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Rent Your Backyard For Parties

How To Create A Backyard Wedding Venue: Landscape Design

Affordable family fun: Renting out a backyard for a family party

Hiring a landscape designer that can help you turn your ideas into reality and design a beautiful area for celebrations is the best way to create a venue for a one-time event or an ongoing rental space.

A professional designer can create exterior spaces that can serve multiple purposes, such as providing attractive entertaining areas that can also be used as comfortable outdoor living spaces for your family when not in use for special events.

They can help you turn your dreams of a beautiful backyard into a reality and have the know-how to design a space that will appeal to couples looking for a unique space in which to hold their ceremony or reception.

However, you do not have to hire a professional to create a backyard oasis that is perfect for both everyday outdoor living and entertaining.

Here are 11 landscape design tips for creating a venue in your backyard:

1. Keep in mind that plants need time to mature and flowers need time to bloom, so implement your landscape design well before the date of the event.

2. To save time, money and headaches, work with what is already there. If you have a great tree, a water feature or just some pretty cool plants, try to incorporate them into your design or make them a focal point that will add visual interest to your yard.

4. If you happen to have a great view somewhere on your property, take full advantage of it by making it a focal point or creating an area where photographs can be taken with the view as the backdrop.

Find Renters Interested In Hosting Backyard Parties In Your Backyard

Once you have determined how much to charge per backyard rental its time to start looking for backyard renters! Even if you do not own a large property or if your property only has the basics like grass and chairs, there is most likely someone out there who would be interested in renting it for backyard parties. When searching for backyard renters try using various websites such as Craigslist, Backyardpartyrental, and Backyardparty. You can also contact local schools, churches, or community centers. Another way to find someone who will rent out your backyard is by putting up signs around town with your phone number on them .

Finding backyard renters is very easy. Make sure you keep your backyard clean while backyard parties are being hosted in it so that the next renter will want to come back. Having a backyard rental company come check out your backyard before someone pays to use it can be beneficial if anything needs to get fixed before backyard rentals occur.

Turn Your Backyard Into A Party With A Tent Rental

The summer in New England is prime outdoor party time. There are graduation parties, weddings, birthdays, showers and summer cookouts. Tired of searching for the perfect venue for your event? Rent a tent and you can host your next party right at home in your own backyard!

Heres how to turn your backyard into a party with a tent rental:

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Think Of The Small Amenities You Might Need

For example, provide hand wipes. Paper towels may not suffice for the type of food you are offering because many kinds of food items such as barbecue ribs, hot wings, and cotton candy will leave your guests with sticky fingers. Plus, if you have hand wipes available, your guests will feel more at ease to touch food to enjoy it.

If it is a day party, you may need to set up fans under the tents you have erected. The summers in the GTA can get warm and mere tent may not suffice to quell the heat. You can rent a few fans from Meadowvale Party Rentals to make sure that your guests stay cool. Go for pedestal fans, they are safer and more effective.

It is also a good idea to rent catering equipment from us. You can use this stuff yourself without any need for a professional wait staff. You also do not need to bring out your expensive indoor furniture, we can provide you with chairs and tables at a minimal cost. Renting large garbage bins will keep your backyard safe from trash thrown around. When in sight, a garbage bin is an instinctive reminder for its use.

Keep a few takeout containers or boxes handy in case you think you may have to send food leftovers with your guests. If your backyard party is a potluck event, make available some smaller containers to pack food so that your guests do not have to haul their casserole dishes, chafers, or crockpots back and forth.

Turn Your Property Into A Private Campground

Outdoor Party Tents For Rent

Do you live within walking distance of a convention center, major hospital, or historic center? My friend MaryAnn has been renting out tricked-out vintage trailers in her backyard since before online rentals were even a thing.

But even if you don’t have a prefab shelter, don’t let that stop you. If you live close to a natural wonder, a killer surf break, or a unique trailhead, you can rent out your backyard as a private campground to backpackers and glampers via Hip Camp.

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The Legalities Of Renting Your Property For Events

Having a picturesque and pristine home can be beneficial in more ways than you may think! Renting out your home for things like weddings, family reunions, parties, or other events can be a great source of income. But if youve ever considered renting your home or property out for special events, you probably have a lot of questions. There are a range of considerations to take from a legal standpoint before inviting these guests into your home.

Sell Your Garden Space Or Expertise

Most community gardens are on the lottery system. Only a fraction of the people who want to grow their own food have access to arable land. If you have space to spare in your backyard, try renting out your land to local greenthumbs.

