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Fire Pit In Concrete Patio

How To Prevent Concrete From Being Damaged By Heat

How to Pour a Concrete Patio With a Fire Pit and Retaining Wall

Well, the good news is there are ways to ensure your concrete is protected and not damaged. Are you interested in a permanent fire pit to be place on your concrete patio or more of an above ground fire pit? These are good questions to consider when making your purchase decisions.

If you are focused on an above ground fire pit a heat shield is a wise investment. Why? These high temperature fire pads can prevent high temperatures affecting your concrete patio. Additionally, they are great to have under your fire pit if you place it on your lawn or wooden deck. It just makes sense to have a heat retardant mat underneath your fire pit, regardless of surface.

Additionally, these investments are much lower in price than having to replace your concrete patio. Also, they are a great way to prevent unnecessary ash build up which makes for seamless clean up after your fire. Remember, there are also gas powered fire pits where you dont have to deal with purchasing and storing wood. Furthermore, above ground fire pits are the best styles of fire pits. Why? They dont direct as much heat directly contact on your concrete patio.

Furthermore, many fire pits are mobile so this keeps you from having one area of your concrete being effected from too much heat. You can always readjust the pit to sit a few week away regularly. This will ensure your concrete looks great for many years to come.

Coffee Table Fire Pit Idea

Perfect for relaxing at home on a cold winter day, this fire pit fits right on your table. To make this, mix some cement and pour it into a bowl or a round mold. Once that is set, place a propane tank in the center and some lava rocks around them. Just make sure to place this in the center of your table where it cant be accidentally knocked over.

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Will A Fire Pit Damage Concrete Patio Plasticine House

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  • Descriptions: A fire pit will damage a concrete patio over time. The heat that a fire pit gives off when used will be enough to dehydrate the concrete, causing it to expand
  • More : A fire pit will damage a concrete patio over time. The heat that a fire pit gives off when used will be enough to dehydrate the concrete, causing it to expand

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Porch Side Fire Pit Blueprint

This is a great solution if you dont have a backyard. Using lava rocks, a nail gun, quickrete, 2x10s, a miter saw, angle iron, a miter saw, you can make a fire pit on your porch. First, make the concrete table top and then craft the burner and basket. Then craft the table frame and assemble everything together. You can also get a store bought burner or use propane for the fire.

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Will A Fire Pit Damage Asphalt

Stamped Concrete Patio with Fire Pit and Sitting Wall, Clarskon, Mi ...

If your patio area contains any asphalt at all, its probably best that you dont have a fire pit anywhere near it.

Asphalt is a petroleum product, meaning that it can actually catch fire.

Oil fires are difficult to put out and its likely that the fire department would need to be involved. Thats a sure-fire way to ruin a summer evening.

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What Do You Put Under A Fire Pit On Concrete

There are a few different ways you can protect the concrete underneath your fire pit. You can use a pit mat, a fire ring, or a heat shield, all of which will keep the heat of your fire pit from reaching the concrete fully. Thankfully, concrete is an A1-rated material the highest fire resistance possible so you dont have to worry about a concrete deck catching fire. However, you have to keep in mind that high heat can potentially cause concrete to crack.

Are You Going For A Permanent Or A Temporary Fire Pit

Concrete wont get damaged by fire right away so if youre just going for a single-season temporary fire pit, the concrete base underneath it should be safe if it wasnt already damaged or compromised. If you want a permanent fire pit fixture in your yard, however, youll either need to find a way to protect the concrete base or accept the fact that youll need to fix/replace it once every several years as it will eventually begin to crack.

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Why Did My Fire Pit Crack

Unfortunately, over time, cracks can appear in the clay walls of a fire pit, most commonly due to moisture seeping into the clay and then expanding due to high temperatures. Hairline cracks are common and usually not a concern. Larger cracks, however, should be repaired before the fire pit is used further.

Can You Place A Fire Pit On Concrete

Build a Concrete Patio Firepit for 100 bucks

By dcc-admin

A fire pit is a lovely addition to any home. Fire pits come in all shapes and sizes, from pre-constructed options to do it yourself installations. For most homeowners, a fire pit needs to have its own area where the flame can be enjoyed clear of the home and in a relaxing space. Many homeowners looking to install a new fire pit often wonder if one can be installed on concrete. The answer is yes, a fire pit can be placed on concrete but there are things to consider.

