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Pergola Roofs That Open And Close

What Is A Louvered Roof Patio Cover

The power of a pergola! Powered Louver Roof Systems!

If you are not familiar with advanced patio covers, you may be wondering what a motorized louvered patio cover is. Well, a louvered patio cover is a smart shading system with functional and aesthetic features that fit any garden space.

As the name suggests, louvered roof systems are designed from the ground up to compliment your outdoor patio decoration and architecture. Unlike traditional covers, a louvered roof patio cover is motorized and uses an app to control the patio cover settings through your phone.

The roofs framing structure uses blinds or shutters with angled horizontal slats to regulate air and light while blocking out rain and direct sunshine. In turn, homeowners can protect their outdoor appliances, furniture, and pets while enjoying the optimal use of their outdoor space.

Each Equinox Louvered Roof Is Specially Designed And Built To Complement The Architecture Of Your Home And Contains A Plethora Of Product And Design Options

Unlike other shade systems, the Equinox pergola creates a completely dry environment allowing for the installment of a TV, heaters, ceiling fans, and even custom fire features. These customizations can seamlessly transform your deck into a year-round extension of the home. Other custom upgrades include custom retractable screens, built-in lighting, and a misting system, and connecting the louvered roof to your smart home.

Having the Equinox pergola does not mean sacrificing aesthetics for function- the structural aluminum louvers are available in a wide selection of baked-on, powder-coated standard finishes as well as many custom finishes including rich wood grain mahogany, cherry, teak, and walnut. Additionally, columns can be accented with your choice of style.

Advantages Of Pergola Roofs

  • One of the main advantages of pergola roofs is that they provide a great deal of privacy. If you have a pergola in your backyard, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy some time alone without being disturbed by your neighbors.
  • Another advantage of pergola roofs is that they can help to keep your outdoor living space cool. If you live in an area with a lot of sun, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space without having to worry about the heat.
  • Lastly, pergola roofs can be a great addition to your homes curb appeal. If you are looking for a way to improve the look of your home, a pergola roof is a great option. There are a variety of styles and materials that are available, so you will be able to find the perfect look for your home.

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Different Considerations When Choosing Roofing For Pergola

  • One of the most important considerations when choosing roofing for your pergola is the climate. If you live in an area with a lot of sun, you will want to choose a roof that will reflect the heat. If you live in an area with a lot of rain, you will want to choose a roof that will protect you from the elements. There are a variety of roofing materials that are available, so be sure to do your research before making a decision!
  • Another consideration when choosing roofing for your pergola is the style of your home. If you have a traditional home, you may want to choose a roof that matches the architecture. If you have a modern home, you may want to choose a roof that is more contemporary. There are a variety of roofing materials and styles that are available, so be sure to do your research before making a decision!
  • The last consideration when choosing roofing for your pergola is the budget. Roofing can be a big investment, so be sure to set a budget before you start shopping. There are a variety of roofing materials and styles that are available, so be sure to do your research before making a decision!

Now that you know the different considerations for choosing roofing for your pergola, its time to start shopping! Be sure to do your research and choose a roof that will be the best for your home.

Ways To Take Control Of Your Outdoor Living

Aluminum Pergola Kits That Open And Close

Outdoor living has become the way to spend time with family and friends. According to The Journal Of The American Institute Of Architects 9-21-2017 Popularity of outdoor living spaces has spiked 72 percent since 2012

With the increase in outdoor living spaces people are looking for ways to spend more time in the space. Most patio covers or pergolas limit your use because you cant control them.

Here is a great way to increase your outdoor living time. Install a Sundance Louvered Roof and control the louvers in 6 different useful ways.

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The Biggest Difference Between A Fixed Roof Pergola And One With A Motorized Louvered Roof

A pergola with a permanent roof creates full-time shaded areas, while an auto pergola roof creates more flexibility in your outdoor space because you can open the louvers to control the sun penetration. Its great for days when you want to limit sun exposure but still let light in. Motorized louvers can also be controlled with smart sensors which intuitively close the roof at the first sign of rain, without you lifting a finger.

Metal Louvers Are Best For A Pergola Roof

Whether choosing mechanized or manually adjusted louvers, the material the roof is made from is an important consideration. Marble and stone are best left to the ancients. Wood can impart a rustic or Old-World feel, but is prone to rotting over time. Vinyl or plastic will look great at first, but will eventually fade and distort. Metal louvers, like aluminum, are the ideal material for a pergola roof. Aluminum is strong and lightweight, making it possible to automate their controls with quiet electric motors. Protected with high-quality powder coating, a metal roof will seal out the corrosion-inducing rain, ice and snow to last a lifetime.

