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Back Yard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

Backyard Beach Party Pit

Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas : Landscaping Materials & Techniques

You can bring the beach to your backyard by building a large sandbox with a simple, rectangular wooden frame and filling it with a play-sand from a home improvement store.

Dig a hole in the center of the sand and line it with flat paver stones in a rectangular shape. Then line the outside with 2 to 3 layers of bricks to form a low border in the sand.

Add beach-style chairs and a couple of potted palms for a beachy backyard bonfire and curl your toes in the sand.

You can also install tiki torches to add a fun touch!

Roast Marshmallows With A Chiminea

Photo via @mooncircleguesthaus

If youre looking for a safe fire pit option, consider a chiminea! Made out of clay or terracotta, a chiminea is a portable, wood-burning fire stove. This potbelly-shaped chimney is better able to contain stray sparks, and still gets hot enough to roast marshmallows while keeping everyone warm! Plus, many chimneys have decorative designs that can be incorporated into your patio design.

The Advantages Of Installing A Backyard Fire Pit

There is no denying that gathering by a fire creates a unique atmosphere. This is not only because you will be keeping everyone warm, but also for a number of other benefits, including health and social-related ones.

First, installing a backyard fire pit will go a long way when it comes to creating a cozy outdoor atmosphere. This is just perfect for an evening gathering that you were planning with your friends or family members. Apart from enjoying a warm beverage or a few smores while snuggled up, you will also be able to experience all the beauties of an open flame.

Most gardens dont include proper landscape lighting, which is the main reason why a backyard fire pit can be of great help. Along with providing much-needed warmth, it will ensure a specific glow and improve the aesthetics of the landscape once night falls.

As we mentioned above, by installing this feature, you will be switching the usual place of social gatherings from indoors to outdoors. Once the pit is up, no one will be complaining about how they feel cold. In fact, by arranging a couple of sofas or comfortable lazy chairs, you will be creating an ideal focal point for relaxing after a hard-working day.

One of the best things about a reliable backyard fire pit is that you can use it for cooking. Here, we are not only talking about marshmallows and smores but also meat, fish, and veggies if you feel like it. All you need to do is to put a grill plate over the top and enjoy the process.

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Buried Truck Rim Fire Pit

Use the large wheel rim of a Mac truck to make an easy in-ground fire pit. Measure the rim and find a flat, level space in your yard. Start by digging a hole of the appropriate size, and sink the truck rim into the hole until its flush with the ground.

You have the option to choose flat paver stones to suit your taste and place them in concentric circles around the rim until you form either a small area or a large, patio-like area for seating.

Line the bottom of the truck rim with lava rock, fireproof pebbles, or more flat paver stones. This makes a great space for small gatherings to sit around staring down into the flames. Its also a nice way to toast your toes on a chilly evening

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas: Stay Warm While Entertaining

Top 50 Best Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

The best backyard fire pit ideas can create a stylish outdoor space.

‘With a little flair and imagination, your garden, patio or backyard ideas can be a real extension to your home another room if you will,’ says Claire Hornby, head of creative at Barker and Stonehouse . ‘And theres no reason to wait until warm days to enjoy your outdoor space. Just like cushions and throws that add an extra layer of warmth, fire pits are a great transitional piece that not only look impressive but also make life alfresco a little cozier.

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How To Build A Rock Fire Pit

If you are down the DIY route and you want to build around rocks for your backyard fire pit, here are the steps that you should follow. Make sure that all the materials are prepared before you embark on this DIY plan.

  • The first thing to do is to lay out the rocks. Place them from end to end. Mark the rock slabs if they need to be cut.
  • If some of the rocks, indeed, need to be cut, use a chisel and brick hammer. After that, polish the jagged edges using the brick hammers tail.
  • Next, mark the pits location using the cut rocks. If all the rocks are in place including the cut ones, prepare the trench for digging.
  • As soon as you dig a 6-8-inch depth for the rocks, fill the trench with crushed gravel for irrigation and added insulation. Lay and level the gravel and then repeat until you only have 2-inches of exposed ground.
  • With masonry adhesive and a caulking gun, start stacking the rocks to create a rock fire pit enclosure. Make sure that all gaps are filled.
  • After that, fill the hole with crushed gravel and then top it with coal pellets. If you are using wood and gas, lessen the amount of crushed gravel inside the rock fire pit.
  • Hillside Fire Pit Ideas

    Hillsides are scenic but their uneven terrain could pose a challenge for outdoor view enhancements like having a fire pit corner.

    Boulder or stone fire pits for a hillside would be a good idea. It gives a good look of the outdoors, easy to construct and low-cost to build. Insert a crushed gravel surround and you are all set to go.

