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Screened In Porch Decorating Ideas

Playful Indoor Porch Decor

Screened In Porch |Porch Decorating Ideas

A collection of mismatched furniture and colorful accessories bring playful personality to this casual indoor porch. The various patterns blend well with one another because they’re all relatively similar in scale. Circular lanterns hanging from the ceiling tie in with the bright color palette and provide ambient lighting when the sun goes down.

Practical Indoor Porch Decorating

When decorating an indoor porch or sunroom, consider both practicality and comfort. These indoor-outdoor spaces might receive more wear from sunlight and tracked-in dirt than other living areas, so you should choose durable fabrics and sturdy furnishings wherever possible. Window treatments, rugs, and upholstered furniture made from outdoor-friendly materials will resist fading and stand up well to stains.

Tip #: Make Your Space Useable

This sounds obvious, but a lot of people miss this crucial point. Our table and chairs are comfy and functional. When the weather is warm enough, we eat dinner out here every single night and this is the only spot where we really watch TV. And it’s because the furniture we’ve chosen isn’t just pretty. It’s comfy and functional so it makes us WANT to use the space regularly.

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Choosing The Best Furniture

There are a few different ways to get amazing furniture for your screened in porch. The easiest is to buy outdoor furniture. You can trust that outdoor furniture will stand up to the elements and there are lots of great choices from sofa sets to rocking chairs to egg chairs.

Photo Credit: Pink Fortitude

Of course the downside to traditional outdoor furniture is it tends to be expensive and it can often end up looking generic.

Eclectic Indoor Porch Decor

30+ Fabulous Screened

In this sunroom, simple, mission-style furniture gets a dose of personality thanks to a handful of colorful decorating touches. In one corner, a blue-painted chair contrasts the look of the other dark wood furnishings. A graphic area rug beneath the coffee table introduces a splash of whimsy and helps ground the seating arrangement.

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Indoor Porch Color Schemes

The muted khaki-and-olive palette on this indoor porch needed a little vibrancy, which is provided by a few raspberry accents and bright orange chairs. The contrasting color scheme pairs with a variety of textures to give the room life. Wicker chairs, a jute rug, and billowy curtains soften the crisp lines of the porch railings and columns.

Start With The Rooms Purpose

Before you can really get into all the details of decorating, you need to think about how you intend to use your porch.

Will this mostly be a space for relaxing? Eating meals? Entertaining?

How you plan to use your space will help determine the best layout and the best type of furniture to use.

If you want to create an outdoor dining space, a big dining table is a must. If you plan to send your kids out here to play, make sure you leave plenty of room for them to play. And if you cant wait to curl up with a good book during the next rainstorm, make sure you have a cozy spot whether its a hammock, a sofa, or a cushy chair.

Photo Credit: Pretty Handy Girl

If you have a large porch, you can divide it into different zones for different purposes.

We have a very long porch so I divided it into three distinct areas an eating area with a dining table, a living area with a couch facing two chairs, and a napping zone with a daybed.

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How Do You Decorate A Small Screen Porch

There are a few things to consider when decorating a small screen porch. One is the size of the porch and how much furniture or other objects you can fit on it. Another is the climate if the porch is in a cold climate, youll need to choose warm-weather friendly plants and furniture.

When decorating a small porch, its important to use furniture and accessories that maximize the space. For example, a small porch might be the perfect place for a porch swing or a bistro set. If you have room, consider adding a few plants to bring life to the space. Succulents or other small plants that dont require a lot of water are a good choice for a porch that might not get a lot of sun.

If youre in a colder climate, its important to choose furniture and plants that can withstand the cold weather. For example, a porch swing or rocking chair can provide extra warmth on a cold night. Choose plants that can tolerate a little frost, such as ivy, boxwood, or holly.

With a little creativity, you can turn your small screen porch into a cozy and inviting space. By using furniture and plants that maximize the space, you can make the most of this small but special part of your home.

Make Your Own Furniture

Screened-In Porch Makeover on a Tiny Budget | Amazing Before & After

If youve ever thought about building your own furniture, building outdoor furniture is a great place to start.

I love making furniture because when you make it yourself, you get to make it exactly the way you want you choose the size, the finish, the style, everything.

If you are looking for ideas, I recently shared a huge collection of amazing DIY outdoor furniture ideas. There are ideas for couches, chairs, benches, tables, and more and each comes with a full tutorial to help you recreate it yourself.

Lovely Etc:

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How Do You Decorate An Enclosed Porch

One of the most important things to consider when decorating an enclosed porch is the type of weather that it will be exposed to. If you live in a climate with severe weather conditions, you will need to make sure that the porch is properly insulated and protected from the elements.

