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Combination Screens/windows For Screened In Porch

Screen Porch And Open Porch Combination

Scenix Porch Windows with Retractable Screens

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Todays outdoor living areas often include more than just one setting. Often our customers will pair a porch with a patio or deck to allow 2 distinct living areas. For these Brentwood homeowners a screen porch and open combination was just what they wanted.

The screened porch is a traditional porch with a vaulted ceiling and exposed rafters. The roof is gazebo shaped and finished with spruce planks on top of the rafters. The porch includes an outdoor fireplace to provide heat in chillier months as well as ambiance.

The floors are a tongue & groove cypress which we use as a standard. The cypress makes the room look more finished and more like an interior room. We used track lights on the collar ties.

The screened area includes varied sized columns. The wider columns between screened window units define the window space well. Within the 2-part window space, we used a narrower column to promote visibility. We used an arch over the box columns to match an arch motif on the front of the home. The kneewall is low to promote maximum visibility into this beautiful yard.

The large screened porch includes 4 fans. As weve noted in past posts, we feel that air circulation on your screen porch is very important for comfort and for enhancing your experience on the porch.

The door set is flanked by beautiful gas coach lights.

More fans were used across the porch and can lights were installed. There are lights on the columns as well.

How To Close Off The Porch For Winter: Acrylic Vs Glass Vs Vinyl

It’s that time of year when it’s time to put the swimsuits and short sleeves in storage and pull out the sweaters and warm fuzzy socks. Additionally, it’s time to perform winter home maintenance. If you have a porch enclosure, its time to winterize it. However, what material is best for keeping your space protected during the cold and wet of winter?

Today, on the Metro Screenworks blog, were going to compare some of the most common options for enclosing your porch this winter.

Different Types Of Sunroom Addition

House Bumpout A house bumpout is a moderate expansion of an area though its not really a room in itself. Along with a bumpout falls well short of becoming a complete addition: a multi-room, multi-function structure which is very costly but that provides significant resale value to your house. A sunroom is commonly greatly fenestrated. Besides sunroom windows ideas, it usually has sunroofs, or the whole room may be made of glass. Incorporating the thought of a bumpout with a sunroom offers a bumpout hybrid that is highly centered on relaxation & sunshine. This particular hybrid generally doesnt have sleeping quarters, a kitchen, or maybe a bathroom. The walls are usually substantial 16- or 24-inch on center wood-framed, insulated walls. The sunroom part is the fact that these walls are populated with many more windows than may be seen in a regular sitting room. From the exterior, these custom-built hybrid sunroom-bumpouts blend in effectively with the majority of the home. Siding, roofing, paint, and window styles match all together. The sole clues this may be a sunroom are it has an unusually large amount of windows, and it extends farther into the home compared to the majority of the house.

Perfect glass ceiling with ample amount of greenery make this sunroom a winner.

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Tempered Glass Panels: Quality Custom Options

Tempered glass panels are by far the best option for enclosing your porch. Tempered glass is safer than regular glass as it is stronger and, if broken, breaks into pebbles instead of shards. The tempered glass panels we provide are durable in the sun, can be cleaned with regular glass cleaner, and come in stock and custom sizes for a perfect, secure fit in your porch enclosure.

How Much Eze Breeze Windows Cost To Install

26 Beautiful Screened

The cost of Eze Breeze windows obviously depends on the size of your room. But to give you a fair idea of the cost of materials and full installation, here are some numbers my parents shared with me:

  • Their screen porch dimensions are approximately 11 x 24.
  • There are 20 four-track windows with screens for ventilation on the top portion and 20 fully glazed windows on the bottom half.
  • There are 2 non-Eze Breeze metal porch doors that were already in place and some small sidelight and transom windows. When the home was built many years ago, the screen porch was never really meant to be fully encased in windows so each window is not exactly the same dimension as all the others. Therefore, a few of the windows had to be custom made on-site.
  • It took 1 day to install it all.
  • The total cost, including installation: $4,000.

The most important factor to consider here is whether or not they are happy that they decided to have the Eze-Breeze windows installed.

The answer is Yes. They are very happy with the way their screened in porch looks, the time and labor that Eze Breeze windows have saved them, and the quality of the installation job.

You cant ask for anything more than that!

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Keep The Outdoor Feel And Ditch The Elements

A screen porch is great for an outdoor feel and to keep pesky bugs away. However, there are times when you wish you could close it up to the elements.