    Using concrete and pea gravel ground for insulation is also a scenic fire pit corner to install in a hillside property.

    Keeping it raw gives it a lot of authenticity and the in-ground fireplace with a concrete insert is also a good way to keep the look cozy and cohesive.

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    Try A Tabletop Fire Pit

    Stay cozy and linger around the table after dinner with a tabletop fire bowl insert it’s one of our favorite backyard fire pit ideas, keeping the warmth contained and elegant.

    For the smartest option, choose a fire pit table that coordinates with complementary chairs. Offering fireside control at the flick of a switch, the gas-fired pit is a less messy option to logs or coals, and the flames are contained within a sleek glass bowl.

    ‘Relax, dine, entertain, and enjoy every time of day outside with an outdoor room full of indoor style,’ says Dani Taylor, creative and product director at Cox & Cox .

    Contemporary Colored Fire Pit

    13 Backyard Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas

    This contemporary fire pit will add a pop of color to any space by trading in the traditional stones on the surface of the pit for brightly colored alternatives. The hammered copper designs on the pit and its cover are interesting to look at and would look great in any backyard or outdoor setting.

    The pit is supported on copper legs, allowing you to move it around as needed without worrying about installation or damage to the surface its on. It would look great on a deck area or balcony area that has enough ventilation to air out the smoke.

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    Backyard Landscaping With Campfires And Gas Burning Features

    Most of us have fond memories of sitting around a campfire at some point in ourlives. Something sparks our primal instincts and we find ourselves staring intoglowing embers. Recent trends have many homeowners spending their free time at homerather than vacationing.

    Backyard landscaping is all about transforming a yard into a peaceful environmentand comfortable living space. What better way to create an enjoyable areafor family and social gatherings than to include an attractive fire pit or outdoorfireplace.

    Create Centerpiece With Pendant Lights For Outdoor Lighting Ideas

    Why do you think indoor lighting should just be indoors? Create a difference for outdoor lighting ideas with pendant lights that are made from weather-resistant rope perfectly fitting boho vibes. Especially when you landscape pendant lights above outdoor dining furniture, they will become an impressive outdoor solution for all gardens.

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    Hang pendant light fixtures on a covered patio, a pergola, or a wraparound porch seating. These designs will cast shadows across your patio and suit every mood board. What is important when choosing a pendant light? It is its size remember to opt large size not to make you feel like wasting outdoor space and put them on a dimmer to easily control.

    In addition, you should also try floor lamps as exterior lighting instead of confining them just indoors. Place a standing floor lamp with a weighted base to best secure them in exterior breezes. They are a perfect complement for patio furniture used for dining or relaxing.

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    Illuminate Trees And Shrubs With Landscape Lighting

    Last but not least outdoor lighting ideas we want to mention include how to uplight trees and shrubs while still creating a boundary for landscape gardens.

    We all know the countless values trees and shrubs bring to our landscape, from creating breathtaking focal points to providing structure with designed planting. Thats why you should take the most of these values by adding tree lighting ideas to the patio and making it live in the glow.

    If you are surrounded by towering trees or pergolas, one of the most common ways to light up the area is to entwine the tree trunks or branches with string lights. On the contrary, if you plant some low-trunk trees and shrubs, consider some candles as your patio lighting ideas.

    Candles provide you with accent lighting, especially flameless LED versions. They will create a welcoming glow to your patios without the risks associated with real flames when you have small kids or pets around.

    Using flood lights to illuminate trees and shrubs is also an ideal way to add touches to your design. Here are some outdoor water features besides.

    Warning: If you want to landscape candles to your patio lighting ideas, you must consider requirements of safety since they can cause some potential risks, especially when being placed around plants. Also, they can be extinguished by the wind outside. Therefore, opt for LED candles as perfect alternatives to provide a safe and easy way as real flame lit.

    Easy Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

    50 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Design Ideas for 2021

    Over 25% of clients ask for fire pit nooks in their yardand for good reason! Back or front yard fire pits are easy to incorporate into your landscape and are a feature that people of every age can enjoy. Fire pits can be used year round, which makes them a great investment and a way to enjoy more time outdoorsand a magical place to gather with family and friends on a cool evening under the stars.

    Fire pits come in many different types and styles ranging from everything from elaborate outdoor fireplaces with dramatic masonry to low cost fire pit landscape design ideas that will fit in any landscape. Whether youre considering propane fire pits, outdoor gas fires, or good old fashioned wood burning fire pits, there is truly an outdoor fire pit option for every style and garden preference. You can find more backyard fire pit ideas and landscaping advice in our guide to Outdoor Fire Options and Their Costs.

