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How To Create Privacy In Backyard

Get Creative With Oversized Umbrellas

Small Backyard Privacy Ideas

If youre living in close, tight corridors with your neighbors, theres a good chance your outdoor space is on the smaller side. Fortunately, you can still create a private outdoor escape even if you dont have that much room to work with. Using an oversized umbrella is an effective backyard privacy idea thats both cost-efficient and relatively effortless.

Choosing Plants For Privacy

As you might have guessed, the size of the plant can be one important factor in planting for privacy. If you are looking to provide a privacy screen with plants, you may need to look at plants that grow relatively tall. Some shrubs can grow as tall as 15 feet and can actually be a better choice than trees because they are more compact and dense in nature.

That brings us to another important point, which is when looking at how to landscape a backyard for privacy, you also want to look at the density and thickness of the plant. In other words, a plant that you cant really see-through easily. Various forms of arborvitae are often used for this very reason. The Green Giant Arborvitae is a very popular choice for this purpose. Thick and dense can also help with creating a sound barrier by screening out sounds.Plants that grow relatively quickly are also important when landscaping to block neighbors. After all, you dont want it to take years for your solution to become effective for privacy purposes.

Using Landscaping To Separate Your Yard From Neighbors

Your backyard is where you go to retreat and unwind, and nothing will destroy your serenity faster than your next-door neighbors prying eyes gazing from their kitchen window. Lucky for you, there are many budget-friendly landscape design options that can create privacy in your backyard. Whether its a semi-enclosed outdoor room or your partially private deck or patio, here are some backyard privacy ideas that will ensure a cozier and more relaxing outdoor space or seating area.

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Build Your Private Backyard With Speck Usa

Now that you know how to create privacy in your backyard, its time to get started! When you are ready for the retreat of a lifetime, call Speck USA to transform your boring backyard into an oasis of enjoyment.

From outdoor decorative concreteto stairs, walkways, fireplaces and fire pits, and the best in backyard pools, youll find everything you need to make your backyard your favorite place to be. Call 515-285-4649 to get started this year on transforming your outdoor space into the peaceful, private retreat youve always dreamed of.

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Pull Out A Retractable Shade

Ways to Add Privacy to Your Backyard Space

Nothing says I appreciate your willingness to water my plants when I go on vacation but enjoy having the option of not sharing every alfresco glass of wine with you like retractable shades, which are ideal for apartment-dwellers in buildings with closely spaced balconies. They offer privacy when needed, then retract to open up your space when its time for a block party. Pick a color that pops, such as this orange shade from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company.

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Whether You Have Neighbors Above Live On A Busy Street Or Want To Reduce Noise Explore These Screening Solutions

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That Extra Special Something

In addition to privacy, a good outdoor haven will have that extra something special to make it stand out. Call it a thoughtful touch or a glimpse into the creativity of the residents!

Some of my favorite ideas for extra special features include beautifully arranged plants in modern containers, stepping stones, interesting groupings of native plants, water features, patio umbrellas and comfy outdoor furniture. The creative use of gravel is another favorite. Who doesnt love a gravel pathway that beckons you to a cherished spot in the yard?!

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Masonry Walls With Ornamental Ironwork

Similarly, a masonry wall of stone or stucco that rises 5- or 6-feet-high feels less oppressive when windows are cut into it often, ornamental ironwork can decorate such openings.

Michael Glassman, a Sacramento, California, landscape designer, searches garage sales for the fencing he incorporates into his clients’ yards. He might use a $50 castiron section as a trellis for vines, fitting it with brackets to secure it to the side of a house. “As opposed to new ironwork, which can look generic, salvage has an old look that gives more permanence to the landscape,” says Glassman.

Backyard Design On A Budget

How to Build a Privacy Screen (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

Sometimes adding privacy to your yard can be a big undertaking, much more complicated than installing a trellis or planting a few shrubs. How do you create an outdoor haven on a budget? After all, its not uncommon for landscaping companies expect a $20,000 project before agreeing to put their design stamp on your yard. If you have the funds, nothing beats getting a talented landscape designer to create the perfect space for you. Their expertise is well worth the expense when it comes to selecting just the right plants for your yard and creating something truly special. However, maybe youre at a stage of life where you simply arent able to embark on that kind of project.

