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Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pits

Where Do Fire Pits Belong

Costco! Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit with Cooking Grill! $129!!!

Location, location, location is one of the most important things to take into account when shopping for a fire pit, said Heather Hilliard of Heather Hilliard Design and Judy Kameon of Elysian Landscapes. Both women have incorporated fire pits into their clients’ outdoor spaces. Heres how to best determine your fire pits prime real estate, according to Hilliard:

  • Keep the firepit a minimum of 12 feet away from a structure further if you have the room.
  • Avoid low-hanging trees there should be nothing overhead.
  • Select a clearing for your firepit position ideally one out of the wind, and located on non-flammable surfaces.

Seating distance is another thing to consider when choosing a fire pit and its location. Kameon likes to choose places where you can have seating on all sides of the fire pit while still having plenty of room for people to move around.

Gas Clean Burning With A Hot Flame

Outdoor gas fireplaces are more restrictive than those that use other fuels since they require a connection to a tank. But gas is inexpensive, ignites quickly and has an adjustable flame without smoke or residual debris to clean up. The heat generated can be used to warm or cook, but there is a certain odor that may be unpleasant to those with acute olfactory senses.

  • Propane Liquid propane is the best heat source , but you might run out of gas mid-barbecue if you dont monitor how much is left in your tank. Propane fire pit tables can go almost anywhere but you have to be mindful of the tanks. These storage containers are unsightly, so you may want to get a long hose to keep them out of view or buy a cover. Youll also want to properly store propane when not in use as the gas is highly flammable.
  • Natural Gas Plumbed natural gas is the most cost-effective fuel once you get past the upfront installation expense. Natural gas fire pits and natural gas fireplace inserts are typically placed near the home in close proximity to existing gas lines. The fuel produces a whitish flame and you dont have to worry about it running out.

Best Overall: Hampton Bay Piedmont 30 In Steel Fire Pit


  • Uncovered material can rust

The Hampton Bay Piedmont Steel Fire Pit is an attractive and versatile choice when looking for a sturdy, well-priced fire pit to add to your patio. This 30-inch model’s circular design, with a diamond pattern around the edges of the bowl, allows you to see the fire from every angle, and the interior is lined with a mesh screen for safety. The safety ring around its upper edge doubles as a handle, making it easy to move the fire pit in and out of storage. The 12-inch deep bowl is coated with high-temperature paint to withstand the heat of the flames.

Not only can this fire pit roast marshmallows and warm your hands but it also comes with a cooking grate that allows you to grill your favorite foods right over the flame. You can place the grid directly over the fire or mount it on the included pole, which allows it to be removed from the heat, as needed. Additionally, this model comes with a mesh cover to protect your guests from stray sparks, as well as a poker to tend the logs inside.

The one downside of this fire pit is the material can rust if left outdoors and exposed. To keep the product in good shape, store it indoors when not in use or cover it.

Size: 29.6 x 29.6 x 23 inches | Material: Steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Rotating cooking grate, mesh cover

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Best Wood Burning Chiminea Fire Pit Bali Outdoors

Why We Like It

For those who want a standard metal wood-burning fire pit, but want the added benefit of diverting smoke up and away from the living space, this Chiminea fire pit at 45 overall height does just that.


  • Requires Digging Fire Pit Hole

Our Take Away

There are a variety of ways to achieve a functional outdoor wood-burning fire pit. From the small space options like a 30 Backyard fire bowl to the larger patio model like the Sunnydaze 42 Fire Pit.

However, for those who have large yards and can accommodate larger groups, or prefer a more permanent fire pit installed away from the home The Fire Pit ring is the best accessory to have.

With these parts a Fire Pit Metal Ring, some Concrete Pavers, a little Sand and Gravel you can build your own DIY Fire Pit in less than one day.

Which Smokeless Fire Pit Is The Best

Outdoor 32"  Wood Burning Light

From a pure smokeless performance standpoint, Solo Stove fire pits are the best. They’re the easiest to start and keep lit. They also produce the least amount of smoke and generate the most intense, eye-catching flames. That said, since Solo Stove pits push much of their heat upward, they’re not ideal for keeping seated groups comfortable on cold winter nights. And they’re not designed for cooking elaborate outdoor meals either.

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Cooking Heating & Serving Your Food For Alfresco Dining

Some fire pits and fireplaces can be outfitted with cooking accessories.

  • Grills & Racks Many gas and wood burning firepits have grill or rack attachments that sit above the flame.
  • Baking Pans Specialized enclosed fireplaces and chimineas may be used as pizza ovens and include steel sheets for even heating.
  • Meat Hangers Outdoor fires may be used to smoke meat, but they require you to suspend it above the flame so it can absorb the smoky flavor.

