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Wood Patio Cover Attached To House

Choosing The Best Patio Cover For Your Home

DIY Patio Roof | HANDYBROS |

Where to place your new patio cover or pergola? For many of us, this question comes quite naturally especially when we have a more confined footprint. As a patio cover installation contractor, weve placed patio covers and pergolas in the Los Angeles area pretty much everywhere you can imagine.

  • First thing to consider is your overall finished size.
  • Next, we need to determine where the cover will be placed. Is the patio cover built on top of a finished slab on dirton a hillside etcor, will you be installing your patio cover on footings?
  • Secondly, is the cover open such as a lattice covered or is it a solid covered patio?
  • Keep in mind that the more difficult the installation is, the more costly your cover will end up being. A rectangle is easier to install than an L shaped patio cover. Likewise, the more add-ons you choose such as lighting, footings, or custom paint will again directly affect the finished cost of a patio cover.

    A few other things to consider

    If youre the DIY type, you can go for the ready-made kit. These kits will generally save you some money but come at the cost of your time. You may also lose any warranties on the product if the product is not installed correctly or by a professional contractor.

    Patio Roof Attached To House

    Learn about what patio roof attached to house mistakes homeowners make and how to avoid these mistakes! If youre wanting to add a covered patio to your existing roof, you can do it without having to cut through your roof and risk roof leaks. Get patio extension ideas and learn how to safely attach a patio roof to your existing home with ease. | Patio Roof Attached to House DIY | Patio Extension Ideas

    Wood And Fiberglass Combo

    Fiberglass is versatile and makes a perfect alternative to costly tempered glass. Therefore, you can steal the look of this stunning patio roof to take advantage of this material.

    The wooden posts and beams make this roof appear more natural and chic.

    Moreover, a string of hanging lights installed on the beams will turn this outdoor area into a cozy and stunning spot at night.


    • It will not break your bank to make your patio look eye-catching with a fiberglass roof.
    • Your budget should not exceed $50 for the materials.


    • Since it utilizes such wooden material, the roof will naturally age by changing shade and color over time.

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    Southlake Outdoor Living And Grilling Area

    This structure was part of a large property renovation that included a complete pool renovation with spa relocation, a new decking layout, outdoor kitchen and a patio cover. We also installed a ceiling fan over the dining area, spotlights over the grilling area, a powerful spotlight directed toward the pool and interior and exterior sconces.

    Covered Deck Vs Covered Patio

    Covered patio design, Backyard porch, Backyard patio designs

    Both decks and patios are frequently used for the same purpose. These are outdoor living spaces meant for relaxation and entertaining, both frequently situated on the back of the home.

    The biggest difference between the two is that decks tend to be elevated structures, while patios tend to be ground level. Of the two, patios are more likely to be covered, whether with an awning or a full roof. Decks can also easily accommodate an awning, but if you want a full roof, your costs for the deck will begin to approach those of a porch.

    This is because the weight of the roof for the deck needs to be compensated for in its footings. Therefore, the deck foundation needs to be much larger than an uncovered deck. Patios, being typically ground level, do not have the same concerns. Hence, covered patios tend to be more common than covered decks as well as less expensive overall. Below are the average costs to build a covered patio and a covered deck of similar sizes.


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    Fabulous Small Patio Ideas To Make Most Of Small Space

    These DIY patio cover plans will show you how to cover an existing patio so you can enjoy the outdoor space more during the summer. Construct a covering so the area will be shaded and provide you with an increased outdoor living space for you and your family.

    Building a patio cover will improve the appearance of your home, increase the value of your home, and increase the amount of time you can use the outdoor space every year.

    One of these 21 DIY patio cover plans will be just right to meet your roofing needs so check them out today.

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    Analyze Materials Based On The Climate

    Matthew Millman and Carney Logan Burke Architects

    Several years after the installation of this corrugated cold-rolled steel roof, there are no signs of major corrosion. According to the designers, Carney Logan Burke Architects, plain, cold-rolled mild steel doesn’t corrode significantlyeven after 50 years. Though style is important for creating an outdoor space you love, it’s equally as vital to consider what the weather and climate are like, too.

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    You Pick The Hardware Package

    ZMax Hardware Package

    We offer hardware in ZMAX®, hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel to help you address your corrosion-resistant needs.

    Architectural Series

    Substantial connectors that join posts and beams, creating a refined look.

    Ornamental Wood Ties

    Ornamental Wood Ties are the ultimate statement of style and strength by producing strong connections, enhancing your project design.