Here are a few ideas for how to make your yard a tranquil space on a budget:

  • Hire an experienced handyman to do the building instead of a top-tier landscaping company
  • Go with a newer landscaping company looking to gain experience and clients
  • Purchase the plants yourself and have a lawn care service do the planting, mulch, gravel, etc.
  • DIY as much as you can yourself

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Ornamental Grasses For Color And Privacy

Maestri Studio/Jenifer McNeil Baker

Landscapers will use ornamental grass for a natural option in privacy landscaping. Not only does the grass add lush color to your outdoor space, but when planted correctly, it can create a beautiful wall around your yard .

Besides looking fantastic in landscaping, these grasses grow quickly. In just a few seasons, theyll be full sized. While youll have to wait several years for trees and hedges to reach full maturity, thats not the case with ornamental grass. These perennial plants come back year after year, and they tend to be a budget friendly landscaping solution.

Use Retractable Sun Shades

Photo via @shadingtexas

If you use your backyard as a flex space for entertaining, a retractable sun shade might be a perfect backyard privacy solution. Sun shades are adjustable, so you can control when you need additional privacy. This inexpensive backyard privacy idea even helps avoid permanently blocking your beautiful outdoor views. Attach sail shades to the side of your house or outdoor structures like sheds, pergolas, and gazebos to stay out of sight from neighbors during outdoor parties or backyard BBQs. Or hang outdoor curtains for a more budget-friendly patio privacy option.

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Hang Out With Your Greenery

Here’s another take on a living fence: a custom-made vertical garden. Fill it with vegetables and herbs or flowering plants ready to overflow. No matter your choice of greenery, the decision to garden in hanging planters will both screen your yard from outside view and free up space for lounging, grilling, and other outdoor activities.

Step Three: Assemble Wood Frame

How To Make Your Yard Private

Lay the wood pieces in order on a flat surface. Use a right angle to ensure 90 degree angles and drill 2.5 Kreg screws into the pocket holes. Kreg outdoor screws recommended.

OPTION B: Slide wire into the routed grooves of the frame before securing the frame together as described above.

45 Degree Angle Cuts: drill 3 deck screws from the top and bottom of trellis to attach the 3+ and 7 pieces. Two screws on each corner.

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Use Structures To Create Privacy Without A Fence

When it comes to how to landscape a backyard for privacy, you can also utilize the structures that are being incorporated into your landscape design to create privacy. Physical structures like a pergola or pavilion, a pool house, or even an outdoor fireplace, can go a really long way in blocking views and screening-in an area.

In fact, you can even go as far as adding screens to a pergola or pavilion area to create more of an outdoor room.A lot of this does come down to the location. Instead of just plunking these structures anywhere on the property, your landscape designer should be putting thought into where they can be designed and built so that they also serve a dual purpose of helping your family enjoy time outside but also creating privacy. For instance, a tall fireplace could absolutely screen out a neighbors view of you and your family enjoying some lounge time in the backyard.

It all boils down to a thoughtful landscape design. Of course, you also dont need to entirely rule out fencing. We have had some clients incorporate a fence in part of their yard without fencing-in the entire property. This is a way to have the best of both worlds. You have less fence to maintain and dont box your yard in, but you solve a privacy issue in a spot where its difficult to get good screening.By incorporating plant material around the fence, you can help to make it more natural and blend into the overall design.

Get Growing With Grasses

Create a low-profile moment of intimacy in a larger outdoor area by planting ornamental grasses, as in the space surrounding this cozy fire pit and Adirondack chairs. This little idyll demonstrates that just a bit of gardening can go a long way: because these seats are so close to the ground, cultivating a bit of privacy is as easy as choosing plants that grow waist-high.

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Build A Privacy Screen

You can make a quirky, yet functional, privacy screen out of a few old doors, either painted to match or left in their original color. Simply attach each one together using hinges to form a folding screen. Ditto for old shutters or, appropriately enough, old screens. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

You can also purchase pre-built screens made from wicker or wood, depending on your personal preference.

Average Costs:

  • Upcycled Privacy Screen: Whatever material you decide to upcycle can likely be found for free around your house or for a small fee at yard sales, flea markets or thrift stores.
  • Pre-Built Privacy Screens: $50 to $300 depending on material and length.

Or Max Out On Height With Living Walls

How to create instant privacy in your back yard and avoid HOA fines!

Growing a living wall isn’t just a great garden screen idea, but it will also give you the chance to beautify any ugly-looking walls. The more expensive option would be pleached trees trees trained on a rectangular frame on clear stems that look great when extending the height of your boundary.

