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Front Porch Designs For Houses

Front Porch Designs For Ranch Homes

7 Fall Front Porch Ideas

Long, low, one-story ranch homes are known for their big porches and rustic appeal. Often much of that porch space go to waste, however, due to the sizes of many of them. Whether you have a large area or one more manageable, the following ideas are sure to provide enough fodder for a one-of-a-kind look you will enjoy.

Furniture And Accessories For Front Porch Ideas

Make a porch appear to be complete, although not cluttered by including a couple of essential accessories. A little area rug underfoot provides the area a cozier feel. It is not difficult to divide a massive front porch by objective, like zones for eating, unwinding, and cooking. Fortunately, small front porches can utilize the very same principle. Dedicate the area before a door, for instance, to moving individuals into and from the building. Have several square foot in a corner? Tuck in two comfortable chairs and place a petite area rug for just a relaxing discussion nook.

Overgrown trees, bushes, along with other plant life can overpower a tiny front porch. Your small porch may extend in many other exterior spaces, like a driveway, another patio room, or a backyard. Joining those other places increases cohesion and causes a feeling that your little front porch is bigger than its real footprint. Use very similar plants, color systems, or architectural details throughout to link the spaces.

Use A Bold Color Accent

Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Sarah Elliott

This modern farmhouse in upstate New York from NYC-based Chango & Co. has bright cherry red double doors that add punch to the black and white porch. Matching black rocking chairs with red-and-black check throw pillows, red side tables and gray throw blankets and a pair of sconce lights make it inviting and practical.

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    Design by Studio Robert McKinley / Photo by Nicole Franzen

    This light and airy front porch from Studio Robert McKinley has sculptural seating and casual landscaping that carries onto the steps with potted plants and onto the porch with hanging planters that help fill the empty space without blocking sightlines.

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    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis

    This Cape Cod style home from AHG Interiors has a small and cozy front porch with stone pavers on the floor that match the walkway. A small bench painted in the same navy shade as the siding blends into the background, providing function while maintaining an uncluttered look.

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    Front Porch Designs And Ideas

    71 Front Porch Designs and Ideas for Breathtaking Entryways

    Our homes are generally a place we take pride in, and nothing welcomes guests like a well designed front porch. Since it is literally the first thing anyone sees of your house, how it is perceived from the roadside, as well as by approaching guests, is a detail that can be worrisome to the gracious hostess or host.

    It may also serve as a place of entertainment, or relaxation, and should reflect a little bit about the homeowners taste in decor. If you have struggles with ideas for your front porch, or are in need of an upgrade and are looking for front porch remodeling ideas, check out the following to fit any house style.

    These Small Front Porch Ideas Will Help You Live Beautifully Outdoors And Make The Most Of Your Compact Square Footage

    21 Cool And Beautiful Tiny Home Front Porch Design For Inspiration ...

    Outdoor spaces add to your home’s livable square footage, so it’s important to take advantage of the extra room. Even if you have a small front porch, there’s ample opportunity to transform your porch into a beautiful living area. Making a small porch into a stylish and functional outdoor space is very doable it’s all about knowing what to put where in the most visually appealing and efficient manner. Front porch seating ideas, plants, accessories, and can all help you maximize your outdoor space. Here are 12 stylish ideas to help you make the most of your small porch.

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    Beautiful Modern Front Porch Ideas

    by Holly Antoine | Published 8/26/22

    The front porch is the entrance to the home. The spot where you get to make a statement and a first impression to the world passing by your door. If modern is the look youre after, then you have come to the right place. Its not hard to add a modern vibe to your home all you need is a little bit of creativity and some inspiration.

    In this article, we have compiled some of our favorite modern front porches and provided some helpful tips to get you off to the right start. To create a modern front porch, you dont have to have an overly modern home. These ideas will help you bring a modern front porch to life and inspire you to do something different with the front of your home.

    // New Porch Overhang

    At first glance of the before photo above, its almost hard to tell that there is a porch. The low retaining wall uses the same brick as the homes exterior, so everything blends together. There isnt much contrast to make the porch stand out. Plus, theres no porch awning to protect homeowners or guests from rain or the sun. Our designers opened the space up, removing the brick retaining wall and adding a porch overhang supported by wood columns. Incorporating different building materials and more elaborate landscaping draws the eye to the front porch addition.

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    Paint Your Front Door

    Contemplating front door color ideas for a door refresh? From timeless favorites to more contemporary shades, theres a wealth of inspiring spring hues to consider. You can even paint your door according to Feng Shui front door color principles, too.

