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Deck And Patio Combination Ideas

Patio Ideas That Will Make You Want To Live Outside

How to Add a Deck or a Patio | DreamPlan Home Design Tutorial

The Spruce / Almar Creative

A patio is an essential outdoor space that connects your interior and exterior. Depending on the size and placement of your patio, it can act as both a bridge to the outdoors and an oasis for lounging and entertaining that can be as stylish and comfortable as your interior.

Unlike a raised wood deck, a patio floor is usually covered with poured concrete that might be painted or left unfinished, decorative tiles, or stone. The patio might be covered to provide partial cover from too much sun or rain. Or it might be a large uncovered open space that includes built-in living, dining, lounging, entertainment or kitchen zones. A patio might be made up of a single block of concrete, or stone pavers edged with grass for a contemporary look. Bringing a green element into your patio decor such as landscaping, plants, or even vases filled with branches or flowers from elsewhere in the yard will help make the patio feel integrated into the rest of the outdoor space.

Check out these stylish patios in a range of sizes, layouts, and materials for inspiration on how to build or decorate a stylish outdoor oasis of your own.

Incorporate Stylish Deck Furniture

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of heights, including low-to-the-ground chat sets, traditional dining-height chairs, and tall bar-height seating. Select the type of seating that best fits your deck’s space and usage. On this deck, a chat-height set allows guests to easily talk while savoring snacks. This flexible seating can also easily be regrouped to accommodate large gatherings.

Have Fun With Folk Style

White walls and floors give you the freedom to decorate a space in whatever way you like. Have fun with folk style to bring a summer festival feel to your deck with colourful clashing cushions, patterned rugs and an abundance of floral decorations.

Of course, to keep it looking fresh, white painted decking will need regular cleaning and touch ups.

‘Spills on any decking should be cleaned up quickly and if there is potential for staining to occur, use the recommended cleaning product,’ says Janet Sycamore at TDCA. ‘If a protective finish has been applied to the deck, then this should be reapplied in line with the suppliers or manufacturers guidance.’

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Add A Decking Area To A Garden Room

Create a dedicated outdoor area for a garden room by laying a decking area beyond the retracting doors. The frontage provides a space to sit outside, making it an extensive of the extra living space.

Frame the compact decking area with simple yet thoughtful planted borders, that separate the decking and the structure from the remaining garden. Don’t forget to complete the effect with dramatic garden lighting ideas for the perfect decked garden that will work well into the evening.

Where’s The Easiest Place To Lay Decking

Deck and patio combination ideas

You need a flat, level surface, so laying it onto an existing patio or concrete base is the most straightforward way. to build a deck into earth or grass, dig out to a depth of 5cm and cover with weed-suppressing fabric and gravel. Paving slabs are then laid on top to support the deck’s framework and prevent rot.

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Create A Mini Spa Sanctuary

Photo via Archadeck

This full privacy, multi-step wood deck is ideal for creating a backyard retreat to relax after a long day. Remember to consider the weight of the hot tub, including the water, to ensure the structure of the frame supports the full weight of the spa.

Key insights:

  • Make this space yours where you feel comfortable to release the stress of the day. Include comfortable outdoor furniture, plants, and other items to create a space you enjoy.

Combine Decking Lighting With Heating

As the weather gets cooler, you’ll likely be thinking about ways to keep your deck warm, so that you can still use it throughout autumn.

Patio heaters are not always the best-looking things, but many newer electric models combine great style with great infrared heating properties.

We like how the La Hacienda patio heater from Argos sits on a tabletop and looks like a lamp perfect for creating that indoor-outdoor living space vibe.

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Choosing Patio And Deck Builders

When starting the process for exploring the options for your backyard living space, its important to recognize that not every patio builder is also going to have the team and expertise to be able to build your deck. Conversely, most deck builders are not going to be able to build your patio. But as we mentioned, its really important to find a company that can design and build both in order to give you the complete look and total functionality that you desire.

At Earth, Turf, & Wood, our experience in designing and building many patio and deck combinations over the years has given us the understanding and ability to ensure that these two areas work seamlessly together. Every detail of the project is taken into account from the very start so that you dont find yourself later regretting that the project wasnt built a certain way. We believe that every single detail matters when it comes to making the finished product the best it can be.

A complex space with more than one finished area certainly benefits from making an investment to having a professional eye involved for design as well as the proper execution of the constructionand not every contractor can offer that. However, if you want peace of mind that your project is going to come together exactly as you desire it, its important that you make a wise choice in who completes the work.

