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Screened In Porch Design Ideas

How To Style A Screened Porch

Screened In Porch |Porch Decorating Ideas

A screened porch usually continues the style of the indoor spaces to merge with them. So , if you have mid-century modern style, go for it, if contemporary, continue it to the porch and so on. Choose a color scheme that will continue the indoor one or will differ and make your space ultimate!

a modern screened patio with neutral furniture with pillows, a stained table and cool woven chairs, potted greenery

a modern screened patio with neutral seating furniture, a white coffee table, greenery and printed textiles

a modern screened patio with white wooden chairs, a blue printed rug and pillows, lots of potted greenery and greenery around

a modern screened patio with wicker and wooden furniture with neutral and pastel upholstery and printed textiles, potted greenery and a view

a modern screened porch with a contemporary grey daybed, a couple of chairs, a black side table and greenery around

a modern screened porch with a grey modern sofa, white chairs, a coffee table and stained stool and some bright foliage

a modern screened porch with wicker chairs with bright pillows and cushions, table lamps, stools and greenery is lovely

a neutral screened patio with wicker furniture with blue and white pillows, a glass coffee table and potted greenery

a neutral screened porch with delicate white chairs and a coffee table, a wicker chair and a table, some blooms

a neutral screened porch with wicker seating furniture, a stained table, pink and green pillows, greenery and blooms

Add Some Cool Lighting

You dont need to spend a lot of money on lighting, simple string cafe lights and DIY Wood lanterns can make a such a difference in setting the mood and making things feel a bit cozier. IKEA sells those rattan pendants for a good price and all you need is a ceiling hook and an outlet to get them up. You may also want to consider an outdoor ceiling fan to keep things breezy in the hotter months.

I feel like every room, whether inside or out, needs a bit of texture. You can thrift a wicker chair, or add a rattan lampshade or pendant or a pouf. A pouf like this one can serve as a side table or extra seating or just a foot rest!

But pillows and cozy throws and rugs also serve as texture, so load it up out there!

Screened In Front Porch Ideas

A well-arranged screened in front porch is one of the focal points of an entire property. So, if you want a standout curb that would really add aesthetic value and real brokers value to your home, you should arrange a stunning screened in front porch.

For one, you can invest in a durable deck. This one is made of composite flooring out of wood fiber. The stone walls offer a warm and rustic contrast to the flooring and the lattice enclosure just makes everything chic and modern. What a way to welcome family and guests, right?

To make it posher, here is a good use for smart screens that you can automatically open and down if you want to allow more breeze, more natural light or to be protected from them during strong winds, rains, and frost.

You can also totally open it up to add more seating. Overall, it is a fine way for hanging out and just chilling with family and friends.

For a homey, low-key appeal to your front porch, you can arrange a bright screened porch using solar screen fabric. With the wood frame and trims, along with simple wood furniture and modern style, metal fixtures, you can fill a usually empty porch in no time. It is relaxing and down to earth. Simplicity and beauty is enforced in this one.

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// Screens With Doors

Screened-in porch ideas should focus on function as much as aesthetics. This porch embraces a warm and welcoming vibe that brings charm to the exterior. With a dining area and a seating space complete with an outdoor fireplace, this porch is the prime location to entertain friends and gather with family. And, of course, the doors allow access to and from the screened-in porch from the open-air deck below.

Wood Screened In Porch

45 Amazingly Cozy and Relaxing Screened Porch Design Ideas

For wooden trims and fiberglass that create a notable four-season screened in porch, you can refer to the following ideas here.

This one is a low ground, decked, screened in porch using wood trims, a wooden porch frame and dark colored mesh screen fabric. It also features half screen metal railings and a three-step chair which is reminiscent of conventional deck and porch styles of the south.

If you want the idea of separate porch design which extends through the deck, this is a version of an apothecary or greenhouse style screened in porch design. Again, it is made of hardwood frames, trims, and a tinted fiberglass to give it a sense of privacy. It also works well as both a back porch and a front porch at once.

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Screened In Porch Ideas With Deck

It is time for raised porches to get the spotlight. You might think of some reservations when it comes to what should be done to a decked screened porch because of the elevation, but really the options are limitless.

For instance, you can add a modern rustic, cabin touch to your decked screen porch using wood roofing and concrete flooring.

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The high visibility fiberglass gives you an all-angle view and a seamless transition to the deck itself. With the string lights and minimalistic, wood furniture, you would not want to leave this porch anymore.

Following the same modern rustic vibe and feel, this is a larger decked porch complete with stone walls and porch partitions which the whole family can enjoy. Everything just exudes warmth on a clean, uniform, and polished look.

