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Above Ground Pool Backyard Ideas

Above Ground Pool Faqs

10 Best Ideas on How to Build an Above-ground Pool in a Backyard

An above-ground swimming pool can be just as classy as an inground one, especially if you finish everything off with a nice deck.

Dont let other pool owners discourage you from investing in a pool that meets your needs. The stereotype of above-ground pools looking cheap or trashy needs to go!

It depends. Most above-ground pools are considered temporary structures.

While these pools can last for 10 years or more, they dont actually change the surrounding property. This is in contrast to inground pools, which require excavation and other major changes to the land.

Semi-inground pools and above-ground pools built into a foundation are typically considered permanent structures.

Cool Pools: The Best Above Ground Pool Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

No matter what shape or size your backyard, a swimming pool can instantly transform it into an oasis of relaxation and fun, providing you with the perfect opportunity to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. With clever landscaping, even a small backyard can house a swimming pool as well as offering plenty of space for other functions.

Here we take a look at some of the best backyard ideas for small yards, with plenty of fabulous pool pictures, demonstrating how an above ground pool can be a beautiful design feature in your backyard, how you can make the best possible use of the available space, and how a creative and well-maintained landscaping design including a swimming pool can add value to your home.

Landscaping Stones Around The Pool

Including landscaping stones around the sides of the pool is another design choice you have. A popular choice among owners of an above-ground pool is using gravel or rock. This type of rock is available and considered suitable for all climate types. Landscape stones range in size, shape, and color, allowing you to choose which different styles you would like to use in the surrounding area. Gravel packs well and drains well. Another option is to encase your above-ground pool with brick or stone. Encasing your above-ground pool is the perfect way to get the look of an inground pool. Popular choices that give a beautiful design to your outdoor space are sandstone, bluestone, granite, and limestone. With natural stone, you are able to create either rustic/earthy or sophisticated looks. You may even be able to get the look of real wood with the right style of natural stone.

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Different Type Of Pool

There are 6 types of pools to consider when planning to add one to your yard. Above-ground pools, in-ground pools, infinity pools, lap pools, swim spas, and hot tub spa combos are all choices youve looked at. Youve narrowed down your choice to an above-ground pool, or maybe you have an existing pool that is above ground that you want to add landscaping elements to.

Choosing an above-ground style for your backyard pool is a good idea if you are looking for affordability, speedy installation , and easy maintenance. Next, youll want to design the perimeter of the pool.

What is the shape youre looking for? When it comes to different shapes for your above-ground swimming pool, the choices are round, oval, or rectangular shape. The purpose of your pool will help when deciding on the shape. Rectangular pools are best if you plan to do laps, seeing as the shape allows you to swim in a straight line. Lounging and recreational use of your swimming pool will open you up to either a rectangular or rounded shape.

Youll want easy access to your above-ground pool. How you get in and out is another question youll need to answer.

Add A Smart Fence For Privacy

How To Open An Above Ground Pool For The First Time?

This setup features a luxurious pool from Hydrolife

If you want an alternative option for screening your above ground pool, there are plenty of gorgeous garden fences that will provide an ideal backdrop.

Slatted designs are currently on-trend, and we can’t see them falling off our radar anytime soon. They create a contemporary impression, and the horizontal lines are great for elongating the look of a plot. Plus, you can always pep them up with climbing plants or even a lick of colorful paint if you want to bring extra character to your above ground pool landscaping scheme.

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Opt For A Stylish Stock Tank Design

This oval stock tank pool is from Salt Shack

If you’re just looking for a chic way to cool off in the summer heat rather than an energetic swim, then a small stock tank pool might be the winning solution for your yard.

There’s a reason they’ve had such a boost in popularity recently. ‘Stock tank pools are stylish, easy to maintain, affordable, and the best for small city backyards,’ says Jackie Kelly, Founder of Salt Shack in Toronto.

‘They offer a place for adults to float and de-stress, and they offer hours upon hours of water fun for the kids, without the price tag or commitment of an inground pool.’

This one fits in with the rest of the plot beautifully we’re loving the greenery dotted around the scene, the garden mirror, and the string lights for upping the ambiance when dusk falls.

Wood Above Ground Pool Deck

The most common but if you want to have a unique look, you can make a terraced wood deck for your above ground pool. It is a multifunctional design since the wood terraces can be used as stairs, as seating and where you can place your swimming stuff. It is strategic for compact yards and a space-saving design even for vast estates.

