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Wooden Pergola With Roof And Sides

Moonlight Drive Parkside Pergola

How to Build a Pergola Attached to Your House | Mitre 10 Easy As DIY

Light the sidewalk from your driveway to your house with this sleek, contemporary, black pergola. Attach lights to the slats, and add a clear cover between them to provide shelter from the rain. Lighting fixtures in the planter and in the posts beside the driveway welcome guests with more light as they enter your home.

Corner Retreat Pergola With Suspended Lamps

This pergola provides comfortable bench seating for your garden while also supporting your garden by providing vertical space for staggered planters at each end of the bench. The colorful pillows tossed onto the benchs white cushioned seat and back echo the colors of the garden flowers, adding to the cheerful look of the nook.

Consider An Aluminum Pergola Roof In Zones With Changeable Weather

When you live in a part of the world that is subject to changeable weathers, this needs to be factor into your garden design. If you always need to consider contingency plans for garden parties or family barbecues, then you would benefit from adding a corrugated roof to your pergola.

Adding these types of pergola roof ideas can make the space feel industrial, so be sure to balance the design with paint and decor. Here, dark struts and roof help it to be disguised into the planting and garden scheme, while bright pink walls draw the eye and brighten the space. Paired with characterful, antique furniture it strikes the perfect balance between indoor and outdoor living.

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Can You Put A Roof Over A Pergola

Yes, you can put a roof on a pergola. Adding a roof to your pergola transforms it into a highly usable space no matter the weather. It also provides valuable protection against the heat of the day.

‘The benefits of having a pergola with a roof include being protected by theweather and the provision of consistent shade throughout the space below it. Thiswould also allow you to include other features like an outdoor TV to aspace. However, in some cases you will require permits for a structure witha permanent roof where other cases you may not need to with a rooflesspergola,’ explains Mike Pletz, owner of Ever After Landscaping .

What Angle Should A Pergola Roof Be

Budleigh Trellis Gazebo is hexagonal in shape with two half paneled and ...

Traditional pergolas tend to be more or less flat at the top . However, if you have a permanent solid roof on top of your design, or one that can close to create a solid surface, then you may want to opt for a slight angle by increasing the height of the structure at one end. This will prevent rainwater from pooling in the middle of your pergola and leading to potential damage, as instead it will help it to drain away. The amount of slope needed depends on the size of your structure and also the weather conditions of your region.

As mentioned, some designs have cleverly integrated drainage systems already installed, so whether you pick an angled roof or not is more dependent on your preferred style. Do bear in mind, however, that an angled roof may make add-on accessories, such as side panels, more complicated to fit especially if you’re opting for a bespoke creation.

Fancy a spot of DIY? You can find step-by-step advice on how to build a pergola in our guide.

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Try An Adjustable Design

The Pandora Leaf Pergola from Cuckooland

If you’re after patio cover ideas, how about something like this? The sleek design comes with an easily adjustable handle, making it simple to pull the panels open and closed depending on the weather.

We think the steel and aluminium frame in a cool gray color is ideal for contemporary spaces. Pair with a modern sofa and a streamlined coffee table to finish the sophisticated scene.

Malibu Shelter Curtained Pergola

For a cool, easy, contemporary look, this pergola starts with crisp white drapes hung from hooks and puled back with silver chains. Cube-shaped woven chairs add texture while taking a geometric cue from the angular, Native American design on two of the pillows. The rug simplifies the zigzag with neutral colors while another pillow resolves it into the simple stripes.

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Traditional Metal Roof Pergola Offers Shade For A Comfortable Concrete Patio

Or maybe you want to go for an elegant and contemporary style. In that case, you will love this comfortable-looking concrete patio.

It is designed around a concrete pad, which is a reminder to work with the houses structure and decorate around it. Feel free to adapt any design inspirations you have found online to suit what your house needs.

Here, the stained cedar is arranged horizontally to set up a private space and separation from the neighbor. But it also allows an unobstructed view towards the yard.

For the seating, mix up some wooden bench with a folding chair. Its another great tip to add some more character to your own space, as it suggests a unique style and preference on your part.

On the rest of the patio deck, you can leave it empty to help maintain that feeling of space and freedom. Or you can even place a BBQ grill and more seating, especially if you enjoy inviting guests and friends over!

Use Ponderosa Pine Siding And Metal Roof Pergola For A Charming Farmhouse Deck

Is This the Best Pergola Upgrade? | Installing a Double-Wall Polycarbonate Roof on a Pergola

Yes, having even just a small pergola can elevate your home and outdoor area. But if you have both space and budget, it can be a good idea to create a charming farmhouse deck.

