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Outdoor Patio Fencing For Restaurants

Restaurant Outdoor Patio Fencing

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Our beautiful and functional Restaurant Outdoor Patio fencing allows you to fully enjoy your outdoor space without sacrificing safety or style. Our professional design team creates fences that perfectly match your buildings architecture and we use only the highest quality materials for a fence that will last for years to come.

We install ornamental iron fences and gates for restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals and other commercial properties.

Keep unwanted critters out of your outdoor dining area with quality fencing from Interstate Fence Co. We install ornamental iron fences, fences for restaurants, and security fences.

This fence is perfect for restaurants with outdoor patios. With ornamental iron, elegant arches, and a black powder coat finish, this fence will complement any restaurants decorating style. Your new fence can help create a more inviting exterior for your restaurant. Let us help you turn your outdoor dining area into an attractive extension of your restaurant, while keeping out trespassers and reducing the risk of accidents.

There are many fence choices for your restaurant, drive-in or outdoor patio but there are few that can provide the safety and protection you need for outdoor dining. If a fence is what you need, Interstate Fence Co. has you covered with ornamental iron fence installation and modern fencing design.

Outdoor Restaurant Fencing Ordering Process

All of our barriers are custom-built just for you which means you cant just click a button and purchase generic products. But the ordering process is simple and easy and our product quality far exceeds any prebuilt options. We just need to know the style, length, color, and branding you desire and we can get started on your project ASAP.


Do I Need Branded Cafe Barriers

Cafe barriers are an affordable solution to expand the space and welcome more clients. They are popular among entrepreneurs who own cafes, restaurants, vineyards, camping facilities, hotels, and even stores. Each has his own intentions when adding a NYC restaurant patio barrier system in the budget.

To understand whether you need outside restaurant partitions, check their advantages:

  • Extended space for seats. Sidewalk cafe barriers create extra space to place tables. Increased capacity means more clients and, automatically, more income.
  • Protected walkways from slip and fall accidents. Enhanced security attracts responsible customers. This also includes families with small children.
  • Extra comfort. A delicious meal outdoors is more enjoyable when the street chaos is minimal. Enhanced privacy guarantees extended visits.
  • Successful marketing. Branded cafe barriers fulfill marketing purposes. Its a working advertising technique.
  • A removable stylish cafe barrier adds class and is chic. Unique designs guarantee improved brand image and reputation.
  • Easy-to-assemble and remove. A free-standing outdoor partition wont cause you any problems. Portable construction is straightforward yet durable.

Prepare for the public demand in advance. It allows you to test the NYC patio restaurant barrier system and adjust if necessary. Order a consultation from Fortuna Visual Group. Create a comfortable sidewalk restaurant. For more information contact us at , or give us a call at .

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Grosfillex Us963423 Brown 3 Panel Resin Patio Fence

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The Grosfillex US963423 is a three-panel, brown fence section with a decorative lattice design. There are 3 interlocking fence panels constructed from 100% prime resin. The panels are durable, weather-resistant, and U.V. stabilized to resist color fading. This fence section is designed to be assembled with other sections and post/base units so you can enclose your exact space.

Grosfillex US963423 Features

  • Durable 100% Prime Resin Construction
  • U.V. Stabilized Resin resists color fading
  • Naturally Weather Resistant
  • Can Be Power-Washed for Easy Cleaning
  • Will Not Rust or Splinter
  • No Painting, Sanding or Refinishing Necessary
  • Posts and Bases NOT Included

Grosfillex US963423 Benefits

  • Panels Can be Assembled and Fitted to Your Patio Space
  • Resin is durable, weather-resistant and U.V. stabilized for long life
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and break down for seasonal storage

More Than Just A Divider:

Restaurant Patio Fencing

The unique perforated panel design adds texture and visual interest to traditional dividers. It provides privacy and comfort while maintaining a connection with the surrounding environment. Each panel requires two support stands on each side.