    Muted shades like this blue are a perfect partner to traditional homes, too, ensuring the front door is attention-grabbing but sympathetic to the architecture, as demonstrated in this space by .

    Enhance Your Victorian Porch

    HUGE Front Porch Makeover | DESIGN | Great Home Ideas

    If youre lucky enough to have a traditional Victorian-style porch complete with intricate gables, keep it in top condition with regular painting.

    Your front door and surround is the perfect introduction to what lies beyond, consider elements such as the vernacular of the build and a palette that has empathy with the architecture,’ says Patrick ODonnell, Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador.

    ‘If you’re wondering how to decorate a front porch, one option is to carry the same front door color up and over the porch and other exterior wood elements for continuity creating the simplest of decoration this is also a great way to add scale to smaller doors.

    ‘Alternatively, work with colors that share the same undertone or several shades lighter or darker than one another this again will create a considered look that is timeless and attractive.

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    Fresh Paint And Color

    Adding fresh paint or vibrant color to your front porch is an easy way to freshen it up, add curb appeal, or create a particular atmosphere. Depending on the style and color scheme of your home, you can paint the porch itself, your door frame, or any other features of the porch.

    When youre adding paint to your front porch, you can add any color that suits your style. However, a vibrant color especially can make your porch a focal point of the home that immediately draws the attention of visitors and passersby.

    Lose The Boring Porch Lights

    When youre revamping your porch space, lighting is key. Flush-mount lighting is not the only option, Totty says.

    Try modern semiflush-mount lighting or a chic pendant light instead. Either option will illuminate the threshold of your home and give your visitors something to talk about when they walk through the door.

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    If You Follow Along Youll Remember Last Week I Shared A Diy Spring Straw Hat

    Hello, sweet friends and welcome to a diy friday! Welcome sign for front door porch indoor home decor rustic wooden wreath home yard sign farmhouse decor outdoor seasonal welcome decorations wall decoration spring wreath usd $16.66 usd $16.66 These wreath ideas will add color charm and cheer to your door this season.

    Direct Eye Level With Fragrant Hanging Baskets

    60 Stunning Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Design Ideas And ...

    Hanging basket ideas are a brilliant way to bring joyful color and interest into your front porch during the warmer months. They also add impact to small areas like narrow balcony gardens and courtyard gardens, allowing you to max up your growing space. There are options for sunny or shady spots too, so it doesnt matter what the aspect of your front porch is as there will be something to suit.

    Planting up a hanging basket is an easy, enjoyable job for a spring or early summer day. In a few weeks time it will transform into a boule of tumbling foliage and flowers, and then remain a mass of cheering colour throughout summer. Adding foliage plants such as compact carex, silver-leaved artemisia or purple sage, and incorporating flowers in striking colours like burgundy or orange are two simple updates. Single blooms are also good they not only look more contemporary but will provide for wildlife, too.

    Once youve planted it up you can ensure your basket looks good for months by deadheading and watering regularly: never let it dry out

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    How Do You Style A Front Patio

    Style a front porch just as you would any other room in the house, but consider the materials usedmuch like you would when designing an outdoor patio. Its best to style with wood, metals, and fabrics that are waterproof and fade-resistant, Mauck Smith says.

    If your front porch or patio has enough room, seating is essential. A front porch is the perfect place for socializing, Hunter says. It is a space that is meant to be savored. Create a seating area with chairs and side tables. A comfortable seating area will not only allow you to spend time on your front porch, but it makes the home appear more inviting overall.

    Front Porch Designs For Modular Homes

    Modular designed homes, like manufactured homes, often provide you with multiple porch choices to get exactly what you are envisioning. These porch spaces really provide a nice entry way and overall look to your home, and with your personal touch will be a popular place to walk up to.


    This long porch provides you with plenty of room to relax and entertain upon, all while providing a bit of your own unique style through natural materials. Never hesitate to mix and match more modern siding with rustic appeal.


    This deep porch wraps around to provide multiple entries to the front door. Wooden railings and pillars provide a bit of privacy all while adding a touch of classic sophistication.


    Mix and match both color hues and materials for the exact look you desire. Metal siding, wooden accents, and stone work round out this porch design that keeps you looking at the well balanced lines and design.


    Let a Kintner Homes Front Porch Designs and Ideas professional make your dreams a reality!

    Contact Kintner Modular Homes for a consultation so we can help you design and build your dream deck or beautiful wrap around porch.

    Toll Free: 888.229.9246email:

    Other Pennsylvania counties and Southern Tier New York counties are available and will be individually priced according to additional travel, freight, and code costs.

    * Some restrictions apply

    A Beautiful Front Porch Designs Built by Kintner Model Homes, .