Create A Calming Vibe With Sage And White

DIY Patio Makeover | Patio Ideas | Gorgeous Backyard Deck Transformation

Blue skies, bird song and greenery can make your yard the most tranquil of outdoor spaces to enjoy a cup of tea or set up as a reading nook idea. But the way you style your space with seating, paint colors and decor can either add to this calm or see it come crashing.Thankfully, in this deck idea, the white deck chairs and sage-colored outbuilding give a natural contrast to the biophilic backdrop, whilst adding an chic elegant, coastal and beachy vibe in Helen Burridge’s Victorian house.

Speaking about her backyard, she says: ‘I love bringing indoor cushions outside and these linen cushions work perfectly with these Adirondacks.’

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Create A Covered Deck And Choose The Best Decking Materials

Consider how much time and effort you want to spend on maintenance too. This beautiful decked garden room was created for BBCs Getting the Builders In and features a composite decking material, in anthracite.

Sian Astley , interior designer and builder at Moregeous Design created this raised decking idea using composite decking.

Available from retailers such as Timbertech , composite deck boards dont rot, warp or splinter, and require very little maintenance.

Use A Curved Deck To Surround A Pond

Introducing curved lines to the edge of this garden pond helps to soften the overall effect and create a calmer feel featuring lights by Lights4fun

A timber deck looks stunning alongside a garden pond and it also provides a spot to sit and admire any fish, pond life, or aquatic plants.

Use a softly curved edge around the water for a feeling of space. A pale hue will lift the area and add to the soothing vibe, as well as help to bounce the light around.

Surround with lush greenery, a candle or two, and a string of festoon lights and you’ll have the perfect haven for relaxing.

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Will Decking Add Value To My Home

‘The appeal of garden decking to house hunters is obvious: it is highly practical, meaning less garden maintenance,’ says Conrad, interior designer atMadison & Mayfair .

‘The timeless, natural beauty of wood is aesthetically pleasing in garden settings. And it is durable, meaning value is retained.’

‘When a fire pit is an add-on to outdoor decking, we are creating an entirely new room that a house buyer can envision spending many summer and winter nights. And this is an essential part of adding value to a home that leads to a future sale.’

‘The potential buyer must see your home as place they find happiness in. A fire pit enriches the outdoor space and, in turn, helps to maximize the potential of your home.’

Add An Accent Deck To A Garden Room Entrance

Custom Deck/Patio Malvern PA

If you don’t want to fork out on a large area of decking, or only have small area to cover consider accent decking ideas.

This small decking idea is perfect for those who don’t want an all-or-nothing decked space and allows for versatility in your garden space.

Better still, if you are thinking of a garden room, it’ll add a stable surface for your children or guests to enter and exit from.

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Create A Gorgeous Mediterranean Vibe

‘We replaced the fencing, painted the decking in Ronseal warm stone ultimate protection deck paint decking paint to revive it, created a raised flower bed with sleepers and bought new furniture and water feature. I was fortunate to work with some amazing companies to create the final look.’

Like most moms, Sami’s deck idea comprises of affordable items that look good and are priced well. For example, her furniture was sourced from Aldi , festoon lights and solar lanterns from Lights4Fun , parasol and hammock from Vonhaus and olive cushion and statue candle from H& M .

Decking And Artificial Grass

Timber decking and artificial grass ideas are a perfect combination, and this backyard proves it! When you have kids and pets around, theyll enjoy the garden more with a grassy area to play on.

The faux lawn in this patio breaks up an otherwise entirely brown space. It adds shape and size to the space with its eye-catching curved design.

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Enclose Your Garden Deck With Planting

Using the simplest pergola construction, you can train climbing plants over a decked area to create a private space that’s really well-shaded from the sun, too.

If you do this, you’ll need good garden lighting for the evenings and we’d suggest solar-powered garden lighting so that the garden lights up year-round without expending energy.

There are many benefits to solar lighting, but the main one is the ease of installation. Adding some solar decking lights will make the decking area functional and will help shape the deck into a fun-filled, welcoming part of the garden.

There’s an abundance of styles and types available, so do your research. The more varied a selection you can install, the better the overall execution of your garden decking idea.

Just as you would use lighting indoors, consider how to layer solar lights on your deck. Add fairy lights, festoon lights and lanterns, as well as deck spots, all solar-powered like this new collection from Lights4Fun to add layers of light.

Create Raised Benches And Tables From Concrete Blocks

100 Patio Design Ideas 2022 Backyard Garden Landscaping ideas House Exterior Rooftop Terrace Pergola

Photo by Better Home and Gardens via The Urban Homestead

If youre working on a budget, use cement blocks to create a striking patio design in your backyard. Throw in some colorful pillows and seat cushions to make this a cozy place to sit. Plus, give your ground cover a fun design with these circular foot steps surrounded around gravel. Can you picture how great your hot tub would look sitting in this setting?

