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Home Depot 10×10 Gazebo

How Do You Choose The Right Gazebo For Your Needs And Property Size

I bought this $300 Hampton Bay Turnberry Gazebo from Home Depot! | Unboxing and Review.

There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a gazebo. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right one for your needs:

  • First, consider the size of your property. You’ll want to make sure the gazebo is proportional to the size of your yard or garden.
  • Second, think about how you’ll be using the gazebo. Will you be entertaining guests? Hosting parties? Or simply enjoying the outdoors in solitude?
  • Third, take into account your budget. Gazebos can range in price from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. It’s important to set a realistic budget before beginning your search.
  • What Is A Sojag Gazebo And What Are The Benefits Of Owning One

    What is a Sojag Gazebo and what are the benefits of owning one?

    A Sojag gazebo is a type of outdoor structure that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing shade or shelter from the elements. Gazebos are typically made from wood, metal, or other weather-resistant materials, and they often have a roof to protect against sun and rain. Some gazebos also feature screens or doors to keep out insects.

    There are many benefits to owning a gazebo, such as increased outdoor living space, protection from the elements, and added privacy. Gazebos can be placed in a variety of locations, such as on a patio, deck, in the yard, or even inside a home. They are also relatively easy to assemble and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

    If you are looking for a way to enhance your outdoor living space, a gazebo may be the perfect solution. Contact a Sojag dealer today to learn more about our wide selection of gazebos and other outdoor structures.

    Sojag Genova Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo 4

    Sojag 12′ x 16′ Genova Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo 4-Season Outdoor Sun Shelter with Mosquito Net, Black,Brown

    The Genova Sunshelter is a high quality aluminum structure that will shelter you from sun and rain, while bringing a sense of luxury. It comes in dark brown and measures 12Ã12′, and also comes in 12Ã16â².

    It comes with mosquito netting to protect you from biting bugs, and the netting can either be drawn or tied at the four posts. It will take a day or two to set up and requires the assistance of one to two extra people.

    There are three screwholes on each post to bolt the gazebo down: it is meant to be a permanent structure. Weighing just over 300 pounds, you can rest assured of quality and endurance.

    The Genova Sunshelter sells for around $2000.

    This Sojag Genova gazebo is ideal for use as a sun shelter, garden gazebo or outdoor dining area. It is made of durable aluminum and galvanized steel frame with powder-coated finish to resist rust and corrosion. The double roof is made of durable polycarbonate panels that are UV protected and weather resistant. The mosquito netting is made of 100% polyester and features a zippered entry for easy access. This gazebo can accommodate up to 8 people and has a weight capacity of 150 lbs. It comes with all necessary hardware and assembly instructions.

    An Finished Example of Sojag Genova Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo



    Our Verdict

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    Top 5 Best Hardtop Sojag Gazebos Reviews 2022

    Top 5 Best Hardtop Sojag Gazebos Reviews 2022

    Like any review list, this is our subjective opinion of what are the “best” gazebos offered by this company, taking into consideration what we’ve gleaned from our research, along with what other buyers have also said about these gazebos over time.

    As part of our due diligence, this list will contain both pros and cons of these gazebos, however, we always encourage anyone reading this to do their own thorough research before purchasing one of these gazebos, as they are somewhat luxurious, and made up of costly materials that bumps up their price overall.

    Without further delay, we will now review review what we consider to be the top 5 hard top Sojag gazebos.

    Sojag Castel Hardtop Bronze Gazebo

    APEX GARDEN Harmony 10 ft. x 10 ft. Gazebo with Mosquito Net and Corner ...

    The aptly named “Castel” gazebo is size-wise 2â² overall bigger than the Sedona, perhaps accounting for its name. This is the kind of gazebo one would want during warmer months in locations where the bugs are rampant, because of the netting.

    The Castel includes wall-to-wall nylon mosquito netting, guaranteed to increase your comfort so you can enjoy the gazebo at all times of day, whether there are bugs out to get you, or not.