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    What Is The Best Modern Flooring For A Porch

    If you want your porch to have a modern vibe, the floor needs to be modern and trendy right now masonry floors of brick, stone, or tile are all popular choices. They’re water-resistant, but it’s essential to know that the weight of these materials can require additional support when used for elevated porches. Poured or stamped concrete is another option.

    What Is Included In A Set Of House Plans

    Front Porch Designs Illustrator for a Ranch Style Home

    Each set of home plans that we offer will provide you with the necessary information to build the home. There may be some adjustments necessary to the home plans or garage plans in order to comply with your state or county building codes. The following list shows what is included within each set of home plans that we sell. Depending on the home designer there might be more home building information provided.

    Our blueprints include:

    Cover Sheet:Exterior Elevations:Foundation Plans: Floor Plans: Electrical Plans:Roof PlanTypical Wall SectionStair SectionCabinets

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    This Projects Low Cost Is Around 5000 For A Simple Portico With Sheet Metal Roofing And A

    Inexpensive front porch addition. Patio furniture can get a little pricey but there are some great steals at estate sales that would be perfect DIY projects. See more ideas about house exterior front porch addition porch addition. After you read through my small front porch decor ideas be sure to check out the other bloggers porches as well.

    A front porch addition can range from building a porch or porch enclosures to creating a three season or four season room. Here is a collection of modern minimalist front porch ideas with different types of porchs models and also different motifs. New exterior paint colors and architectural details refreshed the dated facade.

    That said a porch swing is comfortable and inviting. This house a classic 1940s Cape Cod got an Arts and Crafts-style facelift with the addition of a 32-foot-long front porch. Our front entryway is very small and it can be a challenge to style but with a few little updates we were able to create a space we love.

    Prime and paint the walls with a high-quality paint and use a porch-and-patio paint for the floors. Most people spend around 20000 for a 16 x 20-foot front porch with asphalt roofing wood decking and laminated wood pillars. A great way to improve the look of your front porch is by adding a seating area that is both welcoming and fits the overall look of the house.

    Make Your Porch Practical And Pretty

    A smaller front porch means any furnishings you choose should be beautiful and work hard. Use a mirror or artwork, for example, to hide an unsightly wall and help visually expand the space. A small table can offer personality-driven color as well as a practical spot for glasses and plates during meals. Use soft window treatments to create intimacy and block any unsightly views.

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    The Basics Of Porch Designs

    Front and back porch design begins with a proper assessment of your space.

    What do you have to work with?

    You will have to answer this question before you can proceed with any of the ideas suggested in this article.

    Take a few steps back, and have a look at your porch.

    Take note of the amount of visible floor space. If you have less space to work with, many porches benefit from shelving or hanging gardens instead of pots. More space can inspire some larger, bolder porch design ideas like a hammock, swing or outside-friendly dining set.

    Is your porch open or closed up? It can affect what youre going to do with it next.

    An open porch might get more direct sun, and you will have to adapt your designs to make room for it.

    Closed porches can be used as a comforting, quiet space that can be used to relax.

    If you arent using your porch to its full potential, it could be time to try some of the design ideas suggested in our article! Planning takes a lot of the sting out of making the best out of your porch.

    Well show you that porch design can be simple and affordable, whilst looking great.

    Front Porch Designs The Basics

    31 The Best Small Front Porch Ideas To Beautify Your Home

    The first thing that you should do if you want to build a front porch is a proper foundation.

    The next important thing for putting up a front porch is the structure. There are various methods, but a well-constructed deck thats on top of a solid foundation is all you need. Many home owners choose to get a professional building contractor for the job, rather than attempt DIY construction of their own porch.

    You are welcome to do either, though DIY should be only be your approach if you trust what you are doing and can ensure its structural safety!

    If your home already has the perfect front porch or patio area to work with, then you can go straight to decorating and design.

    Front porch design does not have to be complicated to have a great effect. Well go through some of the basics of great porch design next.

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    Decorate With Light Fixtures

    You may think that being an outdoor living space, the porch would do great with some sconces and not much else. But trust us when we say that hanging string lights from your porch ceiling or adding them to the outer walls can make the place seem so much brighter.

    You can even consider wrapping string lights around the pergola while you sit on the porch. This creates a magnanimous effect which is great for small garden parties or a romantic dinner with your spouse in the outdoor area.

    Sconces are still necessary for the front porch, of course, where visitors should find an illuminated space at your front door. Not to mention, your house numbers need to be visible at night which is easier done when you keep your porch light on. Some decorative DIY sconces can really add a personal touch to your front porch d├ęcor while brightening up the entryway.

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