Use Ponderosa Pine for both the siding of this structure and roof decking, which is a durable material that also looks gorgeous in a countryside setting. Meanwhile, the metal pergola offers a cool shade from the sun. It can make space a cozy hideaway to hang out in.

As you can see, this large backyard deck even features a stone fireplace. In addition to a semi-formal dining area with six chairs and a large table, there is also a separate lounge area with comfortable armchairs facing the fireplace.

It may be worthwhile to work with a landscape architect who can set up a beautiful garden around the space. With lush trees, verdant grasses, and some perennials, this pergola can be your mini sanctuary.

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Crafting Bespoke Pergola Kits In The Uk

We know that homeowners will be looking to make their space their own, by making it as unique to their needs and tastes as possible. Weve got a wide range of pergola options to make this happen, but we also understand that some customers will come to use with ideas in mind for their own bespoke pergolas with roof. Well be happy to make these ideas a reality when they come to us, and well be fully prepared to offer the same service to you.

Start designing your own garden pergola complete with a tile roof using our product builder today, and call us up or send us an email of your plans once youre done. One of our team will be able to discuss your specifications, before taking you through the process of ordering.

Make A Statement With Water

‘VTB Capital Garden Spirit of Cornwall’, designed by Stuart Charles Towner with Studio Evans Lane for RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018

If you’ve been tempted by the designs in our water feature ideas gallery, then how’s this for a eye-catching look? Granted, it’s in a show garden, but if you’ve got the budget for something bespoke then it’s a surefire way to make a stunning statement.

The water from the reservoir on the top cascades down a sleek panel of glass into a pond below to create a waterfall effect. The soothing sound and sight will give the seating space beneath tons of added atmosphere a great way to set the tone for a peaceful afternoon outdoors.

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Provincial Cottage Pergola Setting With Hammock

Relax in a country cottage garden under this thatch-roofed pergola. It offers seating to suit everyone. A bench sits on one side of a coffee table, balanced informally by a metal chair and an arrangement of potted plants. Someone could even take a nap in the hammock swinging between the pergolas supports.

What Is The Best Roof To Put On A Pergola

Wooden gazebo with side panel options and grey rattan furniture ...

A wooden roof is the best roof to put on a pergola in most cases. Durable once treated, it offers a plethora of different affordable and aesthetically pleasing pergola roof ideas. Whether you opt for solid wood, shingles or reeds, you can opt for the roof sets the right tone for your space.

There are also other materials that are suitable: from the modern wooden louvred roof through to versatile metal designs, each material bringing with it a unique set of benefits and drawbacks.

‘A combination of materials often works best because one quality can compensate for what is lacking in another material. For example, wood provides shade but doesn’t protect you from insects or the sun,’ says Ann Doughan, CEO of Patioland . ‘On the other hand, aluminum is more aesthetically pleasing but doesn’t offer much shade. By combining these elements, a pergola can be shaded from sun and insects and provide some insulation quality for events during cooler seasons of the year.’

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Channel Cottage Aesthetics With A Thatched Pergola Roof

When researching pergola ideas for shade, take inspiration from traditional craftsmanship by opting for a classic thatched pergola roof. This timeless cabana design would blend seamlessly into cottage garden ideas but would equally make an elegant addition to tropical garden ideas.

Featuring a Cape Reed thatched roof, this beautiful pergola from Malvern Garden Buildings has the benefit of offering protection from the weather while its open sides allow for panoramic views.

The Extra Fancy Backyard Build

Thanks to these pergola plans available from you can have a fancy pergola to enjoy in your yard. What distinguishes it from other garden pergolas is the attached seating area. It might seem difficult to build at first, but there are plenty of elaborated instructions on the building process so you shouldnt have a problem.

The most important thing you have to remember about this wooden pergola with a roof is that it needs a stable foundation.

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Build A Metal Roof For The Pergola Over An Outdoor Bar Entertainment Area And Large Pool

This fantastic backyard is made for someone who loves entertaining guests, hosting excellent parties, and just having fun.

The metal roof over the pergola is the heart of this space. It provides shelter and shade while still looking stylish. Whether in the day or night, this entertainment center will be the star of this house.

It features an outdoor kitchen and bar, mounted TV, a cozy lounge, and plenty of warm lighting. You can also spot the ivy wall with LED lights that will sparkle in the dark.

If you want to recreate this entire backyard, use travertine for the flooring. Not only is it a durable material that can withstand heavy traffic, but it is also able to withstand temperature changes. In short, the perfect choice for outdoor use!

Embrace A Beachy Theme

Yardistry 12 x 16 wood gazebo with Aluminum roof Costco || using timelapse

This stylish set-up features paint colors from Little Greene

If you like the sound of a beachy theme for your outdoor seating space, then a laid-back look like this could be the solution. True, it’s more enclosed than a traditional pergola design, but it will certainly help to keep you cool in the height of summer.

