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Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Price How Much Are You Willing To Spend To Create Your Seating

How to Make a Fire Pit Seating Area: Backyard Makeover – Thrift Diving

When it comes to choosing the seating for your fire pit, you should factor in how much you will need to spend in order to make your idea into reality.

Some options such as creating concrete benches and Adirondack chairs can cost a few hundred dollars. While more budget options, such as simple tree logs and outdoor chairs are available.

In the examples provided below, I have broken down the typical costs for the suggested options so that you will not have sticker shock in the middle of executing your vision.

Bring Everyone Together With A Bench

If you’re wondering how to make a small garden look bigger: listen up. Multiple chairs can do a serious injustice to a tiny scheme, so swap out individual seats for a bench setup.

The best garden benches can also double up as tables too and are the perfect furniture to display potted plants and other outdoor decor when you or your guests aren’t resting your butts on this long seat.

Cozy Around The Fire This Summer With Our Top Fire Pit Seating Ideas

The long awaited summer nights have arrived! Its no coincidence that summer nights spent cozied up around the fire hold a certain nostalgia as a summer pastime. A fire pit is the perfect way to make the most of your outdoor living spaces, especially as evenings often bring relief from the harsh heat and humidity. Not only does a fire pit create a beautiful focal point and add value to your home, but it elicits an ambiance that welcomes leisurely conversations and memory making among family and friends. Need ideas for a firepit that matches your style and space? We have just the inspiration you need!

A circular stone fire pit with an accompanying curved stone bench is perfect for large patio spaces and open landscapes. With a variety of stone options, this lavish built-in fire pit creates effortless style and luxury. The open concept leaves room for additional seating, but also offers an intimate space to cozy up and enjoy the sunset. With enough space and seating for a large group, its perfect for entertaining guests.

A small circular wood burning fire pit is an easy addition to a concrete or stone patio. For those wishing they had the time and flexibility to escape their urban neighborhood for the woods more often, this fire pit offers an authentic campfire feel and is great for marshmallow roasts.

Why wait another year? Make the most of your summer evening with a fire pit this season.Call and get a quote today!

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Why Do I Need Seating For My Fire Pit

Choosing the right seating area for your outdoor space and fire pit can enhance the look of your backyard, and make or break the experience for your guests.

Whether you’re searching for:

Outdoor living design Tips to stylise the decking in your family home

Our team of landscape architect experts can work with you to develop your designs while sticking to your budget and can help you to develop your dream from the ground up. We can create seating to suit anywhere within your garden or around your house and can work with your ideas and photos to facilitate a design that will make your patio, backyard or outdoor living area shine.

Where Should A Fire Pit Be Placed On A Patio

40 Circular Fire Pit Seating Area Ideas

Think about how you plan to use your fire pit when arranging it on your patio. If grilling is your goal, leave ample room for a serving cart to keep utensils, seasonings and plates nearby. To create a campfire setting, make your fire pit table the focal point by putting it in the center of your seating area, or keep the flames in the foreground with an in-ground fire ring opposite your sofa and chairs.

Bring a new element to your backyard view by setting a fire pit table across from your sofa.

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Cosy Balcony Fire Pit Idea

If you dont have the right kind of backyard for a fire pit, hows this for a fire pit with seating idea? Circular fire pits are often huge affairs built with stones, bricks, large rocks, and similar. But this little fire table is perfect for an intimate fire pit setting. And one of this size is pretty affordable, too.

This is a gas model, but if you want to go super environmentally friendly, you could always go for a fire pit that burns ethanol.

We love that the chairs match the rail and the awning, too. And that theres an awning to begin with, so you can enjoy your cozy fire pit balcony space whatever the weather.

Coordinating Your Fire Pit Decor And Furniture

Once youve finalized your fire pit area ideas and selected your seating, choose the rest of your decor carefully to coordinate with your theme and boost the comfort of your backyard retreat. Whether your design is casual and down-to-earth or sleek and modern, there are fire pit decor options for every layout.

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Should I Diy Or Hire A Pro When Building A Fire Pit

If you have the right skills and enough time, theres no reason you cant build a basic firepit yourself. However, if youre working with gas or you want to build something fancy and maybe include a beautiful seating area or turn the space into an outdoor kitchen, it might be worth consulting with a pro. When deciding whether to hire a pro or go DIY for your outdoor project, be clear about exactly what you want and be honest with yourself about your skill level.

Tribal Terrace With Fire Bowl

DIY Patio And Fire Pit Seating Area

We adore this DIY fire pit setup. Even the chairs give off that homespun/DIY vibe. And the addition of those comfy tribal cushions and little carved wooden side tables is sheer genius. The large cast iron fire bowl sits on a bed of concrete for safety and is surrounded by a beautiful wooden terrace.