    This post is all about giving you inspiration for your backyard fire pit design. Scroll some of our favorite designs weve created for our clients, including everything from rustic to modern outdoor fire pit ideas.

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    Open Plan For Any Plan

    This open plan deck can adapt to just about any event you throw at it. A nice-but-approachable sectional sofa seating and bench seating along the dining table stand ready for groups big and small. The fire pit makes sure the party can continue into the evening. The broad wraparound deck stair lets people of all edges flow on and off the deck to a lower play lawn perfect for kids to ramble below while parents keep a watchful eye up above.

    Fire pit in backyard landscape design for California Yardzen client

    Outdoor String Lights On Wall And Fence

    Tips: Direct the light right where you need it to create a centerpiece.

    The very first common forms of outdoor lighting are outdoor string lights as they are really impressive and easy to install anywhere in a landscape garden. Try to hang outdoor string lights on a fence or wall to enhance the focal point and light up at the same time.

    These hanging lights can be solar, plug-in, or battery-powered so you can let them zig-zagged over the fence as a semi-permanent solution or just dress up the patio for an occasion.

    Also, you can wrap string lights around an over-the-table rod to create an ambient feeling to the dining table like Alfresco style, lay down in an entertaining space to transform the backyard into a French café, or even on trellises and around tree trunks for an undoubted focal point. String lights are wonderful ideas for an outdoor patio that constantly elevates outdoor furniture with big magic.

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    Or Pick Another Shape

    While the round fire pit is well known, there are plenty of other shapes to choose from. You might pick a square fire pit or rectangular fire pit to match a more linear outdoor area, or get creative and make your own designs.

    A concrete fire pit can be molded and sculpted to some very unique shapes.

    Cost: Simple, homemade various-shaped fire pits can cost nothing, or custom pieces will cost $4,000 or more.

    Steel And Stone Fire Pit

    28 Round Firepit Area Ideas to enjoy Summer Nights Outside| DIY GARDENS

    Steel and stones are common materials used to build an outdoor fire pit. Instead of choosing from either of them, you can have both in one backyard fire pit project.

    Just form the stones first into the shape you desire for the pit round is common. Make two metal structures for this, one smaller than the other one.

    The idea here is to simply make the steel an interior and outer coating of the stone fire pit. It looks clean and neat.

    Watch the video here for more about this project.

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    What Do You Need For A Backyard Fire Pit

    Your backyard fire pit ideas will need the fire pit, of course, and a convenient place to position it with enough space around to set out furniture, cushions and decorative details.

    ‘Introduce a cozy fire pit to keep everyone warm and snug when dusk falls, styling your seating all around it to create the ultimate flexible outdoor entertaining space,’ suggests Lucy Kirk.

    ‘A fire pit is an elegant accessory to your garden for any occasion and is perfect for small get-togethers with friends and family or as a statement piece when hosting parties.

    ‘Elevate your entertainment space by hanging festoon lights from trees or your pergola and dress the floor with lanterns and candles to add light at varying heights and make your space feel bigger and brighter.

    Round Fire Pit With Back

    This backyard fire pit idea adds an elegant and unique fire feature to your place. Youll only need bricks to make it and shape its back like a teardrop.

    Pay more attention to the bricks and their position so you can get the right shape. Make sure to carefully measure the placement of the blocks for the perfect finish.

    Simply follow how you create a rounded fire pit with bricks as the construction is just the same.

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    Creating Fire Pit Landscaping Ideas Tailored To Your Yard

    Yardzens award-winning online exterior and landscape design service is tailored to homeowners with both large and small yards in all fifty states in the U.S. Ourdesign process begins with understanding your outdoor space, style, and a discussion of your budget and vision to minimize surprises when it comes time to build.

    Our top-notch designers then develop a personalized vision for your yard, shared through 3D renderings, 2D plan drawings, and plant and material lists. Your design will capture the look, feel, and function you are hoping for, all while keeping costs within range.

    Once your design is complete, well help you connect with a local contractor from ourPro Network of vetted professional contractors to install your new design.

    Ready to enjoy some smores around the fire pit in the outdoor living space of your dreams? Create your design profile or explore our professional backyard landscaping and exterior design packages today!

    The Sentimental Fire Pit

    ð 24 Backyard Fire Pit Ideas Landscaping Create A Relaxing Retreat With ...

    For a memorable fire pit construction, this project gives you that sentiment you and your family deserve. This backyard fire pit is an in-ground type, but instead of pouring rock at the bottom, you can add cement to close the bottom.

    Heres the exciting part: while the cement is still wet, you can print your designs on it as a personalized touch. The example in this full tutorial shows the printed hands of all family members with the construction year.

    Its a unique and special fire pit idea that all members of the family can participate in.

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