The white hue keeps the space light and bright and looks great when paired with pale decking. It would make a lovely retreat for a shaded daybed or hammock, or why not set up a stylish prep area for alfresco cooking like in this scene?

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The Backyard Bench Plan

If you have a deck or a patio that gets too sunny in the summer, then this backyard pergola with a bench is perfect for you. It has adjustable roof panels so that you can control the amount of light. Moreover, its made from cedar with 4×4 feet posts. If you want something fancier, you can use a jigsaw to cut decorative ends on the rafters.

Geometric Harmony Freestanding Cubic Pergola

The dark wood of this cube-shaped pergola area creates a shaded outdoor room. The two slatted walls of the pergola, one with a door-like entrance, define the space. The wicker furniture in charcoal gray adds a contrasting texture and color, while the white pillows and flooring introduce a bright note.

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Where Can You Place A Pergola

Everywhere actually! Most people think of a pergola when they think of a pergola placed in the garden or on a terrace… But a pergola also offers many possibilities on a balcony! Especially on a balcony, you are often limited by the rules of the landlord or owners’ association and a pergola gives many possibilities to arrange good sunprotection, without having to drill into walls or ceilings!In our blog post “How to create shadow on a balcony?” we will give you more information about how to install a pergola, shade sail or blind / sunscreen on your balcony, without drilling holes!

Charming Decktop Pergola Swing


The perfect complement for this airy aerie pergola is the light feeling of swinging on a swing. The woven seat of the swing is tasseled. Heavy ropes attach the seat to the pergolas roof, and throw pillows add a different texture and pattern, muted color, and a casual feel. Billowing tiebacks add to the feeling of lightness, freedom, and flight.

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Cover Attached To Top Of Pergola

The methods mentioned above for attaching shade cloth to the top of your Pergola would still be valid for canvas materials, making it suitable for heavier rain, as long as there is enough slope to ensure they drain. I found three different methods for attaching the cloth that if the whole roof structure of the pergola has a slope would still work. Check out How to Attach Cloth to Cover a Pergola. The main issue I can imagine is if using the batten technique you might trap water in the lower corners that may encourage the material to rot. Ensuring the water can all escape by maybe angling the battens and leaving a suitable gap at the corners should be sufficient.

Garden Gazebo Style Pergola

The light-colored wood of this gazebo-style pergola and the furniture beneath it have simply been varnished, so the natural wood color catches the sun and creates a bright accent against the hedge. The pergolas two arches, front and back, define the space, and bright flowers in urn planters complete the sun-drenched look.

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Diy Flat Pergola Roof

I love the pergola in my backyard. I like the light that the open ceiling provides. But I dont like getting rained on when Im under it. So I found a solution that lets me have a cover from the rain and still see the sky above clear polycarbonate roofing panels. Then all I had to do was figure out how to put a roof on a flat pergola, and I was all set!

A while ago I posted some waterproof cover ideas for pergolas because I was looking for some inspiration for covering the pergola over the grill area in my backyard.

It isnt an area that I use that much when its raining, so you might be wondering why I need a waterproof cover for it.

After every rain, the countertop and grill are covered with leaves and bits of flowers that have to be washed off before you can use the grill again. Which makes me not want to use the grill that much

Plus, it would be nice not to get soaked if a downpour happens to come through right when Im cooking .

All that to say, I finally made a decision on what roofing to put up and got it installed. And Im really happy with the way it turned out.

What I ended up going with is the clear corrugated polycarbonate roofing panels that you can install right over the top of your existing pergolawhich is exactly what I wanted.

Keep reading to find out how to put a roof on a pergola.

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About This Louvered Room

I Built A Pergola

Extend your outdoor living space with Yardistrys Cedar and Aluminum Louvered Room. This outdoor room adds character to any area, creating the perfect setting for all your outdoor entertainment needs. Yardistrys unique louvered roof design allows you to control the amount of sun or shade you receive. Open both sides of the louvered roof for full sun exposure, close both sides to provide full shade, or do a mix- the possibilities are endless. This room is also designed to provide protection from the rain when the louvers are closed. It includes a full gutter system around the roof and down spouts in two of the posts to direct water flow. Built with 100% FSC® Certified cedar lumber and quality aluminum, the Cedar and Aluminum Room is designed to last. The illustrated step-by-step instruction and the helpful hints video will guide you through every step of the installation process. Yardistrys Cedar and Aluminum Louvered Room is a multi-functional product that will add a sophisticated and modern look to your outdoor space.

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