Once you have taken into account the climate, you can start thinking about the style of the porch. If you want to create a relaxing and comfortable space, you can add a few comfortable chairs and a small table. You can also add some plants and flowers to create a natural look and feel.

If you want to use your porch as a dining area, you can add a small table and chairs, or even a buffet table. You can also add some decorative elements, such as statement lighting or a beautiful rug.

Finally, dont forget to personalize your porch with your own unique style. Add some decorative touches that reflect your personality, and you will have a space that you will love to spend time in.

Or Opt For Soft And Subtle

Letting Mother Nature be the star, this screened porch rocks a rustic vibe with earthy tones in the pine-clad ceiling, painted brick walls, stacked stone fireplace and wicker seating. Polished slate flooring and pale blue pillows and a throw add a bit of cool contrast. Take a tour of this luxe North Carolina home, below.

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Bring Out Blooming Beauties

Humidity-loving plants, like orchids and ferns, will make happy additions to a screened porch in regions where the nighttime temps don’t drop below 60 degrees Farenheit. Orchids, especially easy-to-grow phalaenopsis, crave fresh air. Placing them out of direct sun on a warm, shady porch creates an environment that’s similar to their native home, high up in the tropical tree canopy. Just be sure to check water levels frequently to prevent the circulating air from drying them out faster and bring them back inside when temperatures drop. Learn how to pot a florist-worthy orchid display, below.

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Let The Light In With Soaring Ceilings

Screened In Porch Ideas Sunrooms Porches Screened Porches with ...

Design by Barlis Wedlick

In the countryside, a house should mostly be about having a wonderful range of places to enjoy, both inside and outside, says Alan Barlis, principal architect at New York practice Barlis Wedlick.

To enhance the indoor-outdoor feel of the porch decor in this Upstate New York home, Barlis Wedlick incorporated a high roof into the design, to let the natural light flood in. The porch has two-and-half sides that hover above a sloping hill, but still has access to land on its third side, adds Alan. Its just the right size to be drawn to, but doesnt overwhelm the view from inside, making it the owners favorite spot.”

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Make The Outside Feel Like The Inside

More than likely, the majority of your porch decorating budget will be spent on your furnishings. To make an outdoor space look and feel truly livable, add furnishings that would typically be found on the inside such as a sofa, extra chairs, a coffee table, a dining table and side tables.

Dont worry even though you may use items that are the type or style of furnishings you would use indoors, it doesnt mean that you cant use traditional outdoor materials such as rattan or wicker furniture.

Instead of a having a sofa on our porch, we have a porch swing that looks like a sofa. I made sure that it has comfortable cushions and I dress it with throw pillows just like just like the sofa in our living room.

The arrangement of the chairs, swing and other furniture items creates a cozy seating area thats the perfect place for comfort and relaxation on warm evenings. We even have a tv that we occasionally bring out if we want to watch a movie outside!

Consider furniture pieces that can do double duty. For example, our coffee table is actually a piano bench. The top is a lid that lifts to reveal storage for smaller items and the table can also act as extra seating when needed.

We also have a small chest that acts as an end table, but it makes a great spot for storing outdoor dining necessities.

It isnt a piece of furniture, but a ceiling fan is a necessity if you live in a warm climate. Dont waste your money and purchase a fan just because its pretty though.

Sport A Special Ceiling

If your situation allows for it, a vaulted or angled ceiling will add visual appeal. If youve got to go straight, consider installing a skylight for added illumination by day and stargazing at night. How you finish the ceiling counts, too. Beadboard will evoke tradition, while shiplap lends a more casual cabin vibe.

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Use Natural Materials To Link To The Outdoors

This white-walled sunroom occupies the far end of an airy living area in a Pennsylvania home designed by Cindy Hayes of Cynthia Hayes Interior Design. Separated from the living space by a large hearth, this narrow porch contains a second, more intimate seating area, which is bathed in light from the wall-to-wall windows.

We wanted to make the most of the slender area by incorporating natural materials, such as wood, sisal and linen, to help link this interior space with the outdoors, says Cindy. As a relatively small sunroom, she used a few tricks to not screen in this porch too much. We decided not to add any window treatments, to allow as much light in as possible, as well as unobstructed views of greenery and sky.

Warm Breezy Screened In Porch: Coastal Living Laurey Glenn Stylist Heather Chadduck Hillegas

BEST COLLECTION! 50+ Screened In Porch Ideas With Outdoor Furniture & Decoration

This Sulilvans Island screened porch caught my eye for its unique wood frame sectional seating area and large fiddle-leaf fig plant. If you need a low-maintenance faux fiddle-leaf fig plant, check out World Market or West Elm .