Will the Fire Pit Be a Permanent Fixture?

The first thing you need to consider is if the fire pit will be a permanent fixture. If you are using a metal fire pit that is raised off the ground, then you can certainly use the pit anywhere, just be sure to place it far from the home to avoid any fire issues. If you are building a fire pit with stones or pavers, then the pit will be permanent so the installation should be considered more carefully.

Placing a fire pit on concrete is a safe alternative. It can be easier to remove any ash left behind from fires. However, the concrete can begin to spall and crack due to the heat of the flames. Because of this, you want to install the fire pit on concrete that you do not mind being damaged. Eventually, the concrete would need to be repaired and this can be costly.

Stable Foundation


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Will A Portable Fire Pit Damage Concrete

Yes, a portable fire pit will most likely damage your concrete patio unless you take precautions. A portable fire pit will still harness temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a pit that is 6 off the ground, it is still possible that the temperature will still be over 1000 degrees on the surface of the concrete when the fire is at its hottest.

The good thing about portable fire pits is that they are easy to move, so if you have a fire, you can move the pit around to expose the same area to fire too much.

On the other hand, some people dont want to move their fire pit due to safety or aesthetic reasons. Therefore, you can mount the portable fire pit on top of pavers or some type of fire mat to reduce the temperature. This will be your best bet to mitigate concrete patio damage.

Finally, probably the best way to use a portable fire pit in a way that it wont damage your concrete patio is to have smaller fires. The more fuel or wood you use, the hotter your fire is going to get. A small fire will still give off plenty of heat and ambiance and ensure that your concrete surface lasts longer.

But Are Metal Fire Pits Safe On Concrete

We get this question a lot around this time of year. Everyone wants to sit around a fire, and a great spot to do that is your concrete patio. But people worry that the heat from the metal fire pit may cause their concrete to crack. Or maybe the heat could burn and stain the surface of the concrete.

If you had this same question, then you were on to something. Because the extreme heat that some metal fire pits give off can damage your concrete.

Heres how. When concrete is poured, tiny air bubbles get trapped throughout. Its not a bad thing. Its just the way concrete is mixed and installed. But when you apply high temperatures to the surface of concrete, the air trapped inside those bubbles begins to expand untilCRACK!the air breaks through the concrete to escape.

This can cause surface damage leading to pitting and spalling, as well as deep structural damage causing cracks.

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Easy Movable Diy Fire Pit By Dana Miller

As per the designer, shown above fire pit plan requires 8 cinder blocks , 8 cement caps , 2 bags of lava rock and optional 1-foot square pavers to complete. You wont have to do much. This is one of the quickest and cheapest plans weve seen. You would level the ground, set the blocks, place caps on top , drop lava rocks in the pit, add a few pavers, and done.

Using A Permanent Fire Pits

The Works! Stamped Concrete Fire Pit

You can use a permanent fire pit, however, you will have to replace parts of your concrete patio every few years as a result of cracking. Concrete normally cracks when faced with constant high and low temperatures. If this is your choice, you can use fire-resistant rock as a barrier between the concrete patio and your fire pit.

This is a specialist job and you may want to contact a professional installer before you create your fire pit, just for you to be familiar with all available options.

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Fire Pit Seating Idea: Teak Lounge Chair

This modern lounge chair sits low to the ground so you can fully enjoy the warmth from the fire pit. The reclining angle and thick cushions just beg for you to sit down and never leave. Plus, its built to last. Made from durable teak wood and weather-resistant fabric, a few of these lounge chairs will last a long time outdoors with minimal maintenance.

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Can I Put A Fire Pit On My Concrete Patio

Yes, you can definitely put a fire pit on your concrete patio, but its important to note that a fire pit can potentially damage concrete over time. This is because high heat will cause concrete to expand and possibly crack as it cools. However, if you use a pit mat, a fire ring, or a heat shield, you can protect your concrete from the high heat of a fire pit.

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How To Protect Concrete From Fire Pit

There are several ways to make your concrete fire resistant. The first is to take the fire away from the actual surface of the concrete and use a portable fire pit. Another way is to make your concrete fireproof by constructing a fireproof surface over the top using refractory cement and/or fire bricks.

For elevated fire pits, these mats will serve as a minimal heat shield, although you cannot rely on them to be your sole barrier between your concrete surface and fire pit they are a secondary barrier at best.

