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Decorate Front Porch For Summer

Small Front Porch Ideas: A Few Tips

FRONT PORCH MAKEOVER | Spring & Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas! | DECORATE WITH ME
  • Recycle and reuse. Keep your doormats and use them over again. If they are in good shape, there is no reason not to keep them. I know Ive mentioned this before, but I actually have quite a collection of doormats. I dont always buy a new onemany times I use what I have. The same goes for your soft furnishings If you have some pillows that youve used inside for a few years, take them outside. I guarantee they will feel new again!
  • Use inexpensive annuals for your pots with a little fresh potting soil. Its not necessary to change all of the potting soil each time you switch the plants. For an added boost, water the annuals with Jacks All Purpose Plant Food.
  • Go for something unexpected. For example, if you have an electrical outlet, add a lamp. I had a lamp on my porch for years until I switched to the lanterns. It weathered very well and never blew over. Another idea is a sign that says welcome or gather. Anything that adds your signature style is always perfect.

Now that youve seen my latest small front porch ideas, heres a look back at previous years. Some things change, but most things remain the same.

Blue And White Summer Porch Decor By White Arrows Home

My totally amazing friend Kristin from White Arrows Home shared some beautiful blue and white summer porch decorating ideas.

Kristin lives in a beautiful cabin in the Northwoods of Wisconsin on the lake. Oh how I love her home!

But wait until you see her gorgeous front porch!

From the stone to the cabin, plants and nautical decor, nothing says summer more than Kristins front porch in summer.

Refreshing Porch Decor Ideas

Checking out an online store for summer furniture is a simple method to acquire some high-quality decors and furniture delivered straight to your modern home. To help you choose the best furniture and accessories for your outdoor space, we listed some front porch ideas that will look stunning all summer long.

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Spring Front Porch Decor

Here are a few of my favorite ways to decorate your front porch for spring.

This year I kept things relatively simple. I used the same layered doormats that Ive had for awhile now.

You can find all the details including sources in this post: Spring Entryway and Front Porch Decor.

A few woven baskets filled with roses and a pothos plant dress up the entryway and make for easy maintenance too!

Here is another easy front porch decorating idea for spring. This is from last year. And it shows how simply painting your front door a different color can make all the difference in the world!

If you are interested in learning how to easily paint your front door, check out my guide: How To Painting Your Front Door in One Afternoon!

Don’t Forget The Rocking Chairs

Creating the Perfect Summer Front Porch with Kirkland

If you’re stuck in analysis paralysis over the type of furniture to add to your summer front porch, know that rocking chairs are always a good idea. There’s a reason it’s called a rocking chair porch, after all. Choose classic wood rockers, or upgrade for a Polywood version that’s virtually weatherproof.

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Embrace Your Summer Style

Your front porch likely gets a lot of use in the summer months, but it doesn’t have to be a one-season attraction. Transport yourself to a relaxing summer evening every time you step out your front door, all year long. Get the feel of a warm-weather paradise with rattan or bamboo furniture and woven jute textures that can be accessorized for each season. Vibrant, patterned textiles and an abundance of lush greenery both potted and hanging will create a space you want to spend time in, no matter the time of year.

Spectacular Spindle Front Porch Swing

Dramatic and bold is how to describe this front porch swing. Crafted from sturdy stair spindles, this unique swing offers a place to kick up your feet and enjoy a beautiful summer day. Add a black and white cushion for added comfort and an extra design element. A small table creates a cozy space that resembles your main indoor living area. Invite your closest gal pal over for a quiet evening or let the kids join you for a late evening story on the swing. Youll soon discover this special spot on the porch is the favorite of each member of the family.

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How To Decorate A Front Porch For Spring

Featured: Outdoor Sunrise Dahlia Foliage

Spring equates to fresh flowers and greenery. Let your porch decorations for spring reflect the seasons hues by using blooms such as daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. Pair springtimes light and airy feel with soft furnishings in muted or pastel shades.

After sprucing up your porch, the next concern is often, How do I decorate my lawn in the spring? Create a cohesive look throughout your exterior spaces by using the same foliage type for all. Some ideas for easy decorating:

  • A combination of wreaths, garlands, hanging baskets, and window boxes using similar types of blooms or featuring matching color palettes
  • Lifelike potted flowers and greenery to complement your lawns landscaping
  • Artificial topiaries lining pathways or highlighting other areas of interest, to help create the look of a lush and manicured garden.

Insiders Tip: Balsam Hill offers coordinated outdoor-safe foliage collections for easy decorating. These include topiaries that come pre-lit to add a warm glow to your exterior spaces.