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Get Started With Your Pool Landscaping Project

Pool landscaping projects take many different shapes depending on the property and home. They can range from quaint, jungle-like oases to large, elaborate pools meant for swimming. Pool landscape installations can also be particularly detail-oriented, often involving a collaborative effort between homeowners, hardscape contractors, and landscape architects. Alternatively, they can also be modest nooks that provide Zen-like simplicity and minimalist, natural features.

Compared to traditional backyard landscaping projects, pools involve greater use of hardscapes and stone elements. Pool decks and hardscapes will typically include materials like travertine, flagstone, exposed aggregate, brick, tile, and various forms of stone. In turn, the use of plants and organic features often calls for added consideration about what species to plant, design arrangements and sequences, and ongoing maintenance once the project is complete.

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Above Ground Pool Deck With A Bridge

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas (Sloping backyard)

Image source: Aqua Star On Ground Pools

Now doesnt that sound fancy already. Build a bridge connecting to the wooden deck surrounding the pool and add flora in the landscape to create a resort at home. No more extra expenses for a vacation in a resort. You have it in your backyard! Spend some family time and see how the kids just love it.

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Simpler Above Ground Pool

A white sparky and bright above ground pool idea for you. This more straightforward design is what attracts us, and we all know that beauty lies in simplicity.

Therefore, this will surely add up the delicate texture to your house, and if used in front of your lawn, this will also there without any worry.

Can You Do Saltwater In An Above

Yes, you can install a saltwater pool. But it has to get built with the correct materials. Its a job I would recommend you get professionals to build as the whole pool must be made entirely of resin. Traditional resin pools still have steel components, and they can damage saltwater systems.There are pool fabricators that specialize in making saltwater above-ground pools.

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Moon Garden Plants Around Pool

Who doesnt love a peaceful nighttime swim? If youre a late-night swimmer, make sure to consider plants that will show even in the dark. Choosing plants that are white, yellow, or pale will help to reflect the moon. To get this look, plan flowers like the moonflower or foamflower. Make sure to take advantage of flowers that only bloom at night. Evening primrose, Casa Blanca lilies, four oclock, and tuberose are night-blooming flowers youll love. Some plants even smell stronger at night. Casa Blanca Lilies, Evening Primrose, 4 oclock, not only bloom at night they smell stronger at night too. Gardenias, heliotropes, hellebores, and jasmine also have a stronger scent at night.

Don’t Stop At One Add Two Pools Next To Each Other

Backyard Above Ground Pool Ideas : Pool Deck Ideas Partial Deck The ...

What’s better then one above-ground pool? Two above-ground pools! So why not consider adding two right beside each other and surrounding it with decking?

This is a great idea if your home a) has enough space to allow for two swimming spots and b) you have a big family.

Then to really set the tone, and finish off your masterpiece, surround your pool deck with some of the best garden lighting to enhance its aesthetic appeal and allow you to get more use out of it even after dark.

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Cool Ideas For Above Ground Pools With Decks

Above ground pool deck plans are very popular due to the fact that they are affordable, the installation process is quick and easy and the maintenance is minimal. In order to enjoy your swimming pool, however, you need a deck a gathering place for family and friends, a place to lie on a sunbed, possibly have dinner by the pool or just enjoy a couple of hours under the sun. There are so many cool ideas for above ground pools with decks and but few of them can be a weekend project. When you want a handsome pool deck you have to do some careful planning since it connects the pool area with the garden area and completes the landscape design of the outdoor area.

Above Ground Pool With Glass Fence

Image source: Performance Pool & Spa

Use transparent tempered glass wall as a fence for your above ground pool to not only add a beautiful look to it but also is a good safety measure if kids are around. Glass fence certainly enhances the beauty of the pool, ensures security and being transparent does not block sight.

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Time To Prep The Ground

Our chosen spot had been home to our kids playground set with mulch below. It was already a hand-me-down set so we had no problem moving it off to the side and welcoming our new toy. In order to prepare the ground for the above-ground pool, we needed to clear out the spot of all the mulch and landscape mesh that was below it. We literally broke ground on the last day of school.

The kids loved the new dirt pile in their backyard as well as the barrel rides. Lets say dads back took a bit of a beating. I then took over the job of removing as many as small rocks and debris that I could find. We wanted the land as smooth as possible to prevent any puncturing from below. Great way to work out some of the quarantine anxiety and restlessness!

Merge Your Above Ground Pool With A Sleek Deck

50 Creative Above Ground Pool Ideas

Provide an easy access point to your pool

A pool deck is super practical, whether you’re opting for an inground pool or above ground. This is particularly the case if you go for non-slip composite .

