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How To Hang Porch Swing

Put Weight On The Swing To Set It In Position

How to Hang a Porch Swing through Vinyl | Ask This Old House

Once you have your knots tied, you can then remove the blocks and put weight on both sides of the swing. Rather than immediately sitting on the swing, push down on each end to level the bed and to get rid of any slack that may be let in the knot.

Remove the blocks from under the swing.

Push down on each end of the beam to level the swing and to get rid of any slack left in the rope.

How To Hang A Porch Swing The Proper Way

Its no secret we Southerners love our porchesis there anything better than heading out to the porch with your morning coffee or relaxing in the evening with a cocktail and a good friend? When youre ready to sit a spell, everybody knows the best seat on the porch is the swing.

Its a great way to fake a cool breeze and the gentle swaying makes for a great nap spot. If youre adding a swing to your porch for the first time, you have a lot of options when it comes to material, style, and size. But the most important step to take is making sure your swing is installed properly and safely. Follow the steps below to ensure youll be relaxing and swinging for years to come.

Put Weight On The Swing To Test Balance

Having tied the knots, you need to test your progress to determine if everything is fixed correctly and connected. Adjust the solid object you placed on the swing in step 3 to set it up in a preset position.

Add another similar object or additional weight on the other side of the swing and push down to level it up and to further fasten any remaining slack on the knot. Remove the solid objects from the swing.

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Determine Swing Space & Hanger Measurements

Once youve selected the right swing, you need to determine the swing space and hanger measurements. You need at least 48 inches of space behind the swing and 14 to 16 inches of side clearance on either side of the swing. The hooks, screw eyes, or eye bolts need to be installed 2-to 4-inches wider than the swings length to ensure even weight distribution and prevent the chains from rubbing against the swing. Also, the swing should hang about 17 to 19 inches above the floor although this can vary depending on preference.

How To Hang A Porch Swing With Rope

30 The Best Hanging Daybed Rope Porch Swings

There are many ways you can hang a porch swing. You can use different swing porch hangers such as high-quality ropes or stainless steel chains.

The method and safety procedures for hanging your porch swing may not be consistent, same as the hardware for hanging and the position of the swing.

If you prefer a rope porch swing, it will help if you better understand how to hang a porch swing with rope, plus factors to consider and everything else in between.

Follow this guide to learn how to hang a porch swing with rope, the best rope to hang a porch swing and what to consider when purchasing the same.

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Set Your Swing To A Preset Position

This step is the most important for making your job as easy and quick as possible. Find something to set your porch swing or bed swing on while you tie your knots such as a cinderblock, piece of wood, five-gallon bucket, or anything else strong enough and steady enough to hold your swing in a set position. Having the swing in a set position will make it much easier to tie your knot and will result in a level swing once you are done. For bed swings, we recommend setting your swing to 21 inches above the floor to achieve a comfortable distance from the floor once the knot has been tightened and the weight of people sitting on it stretches the rope. Following through on this step helps alleviate a lot of headaches due to having to manipulate the knots and levelness.

Having two stands to place your swing on make the job much easier when tying your rope.

If you only have one item to set your swing on, place it on either end, thread the two ropes, tie, and do the same on the other side.

Thread your rope and take out all of the slack before tying your knot!

S To Install A Porch Swing

  • Measure your space and make sure your porch can support a swing. Your ceiling joists should be 2 by 8 inches or 4 by 4 inches, and you should measure the space your swing will need to move freely.
  • Use a stud finder to locate the center of the joists youll be hanging the swing from.
  • Attach hooks if they arent pre-installed on your swing.
  • Pre-drill holes into the ceiling joist and screw in the eyebolts. If desired, attach comfort springs.
  • Use rope or chain to attach both sides of the swing to the corresponding ceiling eyebolts.
  • Raise the swing to your desired height and adjust to make it level.
  • Choose cushions and pillows if you want them.
  • Test out your swing and enjoy!
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    Determine Where To Hang The Porch Swing

    Now that youve located the joists and know where you can safely and securely hang your porch swing, its time to determine your swings exact placement. Youre going to have movement both back and forth and side to side from your swing, so make sure you plan accordingly and measure twice! Keep the following considerations in mind:

    Find Ceiling Joists And Plan Out Spacing

    How to Install a Porch Swing

    There are two steps that are equally as important when determining where to place your porch swing the location of the ceiling joists and making sure the swing is spaced away from walls and other porch structures. According to Plank and Pillow, installing your swing on joists is very important, as they will support the weight of the swing and its users most effectively. If you have a wooden ceiling, finding the joists can be difficult since you can’t use a stud finder. You can, however, use nail holes to help determine where the joists are attached, look from above in your attic, or remove part of your ceiling, as mentioned above.

