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Christmas Decor For Front Porch

Classic Red And Green Outdoor Decorating Ideas

CHRISTMAS PORCH DECOR | Inspiration and Ideas for Holiday Decorations

This is my Christmas porch from last year.

And Im sharing all the tipsfrom hanging wreaths on the windows to the way we draped the greenery on the front of the porch.

When you are decorating your porch, you want to decorate for dayand for night.

This porch is full of light and the prettiest vintage finds.

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Do You Decorate Your Front Porch For Christmas

Theres no better way to welcome guests with holiday cheer and warmth.

When you decorate your front porch, entryway, and patio, add more than just a wreath to the door with cute winter boots, a basket of birch logs, or other seasonal fun finds.

After all, the Christmas season is the time to really deck the halls .

Bright green holly with red berries, sparkling mini trees, and gorgeous holiday poinsettias are a few great decorations to spruce up your porches with.

Dont be afraid to bring a few indoor decorations outdoors as well.

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Red And Green Seating Nook

A simple red bench, holiday-themed pillows, wrapped gift decorations, and a stunning double hoop wreath create a cozy seating nook on this front porch. A mix of buffalo check, plaid, and solid pillows and a woven runner create a homey feel, giving the nook an inviting warmth. Recreate the wreath by connecting two metal hoops and adding pine branches, magnolia leaves, and eucalyptus stems to it, then finish it off with a festive red bow.

Small Concrete Christmas Tree Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

25+ Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas To Wow Your Neighbors

A small concrete Christmas tree is a perfect Christmas decorating idea for the front porch since it requires only a few supplies. Depending on what you have at home, it can be made in as little as 30 minutes!

To make the tree yourself, gather the following materials: a tin bucket, an empty plastic bottle , scarlet acrylic paint, graphite pencils and eraser, scissors or wire cutters , and clay.

Start by carefully cutting off the bottom of your plastic bottle using either wire cutters or scissors. Next, cut off the top third of the bottle. Now its time to make its opening smaller so that it fits inside your tin bucket without falling through.

To do so, youll need your graphite pencils and eraser. Make a tiny hole in one of them to create a small cone-shaped piece. Insert the cone into the bottles opening before pressing firmly on top of it using both hands. This should result in a smaller opening that will fit inside your bucket perfectly!

Glue your concrete Christmas tree onto the tin bucket, making sure to use hot glue for maximum durability. Next, paint everything red with acrylic paint including the tin bucket, cone shape at the bottom of the plastic bottle opening, and even part of the interior walls closest to where youll insert ornaments.

With everything painted red and ready to go, simply fill the empty space between trees with clay and insert your ornaments. Alternatively, you can paint the clay before inserting it for a more uniform look.

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Best Christmas Porch Decorations

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Give your front porch a festive makeover for the holiday season with these DIY Christmas porch decorations that your guests and neighborhood will love!

From cozy farmhouse Christmas decorations to rustic decor ideas, you will find over a hundred outdoor Christmas decorating ideas for any home decor styles and trends that you choose. These DIY Christmas decorations for the porch will improve your curb appeal on a budget! There are cozy porch decorating ideas for your front door, entryway, patio, and more.

Whether you are looking for ways to decorate your holiday planters or make a homemade holiday wreath for the front door, there are tons of ideas for inspiration that will add holiday cheer, festive charm, and warmth to your outdoor space. Pair these holiday front porch decorations with some of these DIY Christmas light decor ideas.

Classic Red And Green Front Porch

Theres no better time of year to decorate a red front door than Christmas! You cant go wrong with a classic red and green front porch and if you already have a red door, it will provide the perfect built-in backdrop for a festive evergreen wreath. Hang a statement-making garland around the door and continue the holiday-red theme with red bells and ornaments tucked into the greenery and clusters of berries to decorate black lanterns.

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Decorate The Front Entrance

I first started out with my front door entrance. This to me is one of the most important places to decorate because it is one of the main focal points of the outside of house. Whether youre having holiday guests over or people walking by, youll want to make sure your front porch entrance is decked out in holiday gear.

I started off decorating the front entrance with this Snowy Pine Wreath with Pinecones and Berries. I love this wreath because it has a modern feel and especially love that it has a matching set.

