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Small Backyard Bbq Area Design Ideas

Modern Outdoor Seating Areas 11 Backyard Ideas To Design Chic

10 Cheap Ideas How to Build Backyard BBQ Area

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Seaside Villa Courtyard With Stone Grill And Open White Stone Kitchen

This barbecue and patio area takes all the natural beauty of stone and brings it into the modern-day with strong, clean lines and a monochrome scheme.

With varying shades of tan, beige and white, the area is modern, but at the same time warm and welcoming. The area feels private, but wide and open, with the grill as the main focal point.

All that’s missing is some seating for guests!

Luxury Lounge Area And Bbq Station

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors in consider this beautiful villa/courtyard patio setup. With stone walls and a roof, the area is protected from outdoor elements like rain or sun.

The full grilling and cooking area is everything an outdoor cook could dream of, while the comfortable outdoor seating and large coffee table is welcoming for guests.

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Add Plenty Of Stylish Shelving To Your Bbq Space

Good storage solutions are a must-have for outdoor BBQ areas

It’s always a good idea to add plenty of storage to an outdoor grill station. That way, you can keep all your sauces, condiments, cutlery, and tools easily within arm’s reach.

Plus, it allows you to get creative with styling rustic wooden chopping boards and pretty pots full of herbs, for instance, will up the aesthetic value of the zone and are practical to have nearby. We’re big fans of those patterned tiles, too, for extra character.

A setup like this, arranged along a wall, means a dining table and chairs can be positioned directly in front, keeping the space open and ideal for socializing while cooking.

Easy Styling Ideas For A Dull Kitchen

10 outdoor entertaining areas for summer fun

At all times, having barbecue parties is a mouthwatering idea. Friends and families will be more than happy to come. But rather than heading to top-notch restaurants, which means big tickets, why dont you organize it in your own backyard?

Lets make yours one to remember with these 10 cheap ideas on how to build a backyard BBQ area. They will impress your guests without stress. Well, we hope. Take a closer look! And as usual, this list is crafted for you by

And to complete your learning experience and to give you a new learning perspective related to ideas we cover and discuss here, here we are presenting you with a relevant video that you can play, share, or replay with any contact you have acquired on social media

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Incorporate Your Bbq Into An Outdoor Fireplace

If you live in an area where the nights get cold, an outdoor fireplace will make a dramatic difference in how long you can stay outside enjoying your barbecued meal.

If you’re getting a fireplace built from scratch, incorporating the bbq into the fireplace structure will save you a lot of space and create a sleek design. This luxurious bbq area with a stone fireplace has been created by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design.

Build Around The Path

I have seen some unique and intriguing backyards. The path idea is so beautiful, and it is completely designed however the creator wishes. How does it work? Just build a path on the ground in any shape or direction. Use rocks, stones, or even pieces of wood. You can space them apart or place them connected together.

What I think is a great idea is to have a path centered through the yard in a straight line. This gives you an option to build a symmetric yard. On each side place flowers and furniture symmetrically, leaving your backyard looking beautiful.

Another option is to use this path to connect the house to the shed, fireplace area, bar, pool, hot tub, or even the fish pond. Create a path to wherever your heart desires. The creations are limitless.

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Choose A Location Close To The House

The side of the house can be an ideal location for an outdoor kitchen. Theres no need to excavate trenches for gas and electricity lines, and the house itself provides some shelter for the appliances. And when yard space is at a premium, an open space along the wall of the house might be the only spot available for a permanent kitchen.B

Here are three reasons to build your outdoor kitchen close to your home:

  • Convenience: You wont have to haul food and supplies across the lawn. An ideal location is 15 to 20 feet from your indoor kitchen. Stay cool by placing seating where guests wont be facing the intense rays of the setting sun.
  • Budget: Its less expensive to run utilities a short distance from the house. You can also save on paving by building on an existing patio or deck by the back door.
  • Shelter: The walls of the house can provide structure and protectionat no extra cost. If under an overhang, avoid the smokehouse effect by placing the grill near the roofs perimeter.
  • Full Patio Kitchen With Island

    How to Build the Perfect Barbecue Area | Outdoor | Great Home Ideas

    A full patio kitchen provides a grill, sink, fridge, dishwasher, and smoker all in one area. Formal stonework gives the space visual interest, and granite counters add a touch of gourmet. Guests can relax outside with the game on the flatscreen TV above the focal area. Tile the backsplash with a diamond detail across the lower portion, and inset lights add the finishing touch.

