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Ideas For Small Backyard Patio

Switch Up The Patio Flooring

Small Backyard Covered Patio Ideas

Not thrilled with the look of your small, concrete patio flooring? Youre not stuck with it, and switching it up can be as easy as laying down laminate floor tiles or rubber patio pavers resembling wood, stone, or brick. You can also accent the space with a colorful rug.

Effort: Installation can be as simple as snapping pieces together or gluing them in place. There may be some cutting involved to make sure all parts fit correctly in your outdoor space.

Cost: Expect to pay around $50 for one pack of teak laminate flooring and around $6 per paver patio square. Area rugs can be bought for $25 to $100+.

Design An Entertaining Space For Everyone

There can be a rush to give everything in a landscape the same importancebut that’s not how design works. Think about your living room. Usually, there’s a central piece of furniture or artwork that serves as the room’s main focus, with smaller pieces supporting it. That principle is true with landscaping, as well. Make a statement in your space with a seating area, flower bed, or grill area, then fill in with potted plants or functional decor items.

Editor’s Tip: A picnic table works great for entertaining a crowd in a small area!

Fire Pits For Small Backyard Patios

Whats great about fire pits is that they come in so many styles and sizes, so youre sure to find one that works with your yard. If you cant find one that works, you can always build your own by getting inspired by stone patio ideas.

When choosing your fire pit, start with the size. It needs to proportionally fit the space. This is so you can move around it easily while its lit, and it is large enough to provide adequate heat during colder months.

You should also consider how you will power it. Some fire pits are meant for use with logs, while others use propane. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, and the type you choose will depend on your preferences.

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Combine Patio And Garden

If youre short on space, its time to think about combining your spaces. Think about combining your tiny outdoor patio and your garden. Dont you have enough space to plant a traditional garden? Explore the possibilities and choose a vertical design instead to enjoy your favorite flowers and greenery still.

Build A Structure Over It

Popular Small Backyard Patio Design Ideas 14

There are two ideas you can try out to get mind-boggling results. One idea is to build a gazebo, while the other is to add a pergola. The gazebo is great for outdoor relaxation and comfort.

With each of these two designs, you need to add furniture because this awesomeness needs it. If you add a pergola, the sunlight hits different on the surface. You get to enjoy the coziness they offer.

Moreso, the pergola or any overhead structure helps to enclose the space. Gazebos and pergolas make the outdoor feel more private, thus comforting. All you have to do is check your patio and see which overhead structure is best suited.

An overhead trellis will play around with natural sunlight creating beautiful patterns, and you can add just about anything, such as speakers, vines, or even ceiling fans.

A wooden gazebo will work wonders! Just like a pergola, a wooden gazebo doesnt come cheap. They help concentrate the appeal on a single point over your concrete patio. You can place matching furniture in the middle and trellis frames on the sides to add to the highlights.

There are a dozen ideas on the gazebo painting you can try out. Similarly, you can select different gazebo designs.

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Create A Relaxing Meditation Space

Photo via @trangjanick

Give your outdoor living space a facelift with a calming meditation space. Find a secluded spot in your yard and set up large pillows and blankets for lounging and a table for incense. If your relaxation station is near a tree, hang decorative ornaments or a swinging chair for some extra flair.

Paint A Patterned Patio

A pop of stylish design is always a welcome addition to backyards big and small. There aren’t many opportunities to infuse the outdoors with your personal style, so it’s important to take advantage where you can. Take this stunning backyard patio from Jenna Sue Designs as an example. Homeowner Jenna LeBlanc stenciled this medallion pattern onto her stone patio for a major upgrade that also saved major bucks.

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Small Backyard With A Cornered Stamped Concrete Patio

What a lovely small patio! Even though this backyard is small and the patio is even smaller, this is a modern and unique space.

The patio is placed in the corner, in a circular shape. Due to minimal space, this patio was at a premium. It is an exclusive space.

The homeowners wanted a sitting area complete with a fire pit. They also wanted the space to be low maintenance. That is why the designers created a simple stamped concrete patio like this equipped with a fire put butted up to the corner of this backyard.

There are natural rock slap stepping stones connecting the lower area from the staircase to the fire pit patio.

The patio itself is surrounded by black mulch planted with some lovely plantings rounded out the project.

The seating area includes one bench and two chairs. There is no table here to save more space. The fire pit in the center is enough to provide comfort.

Create A Natural Nook

Small Landscape Design Ideas (10 Secrets)

Boxwood hedges and young trees surround a colorful outdoor dining set.

Boxwood hedges make it simple to define an outdoor space without the need of inorganic elements. If youre aiming for nature to stay at the forefront of your patio, consider putting plants to work.