Best Smokeless: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit With Stand

  • Wide range of accessories available

  • Cover not included

  • Burns through wood faster than other pits

Solo Stove is one of the best-known brands for smokeless fire pits. The Bonfire is the manufacturer’s mid-size smokeless fire pit, and its extremely popular due to its sleek, stainless steel exterior, lightweight form, and near-smokeless burning. The pits specially designed baseplate allows more oxygen to reach the fires embers, helping burn wood faster and hotter for more complete combustion. As a result, the fire gives off noticeably less smoke than a traditional fire pit.

This particular Solo Stove is 19.5 inches in diameter, and it weighs just 20 pounds when empty, making it easy to travel with. In fact, we brought it camping and noted that setting up or taking it down only took about a minute each! A variety of accessories ranges from stands you can use on wooden decks, to grilling and cooking tools. While this product includes a carrying case, a true weatherproof cover for the fire pit is sold separately.

Size: 19.5 x 19.5 x 14 inches | Material: Stainless steel | Fuel Type: Wood | Features: Smokeless burning

The Spruce / Deanna McCormack

“All in all, we loved the Solo Stove Bonfire. Its best if youre looking for a traditional campfire ambiance in your backyard with no fire-building effort and hardly any smoke. The fire is powerful, efficient, and the whole thing is portable when you need it to be.”Deanna McCormack, Product Tester

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Best Table: Yardbird Rectangular Fire Pit Table


  • Includes natural gas conversion kit

  • Automatic fire starter button

  • Expensive

  • More fire glass needed

The Yardbird Fire Pit Table does double duty in your outdoor living space, serving as a propane fireplace and a convenient coffee table. While this particular design is a 61.5 x 32-inch rectangle, you also can opt for a square or round shape, whatever best fits your space. This fire pit is crafted from commercial-grade aluminum, and a door on the base allows you to store a propane tank inside.

This fire pit table has a brushed stainless steel burner tray, and while the product includes clear glass rock beads, you likely need more glass to fill up the center. The table has an automatic starter button that runs on AAA batteries, and you can adjust the intensity of the flame. The lid covers up the burner tray when not in use, and the package includes a natural gas conversion kit. The manufacturer also offers a glass guard, sold separately.

Size: 61 x 32 x 24.5 inches | Material: Rust-resistant aluminum | Fuel Type: Propane or natural gas | Features: Adjustable flame

These Discounted Fire Pits On Amazon Start At $45 And Can Transform Your Backyard

Red Ember Eden Copper Wood Burning Fire Pit – Product Review Video

The weather’s warming up, which means it’s time to extend your living and entertaining space to the great outdoors. A fire pit sets the mood for your yard and keeps your guests warm when the sun sets but you don’t need to break the bank in order to get a great one. Check out , some of which cost less than $50.

First, decide whether you want a gas fire pit or a wood-burning one. Gas or propane fire pits are clean-burning and quick to light, while wood-burning fire pits are affordable and create that cozy, genuine-fireside feel. Whichever one suits your vibe, these are the best deals on Amazon right now.

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How Does Your Fire Pit Ignite

How do you want to light your fire pit? Some models come with electronic ignition others you light with a match. Kameon says she has always used manual ignition fire pits and recommends them for safety. You have more control. No one can accidentally put it on, she said, adding that, especially with gas powered fire pits that burn clear without the manual ignition, you might not even realize it was on during the day.

Best Wood Burning Fire Pits In 2022 With Buying Guide

Kathy Koch

This post may contain affiliate links. You can view our affiliate disclosure here.

Wood burning fire pits are classic, durable with maximum output, and cheaper than any other firepits.

If you are fond of traditional things, you aim to get a highly efficient and long-lasting fire pit within budget. Then a wood-burning fire pit is a solution for your quest.

We are using the wood-burning fire pit from eras. They are the oldest traditional way of producing heat. A wood-burning fire pit is easy to conduct, which allows them a more straightforward yet firm construction. Their popularity never gets pale because of their excellent heat efficiency. In the market, there are so many options, so many designs within a reasonable budget.

Here we will serve you with a list of the ten best wood-burning fire pits of the current trend. Know about the features, the specialty, the shortcomings and choose the best fit for you. There will be additional information about the products along with a buying guide to make your experience even smoother.

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Find The Ideal Patio Fire Pit Style For Your Yard

What is a Chiminea Fire Pit?

A chiminea fire pit is a miniature outdoor fireplace with a potbellied body and a narrow chimney. Typically smaller than traditional fireplaces, chiminea fire pits are better able to contain the fire due to their unique enclosed shape. This allows them to retain more heat and create less smoke.

What is a Fire Table?

A fire table is piece of outdoor furniture which features a outdoor fire pit built into a table. Not only do fire tables provide warmth and flame, but they also provide a convenient surface where you can place drinks or snacks.

