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Screened Gazebo With Floor

Campros Screen House Room 12 X 10 Ft

Backyard Gazebo for $500 w/ Limited Tools

This is a freestanding cabin-style screened mesh shelter with two doors and centrally positioned zippers. It is very tall and pleasant, you have 90 inches peak height.

The structure is collapsible and this is why its packed size is very good. The weight is 22.5 lb and the area is 120 ft² . It is also very affordable.

Custom Gazebos And Screen Rooms For Safer Family Gatherings

by Overholt Enterprises | Nov 12, 2020 | Backyard, Gazebos, Screen Rooms |

Many of you are planning or preparing your backyards for outdoor get-togethers during the pandemic. We have the perfect gazebo for your backyard to host your gatherings. Our gazebos make the perfect sun shade and ventilated shelter for your outdoor living space. Our custom gazebos feature a metal roof, #1 pressure treated yellow pine lumber with sprayed on stain, rust resisting fasteners and ground contact treated skids. Additional options include a Double Roof, Paint, Benches, Screened, Floor Screen, Colonial Spindles, Swing, & a Heat Shield to keep the Gazebo cool during the summer months.

Faqs About Screen Houses

Are screen houses waterproof?

Screen houses can be waterproof depending on the type and thickness of the material used on the roof.

Look for screen shelters with sealed seams to increase the chances that the screen house is waterproof.

Can you sleep in a screen house?

Yes! You can sleep in a screen house. Many screen shelters offer excellent protection from insects and light rain.

However, dont expect much privacy if youre sleeping in a screen tent due to the mesh walls.

What is a screen house used for?

A screen tent is used to provide an extra insect-free, rain-free space around a picnic table while camping.

Do I need a screen house for camping? Are they worth it?

You dont need a screen house for camping, but they can dramatically increase your comfort level if you intend to camp in a buggy area.

How much should I expect to spend on a screen house?

Screen houses vary widely in price, from under $100 to over $600. The average cost for a screen house is around $250.

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Best Lightweight & Packable Screen House Shelters

The primary benefit to lightweight and easily portable screen house shelters is that you can pack them into small carry bags, making them easy to stow in a trunk or carry to your picnic spot or campsite. The primary drawback is they require you to assemble poles much like you do with most tents. Setup, then, might take a few minutes. If you value packability, these are our favorite screened shelters for 2022:

What To Look For In A Screen House

Stunning Screened Gazebos Ideas


Most shelters for camping have about 100 square feet of floor space.

This is the size that can fit over most picnic tables, so plan to be able to seat 4-8 adults under most screen houses for camping.

Peak Height

The peak height of a screen house is the height at the center of the tent structure. Most screen shelters have a height of around seven feet.

However, beware of tents with sloped wall designs.

The sloped wall means that the height at the edge of the tent is lower than the height at the peak and, in some instances, could be uncomfortably short.

Material Quality

Just because a manufacturer lists their materials as heavy-duty or high quality doesnt mean theyre telling the truth.

Many manufacturers rely on customer ignorance and complicated spec details to hide that their material isnt actually very durable.

Typically the roof of the shelter is made of a more durable material than the sides and body.

Dont forget that mesh walls come in various thicknesses as well, which can influence airflow and visibility outside the tent.

Option for a Floor

Most screen houses dont come with a floor, primarily because theyre intended to be popped over a picnic table.

However, some higher-end tents come with floors that you can zip into the rest of the screen house. These add an extra layer of protection if youre not using a pre-established table.

Setup Time

Some screen houses feature instant, one-person setups, and some of them actually deliver on that promise!


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Ydyl Screen House 13 X 9

This YDYL Screen House 13 x 9 an easy-to-use freestanding and ultralight shelter that weighs around 13 lb . It is also quite tall with its 6.9 ft peak height.

The frame is a combination of steel and fiberglass and the rest is polyester mesh and taffeta. There are two zippered doors, a lantern hanging loop, and a pouch. The area is 117 ft² . The shelter is also incredibly affordable.

Best Screen Houses For Camping In 2022

Short on time? Our pick for the best screen house for camping is the Eureka Northern Breeze Aluminum Frame Screen House.

The best screen houses for camping no matter what kind of adventure you have planned in the wild.

We all know that unwelcome feeling of bugs nibbling at our ankles once the sun goes down at camp and were just trying to get in a fun game night with the family.

Ive turned in early more than a few times because the bugs wouldnt stay away, even with the strongest bug spray.

Or, even during the day, you sometimes just want a shady place to eat lunch and relax out of the sun .

Imagine the best parts of camping but without those itchy and annoying bug bites or sweaty downtimes in an enclosed tent.

Imagine enjoying quality time in nature in a clean and well-ventilated space that protects you from the elements outside of your main tent.

Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so too until I discovered the magic of screen houses and how much they can up-level your average camping trip.