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Wrap Around With Steel Cable Railing

In this Tyreus Design Studio small balcony space, a hillside lookout spot is created thanks to steel cable railing.

Bringing the illusion of less confinement, steel cable railing helps a small outdoor space feel less cavernous and add a modern flair. We use steel cable railing systems when we want the railing to be less visible, less of a separation between spaces, and low-maintenance, Tyreus says.

Stain Your Concrete Patio

This is the most common way of bringing an old concrete patio to life. Staining gives your old concrete patio a tile appearance. The process is pretty simple you may use tapes to create grout lines all over the patio and then stain the entire surface.

Once you take out the tapes, they will leave your patio looking like tiles. The best thing is to contact a professional to ensure the finish is pristine and in order. However, if you are confident enough, you can dig in and make it an enjoyable DIY.

To avoid degrading the paving, you need to add a sealant because staining weakens the patio surface. Generally, staining chirps into the surface and alters the color and texture.

As a requirement, you need to clean the patio surface before starting the staining process.

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Expand Space With A Mirror

“Mirrors really make space feel more expansive,” Williams says. On a small porch, place a tall mirror on the ground behind a portico or a patch of greenway, which “makes it look like a doorway into another garden.”

You don’t need to go huge on the mirror to have a huge impact. Even hanging a normal-sized mirror, like one you might find over a dresser, can make a tiny space feel much larger. But whichever you choose, make sure to weatherproof your mirror first using a mirror edge sealer to prevent moisture damage unless you like the weathered look, that is.

Small spaces don’t have to be limiting. With a little bit of creativity and perhaps a reflective surface or two there’s no reason you can’t feel like you’re living in your very own Versailles.


Make A Small Space Seem Bigger

52 Small Backyard Patio Ideas On a Budget

Use the same design tricks for decorating small spaces inside when youre decorating outside to make your small patio feel bigger. Choose furniture with a small footprint and skip the extra large pieces that will clutter your space.

When choosing an area rug, bigger is better. A large area rug will fill the space and wont make your patio look small and choppy. Instead of one large table, opt for smaller tables that can be moved around the patio and can be used as side tables, ottomans or extra seating. Take advantage of vertical space for decor, plants and storage. This will also draw your eyes up and make the patio feel larger than it is.

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Start With An Outdoor Table

Image Source:

Whether it’s a petite city balcony or that sprawling poolside yard, theres plenty you can use to infuse your preferred style and functionality into your outdoor area. Here are some ways to dress your outdoor table, if you already have one

  • Spray on a new paint coat
  • Use Turkish towels to infuse color
  • Use sheepskin to soften things up
  • Add onto the classic flair with Cabana stripes
  • Have an evergreen centerpiece using succulents
  • Create some height and delineate using new plant stands

Wow With An Outdoor Rug

An outdoor rug elevates any outdoor space, as shown on this patio designed by Scheer & Co. and built by Sanders Architecture.

Oftentimes making any big changes to an outdoor space comes with an equally big price tag, but the addition of an outdoor rug can level up any areawhether you want to cover existing hardscaping or just add a pop of color. A bright blue rug echoes the soothing aqua of the pool. The client wanted a quiet, shaded outdoor room for napping, relaxing, and watching sports, says architect Christopher Sanders of Sanders Architecture in Austin.

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Growing Veggies In Our Tiny Backyard

We also planted a hydrangea bush out in the corner of the yard and moved around several plants as we figured out where everything did the best. I moved several potted veggies down from the top deck.

It gets slightly better sun up there, but theres no hose, so watering was annoying. It also sometimes leaked down onto the bottom deck, which was both annoying and yucky. The big pots have yellow tomatoes, baby eggplant, and red cherry tomatoes.

Everything in my garden was doing absolutely fantastic. Much to my surprise, everything I planted from seed sprouted and flourished. Until the Japanese beetles discovered my goodies.

They destroyed my green beans, which I had to pull out. Right now I am fighting a war against them on my snap peas, basil, and lima beans. Everything else theyve seemed to leave alone.

Ive picked a few rounds of lettuce, kale, and spinach already, and Ive planted more. Cucumbers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and baby eggplant are on the cusp of being picked. The bell peppers are only doing okay. Im not giving up on them yet, but they arent thriving.

Above It Entire Patio Designs

Small Garden Design Ideas for backyard landscaping ideas

Paradise looks for in this tenuous pergola which is situated in the poolside. This amazing timber formation shapes the skeletal structure due to a completely arranged canvas monitor and offers additional color for retreating swimmers. A hugged modular sunlight bed completes the top of the high timber stage which offers a comfortable space toward the poolside. The outstanding outdoor living place is an operational solitary and an amazing collection to any yard.