    Sojag Castel Hardtop Bronze Gazebo

    That said, you’re only enclosed by this netting if you choose to be, and you can slide the doors open, letting the summer night air caress your skin. Ha, so poetic we are!

    There are four sliding doors for ease of access on each side of the gazebo. The headroom of each doorway measures six feet, ten inches for plenty headspace. Based on the size of this thing, you can totally party it up in there, choosing to have partial privacy or not.

    The mosquito net isn’t going to make it so you can’t be seen, but it does obscure the view slightly, plus, you could add curtains if you so desired.

    We like to think of the Castel like having a small one room apartment in your backyard that you can seek refuge in any time the weather allows.


    As mentioned, this gazebo measures 12Ã14 feet, and its frame is a bronze aluminum. Its roof is eight millimetre UV-protected polycarbonate panels that will shelter you and guests from the sun.

    We have a good article here on setting up a gazebo if you want to read about that.

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    Which Model Of Sojag Gazebo Should I Choose

    There are a few things to consider when choosing the right Sojag gazebo model for your needs. First, think about the size of your outdoor space and how much coverage you need. The smaller models are great for covering a small patio or deck, while the larger ones can provide shelter for a large outdoor gathering space.

    Next, consider the features that are important to you. Some models come with built-in lighting and ceiling fans, while others are more basic. Choose the model that has the features you need to make your gazebo experience perfect.

    Finally, think about your budget. Sojag gazebos range in price from very affordable to quite expensive. Choose the model that fits your budget and your needs. With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect Sojag gazebo for your home.

    How Easy Is It To Install A Sojag Gazebo And Can It Be Done By Yourself Or Does It Require Professional Installation

    Sojag gazebos are designed for easy installation, and can be assembled by one or two people in just a few hours. However, depending on the model and size of gazebo you choose, professional installation may be required. Sojag gazebos are made with high-quality materials and construction, and are built to last. Sojag offers a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect gazebo for your needs.

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    Where Are Sojag Gazebos Made

    Sojag is a Canadian company that has been manufacturing outdoor shelters and gazebos since 1984. All of their products are made in Canada, with the majority being manufactured at their facility in Saint-Hubert, Quebec. Sojag has a wide variety of gazebos and other outdoor structures to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs. And because they’re made in Canada, you can rest assured that they’re built to withstand our harsh winters!

    Are There Any Special Care Instructions That Need To Be Followed In Order To Maintain The Beauty And Longevity Of A Sojag Gazebo

    Easy Metal Gazebo assembly installation and setup tips (1 of 3) Hampton Bay Holden 10×10

    Yes, there are a few special care instructions that need to be followed in order to maintain the beauty and longevity of your Sojag Gazebo. Here are some tips:

  • Make sure to regularly clean your gazebo, including the roof, to prevent dirt and debris from build-up.
  • Inspect your gazebo for any signs of damage or wear, and make repairs as necessary.
  • If possible, store your gazebo during extreme weather conditions to protect it from damage.
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    Sojag Gazebos Reviews 2022

    by Simmy Parker

    ore and more, people are opting for hardtop gazebos for their backyard experiences.

    Why? Primarily hardtop gazebos are sturdier than their soft top and canvas canopy gazebo counterparts, while creating a strong focal point that protects you from the elements, offers shade, and provides a destination for friends and family to gather.

    Today, we are featuring hard top gazebos by the brand Sojag, a Canadian backyard fixture and furniture company who are well-known in the gazebo world for putting together some of the most stunning pieces we’ve seen

    Sojag produces hard top, soft top, wall-mounted gazebos, swings, and even solariums.

    We have been aware of Sojag’s work for some years now, and we have a habit of checking in periodically to see what sorts of gazebos they’ve come up with this year, since their are always new models appearing from time to time.

    Popular models you may know include names like: Messina, Verona, Sedona, Mykonos, St-Paul, and Komodo, among others.

    As a result of researching so many of Sojag’s products, we’ve decided to put together a list of the top Sojag hard top gazebos.


