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Decorating Front Porch For Fall

Frame Your Front Door With Fall Decor


If you don’t have a large porch to decorate, think vertically and add cornstalks or a leaf garland around your door. A vertical display will give you a big impact without taking up a lot of space. For fall porch decorating ideas on a budget, buy faux seasonal garlands instead of creating one with live produce or leaves. These can look convincingly realistic and be used year after year. Here, pumpkins get a vertical lift on pedestals that provide added interest to this decorative porch.

Cornstalks And Decorative Corn

Peter Gridley/The Image Bank / Getty Images

Look for dried cornstalks and decorative corn for your fall porch decor, which are typically on sale at this time of year and will really drive home the seasonal theme. Plus, because they aren’t specific to any holiday, they can be displayed from the beginning of fall all the way through Thanksgiving and into winter.

Final Thoughts On Decorating A Front Porch For Fall

To see how I decorated my front porch for fall, checkout this article I wrote

Use these simple decor ideas from this list to decorate your front porch for fall without breaking the bank. Whether you want to go with classic decorations, or more of a modern farmhouse style, these fall front porch ideas are sure to make your neighbors jealous!

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Glass Jar Twinkle Lights


Weve seen how, with the right lighting, you can transform any spaceyour porch and front steps includedinto something youll only see in fairy tales or movies. With that in mind, check out these twinkle lights in glass jars.

Thats all you need for this decor piece, tootwinkle lights from here and these glass jars. These lights are battery-operated, so you dont even need an electrical outlet.

Carefully arrange them along your front steps and around your porch furniture. Then just watch the warm, golden light transform your porch into a dreamy and magical place.

Entice Visitors With A Colorful Entry

A painted cabinet filled with pots and jars brings vibrant color to this front porch. A generous tumble of gourds in soft, creamy colors flanks the screen door. Colorful containers filled with frilly ornamental kale and fall flowers accent the pathway to the door and provide a warm welcome to visitors.

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Light Up The Night Fall Porch Decor

Foddershock, orange pumpkins, and comfy pillows are brought to life with the warm glow of some strings of twinkle lights. Enjoy the cool evenings with your friends as you take in the soft light during your catch-up conversations. The wooden bench is the perfect porch hangout and these lights accessorize it just the right way.

Real And Faux Pumpkins

The first thing that comes to mind with fall decorations is pumpkins.

TopiariesSImilar UrnSimilar RugDoor Mat SImilar Grapevine PumpkinsNesting Seagrass BasketsSimilar Pumpkin LanternSImilar Faux FlowerSimilar White PumpkinsSImilar Blue & White Pots

Whether you are decorating your festive front porch with your finds from the pumpkin patch or straight from the faux pumpkin aisle, I’ve got you covered with front porch ideas to create a warm welcome.

Typically in the south, I have trouble finding fresh pumpkins to decorate with until after my fall tour is published.

I have grown to love white pumpkins.

Whether you have room for a single pumpkin, a cluster of, or stacks of pumpkins, there is just something about the coziness that symbolizes fall.

TopiariesSImilar UrnSimilar RugDoor Mat SImilar Grapevine PumpkinsNesting Seagrass BasketsSimilar Pumpkin LanternSImilar Faux FlowerSimilar White PumpkinsSImilar Blue & White Pots

Right before I was about to photograph the porch, we were in Walmart. They had a box of heirloom pumpkins. While most of them were picked over, I came across these orange pumpkins.

TopiariesSImilar UrnSimilar RugDoor Mat SImilar Grapevine PumpkinsNesting Seagrass BasketsSimilar Pumpkin LanternSImilar Faux FlowerSimilar White PumpkinsSImilar Blue & White Pots

I think I will continue to look for a few more to add to the front steps so that I can have a mix of colorful pumpkins.

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How To Decorate Your Front Porch For Fall

Fall in love with fall all over again with these perfect porch decor ideas.

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For many, fall is the time to pretty up the front porch. Straw bales, corn stalks, pumpkins and mums will begin popping up around the neighborhood, and we’re here for it. Here are some ways to make the most of your front porch this fall.

Fall Decor Sitting On A Bale Of Straw

Fall Decorate with Me ð? Front Porch Decor Ideas | The DIY Mommy

This fall decor is positioned on top of a straw bale to give it height and depth. The decor is part of a fall front porch display. The pumpkins and gourds offer a nice shiny texture that contrasts the rough look of the straw and mums they surround. The bale is the perfect backdrop for fall decor pieces.