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Pergola Roof: In Conclusion

Good design is not just about creativity but also common sense. When selecting a roof for your pergola, think about how often youll be using it and what times of the year. The right choice depends on your personal design aesthetics for your home, as well as what you need to ensure maximum functionality.

Remember, weve only mentioned some of the top-selling options here. You could also opt for fabric, straw, plants, wood slats, bamboo, and a range of other materials for your pergola cover. Its best to consult with a professional to help you explore these pergola ideas with a roof.

Get in touch with the backyard installation experts at Azenco Outdoor for significant quality installations, unique designs, and unbeatable pricing.

The Benefits Of A Pergola Roof

Garden pergola with closing roof and sides

Adding a roof to your pergola comes with a lot of benefits:

  • Enhanced design: There are so many different design options for pergola roofs. You can really tailor your roof to your pergola to create a finishing touch that makes all the difference.
  • Shelter: Increased shelter from the elements means you get more usage out of your pergola, come rain or shine.
  • Increased value: Adding a roof to your pergola will actually add value to your property as a whole as its such a sought-after garden structure.
  • Privacy: If your garden is quite open, or if its very near to your neighbours, a roof can give an enhanced sense of privacy especially over a hot tub. Read more hot tub pergola ideas for shelter and privacy.

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When Is The Best Time To Use A Louvered Roof Systems

There is no time restriction on installing and using louvered pergola. This all-weather facility will remain open on a moderate day and closed on a rainy day. The roofing system has sufficient gutters to repel rainwater.

Now is the perfect time to talk to our louvered patio cover experts to learn how to master the outdoor weather systems and keep your family healthy and happy today! Conclusion The louvered pergola is a flexible roofing system that adapts to the weather habits at any location. This system has weather-sensitive sensors that allow the patio to withstand any weather change.

The louvers are available in versatile colors, styles, and materials to suit any modern home. Now, you can control the elements using the remote options at your fingertips. The shading system works well with lighting, sound, and heating systems for that ultimate outdoor experience.

The lighting and blind integration attributes keep the occupants safe from harsh UV rays. Plus, its ability to work on solar power means that any homeowner can increase their property value at a discount.

Talk to our team today about how to find the perfect louvered patio cover for your backyard today!

This Motorized Louvered Pergola Is An Adjustable Roof Engineered For Versatility

With the touch of a remote, the Equinox Louvered Roof adjusts to meet your exact preferences. The louvered roof can open completely, allowing full sun and breeze, or it can be angled to provide just the right amount of shade. Lastly, it can close completely, protecting you and your guests from the blazing sun or the rain during a passing shower. Even more, the optional rain sensor has got you covered automatic protection without lifting a finger. As Deck Remodelers is the exclusive dealer for the Equinox Louvered Roof in New Jersey, this perfect solution isnt available anywhere else. Moreover, we are the most experienced louver roof builder on the east coast. We offer a 5-year bumper to bumper warranty on all installs, so you can rest assured your satisfaction is our top priority.

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Give Your Outdoor Room A Remote

This set-up from Garden House Design features the Camargue Louvered Roof Canopy

A larger structure with solid side panels may be more practical if you want to guarantee outdoor use all year round. Take this design above for example, which offers a poolside zone for relaxing and entertaining in style.

The roof includes LED lights which emit a cozy glow, as well as built-in rotating blades which can be adjusted to provide the amount of shelter needed. Both are operated by a handy remote control how’s that for high tech?

‘Ideal for those who want to “live life outdoors”, a remote-controlled sliding or retracting fabric or aluminium louvered roof permits the user to play with light and shade, offering an open-air alfresco feel when left fully open, and ensuring a completely water, wind and even snow-tight roof when closed,’ says Stuart Dantzic, Managing Director at Caribbean Blinds .

If you’re feeling inspired, you might like our garden room ideas too.

Custom Louvered Pergola Colors


Most all louvered roof systems come with anywhere from 3-6 standard colors.

Not enough for you? Well, there are endless colors to choose from as standard paint choices are endless. Have our staff help you custom color match your custom louvered roof. That’s correct. We can have your pergola with louvers custom powder coated to match whatever you need.

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When Is The Best Time To Use A Louvered Roof

If you love the backyard, then anytime is the best time to use a louvered roof. It is a great addition to any outdoor space as it allows almost year-round use, depending on your average climate, of course.

On a moderate day, your roof might be fully open allowing both sun and air to reach your deck for a comfortable place to relax. It is especially useful on a rainy day since the louvers can be completely closed providing a nearly water-tight roof. You can still relax in your outdoor space or grill your favorite meal without fear of getting wet. Many of these systems also come with gutters and downspouts to keep the rain flowing off the top.

