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Porch Swing With Cup Holders

Ft Cypress Porch Swing With Center Flip Up Cup Holder

Porch swing with arm rest cup holder build.


This gorgeous, handcrafted cypress porch swing includes a 12in fold down console with 2 cup holders. You will have the most unique and beautiful porch swing anywhere! Whether you want it natural or painted, this is a beautiful addition for your home to enjoy some alone time or to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Cypress is a beautiful, distinctive, and durable wood that assures years of trouble-free satisfaction and its uses reflect that. It is a close-grain wood that resists checking and warping, and it is long-lasting as well as weather-resistant. Cypress can be easily painted and holds paint longer than other wood.

Includes: Heavy Duty Chains, Stainless Steel Hardware, Swing-Mate Comfort Springs, and Thompsons Water Seal!

Optional cupholders for the arms too!

Reasons To Get A Porch Swing With A Cup Holder

Maybe you buy patio furniture with as many features as possible. Or maybe youre like me and are always budget-conscious. No matter which category you fall into, I want to discuss the main pros and cons of buying a porch swing with a cup holder. There is more than meets the eye.

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Outsunny 2 Person Front Porch Swing Chair With Cup Holder And Center Compartment Outdoor Patio Swing With Adjustable Comfort

Select a Color

If you’ll want to sip a drink while you swing, or need to set down a small plate, a set of keys, or a wallet, the cup holder and center storage compartment will allow you to sit free-handed with nothing in your lap, allowing total comfort while providing a place for items to be within easy reach right by your side. The longer you want to enjoy the tranquil sway back and forth, the more belongings you might end up wanting to have with you, and this design ensures you have an quick-grab place to keep things close. With the center storage being right there beside you, youre guaranteed not to lose your essential belongings.


  • The angle of the canopy top adjusts to block the sun from various angles, offering optimal shade coverage
  • Sling fabric seat material is weather and wear resistant for outlasting the outdoors, while still being easy-to-clean
  • Fixed by ties, the seat is curved for bodily-shaped comfort
  • Designed for 2 people to sit independently while swinging together
  • Central storage space for storing outdoor essentials and with tabletop for holding cups
  • The heavy-duty steel frame allows it to support up to 264 lbs. per seat
  • Anti-slip footing for increased safety
  • Easy to set up, assembly required


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Atay 2 Person Metal Porch Swing

If youre looking for a porch swing with a canopy and cup holders, you might think that you have to spend a fortune. This Wayfair porch swing comes well under $500 and has some pretty impressive features for the price. This stylish swing seats two under an adjustable canopy that can protect you from sun and wind. The center features a fold-out tray with cup holders and even a little storage component. The frame is constructed with sturdy powder-coated steel thats weather-resistant and fairly fuss-free. The seats are slightly curved to improve comfort. I also like the anti-slip features and weather-resistant fabric. Each seat holds up to 260 pounds. Buy Here.

  • Fabric Could Become Damaged with Heavy Use
  • Protection Plan Costs More

Skip The Cup Holder If

6 ft Cypress Porch Swing with Cup Holders 66 Seat

If youre on a tight budget or picky about styles, a porch swing with a cup holder may not be your best option. There are far fewer porch swings with a cup holder vs without. That means fewer options for different prices, styles, and materials. If shopping in person is a must, its going to be challenging to find many porch swings with cup holders in stores. You also have to ask yourself how much youre going to use it. If you dont see yourself using one very often, a cup holder may not be necessary. If youre buying a standard wooden porch swing and are used to DIY projects, you could also install it yourself.

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Two: Selecting Porch Swing Dimensions

Porch swings with cup holders more or less follow the standard dimensions of other porch swings. That means youre looking for a porch swing, usually, that is 4 to 5 feet long. Dont worry too much about seat height . Keep in mind that a porch swing needs about 50 inches behind it and 15 inches of space on either side.

Final Recommendations: Porch Swing Covers

If youre spending money on a great porch swing with a cup holder, then you might as well make sure its properly maintained. I know it can be tempting to save money and skip a porch swing cover. But saving money is in quotation marks for a reason. In the long run, a porch swing cover will increase the lifespan of your porch swing. Plus, attachments like cup holders may be more fragile.

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Option #5 Outsunny Covered Outdoor

Outsunny 2 Person Porch Covered Swing Outdoor with Canopy, Table and Storage Console, Grey 204 Reviews

If youre looking for a swing that can stand on its own and comes with its own frame too, consider the Outsunny Covered Outdoor offer. This product features a sturdy powder coated steel frame that is built to be rust-resistant and durable in almost any kind of weather. It has a swing seat that can be locked upright for sitting or flat for resting, and it includes an adjustable canopy top as well. This product also has built-in cupholders on both sides, making it even more convenient than ever before. If youre looking for a smaller frame style swing, this may be the way to go.


