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Screened In Portable Gazebo

Portable & Ready To Use

Review of the Gazelle G6 portable Gazebo

You will love how easy it is to transport your Gazelle Portable Gazebo or Camping Hub Tent. We offer a variety of sizes to ensure that you can transport your shelter with your vehicle whether in your trunk, back seat, or roof rack. Each Gazelle product comes in an oversized, durable, and convenient duffle bag making pack up a breeze.

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Alvantor Outdoor Dome Screen Tent

The Alvantor Outdoor Dome Screen Tent pop ups automatically instant in seconds. Theres literally no assembly needed! Made of light-weight fiberglass, its only 14 weight of other screen houses on the market. This makes it perfect for RV owners who are concerned with their GVWR and tent campers who are space constrained.

This Alvantor popup screen tents come in 4 different sizes according to your needs. They are affordable, super flexible and easily movable. It stows into a portable carry bag that you can take camping or set up your glampsite! This camping screen tent is also great to take to the beach, tailgating or to a friends bbq. You can even set it up in your own backyard!

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Ways To Use Screen Tents And Portable Outdoor Gazebos

Screened Portable Gazebos

A screen house provides a bug-free environment. And trust me, they work! You can enjoy the outdoors without having to slather or spray on a bunch of insect repellants. And, they keep those nasty pesky flies from landing on your food!

But they also provide shade to stay cool on those hot days and warmth on cooler days if you use the attachable side shades.

And screen tents with contained floors are great for containing your cats or dogs while youre outside with them. Just be cautious of those screen gazebos that dont have attached floors. Your pets may find an opening and escape.

And, while I guess you could sleep in a screen tent while camping or even in your backyard, do realize that popup screen tents offer no privacy as is. Unless you get a screen tent that includes privacy walls or sunshades, these type of tents arent the most ideal tent for sleeping or other things.

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Ever Advanced Screen House Room

This EVER ADVANCED Screen House Room is an outdoor screened canopy that you can pitch almost anywhere because it is fully freestanding with its 8 legs poles. It comes with a waterproof roof, and 2 doors.

The legs poles are steel and the roof poles are fiberglass. This is what makes it a bit heavy as it weighs 21 lb . The overall area is 120 ft² .

Coleman 10 X 10 Instant Screen House

This Coleman 10×10 Instant Screen House is a beautifully designed and incredibly popular structure with a 60-second setup because of its pre-attached frame. The area is 100 ft² .

It offers two zippered doors, full protection from flying insects, and a stand-up height. The dimensions are given in its name. The structure is fully freestanding and you can pitch it anywhere. You will want to know also that it comes with a great price tag.

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Suggested Clam Gazebo Add

The Suntime hexagon pop up screen gazebo will make your outdoor experience comfortable, cool and less buggy.

The hexagonal shape ensures a 112 square feet larger sunshade space. This fun screen tent is equipped with two pieces of removable mesh netting sidewalls which keeps a ventilation and blocks the sun.

Its made of 150D polyester, water and UV-resistant, UPF 80+ blocking 95% of UV rays. The frame is durable made of high-quality powder coated steel tube.

Its a great outdoor screen room thats perfect for camping, RVing, family, tailgating, picnics and outdoor parties, and even over kids play areas and inflatable pools!

Wenzel Durango Magnetic Screenhouse

Gazelle Portable G6 Gazebo // Gazelle Product Demo [EP 58]

In this Durango Magnetic Screenhouse you have a combination of a dome and cabin structure, this is is because of the two completely vertical sides where the doors are located. So this is a unique freestanding and easy-to-use construction. It is floorless, so you can put it over a permanent picnic table or over your own camping table.

Its specific feature is the magnetic door closure, so you have a hands-free design. This is why it is included also in my list of magnetic tents and screen houses.

The poles are fiberglass, and you have them 4 in total. The screen house weighs 19.34 lb . The dimensions are 12 x 10 ft and the inner area is 120 ft² . The peak height is 82 inches .

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What Styles And Sizes Of Wood Gazebos Are Available

Before we continue, be aware. Wood gazebos aren’t built to be moved. If you are looking for a quick, weekend set-up, canvas is the way to go. But if you want a permanent structure that is going to reside where it is built, an all wood gazebo is a great choice.

