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3 Panel Patio Sliding Doors

Pane Sliding Patio Door

Showcase 3-Panel Patio Door Installation

3 Pane Sliding Patio Door configurations are extremely versatile with up to eight different options. As with the 2 Pane Sliding Patio Doors each leaf can weigh up to 250 kg meaning you can have large spans with minimal aluminium.

Viewed from Outside

Both leafs slide behind the fixed

Viewed from Outside

Both leafs slide behind the fixed

Viewed from Outside

The left hand leaf can slide right

Viewed from Outside

The right hand leaf can slide left

Viewed from Outside

Only the centre leaf slides

Viewed from Outside

Only the centre leaf slides

Viewed from Outside

All three slide left over fixed

Viewed from Outside

Contemporary Handle Set Finishes

Selected:& nbsp

*Hardware finish samples are approximate. Please visit your local Marvin dealer to see hardware finish samples.

  • Sills

    Our patio door sills are made from our durable Ultrex® fiberglass for longlasting performance. Choose our standard sill and weather strip in beige to complement light, neutral and medium-toned exterior colors and lighter wood finishes, or our bronze sill and black weather strip to complement dark clad colors or richly-toned wood species.

    A High Performance Low Profile sill is available with a height of less than ¾ of an inch for a flush transition to the outdoors for universal design and better accessibility. The sill is available in beige or bronze for both wood and clad wood sliding doors.

    Selected:& nbsp

  • Better Function And Access

    One of the biggest benefits of sliding panel doors is that they provide better access to backyard and patio spaces and they have better function than old broken down sliders or French doors. Modern sliding door panels are built to glide easily within the frame.

    That means that anyone can use them with ease from small children to seniors that have arthritis or other issues that make gripping a door handle and turning it, like the handles on French doors, difficult.

    Seniors that use assistive devices like walkers or wheelchairs will find that using wider 3 panel patio doors gives them much better access to the outdoors and makes it much less awkward for them to get outside to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

    3 panel sliding doors are so much wider than a traditional door that they make it easy for guests to interact both indoors and outdoors. They also make it much easier to bring furniture and large items into the house or to remove large items from the house.

    Bringing in that big Christmas tree or moving furniture out of the house is easier with 3 panel sliding patio doors. Pets also can go in and out of the house much easier with larger 3 panel sliding doors. When you have parties bringing platters of food or more chairs outside is going to be much easier too.

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    Glass And Insert Options:

    Selecting the right glass pane is often based on one of the following considerations: energy efficiency, design, privacy and safety, and the below outlined options are sure to satisfy many if not all of these concerns.

    • Low E 180 Glass: This standard clear coating is applied to protect your home from sun damage and to prevent heat loss during the winter months.
    • Prairie-Style design: This one-of-a-kind V-groove is directly etched upon the glass to provide a simply gorgeous accent without visibility reduction.
    • Colonial Style grill: This square pattern design creates a modern look with the option of square pencil, Flat bar or Georgian grills.
    • Wrought-Iron designs: This style offers a bold and dramatic look to which quite often matches the exterior or garden back door, they also look great when combined with an in-glass Venetian blind insert.
    • Internal blinds: These are installed between the two glass planes and act as a replacement for window coverings to give you a sense of privacy without the mess.

    From etched glass to a variety of grill patterns to blind inserts, the options to decorate your garden sliding doors are vast as outlined below.

    Prairie-Style design is a unique V-groove grill etched directly into the glass, without additional grill mountings, providing for a beautiful yet simple accent to the door panels, without a reduction in visibility.

    Sliding Patio Door Glass Options

    3 Panel Sliding Glass Door Revit

    You can really make your sliding patio door stand out with the selection of an design to add hand-stained glass to your door. Choose between a number of Inspirations Art Glass designs and color palettes to create a stunning custom patio door. ProVias Aeris and Endure sliding glass patio doors are available with Inspirations Art Glass.