I placed the matching 6-ft. Garland with Pinecones and Bows on top of the door and together the two made the front entrance look awesome. Normally, I see longer garlands on doors, but I opted to use a smaller one to ensure that the door didnt look cluttered being that the garland includes all of the additional additives. I also added in this Lumabase LED mini string light around the door to give it a subtle lighting. These little LED light shines bright in the night and makes it really easy to decorate with, being battery operated.

Not only does the wreath match the garland, but it also matches this 4-ft. Snowy Pinecone and Berry Christmas Porch Tree. This porch tree is a great design element for a front porch and features UL clear lights for lighting at night. With its rustic bottom and matching additives, it was the perfect addition to my front entrance.

These few items are very simplistic, but make my front entrance look elegant and holiday ready.

Rustic Wooden Holiday Sign

HOME TOUR: Little Homesteader Christmas Farmhouse Decorating Holiday Decor

Rustic touches like this wooden sign can help you create a welcoming holiday vignette on your porch. If youre a fan of primitive holiday decor, a large sign with bold fonts can make the perfect focal point for your porch. A bright pop of red or green text on a whitewashed or naturally colored wooden sign makes a bold statement that easily pairs with other typical Christmas porch decoration such as garlands, sleds, and brown paper packages tied up with string. Phrases can be simple, such as Merry Christmas, or get creative and use a quote from your favorite holiday movie or song.

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Tomato Cage Front Porch Christmas Trees

If youre looking for easy-to-make front porch Christmas ideas for the upcoming holiday season, look no further than these tomato cage Christmas trees! Its an eco-friendly design since you get to recycle old tomato cages.

To craft such a decoration, you need one tomato cage for each Christmas tree, plant containers, garland, tie wraps like cable ties or zip ties, and Christmas lights. It would also help move things along if you had a drill since you can secure the cage to the planter.

To learn the ins and outs of this fantastic front porch Christmas idea, head over to Mommy to 1 and check out the detailed guide!

Easy Christmas Ornament Obelisk

If you suffer from a brown thumb, or if youre too busy managing your December calendar to care for living greenery, this is a great DIY Christmas alternative to having a living plant on your porch. Made from a wire frame and decorated with lights and ornaments, this easy to make decoration has all of the glitz of a Christmas tree with none of the upkeep. If you want to achieve this look, you could buy a ready-made upright garden obelisk as the base. If you are crafty or on a budget, a similar result can be created by using an upside down tomato cage. Simply put your structure into a clean, empty flower pot, fill the base with silk poinsettia flowers, and wrap with lights before hanging colorful ornaments.

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Typography Holiday Wreath Front Door Christmas Decorations

Heres another simple yet elegant front porch Christmas decor idea: a typography holiday wreath. You can make it in less than an hour, and the materials are very easy to find!

If youre tired of red-and-green wreaths for your front door, why not try a typography holiday wreath? Its elegant and classy, perfect if you want something feminine and sophisticated instead of traditional Christmas decorations.

To get this show on the road, youll need a square wreath form, wooden letters, gold spray paint, wire cutters, thin gold wire, a hot glue gun, artificial greenery, and five gold jingle bells. After finishing this DIY project, we guarantee that all your friends will be stunned by how attractive your front door looks!

For more information about making a typography holiday wreath, feel free to explore our detailed tutorial!

Silver Branch Wreath Front Porch Christmas Decorating Ideas

3 things every Christmas front porch needs this year!

If youre tired of the same old Christmas wreath hanging on your front door every year, try something new and refreshing this time, like a silver branch wreath!

To make such an incredible vignette, you need a handful of twigs, three round Christmas ornaments, a can of metallic spray paint, about 2 feet of thin chain, a hot glue gun with extra glue, about 4 feet of suede cord, pruning shears, and pliers.

This project is all about making a square wreath out of the twigs. It gets more accessible from that point on since you just have to paint the wreath and then add the hanging ornaments before placing the wreath on your front door.

To learn the details about making a silver branch wreath from beginning to end, check out our intuitive step-by-step instructions!

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Add Pinecones To Your Front Porch Christmas Decorations

Bowls and buckets of pinecones add a wintry touch to just about any theme. Add a few sprigs of greenery to the bowl to make it more festive. You can even paint the pinecones, add glitter, or make scented pinecones. The wonderful cinnamon scent will welcome guests to your home and they may just come back sooner than you think!