  • The fabric on this product is very easy to keep clean and well-maintained, and you dont have to worry about it molding too easily.
  • The cushions are designed to be comfortable and breathable while still giving you enough support for your back and legs.


  • Some customers have had trouble with the fabric tearing after a long time of using this product, especially when its kept in direct sunlight.
  • When locked in the bed position, it cant be used for swinging back and forth, and some customers consider this a flaw in the design.

Option #2 Ecommersify Flip Console Cypress Swing

Double Cup holders in a porch swing.
Ecommersify Flip Cup Holder Console Rot-resistant Cypress Eternal Wood Lumber Roll Back Porch Swing,… 230 Reviews

For an easy-to-use option that can hold up to 500 pounds of weight between three people, take a look at the Ecommersify Flip Console Cypress choice. It has a folding design and comes pre-assembled so all you have to do is attach the back and seat to each other and then attach the arms. Its one of the easiest swing assemblies on this list, and it comes with everything required to put it together and hang it up safely and securely in no time, too. Best of all, this product is made from durable cypress wood that will hold up to plenty of use in the outdoors.


  • The slats on this choice are sanded and rounded to make it safe even for little ones to be around and to prevent cuts and splinters.
  • The hardware is designed to be rust resistant and to hold up to years of use too.


  • Many customers feel that this product is too shallow and short to be comfortable, even for those who arent very tall.
  • Several customers have reported issues with the wood molding or warping very quickly on this product, particularly if they dont stain, finish, or paint it before use outside.

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Amish Yard Plain Swing With Cup Holders

It may be called a plain swing, but theres nothing plain about this swing. This is easily one of my favorite swings with cup holders. Its sturdy, features a unique design, and is crafted by Amish communities in Kentucky, Ohio, and Tennessee. This charming porch swing holds up to 3 people The fold-down console features 2 cup holders and enough space to set down a phone. Everything about this swing is sturdy, including the Polywood frame and stainless steel fasteners. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Select from natural wood colors, whites, gray, and green. Buy Here.

Three: Materials For Porch Swings With Cup Holders

Porch swings with cup holders are almost always made out of either Polywood or natural wood. Both can be great options but its important to know what to look for. There are also a few that have a metal frame. Also, check the chains: galvanized steel is one of your best options, and far superior to rope.

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Option #3 Handmade Cypress With Cupholders

5 Foot Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cupholders 327 Reviews

If you prefer a more traditional look to your cupholder, you may want this Handmade Cypress option instead. This product features carved holes in the arm rests as well as a simple but effective rounded slat design for the seat and back. It comes with everything you need to put it together easily and hang it up correctly so you dont have to worry about making hardware purchases before you can use it. And since its made of cypress wood, its sure to las for a long time to come.


  • This product has brass-plated hardware whenever possible and solid steel bolts for extra durability, safety, and security when assembling and using it.
  • The product is almost completely assembled on arrival, so all you have to do is finish piecing it together in a few short minutes and youll be ready to swing in style.


  • The instructions that come with this product may be difficult for some customers to follow, particularly since they are handwritten by the craftsman who builds the swings.
  • The chains are designed to thread through the arm rests, making it difficult to actually use the arm rests when is assembled.

Reasons To Choose A Porch Swing With A Stand & Cup Holders

Unwind in your yard with a DIY wood porch swing with cup holders ...

If you have a little more space to work with and dont mind a bulkier frame, I prefer a porch swing with a stand. These porch swings are sturdier, both for regular use and during windy weather. I also think that they have a lot of advantages if you want a porch swing with a cup holder. The ride may be a bit smoother. Another advantage is that, while they are heavier, they are less of a pain to move around and easier to care for than a hanging swing.

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Build A Wood Porch Swing With Cup Holders

Do you enjoy hanging out on your porch? Heres a DIY project that can make hanging out in your yard even better literally with this wood porch swing bench!

Having a swing furniture is one of the best ideas you can add to your outdoor area. Swings are a crowd favorite, whether youre five or fifty-five. Swings give kids that exhilarating feeling of flying high. And even when we get older, they offer great comfort as we sit on it, swaying gently as we enjoy the afternoon outdoors.

Its especially perfect for when you want to relax after a long day. It also adds value to your property )

This wood porch swing bench not only sways you to a state of relaxation, it also allows you to enjoy a refreshing beverage with its center and armrest cup holders!