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Here is a suburban, colonial style screened deck porch for you. It has all the cabin look, the right contrast for the frame, trims, and walls. The subtle glow of this ornate chandelier here brings in all the sophistication and the rattan seating on a tan jute rug make it so minimalist yet stunning.

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Wood Paneling With Skylights And Plenty Of Seating

This setup is meant to fit a lot of guests. The seating is close to ensure everyone can hear and see each other as you gather. The coffee table in the center serves as a focal point and a place to rest your drinking glasses or teacups. The natural wood paneling goes wonderfully with the trees surrounding the porch. There is a doorway to the outside, but this porch isnt meant to be a main walkway into the house. Rather, this enclosed porch is off to the side of the house, where its a little more private. The lights and skylights provide light in both the day and evening hours, so you can entertain your guests anytime.

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Or Freshen Up What You Already Have

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Nothing transforms tired furniture like a fresh coat of paint. Says the owner of this stunning vintage set, “A preppy, glossy green gave it a much-needed modern twist. For a flawless finish, its best to use a paint sprayer so color covers the intricate designs and goes on nice and smooth.

Screened In Back Porch Ideas

Build Your Own Screened in Porch | A to Z

There is nothing more relaxing than having a back porch where you could unlimitedly see the best views at home. It is the ultimate relaxing spot especially if you have water features or a garden to die for.

This one here is the perfect place to entertain adult guests while keeping an eye on the kids who are out there dipping in the pool.

The wood flooring and the fiberglass enclosure also give the porch a brighter feel. It is the perfect space to contemplate and be in the mood with music or a book.

If you prefer a wide seating arrangement for your screened back porch, long couches and side tables could do the trick. Again, fiberglass is the best screen for this one, along with draperies and curtains to block the light when it gets too distracting. The openness of this design is indeed, one for the books.

If a chic bohemian design is what you are eyeing for, just throw in those colorful pillows, multi-patterned fabric, different wood, and metal seating.

This one here features trimmed fiberglass with a vintage chandelier on a contrast of dark walls. It is so delicate and chic, all at the same time.

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Natural Wood Porch With Skylights

This large screened-in porch is perfect for inviting friends or family over on a cool evening. The natural wood makes it durable enough for high traffic and a variety of outdoor gatherings. This type of porch would also be a good place for the kids to play in rainy weather. The big skylight lets in plenty of light, and the ceiling fan keeps the air circulating in case the weathers a little warmer than you like. The railing around the edges adds a sense of style, along with the angled roof and rafters.

Hang Some Potted Plants

As far as screened back porch ideas go, you cant go wrong with live potted plants. This is especially true if this is your only outdoor space.

Brighten the area up with some fresh green plants, colorful flowers, and some hanging plants for good measure. Bring the nature of the backyard into your porch.

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Stay Warm With A Fireplace

An outdoor screened-in porch has the potential to get very cold during chillier months. But, you can combat this by building a fireplace into it.

This will definitely be a tough addition to an existing structure but if youre building from scratch, look into adding a fireplace to the screened-in porch designs.

Use Natural Materials To Link To The Outdoors

Best Screened in Porch Design Ideas (35) #deckbuildingplans

This white-walled sunroom occupies the far end of an airy living area in a Pennsylvania home designed by Cindy Hayes of Cynthia Hayes Interior Design. Separated from the living space by a large hearth, this narrow porch contains a second, more intimate seating area, which is bathed in light from the wall-to-wall windows.

We wanted to make the most of the slender area by incorporating natural materials, such as wood, sisal and linen, to help link this interior space with the outdoors, says Cindy. As a relatively small sunroom, she used a few tricks to not screen in this porch too much. We decided not to add any window treatments, to allow as much light in as possible, as well as unobstructed views of greenery and sky.

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Warm Breezy Screened In Porch: Coastal Living Laurey Glenn Stylist Heather Chadduck Hillegas

This Sulilvans Island screened porch caught my eye for its unique wood frame sectional seating area and large fiddle-leaf fig plant. If you need a low-maintenance faux fiddle-leaf fig plant, check out World Market or West Elm .

Did any of these ideas inspire you to make changes to your screened in porch? Personally, I would like to tone down the warm colors on our porch and introduce more cool colors. But I need to convince my husband first–the screened in porch is his man-cave during the summer!

Free Standing Screened In Porch Ideas

Now, if you want to have a screened in porch that is totally away from the main house, you can opt for a free standing one. It functions more like a pergola or gazebo in the middle of the property or in the backyard.

This stone and vinyl design free standing screened in porch is installed near the garage. The look and style of this screened in porch is uniform with the house so it is like a miniature extension of the main house. It is packed with amenities and a minimalist seating arrangement and is a standout on its own.