Screen houses are large, mesh-walled tent-like structures that are designed to be set up over a picnic table.

Their main purpose is to provide you with a space to get away from insects, rain, and hot sun while being able to sit, stand, and gather in a large group.

Think of it as a camping dining tent where you can prepare food and eat comfortably without swatting yourself silly from mosquito attacks.

Thats where this article comes in.

Peak Height: 7

Weight: 13 lbs


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Core Instant Screen House Canopy Tent 12 X 10

This Core Instant Screen House Canopy Tent 12 x 10 is a bit heavy, it weighs 27 lb . But this is normal in view of its area that is 120 ft² and also in view of its construction.

As you realize from the name, this is an instant setup structure and you can have it ready in a minute. It is also nicely packable and reliable. You have 2 doors, it is freestanding and very tall. A carry bag is included. There are storage pouches inside and a lantern hook.

Llbean Woodlands Screen House

Kozyard Gazebo and deck review

The L.L.Bean Woodlands Screen House features one large door for moving in camp tables, coolers and chairs as well as a half-size door for people traffic. The biggest benefit is the rugged shock-corded aluminum poles and inclusion of 10 stakes and 8 guy lines. For extra weather protection and versatility, L.L.Bean sells a Fly/Floor Kit accessory that offers a truly outstanding full coverage rainfly. With the full rainfly and floor kit, you could use this screen house almost like a cabin-style tent.

Key Specifications:

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Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Refuge Screen House

The Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Refuge Screen House offers a hard to beat price-to-value ratio in a lightweight package. Its not the fastest to setup, but once you assemble it like a typical tent, its relatively sturdy, has plenty of tie-down points for wind, and when youre done, it packs up small. The roof is waterproof with a 800mm polyurethane coating, but rain can slide down near the corner poles and work its way through the mesh. The version we tested and reviewed last summer is 10 x 12 pictured above. However, Bass Pro Shops makes a similar Eclipse Refuge Screen House 15 x 17 hexagon version that includes one built-in wind/shade panel wall.

The only drawback to the Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Refuge Screen House is that its not as well-built as the more expensive screen houses from Big Agnes, REI, NEMO, and Eureka! noted below. Still, for relatively casual camping and picnic use several weekends a year, the value is hard to beat. Were fans because it can save you when you arent expecting to be harassed by flies or hornets and it takes up little space in your vehicle. Oh, one more thing: The Browning Basecamp Screenhouse has a very similar design but comes in at a higher price point.

Key Specifications:

Size: 10 x 12 rectangle or 15 x 17 hexagonPeak height: 74 or 79Packed size: 27 x 8 or 34 x 12Weight: 16.1 lbs or 29.5 lbs

Check shipping/availability at:

How To Build A Square Gazebo With Screens

Laying out the posts

The first step of the project is to lay out the posts for the gazebo. As you can see in the plans, this will be a 12×12 gazebo. Use batter boards and string to layout the posts for the gazebo. You will need 4×4 posts for the project. You can either set them into concrete or use post anchors.

Anchoring the posts

Dig 2-3 holes into the ground and then pour concrete footing for the posts. As you can easily notice in the diagram, you have to use adjustable anchors. Use a spirit level when fitting the posts to the anchors. In addition, you could use temporarily braces, until you build the frame of the gazebo. In this manner, all the posts will be locked plumb into position.

Building the floor frame

After fitting the posts, you need to attach the 2×6 joists to build the floor frame. Make sure you dont build the floor frame separately. This diagram is just to help you understand the distances you need to leave between the joist.

Drill pilot holes through the joists and insert 3 1/2 screws into the perpendicular components and into the posts. Align the edges with attention and leave no gaps between the components.

Frame with posts

Once you attach the joists to the posts, the frame of the square gazebo should look like the one in the diagram.

Fitting the decking

Fitting the top plates

Attach the 2×6 beams to the top of the posts. Align the edges flush, drill pilot holes and insert 3 1/2 screws to lock them into place tightly.

Fitting the top ridge

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Best Quick Setup Screen Shelters

The best quick setup screen shelters come with hinged legs that are attached to the roof poles. The benefit of fast-setup screen shelters is that theyre quick to set up most can be up in about a minute. Of course, if you stake down the screen shelter for stability in wind and stake out guy lines, youll need a few more minutes to have it completely ready to go. The biggest drawback of instant-up screen houses is reduced packability they are longer and bulkier to pack and travel with. If you struggle with typical tents, choose an instant setup screen house!

Screen House Tent & Screen Shelter Faq


What is a screen tent?

A screen tent or screen house is a tent-like structure with mesh walls and a solid fabric roof for shade and rain protection. The best screen houses, screen shelters, and screen tents are great for camping and picnics when you want a place to eat or visit outside but also want protection from pesky insects.

What is a screen house used for?