If you’re creative with your own garden and landscaping, you might be able to market that expertise. My friend Judy accidentally launched her career as a garden designer after fixing up her own backyard.

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Can You Rent Your Backyard For Parties

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Is it possible to make passive income off your backyard without selling your home?

Thats a question that lingers in the mind of American homeowners, especially with the rising inflation rates.

The answer is yes you can temporarily rent your backyard for parties and other events and make money off it.

Years ago, you had to book a hotel room if staying in a new town on vacation. Then came Airbnb, and people started decorating rooms in their homes for tourists.

Now, you can even let campers set up a tent on your lawn or a group of friends to hold a small party in your backyard.

However, not all homes are suited for hosting parties. If you want to make your home a hotcake for party enthusiasts, it must be in pristine condition and have functional amenities.

You must also consider a lot of legalities before giving your gate keys to a bunch of strangers.

How To Create A Backyard Wedding Venue: Final Thoughts

Backyard Party Rentals | Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Weddings taking place at private homes are a growing trend, particularly with many couples looking for ways to save money or for something a bit more personalized or unique than a traditional church ceremony.

With the growing popularity of destination weddings, many couples are also looking for attractive venues where they can host their receptions once they return home after getting married.

This has created the opportunity for a cottage industry through which homeowners can supplement their income by renting their outdoor entertaining spaces.

If you do plan to make this a business, check with your local governing body to make sure you are in compliance with any local ordinances or licensing requirements.

You will also want to build relationships with local vendors, such as caterers, party rental companies, wedding officiates, florists and deejays so that you can refer business to each other and be able to assist your clients in making the connections they need for successful party planning.

Did you have a backyard wedding?

If so, how did you create the perfect venue for your special day?

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  • No Sales Tactics, Just Our Best Price
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  • 25+Years of Experience With Dedicated Specialized Crews

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Decide On Your Guest List

The first step is creating a list of people who you can invite knowing that they will get along well together. How many people do you want to have? What is the age group mix? Will there be kids? If yes, will they have some company?

Once you have decided who you want to have at your party, make a fun invitation and send it either through WhatsApp or email. Though increasingly rare, some people may still expect a personal call. Know the difference. However, generally sending out texts or emails is now deemed sufficient courtesy to invite someone.

Plan The Menu Around Your Guest List

Once youve made your guest list, send out an invitation . Make it clear what you plan to serve, make requests for anything specific youd like guests to bring, and be sure to ask if any guests have dietary restrictions. To make everyone feel happy , make sure you have enough food options for partygoers who want vegetarian, dairy-free or gluten-free fare. Need some ideas? Here are our favorite barbecue dishes, some easygoing vegetarian options, unbelievable dairy-free recipes and gluten-free winners everyone can enjoy.

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Estimate The Rent Youll Charge

How much money will you charge for renting out your backyard?

This is the most crucial consideration.

Often, the number of amenities you have determines the price.

If your lawn is spacious and has many features and accessories, youll get more cash than someone with a bland backyard.

If you dont own cool items, consider renting them.

Then, factor in the additional expenses on the fee you charge renters.

For Best Deals Charge hourly instead of daily. The standard backyard renting fees range from $100 to $500. However, you can charge much more if your home has scenic views or is in a prime location.

Renting A Porta Potty For Your Backyard Party

Backyard Tent Rentals

Backyard parties are so much fun, but they can be a lot of work and can cause some major frustrations as well. One of the biggest concerns that you might have for your event is where everyone will use the restroom. Do you want this many people coming in and out of your home, especially if the event is going to be mostly outdoors? What if you only have one bathroom and more than fifty guests? Will you be okay with a line of people standing in your hallway, peeping in your linen closet, and straightening or even rearranging your photos while waiting their turn? There are better solutions to be had. It is very simple to rent a portable toilet for your event and end at least one of your planning nightmares.

Before You Commit to a Portable Restroom

While it is fairly simple to rent a porta potty, you will want to make sure that you understand the fees that you will be paying as well as the other considerations. You will also want to decide whether you will require all guests to use this portable toilet or if some will be allowed inside the house to use your bathroom. Remember, if your party will include a large number of people that you do not know well, you might want to lock the doors and just keep everyone outside for safetys sake.

Other things that you might consider:

  • Where you have your porta potty is important. You want it close enough for convenience but not so close that it ruins the event.

Prices and Arrangements: The Porta Potty Contract

Legal Considerations

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Safety Concerns And Backyard Rental Details

Always keep safety in mind when renting out your backyard for backyard parties! Make sure there arent any broken items such as fences that could potentially injure guests or ruin equipment. You can even set a time limit till which the rentals can party so you can rest easy after the backyard party has ended.