  • Standard panel sizes available: 3ft, 5ft & 7ft
  • Custom graphic panel sizes available: 5ft & 7ft

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Cafe Fencing Increases Outdoor Cafe Visibility For Foot Traffic And Passersby

For many tourists, and even occasionally for locals, finding a spot to dine often entails walking around the city looking for the perfect place. But how easily can you spot a restaurant or cafe from afar? Not very easily unless there is very a visible sidewalk sign or sidewalk cafe fence. When people see an outdoor eating area while walking down a new street, they tend to gravitate towards that place to check it out. Advertising your al fresco dining to foot traffic and passersby is as simple as making it visible and welcoming.

Importance Of Fencing For The Restaurant Industry

One pleasurable dining experience customers love when going out is the ability to enjoy their meal on a beautiful day when the temperature and breeze are just right. Savoring a delicious dish as the sun sets on the horizon with ideal weather conditions have restaurants alluring patrons with patio dining. The sleek elegance of patio dining is not only achieved through simple furniture designs and overall ambiance but fencing options as well. While the focus of fencing is usually directed towards residential and commercial applications, it is important to have fencing in the restaurant industry as well.


Patio spaces can be great for your customers, but no defined space boundaries can make the experience less than desirable. The last thing you or your customers want is to have their privacy interrupted from the growth of a crowd waiting for tables. Especially with COVID-19 regulations, many patrons wait for their tables outside to comply with social distancing. Having a fence in place will provide set boundaries for those waiting for their table while ensuring the privacy of those already dining.


Design Options


Establishments serving alcohol in an outdoor setting may be subject to installing a fence due to local and state regulations. Since alcohol can cause patrons to feature distracting symptoms after consumption to a certain level, having a fence helps maintain the overall peace of the outdoors as well as the safety of others in the area.

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Temporary Fencing For Restaurants

There are times at which restaurants desire or need to expand their outdoor seating capacity, whether due to government mandates or a host of other reasons. If your location is looking to enclose an area for patio/outdoor dining, the team at Fence Factory Rentals is here to help. With our large selection of quality products, extensive industry experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, we are the ideal company to provide temporary fencing for restaurants.

No matter the size or scope of your project, we have the temp fence options to meet your needs. For extending outside seating availability in the front, side or even adjacent parking lot of your establishment, we have freestanding chain-link panels, post driven chain-link fencing, white vinyl picket panels and more.

Enhancing Exteriors With High

HOWTO INSTALL GRASSTIK Privacy Decorative Grass Garden Fence

Restaurant fences around patios and outdoor dining areas define the area, provide a useful barrier to pedestrian traffic and are required in most municipal areas to cordon off areas where alcoholic drinks are served. Other common restaurant fencing includes total perimeter fencing and fencing surrounding areas where garbage and recyclables are deposited, stored and picked up. Are you planning a brand-new restaurant fence installation? Or do you need a restaurant fence upgraded, replaced or repaired? Let the design-and-build fence experts in our team at Best Fence Company discuss your specific needs for your restaurant fence and review the best options to meet your needs, requirements, budget and timeframe. Whether you prefer a fence constructed of steel, wrought iron, aluminum, wood or composite, we show you the variables and pricing structures for each type of restaurant fence.

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Restaurant Fencing Allows You To Clearly Define Boundaries For Eating And Drinking Areas

Defining a safe space for your patrons to eat and drink not only helps to keep order to your service area, with defined entrances and exits, but it can also ensure that liquor laws are adhered to- a must for any restaurant serving alcohol. Outdoor Restaurant Fencing will keep your guests on your property and keep unwanted guests out. If passersby can easily enter the seating area they can more easily circumvent important measures like ID checks. Also, those who are welcome guests who may be imbibing will be sure to stay within the defined zone if you place sidewalk barriers around your patio seating area. If not defined guests may unknowingly wander off your property, potentially causing you hefty fines.