Finally, probably the most effective way to protect your concrete is to use fire bricks or concrete pavers on top of your concrete patio between your fire pit and the concrete surface. While they will be unsightly, you can arrange pavers nicely in a manner that can be unobtrusive and you can also set your fire pit directly on top of them.

The products mentioned previously, such as the mats, do not allow for direct placement as they can be damaged. Pavers and fire blocks are rugged and you can sit any type of fire pit over the top.

How To Build A Simple Concrete Paver Fire Pit In About One Hour

How to Build a Fire Pit With Concrete Patio DIY

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I love easy home projects especially when they dont require spending money. This DIY fire pit was completed in about an hour and we used left over material that we had on hand. Score! Let me show you how to build your own concrete paver fire pit.

Before I get started, I want to disclose that this is probably one of the easiest ways to build a fire pit. Does that mean its the only way or the best way? No. This tutorial is how we built a fire pit in about an hour with concrete pavers we already had on hand. Now that you know that, here we go.

Im no stranger to repurposing old concrete pavers. As a matter of fact, in our previous home , we took the concrete pavers from the front flower beds and used them to dress up the existing fire pit with pea gravel and pavers.

See how we created a large border around the fire pit? Wait until you see the finished product.

Speaking of repurposing concrete pavers, we did something similar in our current house when I created a DIY outdoor table to hide the grinder pump well.

This was a fun project. As a matter of fact, Im going to use the same principals I used to build this DIY outdoor table for the DIY fire pit. Lets be honest, it kind of looks like a fire pit with a wood top, right?

Let me show you where we are going to put the fire pit.

One of the selling points to this home was all the beautiful live oak trees.

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Preventing Heat From Damaging Concrete

There are several ways to prevent your patios concrete from becoming damaged by your fire pit, but you have to consider first if you want a permanent fire pit or an above ground mobile fire pit.

Above Ground Fire Pits and Heat Retardant Mats

If you have a fire pit that is above ground, you can place a heat retardant mat underneath to prevent high temperatures from reaching concrete. These mats are relatively affordable and definitely less expensive than performing a full concrete repair once a year. This is also a great way to prevent ash from collecting which makes for easy clean up after you have a fire. This type of fire pit is best for concrete because the heat will not directly contact it at any point.

The mobility of this fire pit also keeps one specific area of your concrete from getting too much heat. Move the pit a few feet every once in awhile to keep concrete looking great for years to come.

Will Concrete Crack Around A Fire Pit

Will the concrete, or in the case of Paloform, will concrete fire pits crack? The short answer is no. For the long answer, read on … Not in any way that is detectable by the naked eye, but as concrete is curing, it is shrinking and shifting on a minute level and this is the main cause of cracking.

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Build A Relaxing Stamped Concrete Patio With A Fire Pit And Various Outdoor Seating

Finally, we have a relaxing contemporary patio with stamped concrete and a fire pit, although our favorite thing about it is the multiple seating options and small touches.

The stamped concrete patio establishes a warm and cozy mood that can be perfect for an intimate gathering with friends and family. There is also a pergola attached to the roof of the house, so that you can enjoy some shade when needed.

When we talk about details and personalized touches, these are exactly what will bring your design to life. For example, the colorful flowers decoration close to the fire pit, which adds some color and vibrancy to the area.

We also love how the red folding chairs with light wood frames look next to the solid black fire pit, which is made of poured concrete.

The two elements create an interesting visual juxtaposition that combines heavy features with light and bold details.

Dont be afraid to play around with the furnishing as well. For instance, the brown outdoor couch with beige upholstery and cushion, and the rattan rocking chair that you can see on the raised patio.

Local City Or County Codes

Photo Gallery

Many laws prohibit the use of open flames on a wood deck or within 20 to 30 feet of your home. If they are permitted, rules will be in place to govern the use of open flames, including information about fire pits on decks.

Consult your insurer about how installing a fire pit on your home deck may affect your insurance prices. Many insurers require notification if you plan to install a fire pit in areas prone to wildfires.

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Stamped Concrete Patio With A Fire Pit And Seat Wall/pillars Youtube

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  • Descriptions: Fire pits and sittng walls have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can transform an otherwise commonplace patio into a cozy backyard.
  • More : Fire pits and sittng walls have become increasingly popular in recent years. They can transform an otherwise commonplace patio into a cozy backyard.


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