  • Regular patio gazebos: These open air models are between 8 feet and 12 feet long, and 8 feet and 12 feet wide, square. The ceiling is at 10.5 feet, and they can have a metal roof or one with shingles. These work well in a traditional home, perhaps with a picnic table or outdoor dining table, sitting between 6 or 8 people. Put a swing set next to it, and you can watch the kids in shade and comfort.
  • Also an open air design, these are more ornate than the square models, boasting a higher peaking roof, handrails with spindles that surround 7 sides of the perimeter, and the option for either regular or wood shingles. They can be from 10 to 18 feet wide, to 10 to 13.5 feet deep. A lovely setting like a spot by a pond or the perfect spot to view a sunset is where these would be best suited. They have a rural appeal, so a farmhouse or country home would be nicely complimented. And a round table with seating for 5 or 6 would round out the scene very well.

Also Great: Coleman Mountain View 12 12 Screendome Shelter

The Coleman Mountain View is a spacious, adjustable canopy that offers more sun protection than either of our top picks. But it also suffers more durability complaints and frequently goes out of stock.

Buying Options

May be out of stock

*At the time of publishing, the price was $172.

Colemans Mountain View 12 × 12 Screendome Shelter is bigger and more versatile than any of our other picks. With four zip-off walls and two add-on panels included, its more adjustable for different weather conditions than any other shelter we found.

The 27-pound Mountain View has four mesh side panels, all of which you can fully zip off, turning the tent into an open-walled, sun-blocking canopy. The other shelters we tested all have mesh doors that you can zip or tie open, but the Mountain View is the only model in which the mesh is completely removable, from every side. If you dont need the bug protection, this design is an appealing feature, especially when you have a large group of people all trying to access a buffet laid out on a picnic table.

Two included shade panels clip easily onto the sides of the tent, increasing protection from sun, wind, and rain and providing added privacy in a crowded campground. Though the more expensive Clam shelter also offers shade panels, you have to buy them separately.

Finally, since we first recommended this tent in spring 2016, we have frequently seen it go out of stock.

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Affordable Gazebos Canopies & Umbrellas

Block out the sun’s harmful rays with gazebos for your lounge space. Perfect for parties, outdoor events and picnics, outdoor canopies, gazebos & umbrellas can provide the perfect place to hang out. Complete your party set up with outdoor furniture your guests will love. Dont forget to add some comfortable, shady seating under your gazebo with a new patio table. All of our patio furniture is fashionable and affordable, so you can relax in style!

Nemo Bugout Tarp Shelter

Portable Screened Gazebo

The NEMO Bugout Tarp Shelter is quite different from the rest of the items here. This is an incredibly versatile and functional bug and sun shelter that can be used with a hammock, for camping and picnics.

There are no poles in the package, you attach it to the trees as shown in the picture. But it acts as a true screen house, and you have two zippered entry points.

The weight is 7 lb 1 oz , so clearly it is ultralight when you compare it with the other screen houses here in the list, but this is because there are no poles. The packed size is 23 x 8.5 inches . The peak height is 84 inches and the protected area is 144 ft² .

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Eureka Nobugzone Screened Canopy Shelter

This great screen shelter comes in two different variants, one without a fly but with a waterproof roof, and another with a removable fly but with a mesh roof. This second variant is shown in the picture above. Note that they also sell removable panels as accessories.

This is a tall freestanding structure with two large doors, the one visible in the picture above rolls up and you can fix it under the roof. This screen house for camping weighs 18 lb 8 oz , and the area inside is 108 ft² . Please follow the link for more details. Eureka brand has a long history, it was founded in 1895.

Caddis Rapid Screenhouse Shelter

The Caddis Rapid Screenhouse Shelter is freestanding and more importantly, this is an instant setup construction. So it is very easy to use and with a 1 minute setup time.

It has 2 zippered doors and the frame is steel. The weight is 20 lb , and the dimensions are 10 x 10 ft . So the area is 100 ft² . It is quite tall for its size, the peak height is 85 inches .

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Also Great: Clam Quick

The Quick-Set Escape is a tougher, heavier shelter, and it sets up in a snap.

Buying Options

*At the time of publishing, the price was $255.