Why Choose Selectspace Partitions

When youre looking for the kind of outdoor partitions that can add both functionality and aesthetic value to a patio, SelectSpace® is the place to go. Were the company that creates sidewalk cafe partitions that are low-maintenance, lightweight, rust-proof and able to last with your business. We make them as modular components, so you can arrange them exactly as desired. Theyre also easy to assemble, giving great flexibility and the option to move them when needed. Best of all, were the partition provider that offers a variety of customization options, which means we can create exactly the look you want.

Whether you know exactly what youre looking for or want to talk about ideas, reach out to us. Count on our experts to help you see the potential in your patio. Well find ways to organize and beautify the space to create an incredible ambience for customers and value for the restaurant.

assemble the pole stands and place all stands in their correct spots BEFORE attaching panels

enjoy your new partition system!

café and restaurant sidewalk partitions

The appearance of overflow customers diners pouring out into the sidewalk, enjoying themselves in full view of the public might seem like a happy circumstance for a café or restaurant owner. But imagine how much more inviting your outdoor space would look with attractive outdoor patio partitions.

the benefits of sidewalk partitions

legal factors to consider

the types of products we carry

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Create A Breeze Barrier To Maintain Order In Your Outdoor Restaurant Or Cafe Area With An Alfresco Dining Fence

The wind can reak havoc on an outdoor dining area. City streets often turn into wind tunnels with debris and trash blowing up and down them, getting caught in any structure along the way. An outdoor dining area or sidewalk cafe along a city street can be a magnet for trash and other items because they will stick to the chairs and tables if they arent blocked somehow. This is where a outdoor restaurant patio fencing can be a huge help. The patio fencing will not only block outside trash and debris from your eating area, it will keep napkins and plastic cups, or other items that you want on the tables in their proper place.

Keep Your Outdoor Dining Area Patrons Safe From Passersby With Sidewalk Barriers

The wood and metal design of this fence really complement the outdoor ...

Bustling city streets can be great for business as the more people there are walking around your establishment, the more potential guests you have. However, sitting down to relax and enjoy a meal can be difficult when the people walking by are bumping into your table, stopping to sit at chairs or tables near you without having gone through the appropriate entrance, or just standing a little too close for comfort. Thieves can even target those sitting down to enjoy a coffee or a meal if they can sneak up behind a grab a purse or backpack easily. No one wants to enjoy a meal when they cant relax and feel safe. Outdoor restaurant fencing makes your patrons feel just that- safe and protected from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Low Maintenance & Upkeep Cost

Maintenance is a third factor here that results from a combination of the two points above.

Wood fences require significantly more maintenance than metal fences. From rotting to repainting to rebuilding, a wood fence requires regular upkeep to keep it looking like new.

Even if youre an old-world design aesthetic, youre still probably better off antiquing a metal fence than weathering a wooden one. This comes back to versatility and style, metal fencing offers exceptional flexibility and creative control while at the same time reducing the upkeep and repair costs compared to wood fencing.

Metal Vs Wood Patio Fencing For Restaurants In Vancouver

Our Vancouver fencing companyspecializes in metal fences and for restaurants in rainy, west coast environments like Vancouver, theres plenty of good reasons to choose metal over wood for your outdoor patio fence.

Without further hubbub, lets check out the top 3 reasons youll want to go with an aluminum fence installation for your Vancouver restaurant patio.

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Outdoor Patio Safety For Restaurants

Blog building an outdoor patio design fence industry Gate Hardware layout restaurant patio design restaurant patio fence 834design

These days, patios are a must-have for restaurants. Whether youre in a climate where its patio weather all year, or somewhere where patio sitting months are precious and must be enjoyed to their fullest, having a patio is a definite perk. But, as popular as they are, outdoor space comes with its own set of potential problems. If youre going to install a patio, you need to know how to keep patrons comfortable and safe.

