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Does Goodwill Take Lawn Mowers

Wondering How To Get Rid Of An Old Lawn Mower

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When you have an old, broken lawn mower, you know that getting rid of it can be difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. Were here to help! From lawn mower disposal to donation, read on for some great ideas about how to dispose of your old mower.

How to Dispose of Lawn Mowers:

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Donate Old Lawn Mower

If your old lawn mower is still in good enough condition for someone else to use, you can probably donate it to a local charity.

Some nonprofits offer pickup of donated items for a fee, but youll probably need to find a way to haul it to a donation center yourself. However, donating your old riding lawn mower or push mower is much more eco-friendly than just throwing it away.

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Mattresses Mattress Accessories And Recalled Items

Donating a bed frame is a great idea, but mattresses and waterbeds, not so much. The same goes for outdated or unsafe car seats and mobility items.

  • Mattresses or box springs: You may think you have a perfectly good mattress or box spring to donate. However, mattresses and box springs take up a ton of space. These items may also be the perfect place for bugs, germs, and other pests to hide either in transport or at Goodwill facilities.
  • Waterbeds or waterbed frames: For safety and sanitary reasons, waterbeds and corresponding frames are not accepted by Goodwill.
  • Cribs: Similarly, for safety and sanitary reasons, cribs are not accepted by Goodwill.
  • Car seats, if recalled or otherwise unsafe: Child car seats and other similar devices must meet additional requirements from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • Mobility devices, if recalled or otherwise unsafe: Mobility devices, such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, and more have to meet additional safety standards from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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How To Dispose Of Old Unneeded Lawnmowers

What do you do with your old lawnmower when its time to update to a newer model or it simply stops working? Leave it in the shed or garage to rest and gather dust? If so, youre not alone plenty of homeowners hold onto their old lawnmowers simply because they do not know what else to do with them. You can use this guide, however, to decide on the best way to dispose of yours:

  • Give it away: just because you no longer have a need for the lawnmower doesnt mean that no one else will. Give it to a friend who could use it, advertise it in the classified of your local paper or online, or even give it to a not-for-profit organisation, such as the Salvation Army.
  • Recycle it: plenty of your lawnmowers parts will be recyclable, so give your local recycling centre a call and find out whether theyll take it. You may have to pull the mower apart to get to the recyclable parts, but its beneficial for the environment.
  • Scrap it: similar to recycling it, the difference between the two is that you will make a little cash when selling your old lawnmower for scrap. The junkyard will recycle all the metal parts and anything else that is reusable and will throw out the rest.
  • Throw it out: you could also take the lawnmower to your local rubbish tip and simply throw it away. You should, however, always call in advance to make sure that the tip will take the mower, as not everything can be thrown into landfill.

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How To Dispose Of Old Gas & Oil From A Lawn Mower

What NOT to Donate

If your lawnmower is fueled by gasoline or oil, it is important to dispose of these fluids properly before disposing of the lawn mower. Gasoline and oil are both hazardous materials and should not be disposed of in the trash.

Heres how to drain oil or gas from a lawn mower:

  • First, use a siphon hose to drain the gas from the tank and place it in a clean container. It is best to use a siphon hose with a connected hand pump.
  • Then disconnect the spark plug cable and tilt the mower with the carburetor up into the air.
  • Next, remove the center screw or screws that secure the blade and carefully slide the blade out of the mower.
  • Place an oil sump under the mower and remove the oil reservoir cap to drain the oil into the sump. The location of the oil reservoir cap can vary from mower to mower but is usually located under the blade in the center of the deck of a push mower.

If you own a riding mower, the connector should be on the side of the engine block. Then you can take the used oil to an auto parts store or a mechanic. Because they can recycle the oil on your behalf for a small fee.

You will also need to dispose of the gas as well. However, in this case, you may use your municipal household hazardous waste disposal facility to take the gasoline and the oil too. And its better to find out the HHW facility from the website of your town, city, or municipality. You just need to call them. They will do the rest on your behalf.

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Finding A Good Firm To Take Your Old Equipment For Recycling

Junk King offers appliance disposal and recycling for all kinds of landscaping equipment and to recycle appliances like lawn mowers can take this burden off your shoulders. We even go a step farther with scrap metal pick up.

Take back the space in your garage. Dont let old lawn equipment rust in the yard. Call the junk removal pros for appliance pick up!