    Additional Considerations And Costs

    Building A Covered Patio | Before & After
    • Permit. To build any type of structure on your property, including a covered patio, you need to obtain a permit. Check with your local town or city hall to find out more information.
    • Cushions. Ensure that any patio cushions or furnishings you use are meant for outdoor use if you intend to leave them outside.
    • Resale Value. Patios and outdoor living spaces can increase the value of your home. The amount varies, depending on the patio type you build.
    • Sun Exposure. When planning the position of your patio and the cover, consider the sun exposure and shade and what you plan on doing there. While covers provide some shade, the area can still become overheated in a very sunny area.

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    Install Some Riser Brackets For More Height

    If you wish to reach a specific height, you can lift the roof of the patio with some riser brackets. The patio roof which is raised with some brackets requires a custom barge cap.

    It will not only allow you to raise the ceiling up to 2 feet, but also give various splendid options for the finishing look and relaxed ambiance.

    You can go with opaque twin wall sheeting if you want to get some natural light for your patio.

    Opaque twin wall sheeting that is installed between the roof of the patio and the barge cap allows natural light to pass through.

    If you are not really into natural light and want to block it, you can infill the gap between the patio roof and barge cap, and seal the rear opening.

    To get a cleaner and nicer look, you can add some extra flashing wall covering. After that, you can seal the brackets from the front.

    Custom Patio Cover Design And Plans

    WoodsShop is a group of custom design professionals specializing in high end wood structures. We welcome the opportunity to customize any of these plans or design something extra special beased on your needs and desires.

    For custom design, we will need an accurate site plan drawn to scale indicating the south direction and all surrounding measurements. This should include any important details such as topography, landscaping features, etc. Good digital photos will be needed so we can not only see the visuals, but ask any other questions needed to gain a good grasp of your needs.

    A listing of all your objectives, needs, desires, and preferences are critical to the design process. Be sure to research any potential setbacks such as zoning rules, historical area requirements, and any other restrictions that apply. Once this information is compiled and we have a good grasp of the scope of yoru project, design and plan preparation fees can be quoted. These usually range between $300 to $600 with $400 being average.

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    Covered Patio Cost By Flooring

    The patio floor or ground cover plays just as big a role in determining your final costs as the cover. Like the cover, you have a wide range of different materials and styles for this area. You can coordinate your patio with the cover or mix-and-match to find a style and function that works for you.

    Patio material is usually sold and installed by the square foot. Different materials have varying costs, both for the material and installation, depending on the pattern and your landscaping.

    $18 – $24

    Make The Most Of An Awning

    Gable Patio Cover

    This 1950s-inspired Australian beach home by Sanctum Design features a German Markilux motorized canopy/glass awning. Its another great example of how mechanized features can really add to a home’s outdoor area. The bright off-white palette also makes the whole space feel open and airy, despite being covered.

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    Design An Outdoor Living Room

    Dena Brody Interiors transformed this outdoor space into a true living room complete with Gloster patio furniture, ceiling fans, and a custom kitchen. One portion of the space is fully covered while the other gets more light due to some thoughtfully-built beams. An area like this gives you every reason to spend more time outdoors when the weather is nice .

    Planning Your Patio Cover

    When designing a patio cover, it can help to make a drawing of cover including the house and the patio itself. SketchUp or other designing software can be helpful in your planning, but in lieu of those aids, scale drawings on graph paper will work just fine. For our purposes we will design a cover that is 12 ft. wide by 16 ft. long.

    Start by measuring from grade or ground next to the foundation up to the underside of the eaves. Next measure out to the fascia or vertical finish of the eaves. Determining the roof pitch completes this part of the drawing. The simplest way to hold one end of a 2-ft. level against the roof, and then measuring straight down to the roofing material. Divide that number by two and that gives you the pitch, or the amount of vertical rise in the roof per foot of run. Transfer those calculations to your drawing.

    Next measure out from the house to the edge of the patio. Most often the grade slope away from the house slightly for drainage. .

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    Louvered Patio Cover Cost

    The cost of a louvered patio cover is between $4,320 and $20,700. This makes the total cost of a patio with a louvered roof between $6,048 and $26,100. Louvered roofs come in many configurations and materials. A roll-formed roof is the least expensive. This is a thinner type of slat material. An extruded roof is the most expensive. This is a more durable and longer-lasting roof option, but costs can approach $100 a square foot if you choose to include all the options.

    Not Sure What Size Free Standing Patio Cover To Order

    how not to build patio cover final

    Our full-sizefree standing patio covers ranging from 8×8 up to 20×20 for standard sizes and you can submit a custom quote request for other sizes. The pergolas shown here are some ideas of free standing patio covers from our customers who submitted photos of their backyard pergola project. Take a closer look at how our customers have made their free standing patio covers and attached Big Kahuna pergolas fit into their unique patio designs in Indiana, Virginia, and Arizona. Which of these is your favorite?