You could even add a grate and/or rig up a tripod or stand to cook food.

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Things To Incorporate In Your Fire Pit

Introduce a social environment around your fire pit. Humans are attracted to the warmth and attractiveness of fire for hundreds of years. A fire pit is usually the most used site in a yard, particularly once the sun sets. Make your fire pit the centerpiece in a spot deserving of relaxing with your company. A number of methods to include class seating for guests include built-in seating, a grouping of ottomans, chairs or sofas, a group of logs or floor pillows, or a group of dangling bubble chairs.

Next, create your fire pit to be multipurpose. By buying a fire pit containing modular features, the fire pit becomes more than an area to loosen up and relax. Several ways a fire pit can turn into a multipurpose piece include: It has an area close to it to function as an impromptu coffee table or maybe a place to bring up feet. It is big enough to be utilized as a dining area, known as being a fire pit table. It can be gorgeous when not lit, because of the option of decorative gravel, glass, or stones. It has built-in lighting to light up the area.

Recycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

This is a brilliant cheap fire pit idea! A washing machine drum upcycled into a fire pit. Inventive and amazing. Plus, its ridiculously easy. And cheap. Did I mention cheap? You can pick the drum up for free if youre lucky. Otherwise expect to pay around $10.

The plant stand or legs you choose to attach you can thrift for just a few dollars. We love this upcycled fire pit idea for its sheer ingenuity.

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Open Plan For Any Plan

This open plan deck can adapt to just about any event you throw at it. A nice-but-approachable sectional sofa seating and bench seating along the dining table stand ready for groups big and small. The fire pit makes sure the party can continue into the evening. The broad wraparound deck stair lets people of all edges flow on and off the deck to a lower play lawn perfect for kids to ramble below while parents keep a watchful eye up above.

Fire pit in backyard landscape design for California Yardzen client

Simple Fire Pit Designs

Top 60 Best Outdoor Fire Pit Seating Ideas

Even a little firepit may create a nice backyard ambiance. Large firepits can easily make a statement. A straightforward rectangular shape prevents bonfires without taking up more space. Comfortable seating for two can be provided by a pair of wicker chairs, and the outdoor room’s vibrant container gardens serve as its dynamic border!

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Simple Fire Pit Setting Ideas On A Budget For Diy Designs

03-10-20Joe HatsDesign

Whether you want to cozy up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa or you want to feast on toasted marshmallows, an outdoor fire pit is a perfect solution for all your plans. However, not everybody is willing to or able to dish out thousands of dollars for such a fire pit. The best part is you dont have to, at least, not when you can opt for these simple fire pit setting ideas that are magical yet inexpensive.

Nothing warms you up like a good wood fire. Who knew incorporating a camp-like feel in your backyard could be so easy? All it takes is a little patch of gravel with a circular ring of stones in the middle. Place some DIY half log benches around the setting and some wood in the middle. Light up the fire and enjoy a perfectly magical night around the fire pit.

You can get as creative as you like or as your budget allows. You can fashion beautiful wooden benches, or you can instead opt for wood chairs. Add more definition to the space by lining the pebble-strewn area with cement blocks or red bricks. They not only add dimension but color as well, besides keeping the decorative stones within the designated area.

To give a little more polished look to the yard, you can replace the gravel with flagstones. Add a metal fire pit to the center and patio chairs around it for an equally comfortable space.

Outdoor Seating For Decks & Fire Pits

We are the number one outdoor seat builder and entertainment area specialists on the Sunshine Coast.

Even if you’ve built your deck, chosen the perfect flooring, added an epic fire pit, you may find there’s still something missing. Before you invite the crew over to christen your new outdoor addition, you need to select the perfect space and seating area for them to enjoy. From patio chairs to benches, the design of your fire pit seating and deck seating is an important element to tie together your house and garden, making the design of your home cohesive and the backyard an area where your guests feel welcome, and of course, to be able to enjoy your fire pit without sitting on the ground.

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Mixed Fire Pit Seating

Ultimately it is your space, so you dont have to be restricted by rules.

Perhaps a mix of two types of set up will give you the best of all worlds? Circular fire pits give a great deal of options and with many portable gas types you have the ability to place them on existing garden furniture. Mix benches and chairs to allow for different numbers of guests or go completely eclectic, placing the focus firmly on your firepit.

How To Build A Fire Pit With Bricks A Step

Favorite backyard landscaping ideas: seating area, patio, fire pit!