Ready to decorate for spring? Get inspired by these quick and easy front porch transformations from home decorating experts:

1. Impress your guests with a welcoming focal point

2. Celebrate spring with a quirky pop of color

3. Make the most of the season with natural and artificial flowers

Featured: Outdoor Vibrant Summer Bloom FoliageFeatured: Mixed Evergreen with Pinecones Foliage

Front Porch Decorating Faqs

Summer Front Porch Decorating Ideas 2020|Clean and Decorate With Me

Style your front porch the same way youd style any room inside your home. If space allows, include a seating area and small table. An outdoor rug softens the area and adds color and texture. Plants and flowers are excellent porch decorating elements.

If you lack flower growing experience, there are many hearty, easy-to-grow flowers that are perfect for porch design. Hanging baskets of begonias or petunias bloom in bright shades of pink, orange and purple. Hibiscus and Mandevilla grow well in pots placed in sunny areas of your porch.

Paint everything from walls, to floors, to furniture in light, cheery shades. Use as much white as possible to reflect available light. Avoid dark furniture and linens, opting for pastel shades instead. Add additional light fixtures if your porch needs more light at night.

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Show Some Color With Bright Planters And Potted Plants

There are other options besides planting annuals if you want to decorate your front porch. Plant boxwood topiary in vibrant pots if you prefer a simpler color scheme for the front of your house or are seeking a low-maintenance planter solution. It will offer a splash of color to your front porch all summer and year-round.

Muellers giant planters include a matte-finished exterior in gentle, wavy curves and a ceramic visual display that gives your environment a new, decorative touch. Ideal for usage at home, the workplace, hotels, restaurants, and other business establishments.

Perfect for any front entry, poolside patio, or large hallway. These planters have been specially constructed to endure the weather and last during winter. Because of the high-quality materials used to make these planters, the color will last for many years.

Simple And Fun Ways To Decorate Your Front Porch For Summer

Hey, look at that, my front porch got another little makeover. This years word for my summer front porch is minimal. Or one might actually call it lazy

Just kiddingbut I did find myself adding less to my front porch this year than I normally do.

My front porch and mantel are tied for how many times I have changed them since we lived here.

They are two of the easiest things for me to change though so why not. I dont go too crazy when I do a little redecorating and most times I just shop my house. I am constantly moving stuff around. Nothing is safe.

I think the last time I gave my front porch a mini makeover was in the fall. It all started because we got a storm door and it completely changed the look of our front porch.

I was forced to paint my pretty blue door black. I still miss my blue door.

But you know what makes me happy and has helped me to get over the loss of my blue door? Lemon treesactually faux lemon trees

I found these faux lemon trees at Hobby Lobby. I have had my eye on these lemon trees for years. Every time I would go to Hobby Lobby I would circle them like a shark wondering where I could put one in my house. Welp, I think I found the perfect place

Plaid Rug//Similar Welcome Rug

And for the life of me I cannot find similar ones anywhere online. I linked almost similar ones below but they are slightly shorter than mine.

Plaid Rug//Similar Welcome Rug

Plaid Rug//Similar Welcome Rug

Two years later and our Aldi rocking chairs are still rocking it

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Add A Bit Of Greenery And Florals

Greenery and flowers are key to a bright, poppy, and inviting front porch! Balsam Hill has an amazing selection of flowers and topiaries that are extremely realistic. The flowers all have an incredible soft, smooth, and realistic texture of flower petals no one can tell they arent real, even if they are looking right at them! I picked out some dahlias, snapdragons, and hydrangeas

Adding a topiary or two by your front door leads the eye and makes your front door a focal point. If you have space on both sides, add two for a balanced look.

If youre like me and forget to water flowers then using faux flowers is a great way to dress up your porch without having to worry about maintaining anything. These are definitely my kinds of flowers!

Diy Summer Front Porch Ideas

The Best Front Porch Ideas For Summer Decorating 06

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Getting ready for summer? Brighten up your front porch for the season with these creative summer front porch ideas. From colorful planers to summer wreaths and cheery porch displays, there is plenty of inspiration for DIY projects. These summer front porch ideas will also add to your homes curb appeal and give you an inviting place to relax on a warm summer day!

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Put Out Or Change Your Welcome Mat

Your welcome mat is the first thing visitors will see when they come to your porch, so make sure it’s clean and inviting. You can find welcome mats in a variety of colors and styles to match your porch decor.

If you want to change up your look, try switching out your welcome mat for a different one or simply change the color. Welcome mats are an easy and inexpensive way to add a pop of color and personality to your porch.