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    Get A Folding Table To Give Yourself Prep Room

    Let’s face it, not all of us are able to install an outdoor kitchen, whether that’s because we don’t have the space or the budget for one. However, if your barbecue doesn’t come with any prep or storage space, you may struggle to find space to rest your cooking utensils and gloves.

    This is where a portable, folding outdoor table comes in. You don’t need anything very fancy: an outdoor folding table can be bought from for under $50 .

    Q: How Many People Can Live In A 1500 Sq Ft House

    A: Often, people ask this question and often people are surprised at the answer that they get. The rule of thumb is that you can comfortably accommodate two households in a 1500 Sq ft house. If you have more than two households, then it becomes impossible to live in the house comfortably unless your family doubles or triples its size.

    Backyard Diy Backyard Landscaping Design Ideas Backyard Barbecue in 11 Genius Ways How to Makeover Backyard Barbecue Design Ideas Image Source:

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    Mini Grills Would Work For Small Spaces


    Every one of the tips shared above seems to bother around backyard BBQ areas for ample spaces. Well, those that do not have the luxury of large spaces can still have a backyard BBQ area. They would only have to be mindful of the number of guests that share this space with them.

    A backyard BBQ area for small spaces can work by using mini grills. There are compact grill products that can be attached to a railing. You can make the most of such products if you have a small space.

    Diy Wood And Stone Food Prep Station

    Pin by Bonnie

    Outdoor kitchens dont have to be elaborate. In this space, wood and simple brick complement the small space, providing prep areas and a base for the grill. Warm tones of wood give it a comfortable family room feel. Bars across the back finish the look with extra hanging storage for utensils and cups.

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    Supplement Your Barbecue Area With A Firepit

    Lastly, be prepared to serve delicious food that will go with all the preparations you have made for your barbecue area. A fantastic grill and a fire pit would make this a beautiful place to hang out. This way, people can lounge and shoot the breeze while waiting for their meals.

    There are many ways to proceed, but working with what you have is important. Its all about the area youre starting with and the mood you are trying to establish with your grilling area.You can deck it out in style, but it doesnt have to cost you a pretty penny.

    You dont have to spend a ridiculous amount of time. You just have to understand the proper parameters of what you work with on day one. Once youre clear on what direction you will go, you can then select the options that would provide the most comfort while at the same time ensuring that you meet your budget as well as your aesthetic goals.

    For more information, check out the following

    Rustic Wood Kitchen With Stone Backdrop

    Gray wood gives this kitchen a farmhouse feel. Decorations are at a minimum, but with a couple of small shelves set into the rock wall, youve got a few places to add some beloved accessories. Open shelving on either side of traditional barn door style cabinets adds visual interest and balance without being cluttered. A quaint tin roof finishes the look.

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    Bbq Area In Garden Of Luxury Villa

    For a more luxurious and modern take on a barbecue area, check out this beautiful bar and grill setup! It’s got all the storage and counter space needed for a variety of tasks.

    The grill itself is smaller, most likely used for smaller gatherings, while the bar itself is perfect to provide drinks to guests. With the sleek white walls and dark wooden beams, this enclosed area feels like something out of a vacation resort!

    Q: Can You Paint A Pool

    Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

    A: Painting a pool is not always easy and it can be quite difficult if you do not know what you are doing. You need to make sure that you hire someone who knows what he is doing and has already done the job in the past too. There are many different kinds of paint that can be used for this job and this needs to be considered before starting off.

    Backyard Barbecue Design Ideas 18 Amazing Patio Design Ideas With Regarding 11 Genius Ways How to Makeover Backyard Barbecue Design Ideas Image Source:

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    Lanterns Are Creative Lighting Options


    People who want a good-looking BBQ area also need to focus on lighting. This is one of the areas where people fall short of what is required. The idea should not be only to light up the space but do so stylishly. One of the ways to go about this is to make good use of lanterns.

    There are even lanterns that allow you to use candles. This is as they shield candlelights from strong winds that can put them off. There are also electric lanterns that look stylish and would improve the look of the backyard BBQ area. You can use either or both.

    Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design With Grill And Dishwasher

    Shabby chic kitchens are still a classic, and this shabby chic inspired outdoor kitchen is no different. It uses whitewashed brick for a comforting aged look, plus neutral gray accents on the counter. Also, did you notice the chevron brick floor? It pairs nicely with the stonework below the bar.

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    How Do I Make My Bbq Hotter

    Start with low heat by keeping the lid closed and cook for about three hours. Add more charcoal, chopped hardwood, or wood chunks to keep your food cooking.

    You can also place these on top of the unlit coals to add more heat or use a chimney starter with grill briquettes to fill in any gaps between food and coals.

