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Flower Pots For Porch Railing

Buy Railing Pots Online India

Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters on QVC

Balcony railing planters India are available in all shapes & sizes to deliver the best results for your limited gardening space. Moreover, you also get to choose from the wide collection of bold colors and beautiful designs of railing pots online India for your balcony garden. You can conveniently place these balcony railing planters in your balcony area for receiving maximum sunlight and fresh air. You can also choose different plants along with these railing pots online.

Apart from buying railing planters online at TrustBasket, you can also explore our website for potting soil, kitchen waste compost bin, coloured pebbles, terracotta garden pots, lucky bamboo for office / business, capsicum yellow seeds.

Charming Addition To Your Balcony

Theres no better way to make your balcony more pleasing than by bringing it to life with decorative shrubs and flowering plants. Combined with the attractive balcony railing planter pots from TrustBasket, they are sure to make your balcony the centre of attraction in your home. Choose from a variety of railing pots online in India available in colourful and innovative designs.

Types Of Railing Planters

TrustBasket offers a large variety of balcony railing planters in different colours, sizes and shapes. Our planters come with detachable hooks so you can use them as railing and also as table top planters.

These balcony railing planters are made of galvanized metal and have a powder-coated paint finish, which protects them from rusting and fading. Each balcony railing planter weighs less than 1 kilogram, which makes it easy to carry from one place to another. These railing pots for plants can hold up to 5 to 6 kg of potting mix, which helps you to grow all kinds of plants. All planters from TrustBasket have drainage hole at the bottom for excess water to flow out, which prevents the plant from rotting in case of over-watering. The minimum durability of our planters is 10 years and durability can be extended with proper maintenance.

Our oval and rectangular planters are available in seven different colours . These flower pots can be used to grow large flowers, common vegetables, climbers, root vegetables and greens. Our small railing pots like round dotted and bee planters can be used to grow common vegetables and flowers like .

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Flower Pots For Railings

Balconissima Color Self Watering Railing Planter

Gilbert &  Bennett Canterbury 24 in. Steel Deck Rail Planter

Included brackets in the Balconissima self watering porch railing planter are designed to make installation a quick and easy task. Paired with neutral colors and a small woven texture, this planter is the perfect accent for any number of exterior spaces.

The award-winning self watering system ensures plants are properly watered for up to 12 weeks. Additionally, the innovative design allows for three grow pots and offers an included wick irrigation system for easy watering.

UV resistant with shatterproof construction, the Balconissima is made to withstand a number of weather conditions. Enjoy growing a variety of flowers and greenery to accent your railings with very little required effort with the help of this versatile planter.

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Create A Potted Plant Portal On Your Patio

The Spruce / Kara Riley

Plants for patios can make an outdoor space feel more inviting and welcoming. Depending on what type of plants you choose, they can carve out a tropical retreat, a formal entertaining spot, a family-friendly area, or a bird and butterfly zone. Whether your patio basks in the sun all day or functions as a shady retreat surrounded by trees, there’s a perfect bloom to refresh your open-air room. Some of the easiest potted plants do well in container gardens, while others can be planted in the ground to add an element of privacy screening around your patio. Some even look for plants to help repel mosquitoes, like lavender, marigolds, and lemongrass.

Here are the 21 best plants for a patio to make your outdoor oasis burst with greenery, color, and texture.

Balconera Cottage Self Watering Planter Box

The woven wicker texture of the Balconera Cottage planter offers a rustic contrast to any space. The durable resin construction allows this planter to withstand negative weather conditions with ease, and two different sizes20 x 7 and 32 x 7with three neutral colors offer plenty of variety for personalization.

The sub-irrigation system offers an easy maintenance solution for your plants and flowers. Mount the exterior portion of the Balconera Cottage planter and pot plants in the liners to easily establish roots and move plants. Then just fill the reservoir with water and your plants shouldnt need constant care for up to 12 weeks.

Having a brown thumb shouldnt prevent you from creating beautiful spaces with the plants you love. With the help of self watering railing planters, your porch, deck, or balcony can be a verdant outdoor oasis that doesnt require much maintenance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Railing Planter Pots:

1. How can I install railing planter pots?

We have railing planter pots with supporting brackets and detachable hooks. You can use the brackets to securely attach the planters to balcony railings. The detachable hooks come handy when you want to hang the planter from the ceiling using chains. You can also remove the hooks and the brackets and simply place the planter on a table top or any other flat surface.

2. What type of soil is good for plants grown in railing planters?

Unlike plants grown in the ground, plants in planters completely depend on the soil in the pot for all the nutrients. So, you should use a well aerated soil that holds enough water. You should also add a good quality potting mix that has all the essential plant nutrients in the right proportions.

3. Can I use railing planters for decoration?

Yes, you can make your balcony more eye catching by planting decorative shrubs and flowering plants in attractive railing planters. TrustBasket offers a wide variety of balcony railing planters in different sizes, colours and shapes. You may choose innovative designs of these railing flower pots in your preferred colour and decorate your balcony railing according to your choice.