Glass windows are not the best option to enclose your porch for the following reasons:

  • Traditional windows are not built for spaces without climate control.
  • They lack functionality to save the outdoor feel of a porch.
  • And, they can be expensive and complex to install.

These Enclosed Spaces Let You Enjoy The Outdoors With More Time And Comfort

Outdoor living spaces featured some of the hottest home improvements of the last few years, and the trend isnt likely to stop soon. As people spend more time at home, they want a comfortable way to enjoy their outdoor space. But what happens when weather conditions make a patio inhospitable?

An enclosure, such as a sunroom or three-season porch, offers the best of both worlds. Sunlight, outdoor views and fresh air without the bugs, temperature and humidity. Perfect.

Wondering how to choose between a sunroom vs. screened porch? Heres the scoop.

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The Convertible Garage Slider

What a better way to add an extra room to your garage than with THE CONVERTIBLE while adding to the beauty of your home. Our heavy-duty threshold assures many years of trouble-free service, and our exclusive 1 roller adds ease of operation and dependability. While this product allows for the benefits of Floridas subtropical climate by enclosing your garage with a convertible garage screen slider, it is a favorite in many other states as well.

Here’s Our Little Screen Porch Window Story

Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows – Introduction

We once had a wonderful screened porch with glass panel inserts. We had to store the glass panels during the summer which meant we had to install and then remove the panels twice a year. Oh how we wished we would have had retractable screen porch windows.Almost inevitably, we would crack several windows either during installation of the windows over the years and actually broke a few transporting them back and forth from their storage location. Replacing the glass was expensive.That won’t happen with porch windows like these.They are extremely durable and rugged 10-mil vinyl glaze panels. This flexible material is transparent, will not shatter like glass, and stores in place. While we don’t have them ourselves , we know people who do and they tell us they enjoy these windows.

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Easy Care And Maintenance

Caring for your EZ Storm panels is a breeze.

To clean your panels at the end of the season, wash down both sides to remove all dirt, dust, and pollen. We suggest you use the original shipping crate for storage to keep your panels safe and clean.

Rinsing your panels at the end of the season helps prevent abrasion from dust, dirt, and pollen particles and is an important step to maintaining a clear view.

How To Choose Between A Sunroom And A Screened Porch

EricVega/Getty Images

While the main difference between a sunroom and screened porch is that fourth season, there are other things to consider before building a sunroom addition. The location of your home, goal of the space, permits required, utility cost, usable time and overall construction cost will all factor into your decision.

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Ready To Buy Here Are The Next Steps

Are you ready to buy or at least learn more about the possibilities? You can shop Scenix windows on our website. There you can view images of what these windows look like installed as well as see frame color and size options. Now is the best time to buy as supply chain issues may extend shipping times.

Option : Storm Panels

34 Cozy Farmhouse Screened In Porch Design Ideas in 2020

Not only do storm panels make your porch much more comfortable, they can also greatly add to the appearance of your home. The sleek look of glass from the street adds beauty and significant value to your home as well as providing a bright sunny room to hang out in.

In this case storm panels were added over the existing screens. There were not any carpentry modifications and the price was very affordable. The homeowner removes them seasonally though he has the option of taking out as many as he wants.

A homeowner hired us to cut out the existing screens. In its place, removable screen panels and storm panels were added. There were no carpentry modifications, making the price very affordable. The homeowner removes them seasonally as they desire, and can also choose to swap out as many or as little as they want.

Meanwhile, another homeowner built an enclosure and hired us to make storm windows to enclose it. To grab as much light at possible, he added some neat triangle transoms.

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How About This Idea For Screen Porch Windows

I remember as a teen, my father and grandfather building large screen panels to fit across our garage door opening to create an enclosed screen porch.Mom and Dad enjoyed many hours relaxing in their new screened porch, playing cards and entertaining friends. Although Dad was ahead of his time he would have loved the versatility of screen porch windows like these.

It doesn’t get much easier than this to create your own screened porch enclosure or three season room than with the right screen porch windows.These windows present themselves as a more affordable option than glass windows, more durable, safer and greater functionality. We have asked several people who have them if they are durable over time and easy to clean and they tell us yes.

Featured Product: Genius Scenix Porch Windows

When it comes to home improvement, and more specifically, creating a porch enclosure, it is all about finding high-quality products that provide long-lasting convenience and curb appeal. Genius Screens offers just that Genius Scenix Porch Windows. These porch windows can function as winter porch panels and screen porch panels during the warmer months.

Keep reading to learn why this screen porch window system may be your next favorite home improvement addition.