Backyard fire pits have become much more popular with homeowners in recent years. More homeowners are installing backyard fire pits because they provide warmth while adding atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Fire pits prolong the enjoyment of your backyard landscaping through spring, summer, and fall. A fire pit creates a warm, central gathering area for entertaining well into the evening hours picture summer nights or winter gatherings around a self-contained fire that offers heat and elegance.

A fire pit in the backyard can be the ideal outdoor entertaining centerpiece, but its useless without a proper seating arrangement. So you must ensure that everyone in your household can enjoy the fire pits warmth by combining it with the appropriate seating arrangement. Relax in your outdoor setting with these creative fire pit seating ideas.

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Why Should I Choose Stilus

Stilus is the best outdoor seat builder on the Sunshine Coast!

Whether you come armed with fire pit seating ideas, or you need some help to get your project off the ground, we can help you take your fire pit to the next level. Thanks to your excellent taste in choosing an outdoor fire pit and deck with Stilus, your space has become an area that most would envy, and the spot all of your guests will want to use. We know the products and design used to create your fire pit and can tie your fire pit seating in effortlessly, creating a space that you and your guests will love for years to come. Your fire pit is a place for comfort, luxury, good memories, long nights and belly laughs, and we are happy to work with you to bring your fire pit to the next level with specialised outdoor fire pit seating that you can enjoy for years to come.

Benefits Of Having A Fire Pit In Your Backyard

A person together with his family and friends have gathered around the communal fire since time immemorial, so the tradition hasnt lost its appeal, maybe even in our age of every conceivable comfort. We might have left our ancestors in days gone by, but the contemporary delights of a crackling backyard fire over a cool winter night and under a starry summer sky are really worth having and may be accomplished in your own personal backyard no less. An outdoor fire pit welcomes your visitors in a manner that simply exceeds the conventional house. Inlaid or maybe above ground designs, accented with stone or even Pacific wood, & complete with an irresistible seating arrangement, the backyard fire pit promises safety, comfort, & the classic pleasures of hanging out with old friends or even seeing a lovers face aglow in the firelight. Also, since the fire pit is built and fitted with safety as main priority, you are able to relax without the concern of performing possible double duty as a volunteer firefighter.

We are now living in uncertain and chaotic times, but the patio fire pit stands beyond the madness, providing an elemental reassurance which even the most state-of-the-art technical advances neglect to secure. You more than deserve to bask in the steadfast tranquility of humans most triumphant discovery, & these fire pit ideas assure us that regardless of the future holds, the hearth will invariably persist and provide.

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Welcoming Stone Fire Pit

A simple method to give your outdoor room a more upscale appearance is to add a stone firepit. The tough wood is perfect for building a beautiful, long-lasting firepit for your garden. Include the same material in your firepit design if a specific type of stone is already present in other outdoor spaces, such as on your home’s façade or a patio, to help tie the many components of your yard together. Stone fire pits also look great if you have a stacked stone wall.

Mix And Match Your Seating


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to seating ideas for fire pits. Everyone’s family setup is unique, as are the dynamics that come with it. So while you might be happy to squeeze up next to your siblings, grandma or pops might just want a little breathing space.

Therefore, there’s no harm done by switching your seating arrangements up sometimes. Stackable chairs make storage easier, or you could find some indoor/outdoor chairs that you use in both interior and exterior settings, depending on your mood.

‘If you’re looking for more casual and flexible options around a fire, try using poufs or ottoman-style seating. These can be grouped together, moved around as needed, and easily worked into other seating like sofas or chairs.’ says Dunford.

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Fire Pit Seating Ideas For Every Occassion

When researching fire pit seating ideas it is important to balance creating a comfortable seating arrangement with your style needs.

This article is the ultimate guide for fire pit seating ideas.

While building my familys new fire pit, I researched and researched many different fire pit ideas before settling on the right one. Below are answers to the top questions when I come to determining the ideal sitting situation for your fire pit and examples of top fire pit seating ideas that are found across the web.

Or Laze About On An Outdoor Rug And Cushion Setup

For an uber-relaxed aesthetic, lose the garden chairs completely, and replace them with your best outdoor rug. When you’re laying low on the floor, you’ll be able to take full advantage of your outdoor fireplace’s warmth.Note that both aforementioned textile decorations can get grubby on the ground. So clean outdoor cushions are a must, and if your area mat looks a bit tired, learn how to paint an outdoor rug to give it a new lease of life.

Amber Dunford, style director, Overstock concurs. She says: ‘Firepits are generally a bit lower to the ground, so I would suggest going for seating that sits low with a slight recline so you can maximize the benefits of relaxing by a fire.’

‘Even better, opt for lower seating with comfortable cushions so you can lean back and get cozy.’

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