Yasmin Murphy

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Front Porches With Fall Flowers

Deirdre Sullivan is an interior design expert and features writer who specializes in home improvement as well as design. She began her career as an assistant editor at Elle magazine and has more than a decade of experience. Deirdre contributes content for brands including The Spruce and, and has been a featured speaker at various conferences.

Amp up your homes curb appealwithout calling a landscaperby beautifying your porch for fall. Adding festive accents isn’t all corn stalks and scarecrows, however. Decorating with flowers is a sophisticated way to add seasonal spice . For a little autumnal inspiration, here are 18 ways to add fetching fall flowers to your front porch.

Create A Fall Porch Seating Area

Add a bench to your porch for a comfy outdoor seating area that doubles as a festive fall vignette. Set a simple bench against an exterior wall or railing, then layer it with pillows and throws in weather-resistant fabrics. Fill planters, such as baskets and galvanized buckets, with fall flowers like mums to flank the seating area. Complete the fall porch decor with miniature gourds tucked between the planters and a nubby rug underfoot.

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A Pumpkin And Flower Harvest

This porch display on the steps and both sides of the door draws your eye up to the unique substitute for a wreath on the door. Each step offers something unique, and, on the door, the flowers look like they are growing in the burlap bag. Your guests will comment on the originality of your door decor.

Gigalumi Hanging Solar Mason Jar Lights

Fall Front Porch Decor: Our Happy Harvest at Home!

Illuminate your space with this six-pack of Mason jar LED lightsa top choice for people looking for an energy-efficient way to create a dazzling outdoor area. “Stick to the classic glass lights and stay away from anything too literally ‘fall,'” says Del Bello. “That means you can enjoy and use all year round.”

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Decorate Your Front Porch With Outdoor Fall Foliage


Display fall décor for the front porch such as garlands and wreaths to draw attention to your entryway. This creates a warm welcome for guests and is a quick way to transition from summer to autumn. You can also make a statement with minimal effort by using the same type of foliage as the centerpiece for your al fresco table setting. Apart from these fall porch décor ideas, you can also dress up your patio with potted mums,TOPIARIES, and artificial flower arrangements.

Fall Leaf Fairy Lights


When the fall season is in full sway, its time to string up your fairy lights to amplify the already rich and warm colors that mother nature has thought fit to reward us with.

But hold on just a second because theres something you can do to jazz it up some more. Check out these gorgeous, flame-colored leafy strings of fairy lights.

Theyre like little pockets of flames that sass up the entire space!

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Use Pumpkins Squash And Gourds To Your Advantage

A colorful mix of unique varieties of pumpkins, squash, and decorative gourds highlights the beauty of the fall harvest and can take your fall porch display from generic to fantastic. Some of our favorites are Warty Goblin, Long Island Cheese, Golden Butta Bowl, and Blue Delight. When its time to swap your fall display for Christmas lights, you can eat the pumpkins and squash, theyre delicious! Valas Pumpkin Patch

Mubin Cotton Buffalo Plaid Rug

7 Fall Front Porch Ideas

Create the farmhouse porch of your dreams using this 43-inch buffalo plaid rug as a focal point. Place a smaller brown sisal rug on top, which adds personality, texture, and doubles as a handy weather treatment. “I love sisal outdoor rugs, or anything with a brush materialthey withstand rain and snow,” says Del Bello.

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Line The Way With Burlap Fall Flowers

Adorn each step leading to your front door with a set of burlap flower containers. The burlap provides the perfect fall foundation for your hardy mums as they line the way to guests entering your home. Place a few pumpkins and hang a wreath to increase the orange a peel to your porch appeal.

Use Wreaths For A Simple Pop

One of the easiest ways to add a fall accent to your porch is with a wreath on your front door. With a variety of styles and colors, you can find a wreath that matches any other decor as well as your overall aesthetic. If you prefer a simplistic porch design, a wreath is a good option because it requires little setup or styling to look finished. But if you’re going for a more extravagant design, a wreath can be a great addition to a larger porch design.

Many craft and home goods stores have plenty of fall-themed wreaths that you can buy. But if you’re looking to be more hands-on with your seasonal decor, you can craft your own. Making one is pretty inexpensive, requiring only a few items that can often be bought at dollar or craft stores, says Prudent Penny Pincher. Gather craft items like leaves, branches, and pinecones in addition to materials like plaid ribbon and burlap to make your wreath in only a few hours.

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This Years Fall Front Porch Done

Following our trip to the pumpkin patch the Friday before last and a we-didnt-mean-to-get-this-many mums run I set up our fall porch for the year earlier this week! Fall has been in the air for about a week now, but I think in the coming days, temps are going to head back to the 90s. Regardless, I was ready to decorate the front porch for fall and have no regrets.