Were just as proud of our high marks for customer service as we are for being the greenest junk haulers. Junk King has been rated the best in North America for customer service, and you can see why from our customer testimonials.

Were fast, friendly, and amazingly efficient. If you want trained professionals who show up on time and in uniform then you need to hire Junk King.

Make an appointment and well provide an upfront estimate with no strings attached. Just show us the lawnmower and landscaping equipment and any other trash you want disposed of, and we quote you based on the volume of space the junk takes up in our truck. Our crews our not only efficient and friendly, but they are fast, as well!

Well take your old or broken landscaping equipment off your hands and make sure it gets recycled or disposed of responsibly. Just give us a ring at 1.888.888.JUNK .

How Much Does A 22 Inch Lawn Mower Weigh

These are the most common types of mower found and are the standard workhorses for most lawn owners. If you have a lawn under half an acre, a self-propelled model is probably your best bet. Our self-propelled models have an average weight 0f 85lbs, an average price of $605, and an average cutting width of 22 inches.

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Does Goodwill Donate To Charity

Goodwill of North Georgia is a 501 nonprofit. Revenue generated in our stores supports our mission to put people to work, including support for our 14 local career centers which are free and open to the public. Additionally, Goodwill provides job training and placement services for people with barriers to employment such as veterans, people with disabilities and people with criminal backgrounds as well as people looking to obtain new skills and credentials. More information on our training programs, special programs, and the success stories of those weve served is available under the Putting People to Work tab at the top of this page. Join us in making a difference for tens of thousands of North Georgians and their families this year by donating and shopping with us today.

Shop In-Store FAQs

Vietnam Veterans Of America

Are ROBOT LAWN Mowers any Good? Worx Landroid

Active in cities across 13 states, the Vietnam Veterans of America advocates for U.S. veterans of all age groups and service periods. It particularly focuses on improving veteran health care access, helping homeless and disabled vets and assisting veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder .

They happily accept used hand and power tools through their Pickup Please donation program, and will come right to your door to pick them up. Items must be light enough for the driver to load into the truck alone.

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Why Is Throwing Away Your Lawn Mower Bad For The Environment

Two reasons. Firstly, anyone abandoning his or her mower without going through the proper disposal process probably either doesnt care or doesnt know that they should empty out all the fluids.

Petrol lawn mowers will have gas sitting in one compartment and engine oil in another. If these fluids are not removed, you know that at some point they will find there way into the ground or the nearest body of water. Improper lawn mower disposal is not just bad for the environment either the liquids represent a health hazard to humans. If that werent enough, its also a fire hazard.

Secondly, the metal and plastic parts of the lawn mower wont do the environment any good sitting in the ground. Every bit of scrap metal recycled reduces our need for new metal just a tiny bit.

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What Does A 6 Yard Skip Look Like

6 Yard Skip

10ft Length x 5ft Width x 4ft Height. Our 6 yard skip is a small builders skip that can be used for larger building and refurbishment projects. It is also a popular small skip hire for domestic use, including larger house clearances and is available with or with or without a drop door at the rear.

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What Is Your Return Policy

While our fitting rooms are closed, we will temporarily extend a 7-day return policy to guests on clothing items only. Items must be returned to the location where they were purchased within 7 days to receive a store credit. Guests must provide original receipt and tags must still be intact. All shoes, accessories, undergarments, housewares, electronics, furniture and new goods are excluded and cannot be returned for any reason.

We also encourage you to test electronics .

If you have questions about an item you have recently purchased, please see the store manager at that location.

Shop Online FAQs

Wrapping Up What To Do With Your Old Mower

Trading Post

If you are looking to get rid of your old mower, you can try selling it online or donating it to a charity if it is in good working order. You can also give it to a friend or family member in need. If your mower is not in good working condition, you can bring it to a recycling facility. You can even try a scrap yard, in the hopes that it does not end up in a landfill.

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What Happens To The Items I Donate

When you donate, you help put people to work. How? The items you donated are sorted, priced and sold in our stores. We then use the money from the sale of these items to fund job training programs and employment services. Each year, we serve tens of thousands of individuals and help place them into good jobs. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of so many of your North Georgia neighbors.

How To Recycle Your Lawn Mower

Before you store, scrap, or recycle a lawn mower, the first step you should take should be to remove all the fluid within. Place a container beneath the engine drain and pull out the plug, then siphon all the gas left in the tank. If youre not sure how to do this, check the instructions that came with your mower . Or if its working you could keep using it until the fuel has run out.