Its also important to discuss backyard parties and safety with the backyard rental company to make sure guests will be safe. Discuss what time they need to leave, how long the backyard party is scheduled for, who will clean up the backyard before you or children play in it again, etc. You can even set a date by which they have to leave so you know when their backyard party ends. The renters should make sure that they are following the rules and laws set forth in your backyard area as well as make sure that not too many guests will be attending the backyard party to avoid any damage to your backyard.

Create A Summer Soundtrack

Whats a party without fun tunes to go with it? Make a sunny-day playlist and have it softly playing through speakers as the day goes on. Make sure its upbeat and filled with songs all ages can enjoy. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Summer of 69, Bryan Adams
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffett
  • In the Summertime, Mungo Jerry
  • California Girls, The Beach Boys
  • Hot Fun in the Summertime, Sly and the Family Stone
  • The Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding
  • Summertime Blues, Eddie Cochran
  • Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves
  • Sunny Afternoon, The Kinks

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Rent A Backyard For A Party Houston

Houston is massive, so theres always going to be a lot of variety. General fees for outdoor party venues are relatively inexpensive at $50 to $75 an hour.

However, if youre looking for an upgraded or much larger space, you will find it for a higher fee. Still, its going to cost less than coastal areas.

Expect to find less of a garden feel here. The west has many cowboy and ranch-themed spaces, and the arid climate means fewer trees and plants in landscaping.

However, there are still urban gardens and tropical-style venues available.

For this area, I recommend Peerspace.

You will filter by price, the number of attendees, and the dates you need to rent on this site.

Go to the More Filters option and enter Backyard to narrow your search. Look for hosts who use enhanced Covid-19 procedures to help keep everyone healthy and safe.

Pools are relatively common in this area, and you can easily find yards with lots of shade.

Once you find a suitable yard that is available for your needs, simply book and pay on the site.

Contact Backyard Party Companies

Tips for Throwing a Safe and Fun Backyard Dinner Party!

After choosing your preferred party type, you can call the pros to customize your backyard.

For example, hiring a wedding party organizer to update your lawn to conform to the latest trends is helpful if youll be hosting weddings.

Although DIY seems cheaper, youre likely to do sub-par work that many couples wont find attractive.

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More Than A Chlorine Caretaker

Battan’s pool and its amenities sit on two acres of rural property, meaning they aren’t restricted by city or homeowner association regulations. The pool is also right next to the family’s barn, where Battan’s wife looks after rescued animals like horses, llamas, opossums and pigs.

The location is a draw for families with special-needs children, Battan says. His pool and property are quiet and isolated, which explains the relatively high rental cost: $70 per hour for five people, a rate that rises with additional people and longer durations. Swimply takes a 15% cut from every booking, though Battan says the platform’s ease of use is worth it.

During the summers, Battan says he books about 26 visits per week. The rest of the year, he says, he keeps the pool at 90 degrees and offers heated blankets to guests.

“My wife and I are very used to five-star luxury resorts, so we know what excellent customer service looks like,” Battan says. “Part of that is ensuring all the needs are anticipated: responding appropriately to queries, greeting with a smile and making sure that all their needs are satisfied, and then disappearing.”

The personal touch seems to pay off: Battan estimates that 65% to 70% of his customers are returning swimmers.

Cleaning Up The Backyard After The Party

When youre renting out your backyard for a backyard party, make sure to discuss how clean it needs to be before anyone can play in it again! Also, make sure the people who rented your backyard take care of everything and no one else will have access to your backyard until it is completely clean.

Make sure you agree upon a cleaning plan with the rental company which takes into account how long their party lasted, what equipment they brought in , etc. Make sure that they know that only their staff can enter your backyard after an event and make sure you agree upon a time when backyard renters must leave your backyard.

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Learn The Knack Of Hosting A Backyard Party

Here comes summer again, that magical time of the year! Last two years have been a bit of a bust for millions of people across the nation as the pandemic rendered most plans infertile. This year, effective vaccination and increasing immunity have largely allayed those concerns. This again is the time to venture outside and plan summer activities.

Indeed, summer is the time to party to enjoy camaraderie with delicious food, cool drinks, sunshine, refreshing breeze, games, and laughter. There is no better place to do it than a party in your own backyard. Backyard parties are a summer classic.

Your backyard offers so many possibilities for a fun and informal occasion to get together with people whose company you cherish. Therefore, instead of adding stress to your life by organizing something formal, go for simple, lazy, amazing summer gatherings in your backyard where the sun is shining, and the flowers are blooming.


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