    Next, you’ll want to determine where to install your hanging hardware, which is ideally implemented with a screw corresponding to each hole, so four screws total. Before drilling, though, ensure your swing won’t run into any obstacles. If you have a ceiling fan, for example, take care that the screws won’t interfere with it. Swings should also be kept at least 2 feet away from walls or fences on all sides so they don’t hit and damage your home.

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    Warm Summer Evenings Are Meant For Porch Swings Hanging One From A Porch Or An Arbor Is A Fairly Easy Weekend Project

    • Porch swing of your choice
    • Pencil or painters tape
    • Metal chains or sturdy rope
    • Heavy-duty metal screw eyes
    • Heavy-duty S-hooks

    Note: Before You StartCheck that your porch can support a porch swing. Choose a porch swing. Measure your porch. Tip: How to Hang a Porch Swing1. Attach hooks to the swing. 2. Locate ceiling joists. Dont have joists in the right spot for your swing? 3. Measure and mark where youll hang your swing. 4. Attach hanging hardware to porch. 5. Hang porch swing. Add a slight tilt. Give it a swing. How to Hang a Porch Swing From an ArborMore on Houzz

    How Much Does It Cost To Hang A Porch Swing With Rope

    A porch swing can cost as low as a hundred or as high as a thousand dollars. It all depends on several factors, such as the quality of the materials . Heres an example of the average cost of a porch swing with rope based on these factors:

    • The average cost of pine, oak, and maple is $150-$400
    • The average price of cedar is $250-$400
    • The average price of teak is $500-$1000
    • Overall cost: $150-$1000, depending on the size of the swing and the type of wood its made of.

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    Choose A Safe Location

    We most often think of porch swings as being at the front of our homes where you can see all the neighborhood happenings, but that doesnt have to be the case. If you want more privacy or the view is better, the backyard might be a better option.

    No matter what you decide, just make sure your porch joists and beams can safely hold the weight of the swing and its occupants. Similar to needing a structurally sound door frame to improve the security of your home, you need joists free of rot, cracks and other damage to keep your porch swing securely anchored.

    Whether hanging a traditional two-person swing or a larger swing bed, youll need a 2×8 joist or 4×4 beam. If your joists arent deep enough to support a porch swing, you can reinforce them with 4x4s using these instructions from Home Depot.

    Also consider whether you want to face the yard or inwards. Hanging your swing perpendicular to the road or yard can give you greater privacy. Regardless of which way you face, you can always add outdoor privacy with porch curtains or screens like we see below.

    How To Hang A Porch Swing With Chains

    12 Porch Swing Plans: How To Build and Hang a Porch Swing
    • You need two chains, â one long and one short, for both ends of the swing.
    • Secure one end of the long chain to the front mounting point of the swing by using the appropriate hardware. If the swing does not come with hardware, you can use an eyebolt.
    • Secure the short-chain to the rear of the seat. Using a small S-hooks or quick links, connect the short-chain to long-chain on both sides, about 2 or 3 feet above the seat.
    • Hook the long chains to the hangers in the ceiling. The short chains will pull backward on the long chains, causing your seat to tilt back for comfort.
    • Adjust the seat height and tilt as you want by hooking onto different links.

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    Before You Get Started

    Ensure your ceiling frame is sturdy enough to support a porch swing. A two-person swing can be supported by a three 2 x 4 joists, two 2 x 6 joists, or a single 2 x 8 joist, provided all joists are primed at both ends for load-bearing applications.

    Follow the installation instructions provided by the porch swingâs manufacturer.

    Identify The Ideal Hanging Spot

    The ideal spot to hang your rope swing should be the first thing to consider. You may want to hang it under your front deck, back porch, or from a large tree in your compound.

    This all depends on your preferences. However, the structure should be strong enough to support the swing.

    For porch swings, locate the ceiling joists and beams using a stud finder and ensure theyre strong enough to sustain the weight of the swing. This is just in case theyve been infested with rodents or insects that may weaken them.

    Also, ensure the joists and beams are in the exact location you want to hang the porch to avoid unstable positioning. If this is the case, get a framer to install a 2×6 or a more structural piece of lumber in the exact place you want to hang your swing.

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    How Long Are Porch Swings

    Porch swings come in a variety of sizes, but the most common are those that are 4-5 feet long. Seat depth can range from as little as 18 inches to as much as 46 inches for larger swing beds. Porch swing weight limits range from 250 pounds to 800 pounds or more, depending on the model.