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build A Covered Patio

    This is the first question that comes to a homeowner’s mind when considering a patio roof project. How much will it cost to build a patio roof? The basic cost of a patio roof addition will determine whether you choose to do the work yourself or hire a professional.

    The cost of materials you choose, labor, and any unique design features are the main factors that influence the cost of a patio cover. As a result, it’s not easy to estimate the cost of a patio roof since the price of a covered patio varies greatly.

    To match the existing roofing on a house, a patio roof can be made of a variety of materials. These include wood, aluminum, vinyl, or even clay tile.

    Keller Outdoor Living Area

    This view really shows off the interior of the patio cover. You can see the shutter/blinds that can be opened as blinds, opened completely to let in more air and sunlight or kept closed to block the hot, Texas sun. And check out the kegerator taps. You know there are some happy grillers in this back yard.

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    Wood Patio Cover Cost

    A wood cover averages $15 to $35 a square foot installed. Wood is a very versatile material. This allows you to create a wide range of different looks and styles for your enclosure. The wood can be formed into a lattice, pergola, gazebo, or any cover type. There are many wood types to choose from as well. Some are more costly but longer-lasting. Each also has its own color and grain pattern to consider.

    Outdoor Patio Gazebo Cost

    Top 60 Patio Roof Ideas

    The cost of building a gazebo on your patio averages $7,500 to $10,000. This makes the total cost of a patio with a gazebo between $9,228 and $15,400. Gazebos offer more shade and protection than pergolas. However, they do not have louvered options that allow light and breezes in. They have varying wall types, from screens to fully formed walls with windows. The more structure a gazebo has, the higher its overall costs.

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    Full Protection From The Sun Snow And Rain

    If you are looking for something that can give you the ultimate protection from the heat of the sun, rain, and snow, you need to take metal roofing to your consideration.

    This metal roofing suits the style of the house very much. Besides accentuating the house, it gives you the protection that you need as it is attached directly to the wall.

    Cost To Build A Covered Patio By Location In The Home

    The majority of patios are positioned next to the house. This allows them to be easily accessed while still leaving enough room for the rest of the yard and landscaping. Patios covers can be placed in outdoor spaces on the property, such as next to a pool, tennis court, or fountain.

    The position of the patio cover can also be changed. If the patio is next to the house, the cover can be attached to the house and extended out over it, or it can stand alone. When the patio is moved away from the house, it must be freestanding, which limits the types of covers you can use.

    Patios and covers come in a variety of sizes and materials. This means the costs of both attached and freestanding covered patios vary greatly.

    A covered patio can be either attached to a home or free standing. The average cost of constructing a covered patio attached to a home is between $500 and $25,000. A freestanding covered patio can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000.

    Location at home

    $3,000 to $25,000

    Cost To Build a Patio By Material

    The type of material you want to use is also a factor to consider when calculating the cost of a new patio cover. Vinyl, wood, and aluminum are just a few of the materials that can be used to construct a high-quality patio cover.

    Wood Patio Cover Cost

    Wood lattice patio covers are available in a variety of styles. The labor and materials cost around $13,000. These wood lattice patio covers are typically built to order.

    Aluminum Patio Cover Cost
    Vinyl Patio Cover Cost

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    Canvas Shade Sail For Patio Roof

    Simple yet elegant. This canvas shade makes a pretty good roof for the patio. It does not only accentuate the patio which gives it a more exquisite look, but also protect you when you feel like to enjoy the view of your backyard.

    This patio roof features curtain tracks that are attached on each of the beams. They allow you to adjust the canvas shade as you please.

    You can draw the canvas back to get natural light or close it so that the patio will be completely covered.

    Proper Patio Cover Pitch

    How To Solid Patio Cover in One Day

    After determining the size and design of the patio cover, go back to your drawing and add the cover. Starting at the outboard support, there should be at least 6 ft. 8 in. of clearance between the ground and the bottom of the lower girder. That will set the lowest point of the patio cover.

    Now set your ruler from that point up to the roof. The height of the patio cover above the roof will determine what length Roof Riser you will need. The point here is that you need to provide enough pitch or slant so that the patio cover readily sheds precipitation. The proper pitch will be determined by manufacturer recommendations as well as the rated snow loads for your area. The pitch of the patio cover can also affect the sizing of the rafters. If need be, the pitch can be raised easily by installing taller roof risers.

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