    Additional glass options for 3-panel and 4-panel sliding patio doors include:

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    Create Custom Sliding Glass With Glass Doctor

    At Glass Doctor, were proud to offer custom glass solutions for sliding glass doors. Our local technicians frequently work with homeowners to replace existing sliding door glass panes and to repair the mechanisms that make sliding glass doors slide.

    For most glass doors, we recommend safety, or tempered, glass. This type of glass is ideal for doors, as they will not break into sharp, jagged pieces in the event of an accident.

    Additionally, we recommend that homeowners consider:

    • Low-E glass that blocks harmful UV rays from damaging the carpet and furniture in your home.
    • Insulated glass units , or double pane windows, for increased energy efficiency.

    Additional custom glass solutions include tinted or textured glass and units with internal blinds, which are all available via your local Glass Doctor.

    Handle Lock & security Options

    Security is a primary concern for any door so at WindowTech we offer a wide variety of single and double lock mechanisms with both thumb-turn and key features.

    • Both kick-locks and guardian locks are outstanding security features as they compliment the handle lock hardware and security bar for additional security.
    • Carbon steel security bars prevent forced lifting the sliding doors from their trackers as they are attached to the door jamb to stop any forced movement.

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    What Is 3 Panel Sliding Patio Folding Door Price Aluminum Slide Patio Door Price

    2-19 Square MetersUS $180

    20-49 Square MetersUS $160

    50-99 Square MetersUS $140

    100-199 Square MetersUS $130

    200+ Square MetersUS $120

    Audited Supplier

    Product Description

    Bifold Patio Doors Connect Your Indoor And Outdoor Spaces Bifold patio doors consist of two or more glass door panels that hinge together to open accordion-style, creating wide open spaces. This door type provides more flexibility to enjoy your outdoor entertaining areas. Bifold patio doors …

    They Are Energy Efficient

    Three Panel Sliding Patio Door with MultiDrive by Autoslide

    Replacing the old sliding glass doors on your patio or those French doors that are leaking air can save you a lot of money on your energy bills. 3 panel sliding glass doors are designed to fit tightly into the frame and there are weather seals that cover any existing gaps so that you get maximum energy efficiency. The heavy glass on the panels insulates and protects so that there is less air loss.

    When the summer sun gets to be too hot use blinds to reflect some of that heat out and avoid running up your homes electric bill to cool the home off. In the winter you can enjoy the sunshine and a great view of the outdoors without worrying that cold is leaking into your home and increasing your heating bills.

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    Installation Of The Door

    With the installation of either a 3-panel sliding door system, or a 3-panel sliding door system you will achieve much more than a visually, and energetically stunning modification to your home, it is also imminently practical.

    Dont forget, Goldfinch Brothers does door installation.

    Leave the work of installation to our friendly and expert installers.

    Panel Sliding Glass Door Installation

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    Sliding Door 3 Panel Qualdoors

    75 Aluminum Sliding Patio Door 3 Panels 144 X 96 White

    Paradigm Windows Removing Stationary Panel On Patio Door You

    White 3 Pane Sliding Patio Doors

    5 Reasons Why 3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors Are Awesome Feldco Factory Direct

    Grey 3 Pane Sliding Patio Doors

    Upvc Sliding Patio Door 3 Pane A Rated Made To Measure

    Sliding Pocket Glass Doors In Aluminum And Clad Wood Milgard

    China Whole Upvc New Design Triple Track Sliding Patio Doors Glass Door

    Stacking Glass Walls And Sliding Doors Milgard

    How To Install A Sliding Door

    One More Project For A Jamison Pa Home New Patio Door

    High Quality Sliding Folding Swing Doors Lacantina

    How much do patio doors cost panel contemporary stile door replacement china aluminium 3 stacker sliding to replace a glass stacking folding enhancements viwinco windows why should you swap vinyl tuscany series black aluminum double slider

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    Sliding Glass Door Size Vs Cost

    The total cost of a sliding glass door will vary based on several key factors:

    Remember, the framing material and hardware can play a significant role in the cost of the door. In general, a standard-sized two-panel sliding glass door will be the most affordable option.