4. Which plants are suitable for railing planters?

5. How about the durability of the railing planter pots?

6. What are some good ideas for gardening with railing planter pots?

7. Can I use railing planter pots indoors?

8. Which are all season I can grow plants in balcony railing pots?

Add A Vertical Touch To Your Garden By Growing Climbing Plants In Pots These 35 Best Vines For Containers Are Perfect For Both Small And Big Gardens

Set of 2 Large Adjustable Deck & Railing Planters on QVC

Heres an exclusive list of the Best Vines for Containersthat you can grow in the smallest of spaces. Adorn your patio, balcony, rooftop or backyard garden with these today! Growing these climbing plants in pots will also save you from controlling their invasiveness.

Check out some cool Indoor Vines & Climbershere

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Railing Planter Boxes In Many Materials

Hooks and Lattice is known worldwide as the premier choice for container gardening and easy curb appeal. Since every flower box we make can also be mounted to fences and rails, your options are limitless with us. We handcraft standard and custom rail planters in the following materials:

  • Vinyl and Plastic

In addition to offering many material choices, you can confidently shop the largest selection of attractive container garden styles from the comfort of your home. You are sure to find something that adds curb appeal and allure.

Balcony Railing Planters & Deck Brackets

Transform your house, condominium or apartment into a garden oasis with railing planters made for the porch, deck, fence or balcony. Almost any area bordered by a railing can be taken from bland to dramatic with rail planters handmade from wrought iron, aluminum, copper, fiberglass and coir-lined hayrack troughs.

Window Box Planter + Deck Rail Brackets = Railing Planter Box

Any of our window boxes can be used as railing flower boxes or over-the-rail planters simply add brackets. We also offer no-drill brackets. Made to fit nearly any size or shaped rail, planters are available in cedar and PVC composite. Add hanging fence accents or balcony decor to dress up dreary spaces and increase curb appeal.

Hooks and Lattice offers extremely high-quality and long-lasting decorative investments. Be sure to check out helpful garden accessories like self-watering reservoirs and colorful liners for the best yard on the block!

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Dress Up Your Deck Or Porch With This Diy Wooden Railing Planter This One Is Made With Two Diy Window Boxes

Hannah is a former editorial associate at In her 5 years at DotDash Meredith, her contributions focused on home renovation and decor trends. Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies Home Journal, Southern Living, and more.

Hannah began specializing in home decor and renovation trends while working under multiple Better Homes and Gardens special-interest publications, including magazines like Storage, Do It Yourself, Refresh, and Secrets of Getting Organized.

Hannah received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from Drake University. She graduated in 2016 with a focus on Magazine Journalism. During her time at, Hannah worked on photoshoots, where she created DIY crafts and completed beginner- to intermediate-level home improvement projects.

Looking for an easy, inexpensive way to update your front porch? This custom railing planter is your summertime solution for curb appeal that lasts all year. Unlike many store-bought options, these DIY planter boxes for railings can be adjusted to fit your porch’s size and style. Follow along as we show you how to build and install a simple deck rail planter.

Lechuza Balconera Self Watering Railing Planter

CobraCo® 24 Inch Antoinette Deck Railing Planter with Adjustable ...

Personalize your exterior spaces with the two different sizes and selection of available colors with the Balconera. The smooth surface offers a contemporary accent to decks, porches, balconies, and even fences.

The contained self watering system offers a convenient liner, water-level indicator, and patented carrying handles for easy planting.

Made of recyclable materials, the Balconera can withstand adverse weather conditions. The UV-resistant finish ensures that the planter wont fade, and its construction maintains its frost-proof and shatterproof qualities.

Simply mount the planter to a railing, plant your greenery, fill up the reservoir, and watch your plants grow.

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Our Planter Boxes For Railings Can Handle The Outdoors

Countryside Railing Planters are made with a high-grade plastic blend thats fade resistant and sturdy. So theyll never lose their color or become brittle from sun exposure.

Metal rail planters typically rust. Plus, they can leak toxic substances that harm your plants. Wood deck railing planters look great but often deteriorate, especially with poorer-grade woods.

But these plastic planters for railing withstand anything Mother Nature throws at them. Theyre UV-protected and frost resistant. Plastic rail planters also dont absorb heat, so your plants will stay cooler and require less watering.

Best of all, our rail planters are made in the USA.


Does the Countryside Railing Planter fit any railing?

The Countryside Railing Planter fits most 2x 4 or 2x 6 railings without needing tools. However, please note that it does not fit some curved/domed railings, at least not without some extra effort and tools.

How should I pot my plant?

Add a small amount of perlite medium on the bottom of the planters. Finish filling with a light to medium weight potting mix and stones. Routinely adding plant food, according to plants directions, will dramatically increase the health, beauty and longevity of the plants in your Countryside Railing Planters.

What is the Countryside Railing Planter made of?

The Countryside Railing Planter is constructed from high-grade, durable plastic.

Is the Countryside Railing Planter self-watering?

No, only our contain a self-watering feature.