Consider Adding Flowers And Plants

You can never go wrong with a touch of greenery in your outdoor space. Not only will plants add color and life to your summer porch, but they can also help to create a welcoming and inviting space.

Potted plants and planters are a great option and you can easily move them around if you decide to change your porch decor in the future. Hanging baskets and trailing flowers not only bring beauty and a serene feel but also save space. Consider flowers such as impatiens, ferns, ivy, and petunias.

If you’re looking for porch ideas that are a little more permanent, plant some shrubs or evergreens on your summer front porch. Boxwoods are a great option as you can easily shape them and they will add year-round greenery to your space. A wreath is also a great summery option that you can hang on your porch.

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Front Porch Furniture Ideas By Dabbling And Decorating

If you are looking for some porch decorating ideas, Ann from Dabbling and Decorating shared an incredible back patio renovation with a fire pit and conversation set.

What a great spot to enjoy the views of Vermont too! Ann has two beautiful homes in both Maine and Vermont and Im enjoying watching her transform each into cozy, beautiful spaces with a flare for all things vintage.

If youve got the space on your front porch, make it a place you want to hang out in with a cozy conversation set.

Serve Up A Side Of Comfort From Your Front Porch


Whether its holding a glass of lemonade or a pretty petal-powered display, a galvanized serving tray is a great addition to your front porch. Making it easy to entertain or organize some outdoor decor, this server creates a hearty hub for housing your go-to items. A dainty glass jar and a lantern are wonderful extras to keep on hand too. Maybe the younger kids will collect fireflies to fill the jar on a dark night or you will feel cozier with the soft glow of a lantern. Either way, this galvanized serving tray works nicely on top of your outdoor table and gives some extra pleasure to the eyes.

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Have Fun With Textures

This one is fun. You might be scared of trying this at home because you might mess up your d├ęcor, but we promise it is one of the most satisfying things you can do with hanging plants. If you’ve ever dreamed of the jungle look or the designer look on a budget, have fun mixing with textures, the secret is to look at the plants’ planter and surface. If you have a modern hanging planter with clean lines, you might want to add some thorny or long string of pearl to juxtapose each other. It makes sense the long sleek, clean lines accent an elegant planter. You can also stick to one style of planter for distinct hanging plants or flowers. For example, you can mix different succulents, one textured, one accented with flowers, and one that’s more subtle in the same type of planter. This creates cohesion and good use of all the elements. By applying these tips, you can elevate your front porch design ideas and make all your spring patio dreams come true.

Cozy Summer Porch Tour By Follow The Yellow Brick Home

My good friend Amber from Follow the Yellow Brick Home has a beautiful front porch that has all the summer vibes.

I could sit out here all day enjoying a nice refreshing glass of lemonade, couldnt you?

From the furniture to the cozy decor, Amber shares lots of great ideas for decorating the front porch.

And I think I need that wildflower pillow cover too!

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How Do I Make My Porch More Colorful For Summer

The summer season is synonymous with color, so it’s natural to want to create a bright front porch for the season. Luckily, there are lots of ways to incorporate color into your front porch decor.

  • Use colorful furniture: If your front porch is large enough for a seating area or even a few rocking chairs, your furniture is a great spot to start with incorporating color. Choose brightly colored chair cushions, patterned throw pillows, or multi-hued rugs to add plenty of pop to the porch.
  • Flowers: Flowers are another must for a colorful porch. Whether you go with hanging baskets, window boxes, or planters and urns, find flowers in your favorite colors, or stick within a color scheme for a more formal look.
  • Wreaths. A front door wreath isn’t just for the holidays. Find one embellished with faux florals, or add ribbon to a simple boxwood wreath to add a bright spot to the front door.
  • Flags and doormats. An easy way to add color to the porch is with flags and door mats. Swapping out these two elements for brightly colored versions will set a seasonal scene.

What Should I Put On My Front Porch

Front Porch Summer Refresh

Whatever you can fit? We’ve had small front porches, or stoops, in most of the houses we’ve lived in so all we could fit was a potted plant or two.

Plants are a necessity for me no matter how small the porch, along with a nice door mat.

If you have the room, creating a simple seating area is a great way to welcome guests, or to just hang out in after dinner.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot to make a comfortable seating area.

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Front Porch Decor For Summer

I like to use ferns, hostas and impatiens on my porch during the summer. They seem to like the shade and do pretty well!

If you are looking for a beautiful wreath to add to your door for summer, this Hanging Basket Wreath is gorgeous. It is also one of my absolute favorite DIYs Ive ever done. It was easy and makes such a big impact!

And if you love peonies, this DIY Floral Hoop Wreath is another great way to add some character and beauty to your front porch for summer.


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