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Hot Tub In Gazebo

Terrific Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas To Inspire You

Pairing a Gazebo with your Hot Tub for Shelter and Privacy

After a hectic day, you want to relax in a hot tub. This helps melt away your jitters. Unfortunately, you cannot use it all year round due to the weather changes. That is why I compiled some cool hot tub gazebo ideas.

Combining hot tub and gazebo sure is a brilliant option. Your outdoor space will become the center of attention, and it works as the ultimate relaxation spot. Besides, it allows you to socialize with your family and friends.

These hot tub gazebos are both weatherproof and delightful. Browse this gallery through to find the best design for your lovely backyard landscape.

How To Choose The Perfect Hot Tub Gazebo Or Enclosure

Theres your hot tub, sitting out in the open on your patio or deck, inviting nosy neighbors to peek in on you. Not exactly the relaxing environment youd hoped for. You could fix it with a spa enclosure. Maybe youve imagined something rustic with stone detail. Maybe you love the look of silky drapes flowing in the breeze. But do you know whether a hot tub gazebo, a pergola, or a solarium would best allow you to enjoy fresh air while you soak? Are you sure the spot where youd like to put up privacy screens wont amplify the sound of your spa motor?

Though its not exactly rocket science, choosing the best enclosure for your yard involves a few considerations you might not have thought of yet. From keeping you cool to protecting you from your neighbors prying eyes, choosing the best spa enclosure will increase your enjoyment of your spa tenfold, or maybe even twelvefold, but whos counting?

This Hot Tub Gazebo Turns Your Spa Into A Swim

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If you’ve been around here long enough, you probably know how much we love a good hot tub! You may recall the hot tub solar dome that keeps your heating bill down in the winter, the hot tub surround table for easy drink access and storage, and of course the Ultimate Hot Tub. Well, the newest hot tub innovation that we recently came across is this amazing hot tub gazebo. Not only does it provide shelter from rain, snow, and wind, but it also turns your tub into a swim-up bar with seating on the outside for 4 people to sit.Sizes:10×10 | 12×16

It’s called the Zento Hot Tub Patio Gazebo, and it creates a protective shelter around your entire existing hot tub. Two sides of the structure feature louver side windows for added privacy, whereas the other 2 sides of the structure are open with a stair entrance and a swim up bar on the other side. On the opposite side of the bar table are 4 included bar stools where people that aren’t enjoying the hot tub can sit and talk to those that are.

Another great feature of the hot tub gazebo is a unique skylight at the top center of the roof that provides extra light into the structure of the gazebo, or use it to view the stars while relaxing in your hot tub at night. The structure is made from a Polyethylene roof, a plastic frame, along with synthetic wood to ensure durability and longevity through all the moisture that it’s sure to encounter.

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Colorado 12 X 14 Spa Enclosure

Long-lasting and low maintenance, the Colorado 12 x 14 hot tub gazebo enclosure is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. A large footprint of 168 square feet provide more than enough space for a hot tub and any furniture youd like to include in the shelter, and its dark grey color scheme is flexible to go with any home decor and instantly class-up your backyard.

Made by Westview Manufacturing, the Colorado uses uber-durable ultrawood throughout the structure, which will outlast rain and snow due to its composite material nature. A PVC roof works to quiet rainfall, and its ridge cap design eliminates roof leakage and allows water to effortless flow off it. Letting light in through roof is a polycarbonate skylight which is a material that is also found on the rounded corners, as it can take a lickin and keep on tickin.

Six tempered glass lockable windows are also included, and they can be opened for airing out the interior. The design of the overhanging roof also provides 24/7 ventilation, making sure the windows never fog up while you are in the tub. Lockable double sliding doors can be swapped out for French doors, you can add mosquito screens, and assembly of it only takes a few hours.

Key Features:

Simple Personal Touches Hot Tube Gazebo

Jacuzzi J235 Hot Tub with Gazebo

This hot tube gazebo is truly unique. It features flat top that provides sunshade. The homeowner did not add screens to the gazebo because she desires an unblocked view of the surrounding nature.

Sofa and armchairs allow for family gatherings and other social events. Wall sconces, random flagstone pavers, and rocks generate a countryside charm. A fireplace heats the entire area during cold months.

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Luxurious Hot Tub Gazebo Ideas

The hot tub and swimming pool have the same colors. Along with crisp white oversized pillars, they lend the space a Mediterranean feel.

Brown pillows and beige curtains turn the hot tub gazebo into an elegant hideaway. They are such a striking contrast to the pillars too.

The candles subtly illuminate the area and carve a romantic vibe. Meanwhile, blooming flowers raise the beauty of the hot tub gazebo.

Opt For A Stylish Canvas Gazebo

Some canvas gazebos are sturdy enough to be left intact throughout the seasons

Alternative and often cheaper options than timber hot tub gazebo ideas are metal and heavy-duty canvas combos. They can look just as elegant, and you can remove the canvas for winter storage if you wish, to keep it in tip-top condition.