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Enjoy A Return On Investment

Not only will enclosing your porch with Scenix Porch Windows increase your homes square footage, but according to a recent NAHB survey, a porch is one of the top five outdoor features home buyers desire when looking for a new home. Another study showed that over 65% of new homes have a porch. With more people working from home, there is a desire to increase their homes square footage and get the most out of their space a 3 or 4 season porch enclosure can do just that.

Whether you are looking for a long-term investment for your forever home or an addition that will look good for future buyers, a Scenix screen porch window system offers both.

Option : Operable Storm Panels With Screens

Sunspace | Vertical 4-Track Porch Windows

Many people love the option of being able to let in pleasant weather and block out unpleasant weather quickly and easily.

This is achievable with a double or triple track storm window.

On nice days and evenings you can open the window in seconds and enjoy the weather and breeze with just the screen in place.

With Larson double or triple track storm panels, you can feel the warm breeze or make your porch comfy and cozy in seconds.

Example of a 3-season porch with storm windows

An example of tracking in a triple-track window

Both options are much less expensive and quicker than replacing your screened in porch and add months of use. It is like adding a whole extra room to your house.

Were proud of our reputation and work tirelessly every day to make sure our customers are satisfied. It all results in an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and a 5-star rating on Google.

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Easy To Install And Clean

We have engineered our Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows to be one of the simplest and most rewarding home improvement projects you will ever take on. From our detailed system of gathering your final measurements, to scheduling delivery directly to your home or cabin, and finally to our detailed installation procedures, you will find that the entire process is EZ.

For installation, you will only need a few tools: screw gun with a square bit, caulking gun, tube of window caulk, and a level. Please watch our installation video.

Because of our lightweight removable panels, the windows are easily cleaned with capful of Murphys Oil Soap or Woolite diluted in a bucket of warm water and applied with a very soft cloth. Check out our care and cleaning video for reference. For the best results, we recommend a final cleaning with our Vinyl Cleaner and Preservative, available from Amazing EZ-Screen Porch Windows.

Proudly Made in the USA


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Can I Put Glass Windows In My Porch

Ask the Porch Window Guy | Question 1: Can I put glass windows in my porch?

The short answer is yes. But, I would follow-up with a question of my own: Do you need another room in your house? Cause thats what youll end up with.

Typical glass windows will really change your outdoor space, and not just visually. Glass windows will completely alter how your porch feels and how its used.

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Let Your Porch Be A Porch

A screened porch, on the other hand, is a quasi-outdoor space, used when the weather permits, and as such, does not end up dominating the home. The living room remains the living room, and the porch remains a porch.

PES roll-up panels being added to this screened porch. No more pollen and a clear view.

Laura Gourley, a homeowner in Stevensville, Maryland said she loves her porch and uses it often, but the weather in Maryland is hit or miss. We really love our screened porch, but wanted more use of it year round. We had looked at making our porch a permanent enclosure but it is outrageously expensive to add glass, so the Porch Enclosure Systems product was a great alternative. PES offers all the same year round living advantages of a sunroom while maintaining the charm of the porch and connection to the outdoors.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all types, but the screened porch has a lot of advantages over the sun room:

1. Cost-to-Build Comparison: A screened room can be less than half the cost of a sun room, as screened panels are very cheap to make. Heres a cost comparison:

18 x 24 sun room $36,000

10 x 15 sun room $18,000

15 x 15 screened porch $8,000

3. Electric: As living space, a sun room requires electrical outlets about every 6 feet on all walls. For exterior walls, this often means floor outlets. You also need lighting and a switch as you enter the room. Unless you can DIY electric, add the cost of an electrician to your total.

What Are Sunroom Kits

Such a cute screened in porch. Perfect for chilly fall nights or warm ...

Prefabricated sunroom kits are a more affordable option for experienced DIYers, though theyre lower quality.

These kits have fewer options for customization, and they lack the seamless look and feel of a traditional sunroom addition. Theyre simply attached to your homes exterior wall so the siding is visible from within the sunroom. An existing exterior or patio door usually becomes the entrance to the sunroom.

Sunroom kits walk the line between a fully-built sunroom and a screen porch, Ang says. In general, they have much more in common with screen porches than sunrooms. Since theyre less likely to be heated or well-insulated, many sunroom kits are best suited as three-season rooms.

Walker advises caution when ordering a DIY sunroom kit. Unless you know exactly what youre dealing with, you may get something you didnt want and lots of gray hairs along the way, he says. Consulting with a professional will help you find the right fit, whether that be a fully-built sunroom, a screened porch or a sunroom kit.

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