    However, its important to remember that a sliding glass door is an investment. If you have any desire to add a larger or custom-built sliding glass door to your home, its better to do so now, rather than to replace a smaller door in just a couple years.

    Sliding Patio Door Styles

    3 panel sliding glass door.

    Whether your homes design is contemporary or more traditional, you are sure to find a Sliding Door style that will effortlessly match your existing aesthetic. Our extensive selection of Sliding Patio Doors features a variety of construction materials and additional features to help you create the perfect entry way to your backyard oasis.

    Capri Capri is a PVC patio door that is durable, elegant and beautiful.

    Pacific The Pacific patio door is designed and manufactured with a remarkable craftsmanship and true value.

    550 Strike the right balance between an authentic look and outstanding efficiency with a 550 patio door.

    Element Bring character to your space with our high-end The Element patio door.

    The 630 The 630 PVC patio door is the result of 35 years of patio doors production experience.

    650 KD The 650 patio door combines the durability of PVC with the strength of wood inserts in the jambs.

    Urbania Urbania stands apart with its unrivalled energy performance.

    Loft Loft aluminum patio door extends your living space into the outdoors.

    Imagine The practically of a sliding door with the look of a garden door.

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    La Cantina 3 Panel Sliding Doors

    This company boasts Innovation, reliability through testing and a design philosophy designed entirely with the end users aesthetic and implementation values at the heart of their dedication and pledge to provide and manufacture the highest possible quality products.

    They consider themselves pioneers of design and manufacturing folding doors technologies and products. They utilize minimalistic methods and hardware to allow for the most natural light and atmosphere penetration. Their doors offer a stack-in-alignment feature to optimize clear space when open.

    They utilize a folding, 3-panel slide and swing door configuration suitably matching up with any and all openings.

    Great For Dinner Parties

    Think of all the many ways this will enhance the gatherings you host. A large open access way from interior to exterior, allowing guests to range freely with the natural ebb and flow of social festivities no one gets left out or isolated by the old, dreary barriers of energy and atmosphere-blocking walls. See, these are not your average exterior sliding glass patio doors.

    With traditional doorways, there is always the danger of hosts bearing food and drink trays, unexpectedly running into party guests at the blind corners. With the wide-open access way of the 3-panel sliding patio doors, or the 3-panel sliding door system, there are no restricted and congested points of traffic flow, just a seamless transition area no more accidents or spills.

    And while traditional doors serve only as a convenient entry point, the 3-panel sliding door system is fully customizable. You can choose a frame finish that is elegantly simple or stunningly dramatic. There are enough choices to suit your very own decorating sensibilities and preferences. You will be sure to impress your guests.

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    Energy Star Rated Sliding Doors In Canada

    Window Marts attractive yet practical Sliding Doors feature the Energy Star emblem, which is the gold standard for energy efficiency ratings in Canada. Our selection of Sliding Patio Doors features high-quality PVC, aluminum, or hybrid frames paired with high performance glass to improve insulating properties and reduce energy costs.

    Thinking Outside Of The Frame

    Window Covering Options for Sliding Glass and Patio Doors | 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings

    There comes the time where everyone wants to have a product in their home that lets them stand out.

    With Forhomes specialty patio doors, catching the extreme of that idea is simple. Simply order one of our excellent Harmonica styled patio doors.

    These doors are made with extreme space in mind. No more dealing with tight glass panels, allow the Forhomes team to install a door with a maximum of 8 panels and 21 feet of opening!

    Due to the incredibly high performance standards which Forhomes holds its suppliers to, the door is just as energy efficient and optimized as any other product sold by Forhomes.

    Included in the system is a integrated structure connected with patented corner key system for exceptional rigidity. To prevent the door from shifting or sagging with time, high grade aluminum corner keys are precisely engineered and massively upgrade the performance of the door.