Homeowners that find these closable roofs the most useful are those with decks and patios that receive full sunlight through much of the day. When deciding which kind of covering to consider for your space take into account the side of the house on which it is located. South facing and west facing patios typically receive the most intense heat, especially during summer months. They typically benefit most from a louvered roof.

What Is The Best Roof To Put On A Pergola

A wooden roof is the best roof to put on a pergola in most cases. Durable once treated, it offers a plethora of different affordable and aesthetically pleasing pergola roof ideas. Whether you opt for solid wood, shingles or reeds, you can opt for the roof sets the right tone for your space.

There are also other materials that are suitable: from the modern wooden louvred roof through to versatile metal designs, each material bringing with it a unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

‘A combination of materials often works best because one quality can compensate for what is lacking in another material. For example, wood provides shade but doesn’t protect you from insects or the sun,’ says Ann Doughan, CEO of Patioland . ‘On the other hand, aluminum is more aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t offer much shade. By combining these elements, a pergola can be shaded from sun and insects and provide some insulation quality for events during cooler seasons of the year.’

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Try An Adjustable Design

The Pandora Leaf Pergola from Cuckooland

If you’re after patio cover ideas, how about something like this? The sleek design comes with an easily adjustable handle, making it simple to pull the panels open and closed depending on the weather.

We think the steel and aluminium frame in a cool gray color is ideal for contemporary spaces. Pair with a modern sofa and a streamlined coffee table to finish the sophisticated scene.

Choose Bamboo For Poolside Pergola Roof Ideas

Adjustable Louvered Pergola Opening & Closing

Pergolas are the perfect partner to pool ideas, so when choosing pergola roof ideas, let the space inspire you to create a slice of paradise in your own backyard.

When set against the gently rippling water, natural materials, such as bamboo, really come into their own and as such they are a great choice. Here, bamboo adds a warmth to the space, bringing a hint of rustic charm, and, because it’s so water-resistant, it makes for a durable choice, too.

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Motorised Or Manual Roof

There are certain functions that distinguish the pergolas from each other – like whether it is motorised or manually controlled. Motorised solutions can be more convenient, and may serve the pergola with a more luxurious look. If you would like a pergola with the motorised roof option, then it is recommended that you invest in a high-quality distributor. This will provide a long-lasting pergola! The DifferenceA motorised roof is desirable to many – and the high-quality ones are usually available at a higher price range. However, a motorised roof isnt always necessary if you have a slatted roof at hand. Louvres are quick and easy to use, despite its manual function. You can easily adjust the louvres with the help of a crank. A manual roof leaves you with an adjustable and user-friendly product. This way, you also avoid the hassle of searching for its remote, or the possibility of engine failure.

The Material Of Pergola

Aluminum is a light and very strong material, which is very suitable for delicate environments and modern gardens.The high-quality aluminum material ensures that it is light enough to handle heavy winds, rains, and even heavy snow.

  • Rianfall Intensity: 0.04-0.05L/S/m2
  • Snow Load: UP to 120kg/m2
  • Win Resistance: UP to 120km/h for closed blades

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Customize Your Outdoor Space With Our Products

Customize your outdoor living space with our Signature Louvered Roofs, Skyview Pergolas, and Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements. Our Louvered Roofs open and close to keep your patio comfortable and protected from the sun, rain, and wind. Our Skyview Pergolas give you all the luxury and durability of our Signature line, but they have no motor or automatic adjustment for wind or rain, leaving the roof beams in the same position at all times. Our Serenity Pergolas by Outdoor Elements offer full shade coverage when you want the freedom to relax in your outdoor space. Outdoor Elements louvered roofs and pergolas are engineered with the highest quality materials and create a serene shelter in your backyard or commercial space.

Embrace A Beachy Theme

open and close pergola roof &  pergola with louvered roof &  Motorised ...

This stylish set-up features paint colors from Little Greene

If you like the sound of a beachy theme for your outdoor seating space, then a laid-back look like this could be the solution. True, it’s more enclosed than a traditional pergola design, but it will certainly help to keep you cool in the height of summer.

The white hue keeps the space light and bright and looks great when paired with pale decking. It would make a lovely retreat for a shaded daybed or hammock, or why not set up a stylish prep area for alfresco cooking like in this scene?

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Can You Put A Roof Over A Pergola

Yes, you can put a roof on a pergola. Adding a roof to your pergola transforms it into a highly usable space no matter the weather. It also provides valuable protection against the heat of the day.

‘The benefits of having a pergola with a roof include being protected by theweather and the provision of consistent shade throughout the space below it. Thiswould also allow you to include other features like an outdoor TV to aspace. However, in some cases you will require permits for a structure witha permanent roof where other cases you may not need to with a rooflesspergola,’ explains Mike Pletz, owner of Ever After Landscaping .


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