    You can also get an airtight grill cover to cook hotter without burning your meat.

    Slate And Stone Outdoor Kitchen Dcor

    Entrancing Bbq Grill Design Ideas Of Backyard Barbecue Designs Patio ...

    Slate is a luxurious look for this outdoor space. It creates a focal point above the grill and sink using a stone arch for visual interest. On either side, there is enough countertop for food prep, and on one side a deep green smoker rounds out the formal design. Accentuate the design with deep green potted plants.

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    Diy Wood Pallet Sink And Prep Station

    Mimic your childhood mud kitchen by using pallets to create a simple counter and food prep station. Its a rustic take on outdoor built-ins, but unfinished, light wood gives the space airiness. Its casual and fun. It offers plenty of storage below for large accessories, and the small shelf across the top holds a few essentials like spices.

    A Round Brick Grill Project Idea

    We are positive you will have an easy ride if you choose this idea. Forget cement or mortar some bricks and a BBQ grill are all you need. Its pretty quick to build. What is more, it is bendable at its best. Set your spot, prepare some bricks, and align them in a circular shape. Done!

    Tip: Whatever your base is, ensure it is even to get a steady and robust construction.

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    Where Is The Best Place To Put A Bbq

    According to outdoor experts at Artisan Exterior , safety should be your top priority when choosing where to put your bbq in your backyard. That means not putting it right next to your back door, and ‘away from any potentially flammable debris such as rubbish bins or mulch. The same goes for low-lying trees and hedges.’

    The positioning of your bbq will also depend on what it will be next to. You don’t want smoke blowing into your bedroom window/your neighbor’s property, so ideally you want to place your bbq a little away from your home, or at least facing away from windows.

    Other than that, it really will depend on the shape and size of your backyard.

    Bbq Islands Starting At $5495

    Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

    Customized to your Style

    • $5495 BBQ Island Special

      Complete 8 Foot BBQ Island built with your Tile and Stucco Choice. Choose the Tile and Stucco color of your choice.

    • what’s included with Island

      Includes the 4 Burner Stainless Steel Grill, Danby Fridge & Stainless Steel Access Door.

    • Natural Gas or Propane

      This bbq grill can be ordered for Propane or Natural Gas. Let us know before and we will have it ready.

    • Electrical Outlets

      Our BBQ Islands come pre-wired with a pigtail. Just plug it in & your ready to go.

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    Working On The Balcony

    Most of the time, people dont use their balconies. So instead of making it an extra storage room, why not work on it to create a beautiful BBQ space? Make sure to understand how smokeless fire pits work if youre going to set it up on a balcony.

    Even if you have a small balcony, you can work around with elements and add simple extensions of your decor to create a relaxing place to enjoy grilled goodies and hang out with a few friends.

    What To Consider When Doing A Backyard Makeover

    The Price

    A budget is always a great way to start. Without it, you might see yourself spending much more than you anticipated. Trust me, you do not want to start a quarrel with your housemate over costs, whether it be a loved one or not. This kind of gives you a general vision of what you can picture for your yard. Obviously, the higher the budget the more detail you can put into your yard.

    With a small yard, you can usually place yourself at a lower cost, because you have less square footage to deal with. You can do simple backyard ideas, or you can still go extreme with high-end outdoor gear. Decide what you want to spend and then pick some ideas you can do!

    DIY or Hire a Pro

    This decision can be considered when thinking about the price as well. Of course, DIY will save you money, but just be aware of your own skills when thinking about the outcome. I love DIY jobs personally, and I have saved lots of money from them. I also realized you learn from your mistakes, because you may not get it right the first time. Messing up may end up costing you double than what it would have been to hire a professional. If you are looking for the best quality of work you cant go wrong when hiring someone who knows what they are doing.

    The Design

    Choosing your design after your pricing decision is fun. This is where you can choose what you are going to do. Ask yourself a few questions:

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    Food Prep Station With Wood Storage

    If you use a lot of wood during the year, build a floor to ceiling storage space. This dark wood prep station is a modern country kitchen design. Wood storage on either side is enclosed with wire mesh so you can see the shapes of the wood. The countertop and shelves are blonde wood for contrast against the dark shades. Finish the look with a chandelier made from mason jars.

    The Beauty Of Wood And Plants

    When it comes to your backyard BBQ area, you have a few different design options to choose from. One popular option is to use wood and plants.

    This can be a lovely and natural look, and it can also provide some privacy for you and your guests.

    You can add some soft lighting to set the mood, so your cooking area can become a fantastic place to enjoy at night. Check out this article for more ideas on designing a BBQ area.

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