Restaurant Patio Plastic Fences

Garden Fence (Part 2): Keeping out small digging animals AND rhizomatous grass

Premium portable restaurant fences for patios and outdoor events perfect for social distancing and safety for your customers.

PVC panels are engineered with the most durable vinyl plastic with smooth surfaces and a stylish look and feel to upgrade your restaurant patio or sidewalk. The panels interlock to create a contiguous crowd control barrier. Highly durable, these restaurant patio fences make an excellent multi-year investment. Plastic material will not rust, warp, or corrode in storage and never require painting.

The panels are engineered with UV inhibitors and impact resistant material to reduce wear and tear. Fully portable panes come pre-assembled and are deployed with no tools and minimum labor.

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Creative Outdoor Seating And Other Ideas For Restaurants

Outdoor seating options for restaurants are popping up across Southern California, with restaurants converting much of their available outdoor space to accommodate guests. Without spending a massive amount of time or budget for a major remodel, there are lots of great ways to incorporate outdoor dining areas using materials found at the lumber yard.

Here are a few of our favorite outdoor seating ideas, many of which can be set up quickly and without a large investment.

Please Note: Piece Minimum Order On Event Fence Panels

Add elegance and style to festivals, fairs, grand openings and numerous other events by purchasing the Outdoor Patio Restaurant Fence Kit and getting two traditional posts and one traditional panel! Made of durable PVC vinyl, the panel is sure not to rust, rot, warp or corrode. Furthermore, fencing comes pre-assembled and folding legs allow for easy tranport, setup and storage. Get your Outdoor Patio Restaurant Fence Kit today, add sophistication to your event and provide adequate crowd control!

Includes:Outdoor Patio Restaurant Fence Kit


  • High durability white PVC Vinyl with UV inhibitors and impact resistant material will not rust, rot, warp or corrode
  • Fencing pre-assembled folding legs that facilitate transport and storage
  • Set up in minutes – no tools needed lightweight, portable
  • Interlock to form contiguous crowd control barrier
  • Panels connect in three directions with hidden shock chords
  • Pre-drilled holes in base legs allow for permanent installations
  • Meets all applicable ASTM safety standards for portable fencing
  • Typical applications: Festivals, Tradeshows, Fairs, Community Events, Grand Openings, Movie Premieres, Corporate Events/Retreats, Fundraisers/Benefits, Parties, Exhibits, Ceremonies, Country Clubs, Golf Courses, Weddings, and many other upscale outdoor events

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Black Outdoor Cafe Barrier For Crowd Control

A black outdoor cafe barrier, like this restaurant seating dividing wall, contains 72-1/2″w x 31″h banners and 39-1/4″h x 14-1/2″d stanchions! Each post is crafted from a stainless steel structure and has a rubber ring fixed to the bottom, a material used for preventing unwanted damage to floors! The cafe barrier banners included are made from 600D polyester fabric which is durable, foldable and can be washed in a conventional washing machine. As a result of this meticulous construction, users are able to position this set inside or outside depending on the nature of use! This quality stanchion stand, outdoor cafe barrier that is used as a partition, measures 608-1/2″ or 50 feet 8-1/2 inches long! Nude temporary fencing, like the set shown on this page, draws attention to any eatery and if branded umbrellas are positioned near the posts, potential customers will be able to recognize the corporation from afar!

Durability & Weather Proofing

Restaurant Trellis Divider ~ made to measure ~ Classic Garden Elements

As an outdoor patio fence, durability is critical. Pound for pound, a metal fence can put up with significantly more abuse than a wood fence. And as a commercial establishment in Vancouver, you need to factor in a decent level of abuse from everyday climbing and kicking to tree-snapping gusts and windstorms.

Speaking of Vancouver weather, its wet here. Unlike wood, metal doesnt rot. This is a big deal for Vancouver patios.

More over, aluminum fencing and railing for patios naturally dont rust and are naturally corrosion resistant. Investing in a metal fence thats essentially weather poof can end up paying for itself in maintenance and upkeep costs.

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