Screen houses are great for camping and picnicking when you want a space to eat or hang out away from insects, sun or rain. Outdoor enthusiasts like to take screen houses camping so they have a protected space for eating, playing games, and visiting. Theyre particularly great for family camping. Many screen tent shelters have two doors and are sized large enough to place over standard size picnic tables.

Are screen tents waterproof?

Can you sleep in a screen tent?

Yes! In good weather situations, you can easily sleep inside of a screen tent. However, screen tent shelters dont have fully-sealed floors and walls, so its possible that some insects or rainwater could get inside the screen tent. If you plan to sleep in your screen tent, we recommend that you use camping cots to ensure that your bedding wont get wet in rainy conditions.

What is no-see-um mesh?

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Snow Peak Living Shell

The screen house here is fully closable, and it is with a connectable design so you can attach it to a tent if you wish. This is shown in the picture. But this is more than a screen house, it can also be used together with their inner tent, and in this case this is a true double-layer tent.

The shelter is supported with aluminum poles, and the fabric is high quality with a very good waterproof rating. The weight is 29.1 lb , and the inner area is around 161 ft² . The shelter is also very tall with its peak height of 82.68 inches .

Nemo Bugout Tarp Shelter

The NEMO Bugout Tarp Shelter is quite different from the rest of the items here. This is an incredibly versatile and functional bug and sun shelter that can be used with a hammock, for camping and picnics.

There are no poles in the package, you attach it to the trees as shown in the picture. But it acts as a true screen house, and you have two zippered entry points.

The weight is 7 lb 1 oz , so clearly it is ultralight when you compare it with the other screen houses here in the list, but this is because there are no poles. The packed size is 23 x 8.5 inches . The peak height is 84 inches and the protected area is 144 ft² .

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Llbean Acadia Family Screen House

At 10 x 12 the L.L.Bean Acadia Family Screen House is a bit longer than the L.L.Bean Woodlands Screen house but its slightly sloping sidewalls reduce the available space. However, those slightly sloping walls also result in a stable design and its still plenty long to fit over a standard size picnic table. The two center zip doors also make the L.L.Bean Acadia Family Screen House great for using over a picnic table or a large camping table easy access to the table from either side. The overall design is similar to the Acadia 6-Person Family Tent we reviewed last year and found excellent.

Key Specifications:


Eureka Northern Breeze Screen House

Backyard Discovery Gazebo Kit 12’x12′. Review & Build

The Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House is one of the most versatile screen houses available for 2022. Its very popular with outdoor enthusiasts because it has a rugged build quality and great features. The poles are stout aluminum. The waterproof roof fabric is 150-denier polyester oxford, which is a bit thinner and lighter than the Cabelas Quick-Set Screen Shelter Roof but it is waterproof. The sidewalls have wind panels that roll down and even these panels are waterproof. The Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House also comes with three awning poles that you can use on any of the shelters four walls to create an awning for extra shade. Basically, the Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House is great in sun, great in rain, and if you stake it down properly with all the included guy lines and attachment points, its very good in windy conditions. In addition, the roof vent helps with both wind and airflow if you batten down the sidewalls on stormy days.

But wait, theres more: If you need to spend some serious time inside the Northern Breeze Screen House, Eureka! includes handy mesh stash pockets and plenty of attachment points for lantern or rope-style lights. And these attachment points are even stout enough to let you string a clothes line. The Eureka! Northern Breeze Screen House comes in two sizes. The 10 x 10 version is large enough to fit over standard sized picnic tables while the 12 x 12 does that and more. Very highly recommended.

Key Specifications:

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Campros Screen House Room 13 X 13 Ft

This CAMPROS Screen House Room 13 x 13 Ft is very tall and pleasant with its two doors. It is fully freestanding and compact for transportation, the packed size is 25 x 9.06 x 9.06 inches .

It is built with an octagon base, and the official area is 134 ft² . The weight is 22.5 lb , and the peak height is 86 inches . The roof is waterproof.

Eureka Nobugzone Screened Canopy Shelter

This great screen shelter comes in two different variants, one without a fly but with a waterproof roof, and another with a removable fly but with a mesh roof. This second variant is shown in the picture above. Note that they also sell removable panels as accessories.

This is a tall freestanding structure with two large doors, the one visible in the picture above rolls up and you can fix it under the roof. This screen house for camping weighs 18 lb 8 oz , and the area inside is 108 ft² . Please follow the link for more details. Eureka brand has a long history, it was founded in 1895.

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Sierra Designs Outdoor Magnetic Screenhouse

The Sierra Designs Outdoor Magnetic Screenhouse is a freestanding dome-shaped structure. It is in this position in the list because of its 140 ft² of area.

But this is also a structure with two zipper-less doors with a magnetic closure. This is why I have included it also in my list of magnetic tents and screen houses. It collapsible so it needs a simple assembly. The peak height in the center is 84 inches .


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