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Fall Decor For Front Porch Signs

27 Amazing Fall Front Porch Decor Ideas

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Neutrals With A Pop Of Green

Oh, how I love this natural green color against the backdrop of this neutral home.

When I think of fall, I typically think of reds and oranges.

But let me tell you, this homeowner knew exactly how to incorporate shades of green to give their space just that touch of autumn look.

The puppy is a cutie too but my guess is you cant find him at your local store!

How To Make Your Front Porch Warm And Cozy On A Budget

Ive gathered 13 simple fall decorating design ideas for your front porch, patio, balcony, or whatever you may have. Easy ideas to enjoy and re-create without costing a lot of money.

Make your own fall wreaths, candle holders, lanterns, garland, and such and save even more.

Adding simple fall decor can be warm and inviting, no matter the size of your porch, small, large, stoop, or even a balcony.

Using an old rusty watering can and an old cane-bottom chair, this rustic porch is done with a washtub full of live succulents. It is topped off with a handmade Welcome to the Farm sign.

If you like barnyard animals to decorate with, take a look at this3 piece set with a Cow, Pig and Rooster .

The succulents are temporary, and she changes everything around them for each season. What a great idea! Simple, save money, and yet attractive.

Nothing says fall more than this rustic wagon wheel and antique churn. Make fall porch decorating easy, and use what you have. The handmade wood pumpkin adds a touch of farmhouse style.

Read DIY Wooden Pumpkins Using 2×4s to learn another craft with pumpkins.

Decorating for fall gets no more simple than this. An antique egg gathering basket filled with natural gourds, colorful bright yellow sunflowers, and autumn leaves in reds, oranges, and yellow. For more fall crafts posts, see Rustic Pumpkin Bowl Fillers.

All images above are from my friends porch. Her porch is always decorated and festive for whatever the holiday season is.

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Front Porch Decor For Fall Autumn Entry Decorating Ideas

Posted on Published: 10/24/2019

Its that time of the year. Pumpkins, Indian Corn and autumn plants all help to make this front porch decor for fall a hit with visitors!

Each year, I use supplies from the previous porch but mix them up a bit to make my fall front porch decor a little extra special.

This year, I added some new plants and decided to add in heirloom pumpkins, pie pumpkins and lots of fancy gourds.

I find that harvest decoration ideas are easy because of the abundance of color that comes from natural elements. Pumpkins are everywhere and the Dollar Store also has a big supply of cheap fall decor items.

Spooky looking plants and those with Halloween inspired names are also a great choice for front porches.

Carved pumpkins with LED lights inside add a spooky look to any front porch or entry.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links below are affiliate links. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you purchase through one of those links.

An Homage To Season Traditions Of The Past

Decorating our front porch for Fall/Halloween! ðð»// Garden Answer

This rustic display can be quickly assembled with whatever you have. If you dont have a wagon wheel, just look around your house for something vintage or with a vintage-look. Add pumpkins, leaves, and lights to create a glow, and you have a nice rustic display for a small porch. This is quick to create for busy people who need some decorating ideas.

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What Are Some Front Porch Light Alternatives To String Lighting

Votive candles offer stylish lighting when you dont want to use string lights. To make a votive candle, take a small brown paper bag, fill half of it with sand and place a small candle inside of it. The sand functions as a weight to the bad wont fall over or blow away. Do not leave votive candles unattended.

Outdoor Fall Decorating Ideas

I love these rustic picking baskets filled with beautiful fall mums and bright orange pumpkins cascading down the steps of Christines house. Image from Where the Smiles Have Been.

Is farmhouse style your preferred fall decor? If so, why not decorate with White Pumpkins and Dusty Miller as Lynn at Nourish and Nestle has done? Grab your own rustic lantern that will not break the budget. Image from Nourish and Nestle.

Place fall decorations at varying heights to add interest. This is what Darcie at Such the Spot has done. A cute fall welcome indeed! These grapevine rustic pumpkins will help you to recreate this festive fall porch. Image from Such the Spot.

This fall-decorated porch says welcome! A custom-painted FALL HARVEST sign and a mixture of natural elements and color is perfect for this fall front stoop. Image from Our Home Made Easy.

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How Do I Decorate My Porch For Fall

Whether its covered with a roof or open with a small roofline like mine, there are so many ways to decorate a porch for fall!

Adding traditional fall decor such as pumpkins, gourds, wreaths, plants and lanterns are great decorating staples.

Depending on what you have, think outside the box and add things you love.

That may include vintage items, blankets, cozy outdoor furniture, and area rugs.


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