For a more compact, screened in porch with the sophistication of fiberglass, this one is something to consider. It looks whimsical with the bold tones of wood and black.

With the warm glow of lighting features and an intimate seating inside, you can easily mistake it for a woodland coffee bistro or an artists nook. It looks quite different from the main house but the whole look does not disappoint.

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Porch With Stone Grill And Doors To Patio

This first porch idea in this category features plenty of cabinets for storing dishes and has its own stone grill with a warming cover. The wood paneling, vaulted ceiling, and dark wood furniture give the whole room an elegant appearance, while the mismatched cabinetry and gray tile floor make it seem still a little rustic. The skylight and windows in the ceiling, not to mention the paneled window doors, provide plenty of light. You can also see patterned artwork lining the top of the wall. Imagine placing family photos, favorite lines of poetry, or your own decorations in this area.

Creative Screened Porch Design Ideas

BEST COLLECTION! 50 Screened In Porch Ideas With Outdoor Furniture & Decoration

When my husband and I first started dating, the house he lived in had a small screened porch built on the back. The screens protected us from mosquitos, a ceiling fan helped temper the hot Indiana summer nights, comfy seating invited us to sit and rest, and the surrounding backyarddotted with fireflies blinking on and off throughout the eveninglet us escape the city for a while. I loved it out there.

Screened porches are ideal spots to relax, unwind, and catch up with family and friends . Here are some creative screened porch design ideas to show how wonderful these spaces can be if you have thoughts of adding your own screened space.

Whether converting an existing sunroom into a screened space or adding on a screened porch, the design possibilities are endless.

via Trehus

The home owners of this modern farmhouse enclosed half of their back patio to create a beautiful screened porch.

via Redbud Custom Homes

This Atlanta, Georgia, screened porch feels chic and luxurious yet so very inviting. Imagine lounging on that swing bed with a glass of sweet iced tea.

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Make A Statement With A Colorful Rug

Installing a whole new floor can be costly, so if you dont want to pay for a total replacement, spruce things up with a bright statement rug.

Buy your accents, like throw pillows and cushions, after you purchase your rug so you can pull colors from it to make the whole room cohesive while still keeping the attention on the rug.

Select A Design Scheme

The architecture of your home and your personal taste will both influence your porch d├ęcor. Do you fancy the Southern charm of an old-fashioned veranda ? How about the laid-back vibe of a Hawaiian lanai ? Or perhaps you prefer desert colors, Native American patterns, and touches of turquoise for an Arizona room.

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Narrow Porch With Just Enough Seating

This porch gives two or three people just enough room to relax and talk while enjoying the view of the street. Imagine drinking your morning coffee and waking up on the cushioned bench as you watch the world go by. If youd rather spend the afternoon out here reading, the ceiling fan gives you a breeze.

Flowing Porch With Spanish Tile

Screened In Porch Ideas Sunrooms Porches Screened Porches with ...

This enclosed porch looks super comfortable with its indoor furniture. The paneled windows and door provide some style over plain windows but still allow just as much natural light in. The porch also opens onto the patio, and you could prop the doors open to let the fresh air in. The Spanish tile floors and white wood give the room a unique, warm look

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Try A Farmhouse Aesthetic

Love the farmhouse chic look? You can easily bring it out to your backyard screened porch like the one in this picture.

The most important thing with the farmhouse style is to look for pieces that are black, white, brown, and have a rustic look but are not overly worn. Also, remember to add in some little touches like the clock on the wall in this porch.

Amazingly Cozy And Relaxing Screened Porch Design Ideas

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We have featured plenty of porch ideas, so today we are sharing some inspiration on turning your porch into an attractive, livable and usable space by making it a screened porch. This is a popular design trend because they are highly functional spaces with so many uses. They can be your sunroom, mudroom, relaxation room, entertaining room, dining room, kitchen, etc. They can protect you from the elements and be utilized year round.

The screens can be permanent, removable or retractable to meet your lifestyle needs. You can decorate with outdoor curtains to to shade you from the sun during the day or to use just as decoration. Dont forget to add some comfortable furnishings, a porch swing, light fixtures, attractive flooring, some paint, perhaps a fireplace. Have a look below for some incredible inspiration.

Tell Us: Which one of these photos is your favorite and why in the Comments below!

1. This lovely home on St. Simons Island, Georgia features a screened porch with fireplace and summer kitchen.

2. A Milwaukee farmhouse features a beautiful Ipe wood deck, which is a hardwood similar to teak and is resistant to rot and termites. The furnishings are Restoration Hardware from their Provence collection in Grey with Sand Textured Linen Perennials cushions. The screens are permanent.

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