These structures are generally made with sturdy, steel frames, and there are all kinds of shapes and sizes available, so you can find one that suits your hot tub perfectly. Some are more ornate than others, too, upping the element of style to your space as well as practicality.

What’s more, lots of designs have tie-backs, meaning you can adjust the level of hot tub privacy easily.

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Solarus 11 X 13 Hot Tub Gazebo

One of the top-selling models from Westview Manufacturing, the Solarus 11 x 13 is decorated in natural wood and weather resistant materials for a long-lasting cedar spa gazebo. As most parts of the world have major temperature changes throughout the year, the inclusion of cedar wood maintains the enclosures excellent performance through multiple seasons.

The kiln-drying process hardens it to help resist any twists or warps over time, while making it a very dependable and stable wood. Acrylic windows surround this gazebo, and they are built into the wall panels for easy assembly. The windows slide open for regulating airflow, and you can customize the tint level if you desire.

French doors have a built-in window, are decorated with wood knobs and brass hinges for uniformity, and are large enough for unimpeded entry and exit. The spa shelters roof is covered in Lexan Thermoclear panels, which are translucent and rugged when it comes to bad weather.

They let plenty of light shine through while ensuring the roof will never cave in during rain or snow storms. The privacy that the Solarus provides is paramount. With a great attention to detail during the pre-fabrication process, you can rest assured you will have zero problems assembling this wood spa enclosure kit with your family or friends.

Key Features:

What Is Hot Tub And Its Uses

3m Gazebo Build over Hot Tub in Trowbridge Wilts

The hot tub is a vessel filled with heated water and used for relaxation purposes. It is also known as Jacuzzi. The first Jacuzzi was built in 1968 by Roy Jacuzzi. He developed it for his father who had arthritis and found that the jets relieved the pain. Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all have one common goal: to make you feel good!

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We Purchased This To Go Over Our Hot Tub

Heres a backyard story wed like to share from Calgary, Alberta.We purchased our Yardistry Gazebo to go over our hot tub .

Everything we needed to assemble was included and the instructions were easy to follow.

Prior to assembly, we applied Sikkens Oil to all pieces. We chose to assemble the roof on the ground and had it lifted into place with a cherry picker.

Once completely assembled, we added roll-up blinds on all sides, eaves troughs and rope lighting, creating our own backyard oasis.We couldnt be happier with the final product and have had no issues with structural integrity 2 years later.

Install A Privacy Screen

Install a privacy screen so you can enjoy your hot tub in peace and keep your nosy neighbours at bay. There are a variety of screen options available to you to suit your style. Some of the most popular styles for a traditional garden include rustic rattan woven screens, natural willow, bamboo fencing or a wooden trellis. For something a little more modern, why not go for a painted wooden or patterned metal screen?

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Outdoor Living Today Naramata Spa Shelter


Having all the bells and whistles when it comes to an attractive, durable and multipurpose hot tub gazebo wont come at a bargain price, but this spa shelter comes in at around a $5,000 price range is a splurge worth investing in. The gazebo itself is nine feet by nine feet, so itll fit most normally-sized hot tub jacuzzis with no problem. It has a center skylight up top in its cedar roof, so you can view snow collecting as you hang in your big, hot body of water. During the summer months, feel free to use the sidebar counter attached and have some drinks with your closest pals. Heck, it even comes in handy during the winter when sitting wine outside.

Make A Statement On Your Patio With A Stylish Structure

Brentano Hot Tub Gazebos &  Spa Buildings from Outdoor Living

A simple yet stylish setup featuring a hot tub from BISHTA members Concept Spa

We love the look of this smart build. It makes a real statement on the paved patio and has a totally timeless style with its classic roof tiling and wooden columns.

A setup like this would be ideal for sheltering all sorts of outdoor living spaces from patio seating areas to chic alfresco bars. But, it’s also perfect as a hot tub surround idea, particularly in this case as it matches the timber shell of the tub.

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Why Buy A Shelter For Your Jacuzzi

Spa enclosures can instantly transform a plain hot tub into a cozy, private retreat. Plus, roofs and walls enable you to enjoy your spa during winter instead of part of the year.

In addition, some gazebos can make the space better for entertaining more people. And, conveniently placed side tables create a swim-up bar effect without having to build a pool. Therefore, you can get a lot more use out of your spa, making it a better investment.

The cost of DIY gazebo packages ranges from cheaper versions for hundreds of dollars to higher quality, custom looking shelters that cost thousands of dollars, so you have options as how much money you want to spend. Permanent, hard-roof structures can sometimes add value to a home, so thats a factor to consider before you build.

How Do I Choose The Best Hot Tub Gazebo

Now that you know what a hot tub gazebo is and why you need one, it’s time to choose the best one for your needs. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a hot tub gazebo.

First, you need to decide what material you want the gazebo to be made from. The most popular materials are wood, metal, and PVC.