Its an easy build, using only common tools, and takes just one weekend to finish. Youll find it really easy that you can even build another for a family or friend!

With a wood porch swing bench with cup holders, you can enjoy your downtime alone or in the company of friends or family swapping stories with your favourite drinks.

Do you need this swing bench in your yard?

Youll need these materials:

  • 3 pcs 8 long 2×3 Timber
  • 1 pc 8 long 1×3 Timber
  • 23 pcs 8 long 1×2 Timber
  • 100 pcs 2-1/2 Screws
  • Safety Gloves and Glasses

Ison 3 Person Oak Solid Porch Swing With Cup Holders

Its hard to find a solid wood porch swing with cup holders and in many cases, you have to make some compromises. The vast majority of wooden porch swings with cup holders look great on the surface but are made with softer woods to reduce costs. Luckily, Wayfair sells a classic solid oak porch swing for a fantastic price. The slat-style seat features a minimalist cup holder and strong galvanized steel chains.

The cup holder folds up and down for seamless transition. I like that this porch swing is made in the USA and has an optional 5-year protection plan for well under $50. That plan includes stains, chips, broken hardware, and customer service so its well worth getting. The biggest downside is that although oak is durable, it still needs to be treated. Youll need to buy an oil-based varnish and apply it according to the instructions. This will help the swing resist fading from UV rays and further protect it from the weather. Buy the Swing Here.

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Four: Spotting Great Cup Holders

The cup holder should be securely constructed and integrate well into the frame of the porch swing. I look for a streamlined design. I dont want a flimsy cup holder. There are a few styles and orientations to choose from. You can have a cup holder on an armrest or in the center of the swing. Its a matter of personal preference: a cup holder at the armrest could be slightly more convenient, but also cramps up some of your armrest space.

There are also cup holders that stay open, as well as foldable cup holders or trays. I like the stability of a non-folding cup holder, but a folding one is a bit more versatile.

Reasons To Choose A Hanging Porch Swing With Cupholders

How to put a cup holder in a porch swing.

If you have a small porch, a hanging swing may be your best option. Hanging swings still need room, but they take up less space. They also have a more minimalist look. If you want something that isnt clunky and doesnt distract much from your porch, a hanging swing could be a great option for you. You also should feel comfortable installing a swing yourself or be willing to hire a professional. Not always, but often, a hanging porch swing is more economical than a porch swing with a stand.

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Our Choice Recommendation: 5 Ft Cypress Flip

5 Ft Cypress Flip Cup Holder Swing 90 Reviews

Try out this 5 ft Cypress Flip offer if youre looking for a durable product with a holder as part of the center console. This offer has a center piece that can fold out of the way if you need the sitting room or fold out and down to be used. Its made of sturdy natural cypress wood and is ready for you to stain or paint it however you choose.


  • This product comes with the chains you need to hang it in place and is designed to be easy to assemble with or without prior experience.
  • Big enough for three people to share it when the center console is folded up.


  • Some customers feel that the back is a bit too low, especially for people who are taller.
  • The chains are designed to fit through holes on the arm rests, making the arm rests a little useless for their intended purpose.

Best Porch Swings With Cup Holders

Ive spent hours on a porch swing especially the one at my Nanas home. The problem? I can get some comfortable or happy to spend time with others that I forget to hydrate. And buying a porch swing with a cup holder may be one of the best purchases you make if you need to be reminded to hydrate- or just like entertaining.

While cup holders can sometimes be added to a porch swing, its a lot simpler to buy one with the accessory in the first place. But just because a porch swing has a cup holder attached, doesnt mean that its the best design.

Consider this your short guide to finding the best porch swings with cup holders. Ill explain my buying criteria, from materials to quality construction. Ill also show you a few of my favorite porch swings with cup holders that you can buy in 2022.

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Option #4 Belleze Patio Outdoor Padded

BELLEZE Outdoor Patio Swing Glider Bench with Canopy, 3 Seater Backyard Porch Rocker with Two… 145 Reviews

Try the Belleze Patio Outdoro Padded option for yards or patios where you need something with a little pop of color. This deep purple swing is sure to look stunning in almost any setting. It comes with an adjustable built-in canopy as well as plenty of space on both sides to keep you and your family comfortable.


  • Has a durable frame that wont rust when kept out in the rain.
  • Its easy to take the canopy down and put it back up again when bad weather strikes.


  • Some products may arrive missing some hardware.
  • The canopy may blow off easily.


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