    Consider the size of your home and available space, as well as how many people you want to accommodate on your swing bed. Large swings will provide room for more people, but they also require a larger porch and more sturdy construction and support beams.

    Smaller swings may limit capacity, but they take up less room and are easier to mount on an existing porch.

    Is There An Alternative If I Dont Have A Porch

    How to Build an Easy DIY Porch Swing | House One

    The answer is yes. If you want a swing but you do not have a porch, you can invest in one that comes with a free-standing frame. If you do so, you wont need to hang it from anywhere, and youll be able to place your swing wherever youd like.

    If you want to get a porch swing that does not require hanging, you can check out these options :

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    What Type Of Rope Do You Use For A Porch Swing On Ceiling Joists

    Porch swings carry a lot of weight whenever in use. The ideal porch swing should sustain a minimum weight of 550 lbs, which means using the most robust rope for your porch swing.

    The ideal rope should also match the design and style of your own swing. Here are some of the best porch swing ropes recommended for safety and durability.

    • Polyester Rope: Also known as Dacron, the polyester rope offers maximum strength and safety even when wet. Given its high-quality material, this rope is best for hanging tree swings, bed swings, or porch swings. The polyester rope doesnt stretch like regular ropes and can provide the maximum strength to hold the porch swing safely.
    • Nylon Rope: Nylon rope is elastic and can efficiently handle heavy loads, although its slippery and unsuitable for long-term use.
    • Jute or Natural Fiber Rope: This is the best type of rope to hang a porch swing. Jute rope is made from organic plants such as cotton, jute, sisal, manila, and hemp. If you use it to hang a heavy tree swing, ensure you replace it every 12-24 months to maintain safety.

    S To Hang Your Porch Swing

    The classic swing structure comes with two main chains pre-installed and hooks or hangers. If that is the case, install the ceiling hooks to your joists and attach the swing chains.

    If yours did not come with a pre-installed hook and chains, you would have to install them yourself.

    To properly install your porch swing, you can follow these steps:

  • Install the hangers. The ceiling hooks need to be placed 2 to 4 inches wider than the swings width. By doing this, you will avoid the swings chains rubbing against each other. Secure the hangers to the structure before attaching the swing to it.
  • Attach the swing chains. secure each end of the long chains to the front mounting point, then attach the shorter chains to the swing
  • Hang the swing. Hook the long chains to the hangers, and make sure they are correctly secured.
  • If you want a visual guide of every step you need to follow to install your porch swing, you can watch this video:

    Note: Most porch swings can hold up to 550lb . Avoid putting more weight on your porch swing if you dont want any accidents.

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    Get The Right Hardware For The Job

    To be able to hold your porch swing, youll need either chains or rope. Which one you choose depends on the look youve chosen for your porch. You should take a look at your houses exterior appearance and other porch furniture to see which one better fits the aesthetic.

    You will also need connectors that will resist outdoor exposure and the swings weight, and the ones that will use it.

    Steel Chains or Rope

    You can hang porch swings with steel chains or rope. They are both great options and have similar resistance, but the most used are the steel chains. They have more durability than ropes if they are made with stainless steel.

    Ropes can also be a good option, but this will depend on your porchs decoration and your swings weight.

    Hanger Kits

    Hanger kits are the mechanisms used to hold the swing. By installing them, youll only need to hang the swing.

    Although you can buy all of the pieces separately, its easier to get one of these hanger kits like this Heavy Duty Swing Hanger kit . It includes bolts, springs, and everything needed to securely mount your swing to the ceiling joist.

    Eyebolts or Hooks

    If you do not want to use hanger kits, you can opt for eye bolts or hooks. Eyebolts are bolts with a loop at one end that allows you to hang ropes or chains.

    Make sure to choose an eyebolt with a large enough loop for the width of your chain or rope but heres the main kicker the bolt must be long enough to go through the width of the joist.

    How To Install A Porch Swing In 4 Easy Steps

    25 Inspirations Hanging Daybed Rope Porch Swings

    Were talking through all of the steps involved in hanging our DIY porch swing in its new location on our renovated Chicago front porchas well as additional tips to hang your own porch swing!

    The DIY swing that we built a few year ago is one of our favorite spots to relax in our Chicago home. We built it a few years ago and have since painted it also recently changed the scale of the seat to allow for more optimal space planning. As the refresh of the front of our home neared completion, it was time to get the swing hung up in its new location! This is how we got it done.

    Heres what youll need:

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