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It Provides Protection From The Elements

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, then a hot tub gazebo is a must-have. It will provide protection from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. If you’ve invested in a hot tub, then you should be able to enjoy it all year round.

Many gazebos are made with weather-resistant materials that will keep you dry and comfortable even in the middle of a storm. In addition, a gazebo can provide shade on hot days, so you can stay cool while enjoying your hot tub. Or, if you live in an area with cold winters, a gazebo can also provide a place to put your hot tub when its not in use, so it will be protected from the snow and ice.

With a gazebo above your hot tub, it’ll not only be protected from the elements, but also from anything falling and damaging it. Consider pine cones or branches that can drop down in a storm.

A hot tub gazebo is a great way to extend the use of your hot tub, and it will help to keep it in good condition for years to come.

Extend Your Garden Building And Create A Cozy Corner

Spa Gazebo Hot Tub Enclosure Assembly – Aspen 12×16

This spa from Hydrolife fits perfectly into this sheltered space

Rather than opting for freestanding gazebo ideas, you could consider a garden building with an extended roof.

The team at Hydrolife reveals how they are seeing more people opting for a covered porch area for their hot tub, just like the setup above. This makes ‘a great extension to their entertaining space, as well as providing a changing and chill-out area before and after using the hot tub,’ they explain.

The result looks super smart, and can be dressed up with wall lights for nighttime use. You could go one step further and add wall-mounted heaters, or even outdoor-suitable speakers too, to transform it into the perfect hub for socializing.

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Use A Duo Of Hues For Your Shelter

Contrast natural timber with an on-trend hue for your timber gazebo

One of the best things about timber gazebo and pergola ideas is that you can give them a gorgeous new look to tie into your garden theme easily, with the help of some exterior wood paint.

Go for a bold block color perhaps in an on-trend gray, moody black, or sage green. Or, for something a little more creative, consider a duo of complementary tones that ties in with your existing garden color scheme. Or, how about creating an eye-catching contrast by leaving the columns in their natural shade, and only painting the overhead beams?

Combination Gazebos And Automatic Covers

Ah, technology. The source of delightfully simple microwave popcorn, but also painfully complicated smart devices. In the world of hot tub enclosures, you can thank technology for gazebos that fold down into spa covers at the turn of a key. One moment, a roof overhead the next, a safety cover for your hot tub.

Like standard gazebos, the combo version can have pull-down shades for extra sun protection. Like your standard spa safety cover, it can close down tightly to protect your hot tub and keep loved ones safe through the winter season.

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Lay Down Decking Tiles Or Flagstones

We recommend laying down wooden decking, a tiled patio or flagstones. Not only will this help your wooden structure blend into its surroundings, but can also extend the use of your gazebo, for garden furniture or an outdoor kitchen for example.

Building decking or installing your hot tub gazebo on a platform is also a fantastic, low-effort option for anyone with an unlevelled garden.

Popular Types And Unique Designs

Legacy Hot Tub Gazebo

Gazebos provide an enclosed personal space for relaxation after a long day so you can disconnect from the world in your hot tub. Here are some fun ideas for creating the perfect backyard oasis with a gazebo in the mix:

  • Give your gazebo a unique look by adding curtains around the structure.
  • Include glass panels to provide protection from the elements without disrupting your view.
  • Integrate the gazebo with your backyard design, making it an extension of your home.
  • Elevate the gazebo to add aesthetic appeal to your backyard landscape.
  • Install decorative lighting in and around your gazebo such as lanterns, string or solar lights, chandeliers, and candles.
  • Install outdoor speakers so you can add music to your hot tub experience.

If you decide to install your hot tub inside a gazebo, take into consideration the maintenance of your hot tub. Make sure you can still access your filters and other under the hood sections of the hot tub for repairs and upkeep.

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Need Help Figuring Out Which One Is Perfect For You No Problem Heres A List Of All Four Covana Products We Offer:


A groundbreaking solution to optimize the use of your hot tub, this four-season hot tub gazebo operates with the simple turn of a key and features LED mood lighting. As it securely closes and with its optional retractable shades, the Covana Oasis offers peace of mind and privacy for a luxurious experience.


The innovative, contemporary design of the Covana Horizon allows the cover to lift at a 25-degree angle for an open view of the sky and surrounding while providing protection against the elements.


Thanks to its modularity, the Covana Evolution is compatible with most large and round hot tubs. Enjoy peace of mind and privacy with its optional retractable shades and a modern, streamlined architectural design for a contemporary look.


In less than 30-seconds, you have easy access to a covered swim spa that protects you against the weather and ultraviolet radiation while providing you with a luxurious vibe.

A protection that youll want to use again and again.

The manufacturing process and the choice of materials lend Covana products exceptional quality, performance, and durability. Less effort. More comfort.

Enhance your outdoor experience with a Covana cover. To learn more about the details and features of each individual style, call Bassemiers today! Learn more about the hot tub buying process by downloading the hot tub buyers guide.


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