Eclectic Colorful Mini Christmas Dcor

If you are looking for a more contained way to decorate your front porch, check out this simplistic setup. Stacking a few items together is also an awesome idea when space is limited as you can take advantage of a little area with a handful of different items. Boxes and other containers are great to use as centerpieces or as stands for your other decorative pieces. Any style will do here, but eclectic seems to work wonderfully as it tends to stand out more. Of course, you can combine that with the standard Christmas décor using different plants or a wreath strung up.

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Asymmetrical Front Door Garland

Deck your front door with an asymmetrical garland made from evergreen branches, magnolia leaves, and grapevine for an unexpected holiday decoration. Continue the non-traditional Christmas decor by replacing a classic wreath with something a little more unique, such as this vintage wood shovel embellished with lush greenery and a big green bow. A collection of four Christmas treesone decorated with wood ornaments, another featuring green glass baubles, a third left bare, and the last made from vintage metal objectscreate a stunning outdoor holiday display.

Contemporary Green And Red Decorative Ornaments


Some of the best Christmas decorations utilize ornaments in a unique way. Combining yarn balls colored for the season with ornaments can create a captivating, distinctive wreath that will have all your visitors talking. Think about size variations when crafting such a piece as a healthy blend of differences can allow each individual part to stand out while also making for a more natural, wreath-like look. This use of ornaments can blend into the rest of your porch décor if youd like, so you can keep up with a similar theme.

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Turn Your Deck Into A Winter Wonderland

Turn your front porch into a winter wonderland this Christmas with a full-sized Christmas tree, evergreen wreaths on the windows, and festive garland framing the front door. Fresh greenery pops against this all-white porch for a wintry look. A tree skirt, ribbons, and ornaments in neutral colors emphasize the magical woodland theme. A wire basket with wood logs and a gray bench covered with a plaid throw keep the space warm and welcoming without feeling cluttered.

White Porch Christmas Tree

Heres an easy and cheap project for those of you who want to make a statement this year: a white porch Christmas tree! Its as elegant as it is attractive.

We recommend that you use white lights instead of traditional Christmas decorations for this project, as they will look more stunning on the finished product.

To get started with this porch Christmas tree project, you need an artificial white Christmas tree and embellishments such as old ornaments, wired ribbons, yarn scraps, spray paint, cardboard, and a pair of scissors. As far as colors are concerned, make sure they match your Christmas tree, whether its white, red and green, or something else.

Theres nothing fancy about this project since you just have to combine all elements to obtain a stunning white Christmas tree for your front porch. To learn how we did it, be sure to read our thorough tutorial!

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Sharpie Art Tree Sign Adds Colour And Flare To Your Front Porch

DIY Christmas decor doesnt have to be difficult. This Sharpie Art Tree Sign is such a simple project that you can be modified to includeyour favorite Christmas carol.

  • Paint the board with red exterior paint.
  • Pencil on a simple Christmas tree shape and paint it white, outlined with thin line of black.
  • Paint on some ledger lines for you to carefully write some words of a Christmas Carol.
  • And the black painted border just finishes it off so beautifully.

Stand it beside a floral arrangement and arrange some large Christmas bulbs in the front of your display. So lovely! Isnt the contrast of red, black, and white is so striking?

Front Porch Christmas Decor Ideas To Try This Year

35 Gorgeous Front Porch Decor With Christmas Tree

Christmas is right around the corner, and many people are looking for front porch Christmas decor ideas. Decorating your front porch can be challenging, especially if it is not very wide or long. However, no homeowner wants to miss out on this festive holiday by ignoring their front door!

No matter where you live, there are some must-have items for your front porch this holiday season. Whether youre decorating just for the holidays or looking to set a festive mood on your entire porch, here are some excellent front porch Christmas decor ideas.

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Hanging Ornaments Balcony Christmas Decorations

What could be more Christmassy than hanging ornaments on your balcony like at the mall? Its a fantastic design for balcony Christmas decorations since it beats the classical idea of adding greenery along the railing. Or, you can combine both!

To make such an illusion, all you need are some colorful pom-poms, a piece of green florists wire, and some thread. Cut the wire into two pieces measuring about 4 inches each, and then cut smaller pieces from each end to create the hooks.

Then use these small wires to poke holes in the top center of each ornament before tying them together with a bit of thread. Once this is done, tie another length of thread to one hook and simply hang it through your balcony railing for an unforgettable view!

For an alternative solution, feel free to complete this thorough tutorial we discovered on Home Talk!


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