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Take It Onto The Walls

For those with a raised garden, a good way to connect the lawn area with the patio is to continue decking boards onto the low wall that separates the space, as well as for a garden path. This will give a more coherent look and is especially good in small spaces. Consider whether you might want a for safety, depending on the height.

‘To aid drainage for rainwater, both timber and composite deck boards should be fitted with a positive fall and if grooved, the grooves should be fitted in the direction of the fall to avoid the potential for standing water,’ says Janet Sycamore at TDCA. ‘Always check the fitting instructions from the manufacturer and install accordingly.’

Keep Your Decking Area Private With Planting

The decking is painted in anti-slip Decking Stain in Urban Slate from Cuprinol , available at Homebase

Feeling overlooked by the neighbors isn’t going to result in relaxed outdoor living, so consider planting that can shield you from the gaze of onlookers. If there’s room, you can design your decking ideas with a border beyond that will screen the space. Or, if space is tight, or you want to be able to take plants with you when you move home, use tall planters for your greenery.

We like the idea of choosing jungle-like foliage as seen here perfect if you’re looking for a touch of tropical garden ideas. Not only is it great for additional privacy, but it can make you feel transported from an urban garden to more exotic locations.

The cool gray color of the decking balances the hot shades of the planter, table runner, and cushions.

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Build A Bench Surrounding Your Hot Tub

Photo via Archadeck of Central GA

If the sunken hot tub is too much work , another option is to build a bench around the spa for a nice clean, modern look. For most people, composite materials are more functional to use when constructing an area outdoors or around a hot tub. If you decide to use wood instead, make sure the wood is properly sealed . Your local home improvement store or contractor can assist you in what options fit best for your areas climate.

How Do I Keep My Decking Clean

Custom Deck/Patio Malvern PA

Remove all furniture and start by brushing all dirt and debris from the decking before washing it with decking cleaner and hosing down with water. It’s also worth investing in a pressure washer to ensure your decking stays looking new, year after year.

‘Tackle your patio or decking by using a pressure washer to spray away any moss and grime that might have built up over the winter months,’ advises Sophie Herrmann, Brand Manager at Jeyes . ‘Ensure that the settings on the pressure washer are suitable for your deck. Otherwise, it could potentially damage the surface of your deck.Consider using a specialist outdoor cleaning product to remove algae, mould, mildew and dirt from patios, driveways and tarmac.’

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Soften The Edge Of The Deck With Overgrown Planting

Blurring the edges of a deck with planting makes it look much more established within a garden and much prettier.

Let the deck’s color complement your borders too: they dont have to be bland and brown. There are myriad decking paints out there that allow you to jazz up your outdoors and splash a little personality onto your deck.

If you want sleek and sophisticated go for greys for bold and bright try an orange or keep it more natural and choose a subtle green. The best news is that the paint seals and nurtures the wood too.

Ronseal comes in 10 different colors, smooths the rough surfaces and fills cracks, leaving your wood with long-lasting color and protection.

Carve Out A Cooking Area With Raised Decking

Give an outdoor cooking area it’s own raised decking, to add a signify a dedicated outdoor kitchen zone. The use of wooden flooring helps add an indoor style element to an outdoor kitchen idea.

Also from a practical point of view a wooden decking can be easily washed down and is less likely to be damaged as a result of kitchen accidents with dropped plates and more.

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Is Decking Strong Enough For A Hot Tub

When trying to determine if your deck is strong enough to hold a hot tub, its important to get an expert opinion. Talk to your hot tub company and get their advice before you decide on deck designs with a hot tub. However, there are some guidelines to help you estimate what your deck can handle. Usually, a deck that is raised a few feet can handle about 100 pounds per square foot. If the spa youre considering is less than 100 pounds per square foot, your deck will be able to support it.

How Much Weight Can an Elevated Deck Hold?

An elevated deck can usually hold about 50 pounds per square foot. To find out how much weight your hot tub will be, youll need to know:

  • Weight of the empty hot tub
  • Weight of one gallon of water is 8.34 lbs
  • Weight of the average person is 175 lbs
  • Width of hot tub x Length of hot tub

Now you can add the hot tubs dry weight, plus the water capacity, plus the number of recommended occupants multiplied by the average weight of each person. This will give you the typical pounds youll need your deck to support.

How Much Weight Can a Composite Deck Hold?

A composite deck can also hold about 50 pounds per square foot. It is one of the best options for a hot tub, since it stands the test of time and can be made to be moisture-resistant.

How To Reinforce a Deck for a Spa

If your deck is not designed to bear the weight of a hot tub, you can reinforce the deck to make it more structurally sound. Here are a few ideas for reinforcing your deck:


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