A fire pit is the ideal place to warm up during chilly nights and gather with your loved ones. With a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect style for your lawn or patio.

Function Whats The Main Purpose Of The Fire

Outdoor 32"  Wood Burning Light

Before choosing a fireplace or fire pit, its a good idea to think about how you plan to use it. Some models are multifunctional, while others are very specific in their application.

  • Heating Fires provide warmth so you can spend time outside in the evenings or winter months. However, wood-burning varieties tend to generate more heat than other fuels. Also, the size of your space determines the scale of the fire you may need. Must work with an existing lounge set? If your seating is offset, a one-sided fire is a good choice for directional heat. Conversely, an open-air style works well when surrounded by seating.
  • Cooking If youre simply roasting marshmallows or hotdogs, you can probably get by with any fire. Just impale the food on a skewer, hold it over the flame and youre good to go. But, if you want to grill burgers or shish kebabs, youll want a fireplace grate or the ability to add cooking accessories. Some fire pits can double as basic outdoor barbecues, while more elaborate fireplaces enable you to bake pizza or even smoke ribs.
  • If you already have functional fires, perhaps youre interested in enhancing the ambiance of your outdoor setting. There are many styles of firepits, so you need to pick the aesthetic you want. Will it accent an architectural feature or landscape element, or will it be the focal point itself? Does it need to have appeal when its unlit? A bright flame adds life, but there is plenty of downtime when a fire pit is idle.

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How To Shop For The Best Fire Pit

Because of their popularity, fire pits are now available in all sizes and configurations, from small portable fire pits and larger single units to table options with chairs in a variety of heights. And they all come with a variety of fuel options, from wood and gas to propane. But before you invest in a fire pit, consider both where youll want to place it in a garden, on a patio or a balcony and how you’ll use it. Will you be cooking up marshmallows or simply sitting around it to stare at the flame. Do you want a permanent or portable fire pit do you want to take it with you or does it stay in the backyard? Permanent fire pits are more expensive but last longer.

Best For Durability : Y

Y-ME Fire Pit is designed to serve you warmth for a long time. Its sturdy construction and features will value the best for your money.

If you think of getting a durable fire pit for your large family or having your gang at your place on weekends, keep them warm and have your favorite BBQ with this Y-ME Wood Burning Fire Pit.

This fire pit is 24 inches big and 12.5 inches deep. You can pour a fair amount of wood and coal in it to burn for a long time. There are star and moon shapes cut out on its surface. These cuts generate air circulation, leading to excellent conduction of heat around you to keep you warm for a long time. The fire pit is steel made. Comes with long durability and all needed accessories, including mesh screen, vinyl cover, appreciably value for money.


Things you are going to enjoy

  • You can use a lot of wood or charcoal.
  • The heat will spread evenly throughout the beautiful star and moon cut-outs.
  • You can use the grate for BBQ, grill, outdoor cooking, or as a log grate.
  • A complimentary $19.99 cover will prevent rusting.
  • You can move the wood or lift the spark screen safely using poker.
  • Get a cozy ambiance with a festive vibe every day in your yard!
  • Value for money.

Things you need to consider

  • The poker can be a little long.
  • The pokers shaft gets flimsy in prolonged use.

Final thought

Deep bowl, sturdy construction, and durable with all necessary tools makes the fire pit a must have one.

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Wood Cheapest Fire With Other Costs

Theres nothing like sitting around a fire of burning logs. The crackling sound, glow of flames and aroma of burning wood create an appealing atmosphere. Its also inexpensive, readily available and adds flavor to grilled meats and vegetables. However, there are downsides to wood-burning fireplace inserts and fire pits. If the wind shifts, smoke can get in your eyes and the smell can linger on your clothes and hair. It can be a challenge to light and you have less control over the flame and embers, which can pose a fire hazard if not properly tended and extinguished. There are soot and ash to clean up, and you still need to store cords of wood and kindling.

Can You Put A Wood Burning Fire Pit On A Deck

Timberline Wood-Burning Fire Pit SKU# 66A71 – Plow & Hearth

We dont recommend ever placing a wood-burning fire pit on any combustible surface or even on a grass lawn, without the use of a Heat-Shield from Newtex. Additionally, you should have no less than 6 between the bottom of the fire pit and the top of the Heat-Shield.

Alternatively, and if you prefer not to mess with wood burning logs, or heat shields, you can look into the many Gas Fire Pit Tables available Which can be placed safely on any surface.

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Why Trust The Spruce

This article was written by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester who has contributed to The Spruce since 2017. She owns the Solo Stove Bonfire, which serves as the perfect focal point on her backyard patio. For this roundup, she considered dozens of models of fire pits, evaluating each on its size, materials, versatility, and design aesthetic. Additional input was provided by Joe Raboine, Director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard.


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