    Sojag Outdoor Messina Grill Steel Hardtop Gazebo With Shelving

    Sojag Outdoor 6′ x 8′ Messina Grill Steel Hardtop Gazebo with Shelving, Dark Grey

    The Sojag Messina measures 12Ã16 feet, a significant structure that will bring real style to your backyard entertainment area. It is charcoal in colour, made of rustproof aluminum with a galvanized steel roof.

    The roof has a screen cupola to allow for ventilation while keeping bugs out. This vent helps keep the area cool beneath the shelter while giving the wind somewhere to cut through.

    It comes equipped with PVC-coated mosquito netting, a key feature to helping you enjoy your outdoor time day and night.

    If you use the netting in the daytime, it can help break up wind and sun exposure as well. The gazebo comes with a second designated track for privacy curtains.

    It has a bold frame with molded crossbeam for a nice design element the whole way around.

    Highlighted Features:

    • Hardtop steel roof for durability and weather resistance
    • Powder-coated aluminum frame for rust resistance
    • Two sets of double shelves for ample storage space
    • Integrated LED light system for evening grilling or entertaining
    • Tempered glass windows and doors for safety and visibility
    • Easy assembly with all necessary hardware included
    • Dimensions: 10′ x 12′ x 8.5’H

    An Example of Sojag Outdoor Messina Grill Steel Hardtop Gazebo with Shelving


    • Comes with plenty of features, including shelves, an LED light, and a built-in fan
    • Ideal for grilling in any weather conditions
    • Provides a large cooking area


    Our Verdict

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    Sojag Sedona Hardtop Sun Shelter Gazebo

    Sojag 500-5153224 8mm 2 Track No.53 Sedona Hard Top Sun Shelter, 10′ by 12′, Dark Brown

    This 10â² x 12â² gazebo comes in a dark brown tone – nearly black – so it seems to blend nicely with most landscapes with a lot of greenery, we find.

    It has the mysterious regal allure and dark shimmer of the obelisk from Planet of the Apes , except far friendlier.

    Sojag Sedona Hardtop Sun Shelter Gazebo

    The aluminum frame is rustproof, so you can rest assured it can survive many of the off-seasons while it sits outside year-round.

    That said, there are ways to care for gazebos in the winter, beyond just leaving it outside as is, and you can read more about that in our article here on winterizing your gazebo.

    This hardtop gazebo’s roof, so you know, consists of a series of panels constructed from polycarbonate as to block out the sun, while keeping you and guests cool beneath it.

    The panels are 8mm thick, according to specs, which means that it’s thick enough to block out light, but not so thick that you want to be jumping up and down on top of it, though you may need to access the roof for various custodial reasons throughout the year.

    Sojag Sedona Roof

    The roof is completely weatherproof, but we recommend removing snow as it builds up using a broom or something of that sort.

    There is no ventilation through the top, so we recommend that you should not put a roaring fireplace under this gazebo, only furniture, and home decor items.

    Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter

    Sunjoy Marshall 10 ft. x 10 ft. AIM Gazebo with Vented Canopy

    Sojag 10′ x 14′ Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter, 10′ x 14′, Grey

    This Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shelter is the perfect way to enjoy your backyard all year round. The double roof design provides extra protection from the sun and weather, while the mosquito netting keeps pests at bay so you can relax in comfort. With its stylish design and durable construction, this gazebo will make a great addition to any outdoor space.

    Highlighted Features:

    Sizes and Features of Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo

    • Hard top design for durability and weather resistance
    • Double roof for added protection from the sun and elements
    • Mosquito netting included to keep pests out
    • Easy to assemble with all hardware included
    • Ideal for use as a gazebo, sun shelter, or outdoor living space

    Overview of Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo


    • Attractive design that will enhance your backyard décor
    • Sturdy aluminum frame with powder coating for durability
    • Mosquito netting included to keep pests out
    • Two levels of roofing for added protection from the sun and rain
    • Can be used all year round, in any weather conditions


    • Some assembly required
    • On the pricier side compared to similar products on the market
    • Not everyone needs or wants a double roof gazebo

    An Example of Sojag Mykonos Double Roof Hardtop Gazebo as an outdoor shelter

    Our Verdict

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