    Energystar certified accross all of Ontario zones A/ B, usable in any location and any climate.

    For those who want an elite product with excellent performance and a non- standard but contemporary look.

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    Reasons Why 3 Panel Sliding Patio Doors Are Awesome

    One way to take your home design to the next level and make your home more appealing for entertaining is to replace your existing French doors or old worn out sliding door with new 3 panel sliding patio doors.

    Beautiful and elegant 3 panel sliding patio doors will completely change the way that your patio looks and functions. With options that include a huge range of frame finishes and hardware you can customize your 3 panel sliding patio doors to fit the design of your home the way it is now or the way that you want it to be in the future after you upgrade your homes exterior.

    Check out these five reasons why 3 panel sliding patio doors are a great option for your home:

    Considerations When Purchasing Patio Sliders

    While choosing a patio sliding door first of all homeowners care about its look and efficiency. There is a wide choice of vinyl patio sliding doors in terms of sizes, styles, colours and other features which may be added to your dream sliding door to match new or existing windows and your home style in general.

    Here are the benefits to consider when purchasing a sliding door:

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    Why Choose Sliding Doors From Window Mart


    Our Sliding Doors are energy efficient doors, providing exceptional energy performance in all Canadian climates.

    Premium Quality

    We are proud to be partnered with some of Canadas top Patio Door manufacturers, delivering expertly crafted products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

    Extensive Selection

    Custom design the perfect Patio Door with our wide selection of door sizes, styles, colors, and options such as glass inserts and complimentary hardware.

    Superior Installation Services

    Get the most out of your new investment with our professional Patio Door Installation Services.

    Comprehensive Warranty

    Window Mart offers up to 25 years warranty for protection against manufacturer and material defects.

    Sliding Patio Doors Replacement Toronto

    3 Panel Sliding Patio Door Price

    Theres nothing more frustrating than struggling with a patio door that sticks or jumps off the track. If youve got an old patio door like this, it might mean that the time for your sliding patio door replacement has finally come.

    If youre looking for sliding patio doors in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area – doors that work smoothly, provide reasonable security and offer great energy efficiency, then Vinyl Light is your number one choice.

    If youre not sure about the cost of sliding patio doors, our team members will be happy to give you some pro tips and help you choose the right set for your patio.

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    Milgard Bifold Stacking And Sliding Patio Doors

    This company offers affordable luxury. An old name in the industry, they have kept pace with new trends. They can retro-fit any of their old designs with a new Moving Glass Wall System.

    They can handle replacement projects, but they can also provide standard sized products for instances of new home construction. They offer stock finishes capable of matching up with window finishes for a uniform presentation.

    The Moving Glass Wall System is Effortless to open and close despite the impressive size of the panels. They offer a variety of configurations to most accurately adapt to your needs including stacking, pocket or bifold style panels as well as sliding.

    This company has a long history of quality and reliability and can achieve your goals as a builder, home owner or contractor.

    All Sliding Patio Doors We Sell Are Made Of High Quality Vinyl And Include Sliding Screen Low


    • 3-Panel systems provide a large expanse of glass.
    • Completely maintenance-free all white finish
    • Available in nominal widths of 7½ ft., 9 ft., or 12 ft.
    • Doors can be made to slide from either end, or in the centre. IMAGES SHOWN ARE INSIDE, LOOKING OUT.
    • Finish frame height is exactly 79 1/4″
    • Finish frame depth is exactly 5 7/8″
    • Doors are supplied knocked down for easy transportation and assembly on site.
    • Standard glass is Cardinal Low-e² 272 Tempered, for excellent protection from heat and cold.
    • Standard “Sienna” all-white pull handles inside and out.
    • Lead times vary. Please inquire



    • Keylocks, kick-locks, pull handle upgrades
    • “Robusto” heavy duty sliding screen upgrade
    • Brickmoulds, jamb extensions, factory assembly
    • Upgraded glass: Low-e³ 366 + i89 for the ultimate in Energy Star rated performance


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