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How To Hang String Lights From Drop Ceiling

How To Hang String Lights From Drop Ceiling. The frame provides enough support to hold the curtain rail up. Furthermore, given how adaptable string lights are and the assortment of styles.

With a helper, string the lights from one tree to the next, holding them carefully to make sure the holes are the right. Attic rooms are usually the most appealing interiors in the whole house. However, if your string lights involve large bulbs, they may have shipped separately. How many string lights you can connect depends on the wattage of the lights. Watch this video to see how we secured.

Ideas How To Hang Outdoor String Lights

String lights are a quick and easy way to add ambiance to your outdoor living space. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your decorating needs.

The goal of this post is not to teach you how to hang your string lights, its to give you inspiration and lots of ideas. You will know how to do it!

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Identify The Anchor Points

  • Once you decide how you want your lights strung, identify where you will attach them to the wall. It is at these points that you will use a staple gun to staple lightly around the cord without making contact between the cord and the staple. If you don’t have a staple gun or don’t want to staple, you can insert a hook at these anchor points or use a nail around which a small string of lights, such as fairy lights, can be twisted.

  • HomeAdvisor suggests that if your space has beams, you can secure your lights with zip ties. HowTo.org suggests using adhesive clips and hooks if you have a smooth ceiling.

  • How To Hang Patio Lights Without Nails

    Hang String Lighting from Alumawood Aluminum or Duralum patio cover.

    Summer has just come, and you have numerous plans, but your patio has not yet been revamped. This might make you get stressed, but there is no course for alarm! I have prepared for you numerous simple ideas which you can use to hang your patio lights without nails.

    5 Best-Selling Lights for Your Patio

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    Summer holidays are generally beautiful and full of life, and nothing beats a well light patio and their ability to improve the ambiance and general view of your space.

    Adding lights can transform your space from an ordinary backyard to a party-ready soft spot and cheer up dim pathways with inviting luminescence.

    Lets explore the various ways that can easily be implemented to hang your patio lights without nails.

    Image Source Deavita

    This technique is straightforward and leaves your walls undamaged. Estimate the gaps you want to maintain between each hanging light and stick the gutter hooks at these intervals.

    Hang in your string light and let them dropdown. The straight, bright lines slanting down your wall brings an ecstatic view to your outdoor space.

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    Best Ways To Hang Outdoor String Lights

    Backyards in many homes are brightened up by hanging string lights. Outdoor string lights can be hung temporarily during events such as weddings or permanently to enhance the backyard patio. Regardless of the events, there are numerous ideas on how to hang the string lights to create that cozy ambiance that will have you enjoy your nights.

    String lights bring out an inviting and soft glow in your backyard or the entire homestead. When properly fixed, they will transform your backyard into an attractive spot, where you can host friends and cheer up as you enjoy your night.

    Some backyards have trees and other objects while others lack a backyard. Therefore, before you decide on the best way to hand your outdoor string lights, you should take time to assess your backyard.

    Outdoor street lights should be able to withstand harsh temperatures, wind, and rain. Therefore, the quality of the lights and the hanging style are crucial.

    However, to achieve that inviting illumination in your backyard, you need to hang the lights in the right way to achieve the best illumination pattern. Therefore, you should learn the best ways to hang the outdoor string lights in your homestead.

    That said, here are the best ways to hang your outdoor string lights to beautify and brighten up the space.


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