Did any of these ideas inspire you to make changes to your screened in porch? Personally, I would like to tone down the warm colors on our porch and introduce more cool colors. But I need to convince my husband first–the screened in porch is his man-cave during the summer!

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Indoor Porch Color Scheme

A patriotic-inspired color palette makes this indoor porch the perfect summertime entertainment station. Gentle reds and pastel pinks mingle with soft blues and crisp white to create a bright, all-American look. Heavy-duty indoor-outdoor fabrics ensure the furniture can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Add A Wood Burner For An All

Design by The Brooklyn Studio

This Upstate New York house was built by architecture and interior design firm The Brooklyn Studio as a weekend retreat for its owners. The goal was to design a home that integrated seamlessly with its surroundings, says founding partner Brendan Coburn.

‘The centerpiece of the design is a 400-square-foot, screened-in cedar porch, which opens towards a bluestone ridge and is cantilevered over a stream, Brendan says of the inviting outdoor room, which includes a wood burner stove for the colder months. The porch allows the homeowners to enjoy the sounds and sights of nature while shielding them from both the bugs and the elements.

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Screened And Roofed Back Porch Decor Ideas

Everyone has a front porch but do you also have a back one? Usually more informal than a front porch, a back porch offers more flexibility. A back porch can be a great way to connect your kitchen to the garden outside, a place to enjoy water or nature views, or a protected spot to watch the kids play in the yard.

A back porch can fulfill different functions and can be just roofed or fully screened to avoid bad weather conditions or keep your kids or pets safe inside. Lets have a look at various ideas.

Screened Porch With Fireplace

24+ Cute Screened In Porch With Pool Ideas for Your Compilation

An outdoor fireplace makes a beautiful focal point for your porch. This wood-paneled fireplace stretches all the way up to the vaulted ceiling, adding warmth and prominence to the screen porch. The naturally textured wood stands out against white-painted floors and walls, and ties in with the woodsy view.

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Screened In Porch Ideas That Will Inspire Your Diy Skills

30 Best Porch Decorating Ideas Summer Porch Design Tips pertaining to dimensions 980 X 892 – PORCHBuy Now

Today were talking about some homey things that may just prompt some fun projects for your own special space. These 35 screened-in porch ideas will inspire your DIY skills and have you jazzing up and renovating by the weekend. Whether you do this to make entertaining a bit easier or just for the family to enjoy, check out the tutorials and inspiration below. Your porch will thank us.

Screened In Porch Ideas

Tis the season to brush off those cob webs and clean your outdoor cushions. I dont know what goes on during the winter months but our back patio is always a nightmare come spring time.

A few years ago, I gave our patio a mini makeover and since then I have added a few new things out here. But since its been a few years I thought a fresh post was due and since I love to decorate on a budget indoors, Im definitely going to decorate my outdoor patio on a budget.

And since I am nice, I will share with you some of my secrets.

OK, I really dont have any secretsI just shop at Walmart, Target and Amazon. Those are my secrets.

Lets go down memory lane first, shall we.

When we first moved into our house, our back patio looked like this. We brought that patio set over from our old house.

Shortly after I gave it a much needed makeover, it looked as such.

And now it currently looks like this

As you can tell I have added a few new pillows and a new rug out here but it pretty much as stayed the same since its first makeover.

I have kids and a dog, and wherever they go, mud follows. Why I didnt start off with a black outdoor rug to begin with is beyond me. Our last rug had seen better days.

It was gross.

I have plenty of plans for this room in the future. I would love to tile the floor, or paint the floor, or just do something to the floor. I have been thinking about this for years but I just cant figure out what I want to do. So for now, it sits looking like a slab of concrete.

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Delightful And Intimate Three

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If you are thinking about designing a three-season screened porch off the side of your house, we have plenty of inspiring ideas to help you get started. No matter what your budget or style is, our collection has a little something for everyone. Whether you are looking to create a spacious porch or a small and intimate space just for yourself. Perhaps you would like a small enclosure with a porch swing, a place to curl up with a good book, but shelter you from the bugs and the elements. Maybe you are looking to create a space to entertain your large extended family, with both dining and living options. Have a look below, we have some fantastic ideas! We have included source links and further information below each image. Dont forget to let us know which one of these screened porch ideas most inspired you and why in the Comments below!

1. A small and cozy transitional style screened-in porch in a Washington, DC residence.

2. A lake house in Massachusetts connects the screen porch to the main house via a multi-panel fold-away glass door, allowing the space to flow beautifully. The screen porch is approximately 7-0x20-0.

3. This cozy screened-in porch is located just off the kitchen, making it very ideal for entertaining. A DIY wooden bench in an L-shape features comfortable cushions, set around a small dining table.

7. Screened-in craftsman style porch features a cozy sitting and dining area overlooking a backyard forest.


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