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Include A Mini Water Feature

Just because your outdoor space is small doesnt mean you cant enjoy aspects of larger backyard patio ideas. One such aspect is a containerized water garden aka a pond in a pot. Using any receptacle that can hold water, grow aquatic plants, including water lilies, oxygenating grasses, and bog plants.

Effort: All you need is a pot or other container, a fountain pump, and river rocks. Put the fountain pump in first, then add in the containerized plants and river rocks, and fill the pot with water. Easy peasy.

Cost: Save money by repurposing an old bucket, bowl, or tub or, you can buy a planter for as low as $5. There are also aquatic patio pond kits available, albeit pricier at more than $150.

Small Concrete Patio With Diy Cinder Block Bench

If youre looking for small patio ideas, check out this one. It features a small concrete patio with a DIY cinder block bench. The bench provides both seating and storage, and the bright colors add a fun pop of color to the space. The cinder block bench is easy to build and can be completed in just a few hours.

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Make Space For The Outdoor Chef

If grilling and alfresco dining is big at your house, planning an outdoor kitchen that enhances your small patio can create the perfect space for year-round activities. Theres no need to keep schlepping the food outside from the inside kitchen. This compact design has everything within easy reach of the cook and adds to the restaurant appeal of the patio.

Everything you need for dining out in comfort and style on this small patio

Small Patio Outdoor Dining Ideas

20+ Small Patio Designs, Ideas

Prioritize your time outside by making an outdoor dining area your patios focal point. Since youre decorating a smaller space, choose a size-conscious option like a patio conversation set, a quaint bistro set or a slim rectangular table. Many outdoor tables have matching chairs or you can mix and match for a more whimsical look.

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As the weather gets warmer, we all start spending more of our time outdoors. Our attention shifts from interior design projects to our outdoor spaces. Warmer months mean the chance to sit in the sunshine and enjoy cooking and eating meals with family and friends out in the fresh air. But, is your garden up to scratch for entertaining? If your backyard looks like its in need of a little tender loving care – or maybe an injection of some wow factor – then youre in the right place. This patio design collection presents 50 gorgeous ideas on how to expertly present your al fresco dining and open air lounge areas.

Low Cost Small Backyard Patio Ideas

You dont have to hire a contractor to come in and transform your small patio. You can DIY the project and have a low-cost backyard makeover. With minimal investment, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space.

If you have a concrete patio, try covering it in Astroturf. The fake grass will look lush green year-round, hide the ugly concrete, and create a comfortable base for your outdoor living space. Other popular small patio ideas are to paint, tile, or stain your concrete. Then you can lay an outdoor rug down and give the space a living room feel.

If you dont have concrete, then consider using pea gravel. You can tear out the bits of grass, level the ground, lay down landscape fabric, and then spread out the gravel. Its simple, modern, and easy to care for.

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Transition From Small To Intimate

The first thing you need to do before you start designing is to change your perspective. You should focus on what you have instead of what you dont have. As a matter of fact, with a small backyard patio you have the chance to create an extremely cozy and friendly atmosphere.

As you can see in the example of the veranda above, the long, thin table layout and small chairs have increased the usable capacity and made the space seem larger than it is. Surrounded by plants, this dining area seems designed that way, not because its small, but to create a intimate atmosphere.

Small Patio Outdoor Seating Ideas

Low Cost Backyard Ideas

Bring the comfort of your living room outside with a cushioned seating set. Choose a small sofa or two lounge chairs, then add an ottoman or coffee table if your space can accommodate these pieces.

Outdoor loveseats are available in an array of high-quality materials like dark wicker, woven steel and acacia wood. Accent the furniture with outdoor pillows and outdoor rugs in whichever color or pattern best fits your style.

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Contemporary Small Backyard With A Fire Pit And Paved With Concrete

This small patio looks open and inviting because there is no physical border here, except the cedar fence in the back that is used as a backdrop for the entire backyard. The patio itself is simple with a contemporary style.

It is made of 24 x 24 concrete pavers. Between the pavers, there is 3/4 clean crushed granite in the entire patio. The combination of paver and crushed granite like this creates a fresh and polished look.

In the central area, there is a fire pit that is also made of concrete. It is a cast-in-place concrete fire pit with 18 deep concrete at the bottom.

Since the fire pit and the concrete pavers here are all in simple, plain, and neutral color with no additional decoration, the homeowners placed five chairs in bright blue color. Those chairs are useful to add a pop of color to the whole area.


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