There are various sizes of pleached trees depending on the variety of trees you want, but often per linear metre this can run into hundreds of pounds even before the costs of planting, so be prepared to spend a bit more if you choose this option.

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Hang Outdoor Curtains Around Your Patio

Simply hang the outdoor curtains of your choice from a rope, wire or rods around your porch, patio or other seating area. You can use trees, porch railings and any other sturdy fixtures in your yard to hang your curtains. Simple wooden posts can be driven into the ground wherever extra support is needed. For extra support, drive wooden posts into the ground and fasten the rod or wire to it. Backyard privacy curtains are easy to DIY and provide a unique look for your yard.

Average Costs:

  • $20-$50 per set of curtains.
  • $11-$25 per post .
  • Dont forget to factor in the cost of whatever option you choose for suspending your curtains.

Make A Statement With A Contemporary Screen

One of our bolder garden screening ideas that we adore. It does the job of adding much-needed privacy, as well as making a design statment with beautiful contrasting color and a cool texture. This characterful metal fence is made from croten steel and creates the perfect backdrop to show off fancy planting. It’s an investment, with a price tag to match but not one you will regret. The garden screen panels are available from Burford Garden .

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Grow Columns Of Color

Compact climbers, like jasmine and clematis, are great container plants. All they need to thrive is a pot with good drainage, a trellis or post for support and regular watering and feeding. Line several up around a patio or deck for total privacy or just place a single pot where needed.

See More Photos: Colorful Climbers

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Diy Deck Privacy Fence

How to Create Backyard Privacy for Your Outdoor Haven

If you enjoy spending time on your deck but the neighborhood pest seems to pop over every time you step outside, this privacy fence project is for you. Convert a deck railing into a handsome privacy screen to block nosy neighbors, unsightly views, wind and noise. Its easy to build and will fit most decks. And itll make your deck a more comfortable, welcoming place. Well show you how to do it.

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Layer The Plants And Trees

Georgia Zikas Design/georgiazikasdesign

Instead of choosing just one option, layer your landscaping and turn those wide open spaces into a lush green mix of trees, hedges and flowers that offer up seclusion in your yard.

When layering your landscaping, youll want plants and trees that build form and add color and texture. Furthest back, youll want to choose tall trees or high hedges to create the base of the privacy wall. Opt for trees and hedges that are evergreen so youll have privacy during all four seasons. Next, add in bushes and shrubs to add more color, depth to the privacy and create visual interest. Finish with flowers either planted in the landscaping or in raised boxes for additional height and to fill in any gaps.

Work With Your Garden’s Boundaries

Working with your garden’s natural boundaries is one of the first things to consider when looking for more privacy in your space. Depending on your garden’s size, soil conditions and light levels, you could plant deciduous trees with light airy foliage such as Betula, Amelanchier, Cornus, Malus, Prunus, Acer and Sorbus.

This can provide gentle screening on a boundary area yet still let some sunlight through. And at this stage if you already know you want or need to add a boundary wall, you can start getting that project underway.

Top tip: Building regulations in the UK state that a garden boundary, fence, wall or thick hedge should not exceed two metres in height. You may also need to check boundary laws in your area elsewhere.

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West Virginia Vs Pitt Preview

Seventeenth-ranked Pittsburgh takes on West Virginia in the revival of The Backyard Brawl on Thursday.

The rivals last met in 2011, but that drought ends in the Steel City. Its a popular rivalry for both fan bases, which Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette described.

The return of the Brawl has brought back countless stories and memories, emotions that are only possible whenever these schools play each other, Mackey wrote.

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wont need a whole lot of speeches, WVU head coach Neal Brown said via 59 News Sam Coniglio. Theyll be ready to go.

Install A Tall Fence For Ultimate Backyard Privacy

13 Backyard Privacy Ideas / Privacy Screens

If your budget and space allow, installing a tall privacy fence is a sure way to boost privacy in your backyard. Luckily, since theres such a wide range of fencing options, youll be able to find the perfect height and style of fence for your backyard. If you consider yourself handy, you can try to purchase the fencing materials and install it on your own. However, if youd prefer to just sit back and enjoy your outdoor space once its all ready to go, the simplest solution is to have a professional install it for you. Either way, youre guaranteed to have a more private, relaxing outdoor space.

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