Wrought Iron & Aluminum Railing Planters

  • Both materials are weather treated with powder-coat finishes
  • Many decorative liners to choose from also suited for small flowerpots
  • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
  • Adds European charm – See: Federal, Georgian, Mediterranean and Victorian styles
  • Self-watering reservoir inserts available
  • Looks and feels like wood
  • Classic forms – See: Cape Cod, Craftsman and Colonial homes
  • Adaptable to walls, railings or fences
  • Self-watering reservoir inserts available
  • Vinyl railing planters are lightweight
  • Mainly contemporary styles – See Art Deco, Shingle and Greek Revivals
  • Some with sub-irrigation systems

For Wrought Iron Railings

If you have a wrought iron fence with a squared flat rail we have railing planter brackets to fit from 3/4 all the way to 5.5 in width.

For Rounded or Beveled Rails

If your balcony rail is rounded, or beveled, we have designed a bracket that will work with diameters up to 2.5. Please note that the European Planter Cage is made 1 longer to accommodate standard size liners. Scrolls add an additional 6 to the length and 3 to the width.

Railing Planter Experts Available to Help

We are proud to offer stellar customer service to all of our clients, regardless of project size. Whether you’re shopping for your very first container garden, dressing up your balcony or fully renovating your home or business, our skilled team is here to help you find just what you need.

Custom Railing Planters and Brackets Available

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Available In Wood Resin Fiberglass And Metals In A Variety Of Widths And Lengths

Flower pots for porch railing. Must ensure railings are secure and stable and will support the weight of watered deck planter. Chic Flower and Tree Porch Pots. Add curb appeal to a front porch create a container garden or decorate with seasonal plantings on a balcony or deck.

Ad The wait is over for our Summer Sale. Corners are great spaces for potted plants and flowers. Deck railing planters will fit on your deck balcony porch railings or on a fence.

For pricing and availability. For pricing and availability. Flowers embracing a functional railing bring lively visual refreshment to outdoor structures with colorful panache.

Save up to 40 across pieces for every room. See more ideas about railing planters deck railing planters flower boxes. 26-in W x 875-in H Modica Charcoal Gray Plastic Railing Planter.

Some deck planters are intended to hold pots while others can be planted directly. In addition flower-filled railing boxes. For planter boxes hanging over rails we offer eight different sized hook attachments to handle 99 percent of the types of deck rails out there.

Use flowers along edges. Our Flower Box Brackets for 2 x 6 Railings can be fixed to the top of a railing to securely hold any of our Designs Medium Galvanized or Copper Flower Boxes. 24-in W x 9-in H Deck Rail Planter Chocolate Brown Plastic Railing Planter.

Annual Plantings Dirt Simple Deck Planters Railing Planter Boxes Deck Planter Boxes

Boxed In Part 2 Diy Flower Boxes Deck Planters Diy Deck

Choosing The Right Railing Planter For Your Space

Self Watering Railing Planter

Creating dreamy decks and patios is effortless with our vast selections of garden materials, tools and accessories. Depending on the architectural style of your home, you may prefer one design to another. Our best advice is to choose a railing planter style that speaks to you. Rail Planters in any design will aesthetically improve exteriors and complement existing decor. Curb appeal also increases home values and helps you sell your home faster – especially when paired with other accents like shutters, faux balconies and iron accents.

  • Metal, Vinyl and Wood Options
  • Multiple color options available in Vinyl
  • Custom sizing and color options available

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Straddle Style Rail Planter Boxes Make It Easy

If youre not a fan of tools, youll love these rail planters. No drilling. No hammering. No screw driving. No tools are required!

The straddle style fits securely over standard railings 2 x 4 or 2 x 6. All you have to do is fill the railing planter with your favorite potting mix, plant whatever you like, and youre ready to sit back and enjoy the results. The railing planters stay securely in place on the railing.

Just remember to remove the two rubber stoppers on the bottom of the over rail planters for drainage.

Perfect For Balcony Gardening

City and apartment dwellers having space constraints need to come up with innovative ways to pursue their gardening interests by growing more in less space. Balcony railing planter pots are ideal in these conditions as they hang over balcony, held in place firmly by supporting brackets. Having a railing planter saves floor space, allows you to grow more plants and gives a more visually pleasing appearance.

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Best Vines For Containers

Botanical Name: Hedera Helix

USDA Zones: 4-10

English ivy is one of the best climbers for containers in the shade. Its ability to adapt to all types of conditions makes it an excellent choice for beginners. You can learn how to grow English ivy indoors in this article!

Note: All parts of English ivy are toxic if ingested.

Discover the best English ivy varieties here

What To Consider

Fancy Metal Railing Planters Balcony Rail Cascading Flower Box Deck ...

Shopping for railing planters is somewhat similar to searching for the perfect window box. The first thing to take into account for railing planters is the width of your deck or balcony’s railing. Several are made to set into wood that measures 2 x 4 or 2 x 6 inches, while others are adjustable, which is handy. If neither option works for you, your best bet is to choose one with hooks. Some are designed to be permanently mounted .

Next up, you’ll need to decide on material. Railing planters are typically made of high-grade polyethylene, wood, or various metals such as steel , or copper, which takes on a weathered patina over time. The vast majority have drainage holes or slats at the bottom, and there are also self-watering planters with reservoirs at the bottom.

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