Remember to use seal-able containers you dont want to allow gas or engine oil to flow freely on the ground as theyre a hazardous waste. Reuse or dispose of the fluids in an appropriate manner .

Once youve removed the fluids, youve got a few choices:

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Items We Accept/do Not Accept

Items We Accept & Do Not Accept

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida accepts donations of clean, useable items in sellable condition. We regret that we cannot accept all donations because of safety, privacy, and other concerns.

In addition, Goodwill follows regulations set forth by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission for the re-sale of goods.

For larger donations please call to schedule a pick-up:

We Do Accept
The following gently used items in good sellable condition:
  • Camping Equipment
  • Clothing & Linens
  • Crafts & Crafting Supplies
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Gardening & Lawn Care Accessories
  • Hand Tools & Small Power Tools
  • Household D├ęcor
  • Jewelry Lamps & Light Fixtures
  • Musical Instruments
  • * Large/Heavy Items May Not Be Accepted At All Donation Sites.

Please Do:

  • Test electrical equipment and battery-operated items.
  • Include all pieces and parts to children’s games and toys.
We Do Not Accept
  • Baby cribs and Car seats
  • Any recalled items
  • Large Area Rugs or Carpeting
  • Entertainment Centers
  • Disassembled furniture
  • *Major Appliances
  • Hazardous or Dangerous Items such as
  • Ammunition & Firearms
  • Leave items unattended outside a collection center.
  • Donate broken or soiled items.
  • Give items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet current safety standards.


What Is A Career Center Where Do I Find One

Lawn Mower Will Not Start? -This is Probably Why! ‘Simple Fixes’

Goodwill operates career centers across North Georgia, some of which are conveniently located in the same space as our stores and donation centers. All career centers are open to the public and equipped with people and resources to help job seekers and micro-business owners. We have computers with internet access, fax machines, photocopiers, telephones, and just about any other resources you might need for job search or business development.

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Mattresses & Box Springs

While many Goodwill stores can accept bedsheets, blankets and other linens, many locations do not accept mattresses and box springs. Their size, among other factors, make it too difficult to manage and sell them in their stores.

Always call your local Goodwill before dropping off a mattress or box spring, and if they cannot take it, find another way to get rid of it.

How to Donate or Recycle These Items

  • Check out our mattress disposal guide for a full breakdown of donation, disposal and recycling options for your old mattress.

Knowing what not to donate to Goodwill is not a new dilemma.

Ive found several articles from as far back as the 70s that address this exact topic, trying to educate people to not dump unusable items at Goodwill. Were hoping that by getting the word out and educating the public on what constitutes a good donation, well have less and less of that.

Jessica Hudgins Smith | PR & Digital Media Manager, Goodwill Industries of Denver

How Much/is There A Limit For What I Donate To Goodwill

Our mission is made possible by your generous donations. While there are some items we cannot accept at our donor doors, there is no limit to the number of items you can donate, as long as they are clothing and household goods we can accept and sell in our stores. Not sure if your items are right for Goodwill? Contact us at .

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How To Donate Your Lawn Equipment

If you decide to donate your lawn equipment, there are a few things you need to do in order to make the donation.

First, you need to find a charity or organization that accepts donations of lawn equipment.

Second, you need to contact the charity or Call a local thrift store or re-use center to inquire if they accept lawn mowers.

Although a good portion of these establishments will take yard equipment, some will not. Third, Drop the lawn mower off at the thrift store or re-use center. The establishments will inspect the item to ensure that it is in good shape and, if so, will sell it at a discount.

Last, Leave your lawn mower outside for pick-up. Some stores offer pick-up service and will take the lawn mower to the establishment for you. Inquire about any such service when you call to ask about the donation.

Does Home Depot Recycle Old Appliances

What to Donate?

Home Depot will haul away old built-in appliances provided they are uninstalled and disconnected completely beforehand. Though this could vary between Home Depot stores and the contractors who carry out this service. It is recommended to check in with your local store to make sure your appliance is eligible. via

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How Do You Dispose Of 4 Foot Fluorescent Tubes

Place a broken fluorescent light tube in a resealable plastic bag. Place that bag inside another resealable plastic bag and dispose of the light tube in your household trash. If the 4-foot long tube will not fit inside a resealable plastic bag, double-bag it in plastic garbage bags and tie them off tightly.


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