If you’re going for an above ground design, we love the idea of integrating it with raised decking as seen here. It really helps to blend the pool into the backyard, while providing an easy access point. And, of course, it also means you’ll have a sturdy base to put your best sun loungers for a post-swim nap.

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Queue The Lightbulban Above Ground Swimming Pool

As a Florida girl raised around in-ground pools, above-ground pools are not the most common solution in our area, so it truly wasnt an immediate thought. And as a designer, I will admit my resistance to staring at a big chunk of plastic in the middle of my yard. I mean, can above ground pools really be attractive?!? But necessity is certainly the mother of invention and there began a fun DIY journey that fulfilled our swimming dreams, AND kept my creative wheels turning during a period when I wasnt able to work with clients!

I was determined to slap some lipstick on this little piggy. I would make our above-ground pool look as attractive and as chic as possible, and have it serve my family not only for last summer but potentially longer. And so it has for the past 12 months. We recently wrapped up some final details in the backyard and I wanted to finally share it! Yes, life is moving on and people are back to planning vacationsbut I honestly recommend an easy solution like this if either space, money or any other barrier is keeping you from being able to enjoy some down time in your own backyard! Read along to learn how we made many of our backyard dreams come true, even in ways we would never have imagined.

Or Wrap The Water In Concrete

If stacking stones and laying brick sounds daunting, skip the heavy lifting altogether. Create a custom concrete enclosure for your above-ground pool for a similar, high-end look with a fraction of the body aches. Make this modern above-ground plunge pool your muse and create a streamlined, step-style surround ideal for dipping your toes in the water to unwind at the end of a long day.

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Before Setting Up The Pool

Before you set up your above-ground pool, track the suns progress across your yard, and set up the pool where it gets the most sun, says Johnsen. Many people locate their pool without thinking about that. They put it up in spring before the leaves come out on the trees around it. Then the leaves come, and they say, OMG, were in the shade. Just make sure you know the sun and shade patterns when you locate that pool.

One other important point: Make sure you choose a level spot for your pool. When you fill the pool with water, the pressure on an unleveled pool can cause the walls to give way. That can be dangerous for anyone in or around the pool area. You can DIY this part, or call in a landscaper to help with the leveling process.

If you already have an above-ground pool set up, you still have options.

Celebrate Summer With A Swim


Skip the pricey airfare and hotel bill in Hawaii and bring the resort festivities to your backyard with a pool tiki bar. Set up an umbrella and bar table against your above-ground pool exterior to enjoy boozy sips while swimming. Finish out your swim-up bar with a pair of all-weather stools to enjoy snacks throughout the day, too.

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Q: Who Makes The Best Above Ground Pool

A: There is a wide variety of different companies that make above-ground pools. If you want to able to have a good quality pool, then you need to pick a company that has been around for a long time and has been making these outdoor water slides for many years. The more experience that they have, then the more likely it is that they will be able to provide you with the best possible solution for your above-ground pool.

Backyard Oasis Ideas Above Ground Pool Ideas Backyard Oasis in 10 Awesome Tricks of How to Build Above Ground Pool Ideas Backyard Image Source:

Landscaping Cool Above Ground Pool Landscaping For Backyard Ideas throughout 10 Awesome Tricks of How to Build Above Ground Pool Ideas Backyard Image Source:

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Create Your Dream Backyard With An Above Ground Pool

There are so many reasons to own a swimming pool: you can enjoy all the health and fitness benefits of swimming, take advantage of the social opportunities your pool brings, and add value to your home by creating a beautiful backyard design around this important feature. As you can see from our pool photos, this is achievable even if you have a small backyard, with an above ground pool.

We have put together this gallery to demonstrate just how effectively an above ground pool can transform your backyard, and give you some essential landscaping ideas to create a highly attractive and functional space.

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Rock Garden Around Pool

A rock garden is a low-maintenance choice. A mixture of rocks and stepping stones filled with ground covering flowers , colorful flowers, and succulents will give a dramatic effect while being drought tolerant. Remember a rock garden does not need to only have rocks, you can include plants but the main focus will be the rocks. Beware though, rocks can be hot if they are directly in the sun.

Diy Cinder Block Planters

Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

If you dont want to use containers for your above ground pool landscaping ideas, you can always build a cinder block planter. You can arrange the blocks in interesting designs if you would like to. You can build your planter into a corner if you wish.

You can paint or plaster your planter to match the style of your home. Add drooping ground covers or succulents for a relaxed, carefree garden.

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