The Clam Quick-Set Escape weighs 34 pounds and comes in a 6-foot-long, ski-bag-shaped carry case that is too big to fit into most sedan trunks. As we pulled this monster out of its box, we were skeptical that we would erect it in anything close to the promised 45 seconds. We were wrong. This hexagonal shelter pulls open like an accordion: Each of its walls pops out with a firm pull on a looped handle located in the middle of each side panel. The final step is popping up the roof, which has a generous center height of 7 feet 6 inches . No poles to connect, no sleeves to thread them through. The whole thing is remarkably easy to set up, even for one person the family at the next campsite was amazed at my tent prowess when I set it up solo. Takedown is similarly simple, though Clam provides an instructional video if you need help. And reviewers love it.

Though we appreciated the respite from Californias beating sun offered by the Clams dark interior, the heavy structure might seem gloomy in already-dark weather.

The stakes that come with the Clam Quick-Set Escape are burlier than those provided with any of the other shelters we looked at for this guide theyre also stronger than any of the stakes included with the car-camping tents we tested at the same time.

Gazelle Tents 21500 G6 Pop

Best Popup Camping Screen Room? – The Gazelle Tent Portable Gazebo

This Gazelle Tents 21500 G6 Pop-Up Portable 6-Sided Hub Gazebo/Screen Tent 8 Person is an instant-setup structure of a very particular type. In fact, this is a very unique design developed by this brand and used also in some of their tents. The screen house is freestanding and easy to use, one person can set it up easily.

As you realize from the picture, the walls are vertical, there is one door, and the roof is waterproof, so it provides shade and shelter from the rain. Note that they have accessory walls. The screen house weighs 34 lb and the area is 92 ft² .

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The Great Lakes Adventure Guide Bundle

Jennifer and I have been visiting Michigans Upper Peninsula for more than three decades. Weve hiked, photographed, camped, fished, and explored every region and the problem of bugs in the UP is minuscule compared to the joy we experience every time we visit!

Bugs aside, the UP is our favorite place. So much so that we wrote an Adventure Travel Guide on the Upper Peninsula aimed at RVers.

This instantly downloadable ebook is a seven-day guided exploration of the Michigan Upper Peninsula.

We provide a suggested route and itinerary, links to multiple campgrounds and boondocking spots, and the best spots to see along the way.

Then weve bundled it with one of our newest ebooks on the Great Lakes!

The Great Lakes Shoreline Tour One of our favorite RV trips has been driving the United States side of the five Great Lakes.

It is a trip of over 4,000 miles and takes you to 8 states!

And its filled with beautiful vistas, welcoming towns and villages, and fabulous places to camp, hike, and explore.

Both of these ebooks have something for everyone and all it takes is one visit to make it one of your top destinations.

All you need to do is point the RV north and follow our guide to experience the UP like a Yooper and explore The Great Lakes like an explorer. .

How To Choose Your Screen House For Camping

There are several aspects to consider, they are given below in no particular order:

The level of protection

All the screen shelters here in the list provide protection from flying insects, there is little difference from this point of view. But you might want to consider also i) protection from the Sun, and ii) protection from the rain.

Normally you have shade in all of them and the roofs are usually waterproof. But these are screen houses so if you want rain protection, check those with the side panels. Some have them included, or they can be ordered separately.

Packed size

This may be important so bear this parameter in mind, there are big differences in the packed size. Usually, the screen houses with instant setup are longer when packed. So this is a sort of trade-off, they are easy to use but they take more space in the car trunk.

Easy of use

If you plan to change the place frequently, you might want to consider those with instant setup. They are incredibly easy to use, but as mentioned above they tend to be longer when packed.


This is probably less important as these are all items designed for camping places with a motorized access. But there are differences in the weight by a factor of 2-3, so check if this is important.


Obviously, this will depend on the base size, but its shape also matters, as well as the shape of the furniture. So for example, if you have a hexagon, the best shape for the table inside might be round.

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Coleman Screened Canopy Tent With Instant Setup

This screen house is on the market also under the name Coleman Back Home Instant Screen House 12 x 10 so do not get confused. As you realize from the picture, here you have a structure with completely vertical walls, so the volume inside cannot be bigger for its base size. Now, the size is a bit confusing, the official dimensions are 12 x 10 ft but this is a hexagon. The declared area is 90 ft² .

In any case, here you have enough space for 4-5 people depending on the size of the furniture which you use. This is an instant- setup design as its name suggests, so setting this structure up can hardly be easier. The peak height is impressive 8 ft 4 in , and the weight is 45.2 lb .


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